Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Welcome Daughter Poppy

03/25/2015 at 01:30 PM ET

Nate Berkus Jeremiah Brent Welcome Daughter Poppy Sam Deitch/BFAnyc/Sipa

Let the designing begin: Nate Berkus‘s baby girl is here.

The American Dream Builders star welcomed his first child, a daughter, with husband Jeremiah Brent on Monday, Berkus announced Wednesday on Facebook.

“Jeremiah and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our daughter, Poppy Brent-Berkus, born via surrogate on March 23, 2015,” he writes.

“We are so excited to finally be a family of 3! As anyone with a newborn knows, we have our work cut out for us but couldn’t be happier to be embarking on this life changing journey that is parenthood.”

He adds, “Thank you all for your well wishes and support.”

Months after their May wedding, the couple announced in September that they were starting their family together. “We have had the most special year and it’s JUST become even more beautiful,” Berkus, 43, said.

Despite their excitement, the designing duo held off on decorating their daughter’s nursery.

“I’m Jewish, so we don’t decorate the nursery before the baby’s born,” Berkus told PEOPLE in February.

“It’s a superstition; it’s a cultural thing. I think it means you’re tempting fate, so I’m not tempting anything: healthy baby, gorgeous nursery on the way. Knock on wood!”

— Anya Leon

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grasshopper48 on

Mazel Tov, Nate and Jeremiah!!

Josie on

Mazel tov to the family!

liza on

They are beautiful inside and out, and their daughter will be very lucky to have such loving and adoring parents. Good for them!!!!

Stef on

I clearly suck at guessing a baby’s gender because I sure had these two pegged for having a son! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they had a little girl! My goodness…little Poppy is going to be spoiled rotten and have the most beautiful little girl bedroom ever! Congratulations, Dads!

mer on

I don’t know these guys besides from here, but they look happy together and excited about their little girl. So congrats and I’m looking forward to see pictures of their family of three.

FelicityJune on

The poor baby girl. No mother in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that they are all sweet with her and take good care of her. There are just certain things when she grows older, that she should be able to discuss with a mother!!!

Pam on

Congrats! After knowing that he lost a husband/boyfriend in the 2004 tsunami I’m so very happy to hear that he has found happiness.

nina on

Sorry, but mothers are irreplaceable! So happy I have a mother and father!

Kay Pasa on

Hope they will stay together & be good daddies. Show business is hard on children.

arabrabbra on

Oh god one of the sexiest couples ever! I love the name Poppy. Congrats guys! Enjoy your little one. They grow far too fast!

Kimberly on

Holy smokes those are two good looking men! Congratulations on the baby girl! For those complaining about her having no mother, I’m sure there are women relatives/friends who will be more than willing to step in for this little girl when she needs a woman to talk to. MANY children grow up just fine with only a mother, or only a father and I doubt you worry about them!

Guest on

Kids thrive in loving and stable homes, however they may be composed.

sam on

These two sweet people are going to raise the most magnificent, strong, compassionate child. I am so happy they found each other and are going to start this beautiful chapter together. Love is love.

Alison on

wow, two of the most good-looking men I have ever seen! Even with just half that day pool, that kid is LUCKY!

Sherrie on

How sad for this baby to grow up without a mother and never knowing what a real family is all about. What some grown people do to their children in the name of love makes me sick. I’m sure this want be posted because it may offend someone.

ella on

All the best to them both

Mary on

@FelicityJune, I agree! I am sure they will be great dads, but I hope she will have a relationship with her biological mother. Just like a child of a lesbian couple would ideally have a relationship with his or her biological dad. Biology DOES matter, and a child should have the opportunity to have a relationship with a mom and a dad, regardless of who the legal parents of the child are. If a bio parent is missing from a child’s life for cause, that’s one thing, but to deny a child a relationship with a biological parent just because they have a same-sex partner is wrong IMO.

lola on

A sweet baby girl! Awww… congrats to the new family of 3.

