Vin Diesel Welcomes Daughter Pauline

03/16/2015 at 07:00 PM ET

Vin Diesel Paloma Jimenez Third Child
Michael Buckner/Getty

Update: The actor has named his daughter Pauline, in honor of the late Paul Walker, he revealed Monday on Today.

“He was in the room [when she was born]. There’s no other person that I was thinking about as I was cutting this umbilical cord. I just … knew he was there,” he says. “It felt like a way to keep his memory a part of my family and a part of my world.”

Originally posted March 16: Vin Diesel has welcomed his third child with girlfriend Paloma Jiménez.

The Furious 7 star, 47, announced the arrival by posting the first photo of the new baby on his Facebook page Monday.

In the pic, Diesel is hovering over the newborn and the mother of three, who appears to still be in the delivery room bed.

The actor captioned the photo with some sweet lyrics from Louis Armstrong‘s “What a Wonderful World”: “I hear babies crying/ I watch them grow/ They’ll learn much more/ Than I’ll ever know/ And I think to myself /What a wonderful world,” he wrote.

Diesel and the 31-year-old model are also parents to son Vincent Sinclair, 4½, and daughter Hania Riley, 6½. The longtime couple, who are hush-hush about their family life, have yet to reveal the sex or baby name.

In February, PEOPLE confirmed the news that Diesel and Jiménez were expanding their family further.

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Sandra on

Congrats on the new little potato head….They are so cute and grow so fast

maryhelenc on

What a beautiful photo. He’s a lucky man.

Ginger on

Love, soft as an easy chair…

falynangell on

I wonder if the name Paul be chosen in some variation. Happy he had something beautiful happen after such a hard loss. Congrats.

Kim on

Why do people get so judgmental over the marriage thing? Yes, I get you think that’s the proper way to do things, so YOU do them that way. The order of which someone else chooses to do things really affects you in no way at all. I’m all for one having beliefs, but quit assuming everyone else needs the same ones. Had this article not said the word “girlfriend” you wouldn’t have even known otherwise that he wasn’t married.

Lisa on

Beautiful. Congratulations to the happy family.

Kim, you said it perfectly. So easy to be kind, whereas it takes so much more effort to be cruel. Love is love, and family is family regardless of a piece of paper from a government. I’m happy for them.

Responder on

Love her antennae!

Piperwest12 on

Their daughter is named Cimilce not Hania and she is older than 6 1/2, she will be 7 in less than two weeks.

ella on

They have the cutest children

meret on

Why or why is it so hard for some men to just marry the woman who has supported and loved them. Vin, man up and marry the girl. As Pitbull said, Damn It Man!

KR on

Meret, ever thought that maybe SHE doesn’t want a marriage?? It’s really not your place to judge someone else’s personal choices.

Jo55 on

Some people believe that the parents of children should commit to marriage before having children. That’s their right and they can say so. So Kim….what’s your problem? You state your thoughts. Why can’t others do the same? It really affects you in no way at all now does it? Live and let live sister.

klutzy_girl on

I was wondering if he was going to name the baby after Paul and he did and now I’m emotional.

Congratulations to them!

Ginger on

That is really sweet. Such a tough persona but he is a marshmallow!

Carrie M on

That is a sweet gesture and yes little Pauline is precious!

huntermarie_4 on

Awwwwww that’s sweet. Paul will always be watching over her

AppetiteDeluxe on

Damn trying not to cry! Paul mustve left some impact on his friends because Tyrese and others talk about him all the time RIP

ella on

What a wonderful tribute to name his daughter after Paul Walker. Best wishes to this family. xoxo

Anonymous on

What a beautiful story. Very sweet of them to honor Paul Walker in such a loving way..

CJM on

Congratulations to Vin and family. Paul Walker will always be remembered. I was tearful watching Fast and Furious marathon on TV the other day.

We need to remember the important things in our lives.

Kaitlin on

So what if he’s having kids later in life – she’s younger and they are obviously happy together and have been together for a long time since their oldest is 6 1/2.

It’s incredibly sweet that they named her after Paul, the two were obviously very close friends.

RTftE1219 on

Adorable and Sweet! And thank you, Vin for not just naming her “Paul”.

