Baby Boy on the Way for Kiptyn Locke

03/27/2015 at 12:00 PM ET

Molly Sims Welcomes Daughter Scarlett May
Courtesy Kiptyn Locke

He already knows they’re going to be buddies.

Kiptyn Locke, the runner-up on Jillian Harris‘s season of The Bachelorette, is expecting a baby boy with girlfriend Samm Murphy in July, he confirms to PEOPLE. And he can’t wait to have some male bonding with the little guy.

“The minute I found out we were having a baby, I just knew right away that it was a boy,” Locke, 37, tells PEOPLE.

“I would love a daughter equally, and I would love to have a Daddy’s little girl, but I just knew all along it was a boy, and I was excited. I want to play sports with him, so I’m excited to have a little guy that can be my little partner in crime.”

Locke, who dated Bachelor contestant Tenley Molzahn for several years after their turn on Bachelor Pad, says he and Murphy, 29, are “both very happy to be parents.” And he knows Murphy, who runs a medical distribution business, will be a great mom.

“She’s incredibly intelligent, very active, very compassionate and self-motivated, a loyal friend to everyone that I know that’s close to her. She’s a really admirable person,” says Locke, who is a tech businessman himself.

“I believe she’ll be an amazing mom, just overwhelmed with love for her little son … She’s really good at looking out for other people. She’s always been a good big sister to her little brother, so I know she knows what it takes to look out for somebody.”

As for baby names, the couple are leaning toward something a little different, perhaps in the same vein as the name Kiptyn. “We’ve been looking at some K names that are kind of similar to mine, actually,” he says.

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Nicole Sands and Aili Nahas

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cijidunne on

“She’s incredibly intelligent, very active, very compassionate and self-motivated, a loyal friend to everyone that I know that’s close to her. She’s a really admirable person,” says Locke — THEN MARRY HER !

WhyTheHate on

@cijidunne – Maybe he will, but why is that important? If he loves her and shows commitment to her, isn’t that just as equivalent as marriage?

Janna on

That’s great that she’s so amazing. I feel sorry for Tenley. He totally used her, wouldn’t commit to her and always left her wanting him. Now he’s having a child with someone else? And I agree! If this girl is so awesome, why not commit to her and marry her?! He’s a play boy!

LuLu on

Well, that was fast. He was still with Tenley just a year ago.

Kata on

How about getting married to the woman you have so many glowing words for?

Kat on

I didn’t know he and Tenley broke up. Welp.

Guest on

Congratulations, Kiptyn. Wishing you all the best!

Jay on

I think he and Tenley were still together. Congrats! A baby is a blessing.

Brooke on


kaye on

Jillian Harris – now there’s a name I recognize. What happened to her anyway, did she return to Canada?

Ellie on

That he doesn’t just say “I love her” says a lot. They won’t be going the distance.

Guest on

The hell kind of name is kiptyn

annabelle on

Oh Tenley must be DEVASTATED. Also, so much for his strong dedication to family values.

KingKing on

She will be a single mother. Don’t see much in this player boy.

Robin Doyle on

good for them I guess they got patience for it I don’t they gives me a headache I am staying single I am not getting married good luck guys and girls no offence its my opinion its my title.

megan on

” I want to play sports with him, so I’m excited to have a little guy that can be my little partner in crime.”

He can’t play sports with a daughter ?

Anonymous on

Kathy- How do you know this pregnancy wasn’t planned?

Anyway, congrats to them!

Susan Lawing on

I am really happy for him. As for Tenley, she is so gorgeous no doubt she will end up with someone even better than Kiptyn!!!

Susan Lawing on

Here is the deal. Tenley and Kiptyn had their run. It didn’t work. He moved on. Tenley will too. Let him have his little baby boy and I hope it all works out just swell!!

Susan Lawing on

Well I am glad he continues to get all the great press he so desires. He apparently loves skipping from one woman to the next! I don’t want to hear comments of how it is his life. He put his life out here for all of us and if it werent for his fans no one would know who he was!!!! Tenley dodged a bullet for sure!!!!!

Susan Lawing on

She looks like a bimbo! He is a dumbo! How old are you Kiptyn? I bet you didn’t plan it!

Susan Lawing on

I just read this. Say what? Talking about a shocker! Happy he is happy about the baby but really you just freaking got out of a relationship! I smell a rat.

klutzy_girl on

It sounds like he just wanted someone to breed with, something about his statement seems like a business arrangement of some sort. This article has me skeeved about him.

Valarie on

He wants a boy to play sports? Girl can play sports too!

Danne on

I don’t think very highly of Kiptyn. he loves the limelight & it shows.
wishing him & Samm the best with becoming Parents, though.

Irish on

Congrats to Kiptyn that he found happiness. I think unless you are a good friend of them that people shouldn’t judge. Whose to say Tenleys busy commitments didn’t keep her away from committing to marriage. He has stated that they remain good friends.

Susan on

I made some very unkind remarks a few months back concerning this announcement and for this I am very sorry. Sometimes we forget these folks are real people. We get caught up in thinking we know these people. We don’t. What we want for the is not always what is best or even real life. Someone pointed out to me we should focus on positivity and that is my new goal I wish this couple and their new baby nothing but health and happiness.

Carityn on

I wish Samm and her gorgeous little boy all the best. I feel sorry for Tenely and the girl Kiptyn was seeing last fall.. He’s a playboy, who won’t commit. Charity events and one night stands are his thing. He sounds like he’s excited to be a great dad to his little boy though and he has respect for Samm as a mom.