Debbe on

So excited for them, congratulations. What a lucky little girl!

karma on

Shame on you for trying to steal happiness. All three of you seem determined that a child should have a mother AND father…..sorry, I don’t see how it did you any good. Perhaps this couple will raise their child with kindness and diversity.

Debbe on

TO THE PEOPLE WHO WORRY ABOUT THIS COUPLE NOT PROVIDING A MOTHER FOR THE CHILD (If this is even the case): I guess you have not looked around at all the deadbeat parents in America by hetero couples?? Which is statistically more. So many kids out there where the dad wasn’t there, or the mom wasn’t there. Those children didn’t have one parent, why should you bring this up?

obxmar on

Congrats! I can’t wait to see pics of the nursery; Nate always does a beautiful job. To those who say it’s not a real family because there is not mother…My sister was widowed with 2 children under 3. I’m sure she would be surprised to hear they’re not a ‘real family’. I wish stupidity hurt.

KL on

Sherri?? you are ignorant. A real family?? Isnt a real family one where both parents- no matter what gender- love their kid?! And provide for them and care for them?! This is definitely what this baby will have!!
Just because they don’t have a mom doesn’t mean the baby won’t have a “real family”.. I don’t think u know what a “real family” is.

Patti on

Happy for them. Love these to. Best wishes

Nadia Nyc on


Kevin on

Congratulations, Daddies! Poppy is one lucky little girl. Enjoy your happiness, family!

Sookie on

So very happy for Nate & Jeremiah!

Anonymous on

Wishing them joy. Two loving parents, regardless of gender, are more than many children in this world have going for them.

Karen on

So happy that Nate found happiness after losing his first partner in the Tsunami. This little girl will be raised in a very loving, stable home. Shame on those who think/say otherwise. Not all “traditional” families provide the love that their children need.

To Felicity June, Nina, Guest, Meh and Sherrie (Norma’s comment was deleted) you homophobic tripes.

Mary on

@Debbe, you’re missing the point. The issue isn’t them being a gay couple…the issue is (possibly) purposefully raising a child without a mother when the mother isn’t a deadbeat. I have a just as much of an issue with a hetero parent that refuse to co-parent with the other for selfish reasons, and I have nothing but contempt for deadbeat parents of any sexual orientation. I mean, how lucky would this little girl be with a loving mom and TWO loving dads? Very lucky! But I really think she’ll be missing out on a lot without a mom, if that is truly the case.

Callie on

That birth must have been a b*tch! I LOVE the name though 🙂

PoppiSorbet on

Poppi Sorbet is my real name, Perri Winkle is my sisters, Penchance Kalliope is my other sister’s name. Lolly Lyric is my mother’s name. Our parents were hippies. Lol. Congrats to Nate/Partner on their daughter!

rubyovertherainbow* on

So happy for them !

Jo55 on

I think it’s great that there are so many people championing the cause of gay couples having children. But….if you don’t agree and you have an opinion that access to a mother and father is best for a child (sorry naysayers – it’s been proven time and time again), you don’t have to yell and insult people with a differing opinion. You are showing the same intolerance that you rail against. The people who believe in the traditional family scenario are posting their opinions with some class. Wish I could say the same for some of the rest of you.

K.B. on

Awwwwwwww…. I love the name Poppy! Congratulations to the proud parents. Love, happiness and health to this beautiful American family!

charlotte on

Congrats on the new addition to their family. Best wishes for much happiness with their little Poppy! Great name too.

CareBear on

Aww …. congratulations to them! This made my heart happy. Absolutely love the name Poppy as well. 🙂

Pea Green on

Wow. What a gorgeous couple they are! Congrats and best wishes on your baby. Love the name. Happiness to all x x x x

Nicole on

Congratulations to Nate and Jeremiah on their precious little girl. I think Poppy is a beautiful name by the way.

chiwoman60 on

i’m with Sherrie! I stand up for my morals and what is right and this whole thing is wrong… I don’t care who I offend.. I don’t care if theses guys are gay… This poor little girl won’t even know her mother.. I can’t stand to see gay people have kids and there are many NORMAL couples out there that want children. For those of you that don’t know what normal is it’s a man and woman that can have children. There is nothing normal about these 2 gays having a child…

glory on

that’s nice for them; they still look like father and son, though!

as for people who see the “missing piece” as a mother, why not wail “Oh no, no parent who is a tennis player? No parent who plays chess? No parent with a pilot’s license? No parent who speaks Chinese?” It’s just people. Two people and a baby. wouldn’t matter if someone with a uterus were in the picture, she too would be just a person, with whatever traits and skills and flaws.

