See Kourtney Kardashian Use Hands-Free Bra to Pump

03/23/2015 at 11:15 AM ET

As a working mom, Kourtney Kardashian is pulling double duty — literally!

After hanging out at the Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas, the reality star took to Instagram on Saturday to show her fans how she manages to continue nursing 3-month-old son Reign Aston even when she’s away from home.

“After the show it’s the after party,” she captioned the shot of her pumping in a breastfeeding-friendly bra.

In addition to spotlighting her nursing skills, Kardashian, 35, also showed off her svelte body after baby in matching black undergarments.

Kourtney Kardashian breastfeeding nursing bra
Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

The trip was a quick getaway with her gal pals, she told PEOPLE at the event. “We keep calling ourselves the mom-kabobs,” she joked. “It’s all my close girlfriends. It’s the fastest Vegas trip ever.”

But this isn’t the first time the mom of three — she and boyfriend Scott Disick are also parents to daughter Penelope Scotland, 2½, and son Mason Dash, 5 — has used her Easy Expression Bustier from Medela.

In Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami, Kardashian used her black bra to pump and dump milk after a night out partying.

— Anya Leon

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Cassandra on

That’s awesome that she is continuing to breastfeed, but please get some pants on.

MaisyDaisy on

These people cannot exist except under the glare of social media. It’s like there is nothing there there unless someone is looking at them. It would be sad except that they inflict themselves on us real people.

Nikki on

TMI…do we really need to know this bor do we care? why does people waste article space on this family..the are NOT newsworth..!!! she prbably has to get away bc of scott..oh. yeah..he left rehab..what a joke..he runs from his problems..and all kourtney does is make threats that are a joke..he knows she will take him back..they are NUTs..and both deserve each other..he doesnt want help..maybe he drinks cuz of her…

lulu on

She must be lacking in the brain department. Why would she have 3 children with a loser ?

Be attractive on

Difficult to imagine a more classless mother photo than this. Is absolutely nothing private these days? Is there a ‘lady’ left in the US?

Ashley on

How vulgar…

Julie on

Oh my! Is there anything this family won’t take a picture of and post?!

arijana birston on

i still breastfeed my 14 month old so should i post a pic 😛 ….jk

tina on

She is so pathetic. Her husband is a loser as is she for even posting this. What is wrong with them exactly?

Carol on

This family has stop with the plastic surgery you don’t even recognize them anymore!!! Gees enough already!!!!

FU Critics United on

Is this absolutely necessary? Good lord, how tacky.

Brandi on

Um, Carol…Kourtney still looks the same. She’s a bit thicker but that’s to be expected because she recently had a baby. Aside from Kris, Kim and Kylie are the ones that look drastically different in an “altered” kind of way (Bruce has always looked kind of odd the entire time he’s been in the spotlight with this family so lol he doesn’t count). Lol take a deep breath…we will get through this Kardashian/Jenner nightmare 😉

Spitfire on

Not exactly hands free if she is holding them. :/

lactivist on

If where she’s holding her horns are really where her nipples are, then she should fire her plastic surgeon(s). Anatomical fail

sue's on

This picture has gone to far… I have breastfed three of my children and never once i need to display such a tasteless picture, like this girl. To me this picture is demeaning to all women and get pick on by others in public. Her procedure of how she attains milk for her baby, needs to remain private. No one needs to know how she pumps milk for her baby.

Rebeccah on

I guess nothing is private when it comes to the Kardashians. What’s next? Are we going to watch Kim and Kanye actually have coitus in their attempt to procreate?

Marky on

Okay, people, which is it? There should be no problem with hauling out the jugs wherever you are, and whoever sees you, sees you, because after all “that’s what breasts are for, and the ONLY thing they are for!” (eyeroll) OR is it “keep ’em covered because no one wants to see women’s boobs in public!” What are we saying? Or is it only another opportunity for a K person to show off their assets in some way? Of course, she is in her underwear in a hotel, apparently, but whatever….

I usually pay zero attention to these people, but am following the discussions about breastfeeding; I’m glad she is breastfeeding, but I’m wondering why she is so quickly taking a break from her children long enough to go to Vegas with friends (unless it’s for the day), and why she thought this would be a great shot to see on a public page when it’s most likely another pump and dump. Why, oh why can’t these people stop…ever!? And if they don’t stop, why doesn’t the rag-mag world move on to someone interesting?

The Baby Maven on

Good for her! It’s wonderful that she’s continuing to breastfeed!

Pam on

Gross! I do it too but I don’t put pictures of me pumping on social media. That’s just tacky.

RTftE1219 on

NO!!! WHY do we need to see this?!? Seriously anticipating the headline “Kardashian goes tinkle” one of these days!!!

Hea on

When did the Kardashian get their break? I know their dad was OJ’s attorney but… then what happened?!

Emma on

Why should we be seeing this???? TMI. Pumping and breast feeding are wonderful things but cmon now…do we really need selfies of ourselves doing these things??? I’m surprised they don’t take selfies of themselves taking a number 2.

Joe on

Thank you People magazine, what would we do without information like this.

meghan on

Is nothing private with these whores?

MAR on

how is this gross? you barely see anything. She’s more covered up then when she is in a bikini. Some of you women love bashing people. get over it. she breastfeeds you hate her she doesn’t you hate her. if she wasn’t a kardashian you would be singing her praises.

Nah on

Its funny how some people will acknowledge another woman breastfeeding in public and its all “Good for Her” “She Has Her Right” Blah blah blah, but a Kourtney does it and its gross…talk about double standards people.

guest on

For everyone that is talking crap about them, please stop. There is nothing to hate about them, no matter what anyone says they are making soooooo much money that they are obviously doing something right so they ate good business women, Gorgeous!!!and if you tell yourself they are not, ur in denial! And they love each other so much, family is #1 to me so I love watching their funny bickering and their love towards eachother. I hate using the word “hate” but quit hating on them 😉