Jude Law Welcomes a Daughter

03/17/2015 at 10:44 PM ET

Jude Law Welcomes Baby No. 5

Jude Law is a father again.

The actor and his ex Catherine Harding have welcomed a baby girl, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“I can confirm the arrival of Jude Law and Catherine Harding’s daughter,” Law’s rep said in a statement Tuesday. “Both are delighted and continue to ask that their privacy and that of their child be respected.”

Law, 42, who has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost (sons Rafferty, 18, and Rudy, 12, and daughter Iris, 14) and another daughter, Sophia, 5, with model Samantha Burke, confirmed that he was expecting a fifth child (his first with the singer-songwriter) in October.

“Whilst they are no longer in a relationship, they are both wholeheartedly committed to raising their child,” the actor’s rep said in a statement at the time.

According to British newspaper reports, Harding, who also goes by the name Cat Cavelli, spent time with the actor last summer when he was on location in the Czech Republic.

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Tracy on

I would say congrats, but I think get a vasectomy is more appropriate.

Emmalee on

Birth control is not that difficult!

Kris on

This guy is really not a fan of jimmy caps is he?

Andy on

Dude, you should have figured out what causes that by now. Did no one have “the talk” with you?

debra40 on

why do men feel the need to spread their seed around? and why do women knowingly set themselves up knowing the guy’s baggage and history. with all of this unprotected sex, isn’t anyone afraid of AIDS anymore? why would you knowingly have a child with someone you feel you do not want to spend your life with? “I don’t want to be with you anymore, but let’s have a child for the hell of it”

Catherine on

Keep it in your pants man!

Bronwyn on

Is this guy secretly a Duggar?

meghan on

What a whore!

Kate on

I honestly think Jude should know by now how babies are made, especially after his daughter Sophia was born. Now another child with another ‘brief’ girlfriend. I am sure Jude is a nice guy in real life but as a woman, I would absolutely not date him- 5 kids with 3 different women, and only married once? You have to wonder if he is this reckless with other situations. And does he know what HSV, HPV, HIV, etc are?? Serious question folks.

Madison on

This gigolo needs to stop reproducing already.

ja on

This guy is disgusting and horribly irresponsible. He leaves a trail of children wherever he goes. Rich or poor, famous or common, you’re an * ss hole if you do that!

nope on

a turn off.

5 children with multiple partners?

its tacky when females do it and its also gross when dudes do it.

you do NOT have to create a child with everyone you sleep with or date!

Prissa on

I think it used to be cool to spread out around for men. Times are a changing. Men need to learn to respect women and sex. Have sex with someone you love and can be loyal to, or move on.

Looloobell on

Dude… Even tho’ u can probably afford to raise them all. Get a vasectomy!!!

Melissa on

@ Tracy : LOL
@ Debra40 The women are either all in it because he’s an actor and probably really rich or they just have bas taste in men, lol.

Shell on

The guy sure likes to love ’em and leave ’em.

Suzie on

Someone castrate this man! Gosh. What is wrong with these woman?!?!

Guest on

Ok, now it is time to get a vasectomy. You don’t need to have a kid with every woman you sleep with. Why bring more kids into your life when you can’t even keep a woman. I feel for the kids.

yellowblock on

“spent time with.” How tactful! 😉

and they named the child “Oh god, not another one! There ought to be a LAW, oh wait, there are too many already…”

jckfmsincty on

Dude, tie a knot in it.

JLM on

Such a handsome man with such a beautiful voice…I have lost so much respect for him over the years with his inability to keep it in his pants or at least use a condom.

skigirl25 on


Cris on

I agree that Jude Law is irresponsible when it comes to sex BUT a baby is a cause for congratulations. I don’t knownwjy any woman would want to be with him but they do it willingly.

vymom on

Does he not understand how babies are made?

Brandi on

Damn! Wrap it up.

Holly on

Sienna Miller is thanking her lucky stars right now that se got away from him when she did…

Amy on

He gets around.

Susan on

Wow, how many “baby mamas” is this now? He’s competing with the Duggars, and singers/ rappers now?

Becky Holland on

Really? “Wholeheartedly committed to raising the child?” How? I’m sick of these articles ending with a declaration that these men are in some way committed to raising their kids. You know what makes a good father? Living with your kids. Being there every single day. Getting thrown up on in the middle of the night when they are sick. Knowing when and what to feed them. Knowing them in the intimate way that comes with daily parenting. It’s not through visits. Not through buying things. Through daily effort and care. There is simply no way Jude Law is raising this child. He’s visiting this child. I’m not saying he’s not a loving person. Im not saying he doesn’t love his kids. I’m just saying he’s not a great father. Because GREAT fathers are there every day. Can we please stop diminishing the efforts of the truly great fathers out there by pretending guys like this make the grade.