Hea on

Congrats to them and happy birthday Poppy!

glory on

oh please, people want a default mother? What if the mother were psychotic, seriously handicapped, or a Scientologist, then you would find fault with her. What if the mother were a lesbian? You’d find fault with that too!

Hea on

chiwoman60 – So you’re saying that a man and a woman who CAN’T have a child aren’t to be considered normal? They shouldn’t have access to fertility treatments?

“Normal” is a strange concept. What is normal for you is probably not normal for me. It’s important that we understand this. Your morals are your morals but you cannot possibly decide what’s right and wrong when it comes to other peoples love lives. You don’t have that right.

Dee on

Mazel Tov. I wish you all happiness and health.

Bella blue on

Takes a man and a women to make kids. Kids needs a mom and a dad to be well rounded. Kids will learn it’s ok to be in a relationship with the same sex when it’s not. I don’t dislike gays, I have family members that is gay and a couple of coworkers that are great to hang out with. I’m sure these two are great people, but shouldn’t involve kids.

Marine on

for some of you who don’t like what they are doing why take time and read and comment on it. keep your negative comments to yourself and go raise your “perfect” families and leave this one alone. #bitterhags

Shell on

Congrats! What a good-looking couple!!!

mel on

So let me get this straight, in some people’s opinion, a mother is needed to have a healthy, balanced upbringing? Clearly, you have never met my “mother” and I use that term very, very loosely.

This woman terrorized me my entire upbringing and was physically and emotionally abusive. I was adopted by her and my dad (the only reason I had any bright spots in my childhood) at the age of 8 weeks. If I acted out for any reason, she would say that she made a mistake going through with the adoption.

It wasn’t until I met my BIOLOGICAL mother as an adult that I finally had a real mother/daughter relationship. My biological mother wasn’t a part of my childhood. Being adopted by someone doesn’t make automatically mean you are missing something.

I would rather see 2 MEN raise a happy, well-adjusted child then one be raised by a father and a mother like the one that raised me.

I think that you need to open your narrow minds and remind yourself that families come in all shapes and sizes, some with 2 moms or 2 dads or 1 dad or 1 mom or a mom and dad. As long as that child is loved and cared for? That’s all that matters.

stacey on


Mindi on

That’s one lucky little girl to have such incredibly good looking daddies;)

Anonymous on

Best Wishes & Happiness Always to the “3” of You! Love the name you’ve chosen. I’m sure you’ll make great parents. Mazel Tov!

Kim on

The LGBT community likes to site every case of child abuse when it comes to hetero couples raising children and yet it still does not justify purposley denying a child daily access to one of their parents. Quite honestly, it’s also a childish argument. Nate, himself, had the benefit of having a mother and father something he is denying his own child.

Francesca on

Congrats to Nate & Jeremiah on the birth of their daughter, Poppy. I am certain that she will be raised in kindness, intelligence & will have a keen sense of style! As for the “mother” role, I am sure that Nate & Jeremiah have biological sisters or female friends who can step up if/when needed. [I remember two lesbian women at my church who raised their combined 5 children (one girl & four boys) together. All the children are adults now; one of the sons has a wife and a son & daughter today. So children being raised without the same-sex parent in the home does happen & it can be done successfully.

