Terri Seymour Welcomes Daughter Coco

03/10/2015 at 11:15 AM ET

Terri Seymour Clark Mallon Welcome Daughter
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Update March 31: The couple have named their daughter Coco Seymour-Mallon. “Clark and I are madly in love with her and happily hibernating,” Seymour Tweeted Tuesday.

Originally posted March 10: Terri Seymour is a mom!

The TV personality welcomed her first child, a daughter, with her boyfriend, British model Clark Mallon, on Monday, March 9, in Los Angeles, according to Extra.

No further details, including the baby girl’s name, have been released.

“Thank you to everyone for all the lovely well wishes,” Seymour, 40, Tweeted Tuesday evening. “Words can not express the love we feel for our baby girl.”

It wasn’t long after Seymour found out that she was expecting — she announced her pregnancy in September — that new dad Simon Cowell stepped in to offer his services.

“His reaction was really sweet, extremely happy for me, then he turned around to me and said, ‘Of course, I obviously have to be the godfather,’ ” Seymour, who’s Cowell’s son Eric‘s godmother, joked.

Although she had no preference as to the baby’s sex, Seymour was tickled pink to find out she and Mallon, 28, had a daughter on the way.

“Deep down inside, I think I’ve always wanted a baby girl,” she told PEOPLE in January.

Weeks before she gave birth, Seymour was reporting from the Grammys red carpet — where her baby belly got plenty of love. The mom-to-be shared a snapshot of Auntie Kelly Osbourne giving her bump a quick kiss.

— Anya Leon

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guest on

damn who is that guy?!?

Marky on

I wanted both, and have both, but my sister desperately wanted a boy. She would have loved either, but she really wanted a boy, and when she had one…she was thrilled to pieces for years, still is. My daughter wanted a boy, for reasons I’ve never quite understood…it was just all the way down to her bones. I’m crazy about my sons, but would have felt I missed something by not having a daughter. The truth is, when we have a child we are very fortunate when they are healthy and happy…either boy or girl! Congratulations to the lucky couple!

Dogman69 on

She is 41/42, you bet she was tickled pink. Her clock was ticking loud and clear. Good for her.

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to Terri. And in response to the person who said that “all moms want a baby girl” you can’t speak for all moms!!

Jenny on

@guest Really? Did you read or just look at the picture of the beautiful guy? “…her boyfriend, British model Clark Mallon.”

Elin on

This is probably her last kid so being a woman she probably did want a girl.

guest on

To ‘mjh’ below . . . what??? all dads want a boy and all moms want a girl? LOL LOL LOL – you must be a young girl, living in a fantasy world, LOL LOL LOL.

Shell on

The father is gorgeous…Simon Cowell who? Nice upgrade. Congrats!

dd on

hey i used to feel bad for her for getting dumped by simon cowell, now not so much!! Congrats on baby + cute young guy!!

maya on

Gorgeous couple! Their child will be beautiful!

camom on

All moms AND dads want a healthy baby. I can only speak for myself but never cared which gender I had. (for the record, it was 3 boys)

Flo on

Lucky me had one of each. Enjoy them both.

Lilah on


kaye on

She’s over 40???? Wow, doesn’t look it.

KAt on

So sad, this growing movement that says marriage and commitment mean nothing, everyone should just get knocked up by whoever they can find.

Marie on

He is HOT. Major upgrade from Simon Cowell. You go girl.

Sara K on

I’ll bet that is one gorgeous baby girl! Can’t wait to see. ❤

Heather on

I’m a woman and I did not want a girl!!! I have one and did not want another one. She’s wonderful, but I don’t want another one. I also have a son. I also would not hesitate to have one more child if I had a 100% guarantee that it was a boy!! So, it’s not just the way it is!

Kestrel on

I hate when people say that women all want girls. I did NOT want a girl and I had 2 boys. I wept with joy.
No princess or drama crap for me.
I have 2 science-loving, book-reading, world traveling , foodie teenagers who have never given me trouble.
I quit while we were ahead. Why take the chance of having a girl? We have a niece and THEY wish they had boys instead.

nanamna on

Coco… really is her middle name marshmallow? I know that sounds bad but when this kid is in school and the boys ( and with the names they are naming these kids knute and such) they my call her hot coco and she my be friends with Maxwell Johnson oh well congrats

Debbe on

Wow she got her a hunk! I love Terri, so sweet and wish her the very best life ever.

krtmom on

Sure he’s straight?

NessaP on

Congratulations Terry on your baby girl. I got six sisters. The ones that have kids are all boys. All of them wanted girls but had boys. Of course she loves them but it’s a tinny ache in her heart when she see girly kids clothes and toys. I’m afraid to have children because they will be boys. I’m trying not to feel that way because if I do have a boy and later a girl I don’t want to love the girl more than the boy. Most men and women I know wanted boys. My sisters and I are the only ones with a female presence. I read that USA is the ONLY country where girls are the preference. I’ll take their word for it but I’ve only seen the opposite.

Chloe on

Adorable name! I have to say he is quite the hottie too!

SaraShawna on

Coco? Is she a baby or a poodle?

BeMore Momma on

CoCo Seymour-Mallon???? Wow
What’s up with 40+ yr old women naming their daughter Coco

Tina on

Well, if Clark Mallon can stand Seymour’s annoying shrill of a voice, more power to them.

ZG on

Congrulatons on their new addition!

Kestrel on

No, lady. I wanted boys. Boys. Not girl -, and I got them. I have 1 niece who completely justifies my bias. People ask if we want to try for a girl and we tell them we wouldn’t dare!

Olga on

Um she is 41 and he is 28?