Jaime King: Why I Decided to Pose Topless While Pregnant

03/18/2015 at 01:30 PM ET

Jaime King isn’t afraid of the haters.

The expectant mom posed topless in an Instagram post on Tuesday, showing off her growing baby bump.

“To me, it wasn’t racy or sexy,” the Hart of Dixie star told PEOPLE of the shot while at the launch of Rachel Zoe‘s maternity collaboration with A Pea in the Pod on Tuesday. “The reason why I posted that photo was as an advocate and as an activist for women’s bodies.”

In the image, which has since disappeared from her account — King says 17-month-old son James Knight got ahold of her phone and accidentally deleted it — the model stands tall in just a pair of black underwear. “I was so tired of the body shaming,” says King, 35. “I have been thin my whole life. It’s the way that I’ve always been.”

Jaime King attends Rachel Zoe and A Pea In The Pod
Donato Sardella/Getty

“I eat cheeseburgers and then I drink green juice,” she adds. “I eat all the time. There’s days where I’ll eat whatever I want. There’s days where I’m like every other person, where I do my best to stay mindful and nutritious and stay balanced. There is no magic formula. There’s no alchemy as to why I look the way that I look.

“But there is nothing that makes me feel worse than when someone goes online and says that I’m too thin and that I should eat a sandwich and that I look disgusting.”

The actress and model says that since she became a mother, she’s been less sensitive to criticism about her body.

“After having a child I started to realize that I’m not ashamed of the way that I look,” she says. “This is who I am … I wanted to say that I love myself. And I love not only every thin part of my body or fat part of my body, but every little nook and cranny that’s flawed.”

Jaime King attends Rachel Zoe and A Pea In The Pod
Donato Sardella/Getty

— Tara Fowler with reporting by Abby Stern

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kaye on

She must have received an avalanche of negative comments on instagram. Right?

Kitty on

“Well, I was snapchatting with all my awesome teen BFFs and they were like, ‘you should totally selfie cuz you’re like so bae’ and I’m like “oh yeah. I’m totally going to do it but you have to invite me to Sarah Hylands 23rd birthday jam cuz I’m not old or anything'”

Anonymous on

someone’s an expert at getting every ounce of pregnancy attention she can

heather on

For attention. There, no need for this long-winded article.

marie on

Why I Decided to Pose Topless While Pregnant?
To get attention?

Tommie on

It’s almost funny how all the young stars and artists feel that they have the most perfect and wonderful bodies on the planet and it is their duty to share. It doesn’t make me a better person to see your pieces parts.

Ardyn on

Advocating for naturally skinny people…. thats a new one…

Kelsie on

Her teeth are orange – must be a smoker.,NASTY

rubyovertherainbow* on

Maybe because she doesn’t get enough attention with her clothes on.

Tara on

obviously she does not have a problem with the way her body looks or she would not have posted the pic to begin with. it’s to get attention and compliments. it always is.

desperaterod1787 on

Yes, you should advocate for all the women with supermodel bodies. Thank you. The world needs more of that.

Yeah right that her kid deleted it.

stacey on

I’m just guessing that your bff, Taylor, does not approve, and rightly so.

mypiecesandbits on

This woman does not sound like she is for celebrating a woman’s pregnant body, she sounds like she is saying “Look at me, look at me. Look how skinny I am! I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound.”

And no I am not jealous. I am a naturally thin person but I don’t go around posting images of myself and go on what basically sounds like bragging. In my opinion it is very put-offish.

NJgal on

–there’s so many more *positive* ways, to encourage women to be proud/accepting ~ of their bodies…then to pose nude. Whenever I see *anyone* posing nude–I think it’s, basically, for selfish/narcissistic/attention-grabbing REASONS. (I could be wrong…but that’s how it comes across to me!)

Marie on

Sorry Jaime, but there’s this thing called Google. So it’s possible for us to look at pictures of you before and see that while you were never fat, you weren’t this thin either. The reason people comment on it is because you looked much better before when you were more normal size (and by normal I mean slender without being too thin)