Mary on

@mel, I think we can agree that an unhealthy relationship is bad for a child, no matter the sexual orientation of his or her parents. You proved that with your own experience, but that’s not what’s being discussed here. I believe a child shouldn’t be denied a HEALTHY relationship with both a mom and a dad. If that isn’t possible due to a parent being unfit, that’s a different issue entirely. If a child has more than one mom or dad due to a same-sex relationship or a blended family, then that is wonderful and should be celebrated.

Two loving dads are great, but they simply can’t replace mom, and vice versa. I had unhealthy relationships with both of my parents, and even as an adult I mourn the loss of both types of relationships. So you’ll never be able to convince me it’s OK to deny a child a healthy relationship their mom or dad, regardless of sexual orientation.

Sharon on

Puh-lease….do you have any idea how many deat beat MOTHERS i know? I used to work with underprivileged teenagers who had mothers who were too busy getting high to care about their kids. These two will be loving and supportive parents. That is what matters. Congratulations and best wishes to them. I hope they ignore the negativity, as nothing should ruin this moment.

Amy on

Wow. Are those two good looking or what? Congrats on the new addition!

Hea on

Two loving dads or moms will ALWAYS be so much better for a child than having a deadbeat parent. Just look at all the kids out there who has been left by their mom or dad. Just look at all the kids out there who have multiple half-siblings and dads who are practically bragging about their many baby mamas. Look at all the unplanned pregnancies from a drunken one night stand where the two parents don’t even know each other, some not even by name.

I think a child deserves to be loved and wanted. A child deserves to undoubtedly fit into their parents’ life plan and be treated with the utmost respect. I think that Nate and Jeremiah will be excellent and “normal” parents to little Poppy. I bet she will be their brightest pride and joy in life and that she will be loved no matter what. Like she deserves to be.

Brianne on

Mazel Tov, Nate and Jeremiah! Such a lucky, fortunate baby girl, to be blessed with 2 loving parents—regardless of gender or sexual orientation!!!

Lyds on

I agree! Some people are ridiculous with the “Kids need a mother!” comments. These people who say that have no idea what it’s like to live with an abusive mother who literally has NO right having children. I wish I had been given the chance to be raised by two LOVING parents over one abusive (both verbally and physically) and one fairly absent. Kids need love, guidance, rules, structure. They strive on those things. They strive on being treated with compassion and nurturing. I am also sure this little girl will have PLENTY of female role models in her life. Grandmother’s, aunts, friends…she won’t lack having a woman around. People are so quick to judge!

Guest on

So happy for you both! I know some people are saying the baby needs a mother, well it will be just fine with the family it has been blessed with. There are all types of families and none are perfect, so not having a mother or father doesn’t mean it will be a better situation.

Guest on

Oh, I so hope she has an aunt or someone… I can’t imagine not having a mother. I know they will be GREAT daddies, but I just can’t imagine not sharing certain life experiences with my mom. Like giving birth and getting married, bra shopping, and my first period… there are certain things that men aren’t made to do. I am thrilled for them to be able to have a child, but I do think having a daughter is going to be more difficult than them having a son. I hope they have thought these potential struggles through. I do smile though because I know Nate has lost a lot and it’s time for him to be happy!! ❤

someone on

Congratulations to you both, you will be wonderful parents…..To all the haters i had a mother and a father, my father abused me, my mother did nothing about it, so it wasn’t good for me to grow up with a mother and a father, love is love, weither it be a mother and a father or 2 mothers or 2 fathers, love is love, please if you can’t be happy for a beautiful don’t post your hate

Lydia on

Beautiful Family inside and out. Their daughter is one very lucky girl to have such loving-handsome dads. Congratulations Nate and Jeremiah!

Vicki Smith on

This little girl is very lucky to have two such wonderful loving Dads. A Mom is not nessesary to grow up feeling loved. Anyone with a negative comment should just keep it to themselves. By the way have you ever thought that the biological surrogate has no interest in children & that’s why she did this? More importantly how do you know the surrogate is the mother? Men donate sperm & women donate eggs. So unless you know Nate & Jeramiah personally they could have used a donate egg for the in vitro? Congratulations to both Dads & good luck on your second child your planning for.