Coco Rocha Welcomes Daughter Ioni James

03/28/2015 at 06:15 PM ET

Coco Rocha Welcomes Daughter Ioni James
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Coco Rocha is officially a mom!

The model, 26, and husband James Conran welcomed daughter Ioni James ConranΒ on Saturday, March 28, the couple announced via social media.

“James and I are so proud to welcome into the world our healthy and beautiful baby girl,” Rocha Tweeted, adding the hashtag “#ioniconran.”

Conran, an artist, also shared similarly sweet sentiments on his Twitter, writing, “And then 2 became 3! Coco and I are so excited to be joined by our sweet baby girl.”

The couple announced that they were expecting their first child back in October, revealing the sex of the baby a month later.Β Rocha and Conran wed in 2010.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Pam on

She’s so cute! Congrats!

Lauren on

Adorable baby, but James?? Come on. This whole boy names for little girls trend is just tired. You’re not cute. You’re not edgy. And your kid is probably going to hate the stupid name you stuck her with as an adult.

LilahK on

Precious! Congratulations!

lola on

Oh my!!, look at that sweet little bundle. It’s been awhile since I’ve held a newborn. I miss it. You can hold them for hours! Congrats on your beautiful baby daughter.

Guest on

She is beautiful and I love the name!!

Sylvia on

Love the name! And Lauren, you are so out of it. Of course gender neutral names are appropriate. Where have you been?

Jo55 on

James is not a gender neutral name and never has been. And…it is Laurens opinion and she is welcome to it. Same as you Sylvia.

mom2mason on

Her name is Ioni. Not sure why people are making such a big deal over the middle name. I think it’s cute.

Gigi OC on

Her name is Ioni not James!!! Learn to read before you comment!

Georgia on

Cute, cute baby! I am bewildered by this trend of giving beautiful girls masculine names (at least with this one, it’s her middle name and not the first!). James, like Wyatt, is a male name, it is not gender neutral…giving boy names to little girls does not make it gender neutral.

On a side note, I consider myself fairly on top of pop culture and have no idea who this couple is or who either of them are on their own. Who the heck are they? Why are they getting press?

AmelieButterfly on

Beauiful Mom

AmelieButterfly on

Beauiful Baby

Charli on

What a beautiful little blessing! Lovely family! Congrats to them!!!

aeromel78 on

Giving “boy” names to girl’s isn’t a new trend. I don’t know why people have that idea. So many names that we now considered feminine were once used for male children. Ashley, for example, which is a hugely popular girls’ name was once only given to boys (think Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind.) There are names that have been around a long time like Kelly, Jamie and Leslie and more recently, we’ve seen names such as Morgan, Jordan and Taylor become gender neutral. Twenty years from now, I bet you a little girl named James won’t seem strange to anyone.

Anonymous on

They gave her the fathers middle name, so shut up about it already

Anonymous on

Georgia- Did you not read the article? She’s a model and he’s an artist. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! I don’t get the big deal about her middle name being James. I mean, how many people do you know that use their middle names on a regular or even semi-regular basis? πŸ˜‰ As for the first name, I love it! I wonder how they pronounce it? I would assume like “Eye-own-uh”, since it appears to be a form of the name Ione (pronounced “Eye-Own”) but I suppose it could also be “Eye-ON-uh”.

Morgan on

As a girl with what is typically considered a boys name, I have to say I love it. Never once in school did I have to share my name with 3 other girl and I was never once bullied by other kids because of it. But as I’ve gotten older it has been adults that make stupid comments about my name. I’ve been bullied far worse as an adult because of my name. So to the people spouting off about girls with boy names, take a minute to think about what you’re saying. You are being a bully and your opinions and attitudes rub off on any kids you might have and with today’s cultural diversity in classroom there are now many kids with non-typical names. Kids have enough to deal with these days. They should not have to defend a name they did not choose and may actually love.

krtmom on

What a beautiful baby!

Tara on

As much as I hate feeding the ego of a model … that is a really cute baby.

Smithy on

Adorable. Congrats.

ella on

Cute baby

Summer on

Names change genders all the time. As others have pointed out – Ashley, Morgan, Jordan, Taylor, Lesley, Avery etc. used to be male names and are now very popular for girls. Aubrey, my daughter’s name, used to be exclusively for men but now it’s pretty much the opposite. Regardless, it’s just her middle name so who cares?

Be attractive on

Dear Anonymous, They gave the child the father’s FIRST name as her middle name. And her first name is pronounced eye-own-E, not uh.

Megan on

Such a sweet baby!

kaye on

@Georgia – she’s a model from Canada

Anonymous on

Adorable. Congrats!

Anonymous on

I have a traditionally boy’s name and I am a girl. My parents named me Jimi and it is after my grandmother Jimmie who died shortly before my folks met. Let me tell you growing up it sucked, the first time I remember someone saying something I was about 4 and said was do I look like a boy? then I shoved him down a slide. having that kind of name makes a girl tougher and I swore I would change it when I turned 18 but I decided I loved it. It makes you memorable, tough and different. Having a middle name as James is not the end of the world for this kid.

MagicalUnicorn on


Wait, this child will be raised a Jehovah’s Witness. I feel extremely said for this young one.

Sara K on

What a beautiful baby. And just like that, life is forever changed. ❀

me on

That baby is adorable!

Sandra Dobbins on

Congratulations. She is a beautiful baby.

Rebecca on

Actually Anonymous, girls don’t need to have a male name to be tough and strong. I wish people would quit perpetuating that.

PV on

These are cute pictures!