Ryan Reynolds Reveals Daughter’s Name Is James

03/20/2015 at 09:25 AM ET

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Name Daughter James
Theo Wargo/WireImage

The secret is out!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively‘s baby girl is named James, the actor confirmed during an interview with Today.

After admitting that his daughter’s name was not any of his previous suggestions — including Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds — the proud new dad teased one last possibility before announcing her real moniker.

“It’s Butternut Summer Squash,” he jokes. “It’s James. Everyone knows.”

The couple — who welcomed their daughter in December — were hesitant to share her name in the past, but Reynolds, 38, explains his reasoning behind the big reveal.

“I didn’t want to be the first guy screaming it out to the media,” he shares. “Because as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, ‘Why did you do that?’ ”

E! News was first to report the name in February.

— Anya Leon

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guest on

Awful, just awful.

mika on

Boy! He milked the reveal of his daughter’s name for every bit of publicity that he could get. Bravo to his agent or marketing team! How else could possibly keep himself in the news for this long.

kaye on

mika – totally agree and I think it’s pathetic and hypocritical of him. For someone who supposedly values privacy this is a strange way to go about it.

Heather on

I love it! Congratulations!

Barb on

Chances are she will ask “why did you do that?” when she understands that her name is usually given to a boy. Oh well, it is their child to name what they want. “Blake” is usually a boy’s name and Mom did okay!

Michelle on

Ugh. Pretentious and silly.

Merry on

James is a wonderful name! My son’s name is James.

meredith on

What a weirdo! I used to think he was cool.

Silly on

Of the 35,762 things that annoy teenagers on a daily basis, I doubt revealing their name is on the list. Sharing stories about breastfeeding and diaper changing is more likely to embarass them.

Brenda on

I usually love and respect Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. But why in the hell would you name your daughter James?

ja on

I will never understand celebrities and why they name their children the way they do. They’re all a little tapped in the head.

J on

I don’t think it’s bad, especially if they paired it with a feminine middle name. James Elisabeth Reynolds and James Elise Reynolds sound great. She’s not the first girl to be named James. I gave my girls girl names… I’m not against unisex names but this isn’t really a unisex name YET. Of all of the boy names out there, it isn’t bad. Better than Elliot! or Jude! or Mason!

Carrie M on

There are so many other feminine names I would’ve chosen for my baby GIRL. Just sayin…

Haley on

I definitely preferred Violet. Oh well. Not my kid!

Hmmm on

Maybe Blake was watching a lot of 90’s TV during pregnancy. Wasn’t James the name Rachel wanted for her daughter with Ross? And the name/nickname of Helen Hunt on Mad About You?
I feel like I’m playing Jeopardy. “Alex, I’ll take female sitcom characters named James for $400”

meow on

wow that is tasteless, sorry not all names can really go for both sexes. Name a boy Beth or a girl James – blah!! ugh and I like you Ryan

meow on

if she is like most girls, she will probably not like it, and maybe go by Jamie or something, anything better. This and North and Apple are the top ugly names for babys

guest on

Gee, I sort of liked Butternut Summersquash

genibre2013 on

Agreed, just awful. Celebs are just screwy.

amy on

Dumb ass name for a girl. Ryan is such an annoying dude. Please go away.

amy on

DUMB AWFUL name for a girl. Ryan needs to go away.

Janine on

Why not Robert, or Kevin? Those are nice girls names. James makes a better middle name.

Tee on

Wow. It’s an extremely rare day I comment on the name someone chooses for their child but really not sure what to make of this one. I just don’t think of James as being a unisex name, I guess, but to each their own? I don’t know. Glad they finally shared it, though, and stopped the cloak and dagger routine! I highly respect celebrities that choose not to share any details about their children’s lives but found it a bit annoying how he kept giving interviews about his daughter and making such a big deal out of not sharing her name.

guest on

If he cares so much what she thinks as a teenager, why James. He has an annoying personality.

Billie on

I don’t see the problem. I’m pretty sure a celebrity named her daughter Maxwell, and another named her daughter Elliotte. You can call James, Jamie, just like they can call their kids Maxi and Ellie. Big deal.

Kyle on

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the name James for a girl. My name is Kyle and I am a girl. I didn’t grow up traumatized because I had a “boy name”. I’m very proud of my name. It sets me apart. I’d rather have a different name than be one of the thousands of Jennifers, Emilys, Sarahs, etc.

connie on

I love it! my daughter’s middle name is James….. maybe it has a family meaning…

Anonymous on

I love it!! I think it is really fun to use as a girls name. Jamie King went by James for a long time and I thought it had a nice ring to it for a girl. Different without being TOO different.

j on

Ridiculous. She will grow up with issues that you really wanted a son, but got ‘stuck’ with a daughter. That is what you will need yo worry about.
I guess James can play with Maxwell and Wyatt and the can all rebel together!

ceecee on

I think he’s still joking. I hope’s still joking.