Kim on

@jo55- I think there is a very big difference in having an opinion of the order of things and coming onto a public forum in regards to how an individual lives their lives and putting them down. The OBVIOUS difference is that I am not coming onto a beautiful article about a new baby, and tearing it down by attempting to judge how someone else chooses to do things. And by the way, I am in fact MARRIED with 2 children (in that order) but that doesn’t give me the right to tell people they’re wrong. The problem is not your opinion in general, it is that people like you think they have the right to not only judge, but say however they feel with no regards to anyone who thinks differently.

J on

I love the sentiment. I would have went with Paulina instead with the nickname potential of Pauly or Lina (Lena)… 🙂

Tina on

I’m confused. The article says Diesel “welcomed his third child” ….. They named her “Paulina”. Then near the end of the article, it says “they have yet to reveal the sex of the baby or name.” Then, who are we talking about? Is there a fourth child on the way?

Eleonore on

I love how he speaks about his friend and it’s a wonderful thing to do… I knew he would call their kid Paul or Pauline, as he seems very close to Paul and his family! Welcome baby Pauline, you are a very special gift 😉

Anonymous on

Sweet name, and really heartwarming to see the action star showing his soft side.

Welcome to the world, Pauline.

Snowy on

Tina Can u read? It said UPDATE at top of this story jeez

Congrats, Vin and family. A wonderful honor for Paul. Made me cry!

Luci on

Classy move..

Debs626 on

Beautiful, I am sure Paul Walker is smiling down on his beautiful little namesake.

Sarah Singleton on

Congratulations on Pauline….her angel Paul is smiling down on you and your beautiful family,

Juli on

The way Paul Walker keeps being a part of the Fast & Furious series’ crew and cast’s lives warms my heart. It is truly proof of what an amazing human being he was. I’m sure that, wherever he is, he’s looking out for his friends and now for his littlest namesake. Congratulations to Vin and Paloma on the birth of Pauline!

guest on

A “girl” name for a girl—how unique! 😉 Congrats on the beautiful blessing. What a great tribute to your friend, she will be extra special.

Nicole on

Congratulations on your beautiful little bundle of joy. I love that they named her Pauline after Paul Walker. I think that’s so sweet 🙂

KC on

She had 3 of your children, you can’t marry her?! Oh that’s right she is just the mother of your children she doesn’t deserve half of your assets.

Jay on

That is a nice tribute to name the baby after his friend. However, I hope that he is getting therapy or counseling to deal with his grief. He seems to be having a very difficult time with it.

Jayne on

What a beautiful tribute to his friend. Vin Diesel ❤

Jeeves on

To KC (who commented as though she was directly addressing Vin Diesel) that Paloma was only good enough to have Vin Diesel’s children, but not good enough to marry or receive half his assets.

You do not know anything about their private life. So your comment is truly an enigma. This is a joint decision on their behalf. You do realize that for years and years Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie coupled and had children without that piece of paper you are referring to. You have no idea what kind of financial agreement they have in the event of a split or his death. I’m sure they know what they are doing.

You sound bitter and jaded. You didn’t comment that if they really loved each other that they would marry (I don’t agree that is the only way to show your love). You instead argued from a monetary stand point. I can see what you are interested in. Just mind your own business.

Lydia on

Congratulations on your new blessing to your family. What a beautiful name and honor you have chosen to do.

E on

Did mom have any say?

Anonymous on

A beautiful tribute to his friend. Congratulations to the Diesel/Jimenez family and welcome to the world Pauline.

GG on

Great name to honor to Paul Walker. Congratulations!

robinepowell on

That’s such a nice way to honour the late actor. I’m sure his mother and daughter will like it. 🙂

Anonymous on

Jeeves- Exactly! And who’s to say that it’s him (or only him) that has the commitment issues (if there even are any to begin with. Plenty of unmarried couples are perfectly fine with committing- they just don’t feel that a piece of paper is necessary in order to do so!)? Maybe, just maybe, SHE doesn’t want to get married! Shocking thought, I know. 😉

Considering how private they are, it’s also not exactly out of the realm of possibility that they actually ARE married! 🙂

Anonymous on

With all of that off my chest, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

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