Anonymous on

He is irresponsible.

exit82 on

Jude- next time someone wants to “spend time” with you- put a condom on first.

Guest1709 on


toby sprickle on

Jude would screw a snake if he could find the hole.

Melanie on

He’s such a piece of work who needs to keep it in his pants. Yeah, he’s committed to raising the child. He needs committed. There’s no way he’ll be a true dad to this baby. Drop some money, an occasional visit with a few gifts. He needs to keep it in his pants or get a vasectomy. The women need to learn a bit about birth control also, unless they’re out their for 15 seconds of fame and a few bucks!

saturdaze on

Pahhhahahahah. “wholeheartedly committed” Please. How committed can you be when you have to skate off to parent (aka “visitation time”) the other four kids by other women whom you’ve also bred with. He’s gross. Any woman that beds this dude now just has no respect for herself. Ga-ross. I heart the idea that this dude actually considers himself a “parent” – uhhhh no. You are a donor and a paycheck my friend. A parent is someone who actually knows their kid, not just visits and pays for their crap.

Liz on

Way to be judgemental idiots. How many of you are divorced or have children from two fathers? Be happy for him. Unlike the millions of families who have children they cannot afford, he has the money to provide and is probably a great father!

The Man on

Keep it in your pants ol’ man

My Comments on

Tracy… I agree with you 100%

It’s seems so weird that JL and Hugh Grant have children with women that are under the strangest circumstances.

Amaryllis on

Makes Hugh Grant look like a priest.

Bibi on

@Becky Holland- you said it! This needs to stop being heralded as something good, it’s nothing but irresponsible .

Luke on

@ Becky Holland

You said exactly what I was about to say. Totally nailed it. How can he be spending enough time with these kids when he is busy filming movies in different locations and doesn’t even reside where the children live? They are going to go through life with an absentee father who flits in and out of their lives and buys their love with money. It’s sad. Being a father is about being there as much as possible. It’s a lifestyle. It’s every day. It’s not every other month or every holiday. It’s literally EVERY DAY. And I know children of divorce have it rough but a lot of them do have reasonable weekly time with their fathers if they are living with mom. This guy just knocks up girlfriends and moves on to the next. How can he possibly be spending time with them daily or even weekly?? It’s sad that people act so irresponsibly. If you want to lead a life of fun and frivolity and not wear protection on top of being in your 40’s with multiple other kids…get a vasectomy. It’s not a big deal.

Katie on

Most are slamming him but what about the women? Maybe they said they were on birth control and lied? Maybe he was upset about it at first? Who knows… but can you imagine holidays with this family? 3 women and 5 kids? Yikes!!! He’s a stud though!!

Tina Louise on

I would have his baby.

Di on

Good Ole Knock ’em up and walk away.

Carol on

Five kids with three women — how trashy.

ToxicP on

Fathers are worthy of praise (congratulations), sperm donors not so much.

ebfilmsman on


carol on

I used to like this guy and Hugh Grant . There personal lives are so screwed up. I can see one mistake but a couple, There are very few good fathers in this world. It is sad for these kids.Money does not buy a dad or mom. love and caring make a parent.

Hea on

I wonder how Rafferty feels about his fathers behavior.

MHR on

Can’t anyone just congratulate the guy on a new baby? Still, 5 kids with 3 women is a bit much.

Tara on

Does the man every wear a condom?

Barbara on

Enough children Jude!!!!!!

Pam on

Happy birthday, Little One. Sorry your dad’s so gross.

Diana on

Wishing both Jude Law and Catherine Harding all the best and hearty congratulations on the birth of their daughter. What they do in their private life is no more my business than mine is theirs. So don’t bother to respond to this comment because, and I’m pretty sure about this, there but for the Grace of God could go most of you who commented so mean.

May Lavinia on

Hey Jude…..they invented contraceptives! You can have babies when you’re really sure of a relationship and ready. Head out to your nearest Pharm and get a consult……..idiot.

RP on

5 kids3 different women, sperm donor!

AC on

I guess he loves kids and doesn’t watch much tv lol, I would say get a hobby but I think he has one lmbo #WOW

Bee on

Another one??? Why do women keep sleeping with this trashbag? And without protection… Whaaaaat.

ams on

ugh – what goes on in that pretty little head of his?