Justwow on

Some of you people need to give your head a shake. Tasteless? That is not exactly a work I would use to describe the name “James”, for either gender. What about if it was Jamie and they called her James? Would that be oh-so-pretentious then? Good lord people, crawl out of your holes and get a life.

carla on

Seems like Blake did just fine with her masculine name just as Ryan did with his unisex name, so I’m not sure where all of this faux outrage is coming from.

Donna Faia on

Better than North West!!!!!

ndmuscutt on

I thought Ryan Reynolds was funny, but naming your girl ‘James’ is not funny. I am so sick of reading about parents imposing these gender-bending values on their children. Only irresponsible parents perform this level of social experimentation on their children or use their children as agents of social change in this way. But, hey, I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from pop culture.

Hope they call her Jamie! on

I can see holding onto the reveal if it was a girls name. However James is no more a feminine name than Sue! You gotta love Johnny Cash!

Anonymous on

James for a girl???

Cc on

So what’s next…a boy named Sue?

Jen on

His dad’s name is James. Mystery solved. Not feminine but they could call her Jamie. Nice to have a family name and not a direction or fruit or career. um pilot inspector anyone?

Anonymous on

We’re a little full of ourselves aren’t we? What a lot of drama.

Dre on

Better James than Pilot Inspector or Audio Science.

rebecca on

Not a fan of the name, but it could be worse. Ryan Reynolds seems immature. I’m starting to see why Scarlet left him.

Jane on

I’ve read all the comments and have to agree: James is not a girls name. Even if it is her grandfather’s name, and even though Blake is typically a boys name…..AND even though Ryan is unisex name….I still think they missed on this one. Like all who have mentioned it, I do hope they call her Jamie.

EEE on

I don’t understand what the big deal is here! People name their daughters men’s names all of the time! Tiffany, Stephanie, Ashley, Morgan, Frances, Blair are all BOY NAMES! And the list of boys names used for girls is quite long!

Anonymous on

My niece’s name is Jamie (she is named after her Dad and we often call her James – she loves it.

Truthfinder on

Noooooooooo! Didn’t Jessica Simpson name her daughter, Maxwell? I realize the Hollyweird community is wanting to make men and women meld into one being, but I like things just the way they WERE!

Tired of it on

I hope it is her middle name. But, maybe they really had a son and are just messing with everyone. They are idiots. His humor sucks. I get so sick of these celebrities.

Kat on

James for a girl? What has the world come to? Before you know it there’ll be little boys named Caroline, Rosemary and Daisy running around. *clicks tongue*

Kathy on

What’s the big deal? He doesn’t owe people the name of his child. He, and his family, are allowed to have a ERSONAL life.

Margaret on

If I had been a boy (!!!), my parents planned to name me for my father’s older brother who was in the Bataan Death March and a prisoner of war of Japan during World War II. But, as I was a girl, I was named for my aunt, who was married to an early Oklahoma City wildcatter who unfortunately died in a derrick fire in Montana — preparing to produce lots of oil for energy at the coming business boom following the end of the war. Back in the “old days,” before ultrasound, you didn’t know and so there was all this guessing going on as to the baby’s sex! Much more of an event… But harder to prepare for… P.S. — Also, no disposable diapers, and mothers had to wash out baby’s diapers. I recall seeing my mother wash out a baby diaper in the toilet before putting it into the washing machine!!! She was a nurse and said once you’re done, just wash your hands real good!

Casey on

Eh. it’s kinda cute. I once worked with a woman named Michael.

Linda on

This is after Blake said she’s not going to reveal her name.

What’s with the latest celebrity trend of giving their girls boy names? James for a girl is awful.

guest on

I think it’s sweet that she is named after her grandfather, who has been ill with Parkinson’s for many years. It’s a nice way of honoring him, and of reminding her of her roots.

twinkle on

He’s worried about announcing the name and not the name itself? Damn that man is thick.

Willie on

A boy named Sue. So I guess the young lady will go thru life as Jamie. It would have been a problem 50 years ago but things have changed. There is a lot of female Marion’s out theree and the ones I have met seemed fine with a boys name. Good luck

kyndnotes on

Gotta love mainstreamers… NOT! Egades, the outrage; how DARE someone not conform. Fie on all of you. Much love to Blake and Ryan, who chose a beautiful name for their daughter.

Ilona on

All that …..for that !!!!!

mer on

If it’s true, I love it!!! James for a girl Awesome! Just like Maxwell or Lincoln, I Love it.

Hea on

What is the big deal to you people? It’s their choice and obviously they weren’t allowed to make that choice.

Jay on

I think it’s nice. James for a girl. However, what I don’t understand is when celebs are super secretive about the name. That leads to everyone wanting to know and being asked constantly and privacy being invaded. If you just say it once after baby is born, it’s done and over with.

Andrea on

Wow…quiet a few of you need to do some research before you comment. Believe it or not, James is not an uncommon name for a girl. It’s actually listed as a unisex name in many baby name books. Also, I see many of you saying never heard of a boy with a girl name. Shelby, Ashley, Kelly, Shannon, Paige, Michelle, oand Mary are all feminine names given to males. When you think about it, James is normal compared to other celebrity baby names such as North West, Moxie Crime Fighter, and Alabama. You people are always looking for something to complain about.

Carly on

Not too crazy about James for a girl, but it is better than some of the other celebrity baby names. What irritates me more is that on March 13 an article with him appeared on this site and in it he made a big stink about not revealing his daughter’s name. Just exactly a week later he reveals it? *eyeroll*

Amanda on

Huh..Ryan, Blake, and James..? Are there any girls in the family?

Cass on

I feel like Blake Lively is the kind of person who gave her kid a typically male name to be ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ but will end up calling her Jamie…

Lyanna on

Are they out of their ever loving minds? Why not just come right out and say, “Well, we really wanted a boy”. Ugh.

Cecily on

Oh, no. Well…it’s better than Burt!!

AvaElizabeth on

Still hope that he lied about the name thing.

James?? OMG WTH, are you stupid?? What is the problem with naming a girl with a girls name and giving a boy a boys name??

Really really hope that, if the story is true, the girl has a second, better name so that she can choose later.

And still hope, the story is not true and it’s another joke about the name..

Violet would have been so much better….

iloveteach on

As a classroom teacher of middle schoolers, I think this is so mean. I have heard of some dumb names for kids, but why would you name your daughter an obviously masculine name? We all know kids are cruel; why give them a projectile to throw at your child? Hope they gave her a decent middle name!

Taylor on

So a bunch of people are saying that they could be calling her Jamie, but why wouldn’t you just name your daughter Jamie if that’s the case? James Reynolds sounds super masculine. Celebs are trying to do the “oh, every name can be unisex!” trend but you’re not going to see a boy named Elizabeth or Emma any time soon.

Ala Lemon on

Ashley and Whitney were originally boys names that made it to the girls names list. Why not the other way round? Also, considering her mum’s name is Blake, a boys name, I doubt this little girl will think her own is strange. At least until she goes to school, and then it’s anybody’s guess how her fellow pupils will react. But then again, I suppose that if she grows up in LA and goes to school with other celebrity kids, she’ll probably have the most normal name in the room.
Side note: Butternut Summer Squash was actually fun

Olg on

James for a girl is fine, at least it’s not a strange name.

Anonymous on

I hope it’s still a joke

GJ on

We named our daughter Annika James and briefly thought about using James as a first name. Personally, I like it. Better than Apple, Orange, or Blue.

Rivka on

Why? Why why why?

Bec on

Such a pretentious little BOY’S name. If all the beautiful female names, why choose a man’s name? I’ll never understand the stupidity of celebs.

susan sarel on

Wrong, wrong. James is a traditional boys name. My own brother’s middle name. I hope they are around when the poor child is being bullied, harassed and humiliated in school. Not a good thing. She should have a girl’s name, growing up. Its all about ME, ME, ME. Well, now you have a child, a daughter.

Guest on

He should make a unique name for her daughter, so it stand out.

marsha marsha marsha on

Why not the feminine version of James….’Jamesetta’. ? So much prettier.

Laura on

Finally… Now I can sleep at night….

ZOD on

James simply is not a girl’s name, period.

Bee on

I prefer Butternut.

Rich on

Hey, Steve Smith’s middle name is “Anita”. But seriously, kids get screwed up enough without having to explain why their name actually belongs to the other sex.

James on

I am not at all surprised by Ryan Reynolds’ choice of naming his
daughter James. Reynolds is, like most actors an unwitting target of MK-Ultra Monarch mind control programming. This means that
he has multiple personalities. His daughter is named after someone
whom the US federal government is presently demonizing for exposing
the greatest scandal in United States history.

The NSA’ s illegal EMF fingerprinting of the American people,
and the Agency’s use of Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network
to remotely track any American by way of their body’s own unique set of EMF signatures.

This is a program that is being secretly used to enslave the American people. And someone named James, who is also a target of an MK-Ultra program and has been for the past 40 years is the one who
has exposed this Orwellian program to the American people..

Kelly on

They should have named the baby Ryan!