Ashton Kutcher: Put More Diaper-Changing Tables in Men’s Bathrooms!

03/10/2015 at 07:30 PM ET

Ashton Kutcher Diaper Changing Tables
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Ashton Kutcher has found changing diapers to be quite the nuisance — but not for the reason you’d expect!

The new dad experienced a slight gender imbalance during a one-on-one outing with his 5-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle when he came to find that no men’s bathrooms had changing table areas.

Kutcher took to Facebook to complain about the lack of baby equipment available to all the dads out there, writing, “There are NEVER diaper changing stations in mens public restrooms.”

And the Two and a Half Men alum, 37, even dished out an incentive for any places that answer his fatherhood prayers: “The first public men’s room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ‪#‎BeTheChange‬,” he continued in the post.

Despite his recent diaper-changing debacle, Kutcher loves being a parent to his first child with fiancée Mila Kunis, 31.

“She’s beautiful,” he said of his little one at a tech conference in Australia last month. “This kid – I’m freaking out … It’s new but it never gets old.”

— Jacqueline Andriakos

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Yay! on

Yes!!!! He’s so right!!! My son is really hard for me to change on those stupid, tiny things. When my husbands out with me I’d love for him to be able to change him more!!!!

Ann on

Bravo! For all moms and dads!

Debbe on

Honestly, with all the pedophiles out there that are males, I would say don’t put changing tables in the men’s bathrooms, rather, put them in a family restroom. Every single female I know has a story to tell about when they were a child and a man touched them inappropriately, or stared at them inappropriately, or was abused in someway. We cannot ignore that this happens, statistically so much and we need to protect children from preying eyes. I wouldn’t want my father changing me in a men’s restroom for predators to see. Ashton is a good good guy, and there are plenty of good guys in the world but he probably is not aware of just how many predators and sick males are out there that get off seeing naked children and even babies.

Jenn on

Shout out to Wegmans! They not only have changing tables in both restrooms but also diapers & wipes if you are short!

Dee on

I think every public establishment should have a family bathroom that gives men and women a way to change our babies in private. IKEA is an awesome example. They even have all of the diaper changing supplies you might need if you’ve run out or something.

MrMan on

@Debbe Sounds like you’re a bit paranoid and hold a very low opinion of most men in general. What’s the matter? Daddy not love you as a child? I doubt your “every female that I know…” statistic is even remotely accurate. Typical moronic misandrist.

Angelica on

I agree. There needs to be more changing tables in men’s restrooms. My husband and I take turns changing our toddler when we go out and it’s hard to find a changing table, even in some female restrooms.

kristi on

Absolutely agree with Ashton! I was recently at the grocery store with my toddler and they had no changing table in the womens restroom! I had to put paper towel down on the floor and prop my sons head on my purse in order to change him. Unacceptable!! Its not like we were at a bar where you wouldn’t expect to bring kids. Terrible.

lakey on

a “free” shout-out? Does he customarily charge for them? Well, I mean, if he does, more power to him but….

and yes, it’s absurd that men can’t change their kids’ diapers on changing tables in public restrooms.

Ella on

@Mrman – Whether you agree with someone or not, it’s not necessary to make unfunny and callous jokes to make your point. Unless you’re feeling defensive for some reason. There are many people out there – men and women – who have had great childhoods and are still concerned for the well-being of kids. No need to be traumatized or neglected in order to care. And the statistics that ARE very accurate show that sexual abuse of children is perpetrated disproportionately by men, so the concern is not unsubstantiated.
I give Ashton two thumbs up for being passionate about this. I give you two thumbs down for using this positive story to put someone down for no good reason. Using fancy words doesn’t make it any more impressive. You still sound like a very little man.

K on


Turn off Fox and take a breather, dear. There’s a difference between fact and fear-mongering.

Tiffany on

he’s right. So many times I had to do it because there wasn’t one in the men’s room. Seems sexist. this is 2015, put them in both bathrooms! OR have a room specifically for changing diapers and taking care of kids.

Christina on

@Debbe you do realize that pedophiles aren’t just limited to men. It’s shameful to perpetuate that opinion.

Never really thought I’d agree with Ashton, but my husband complained about that all the time with our son.

Nicole on

Family restrooms would be great. As the caregiver to a disabled person of the opposite gender it would be so appreciated.

dad of 5 on

Wal-Mart has them

Mel on

I’ve often thought about this, too, since I’m a single mom. There are plenty of single dads out there who run into this problem plus men similar to Ashton who want to take their child(ren) out for daddy and me time. I understand some people’s reservations regarding putting a diaper changing table in the men’s room. A family restroom is really the perfect answer where everyone should feel safe – especially those with 3 or 4 young children. I have twins and had to use the handicapped stall for the roominess to keep us together after they were potty trained. Family restrooms are, again, the perfect answer for this (and perhaps with a heavy door to help keep the kids in).

Pam on

I agree! My husband has struggled with this while out with our infant son.

Pam on

There should be more family restrooms in places. One big room that is private and can be locked. Our local library has one and it’s really nice, my husband and I go in together and change our son. Babies r us usually has a mother’s room (where you can change your child and breastfeed them. They are usually kind of gross but are still a convenience. My son is terrified of the hand dryers in restrooms so I can’t change him in public restrooms that aren’t private and quiet.

exoticdoc2 on

Terrible idea. The men’s room is stinky enough as it is and we don’t need the added noise of squalling kids in the atmosphere.

mommytoane on

@Debbe, its not right to say that changing tables in bathrooms for men would mean pedofiles can see a child…pedofile does not mean perverted men, it means perverted person who seeks children to look at. Men AND Women can be pedofiles. Check the papers…how many times do you see a female teacher in trouble with a student vs a male. I can tell you its just about double. So to say that a changing table in a men’s bathroom would be bringing on more predofilia is wrong. Ignorance is bliss tho eh?

I agree with Ashton, but I also think more womens rooms should have changing tables and not just in the handicap stall. The tables should also be a tad bigger and a little safer. Its hard to change a baby on those dinky little things. Some places are lucky enough to have “family bathrooms” But thats generally more limited to places such as rec centers or rest areas. I think either a family bathroom with a decent amount of changing space or more changing tables in general would benifit many parents out there.

jellybean on

The fact that family bathrooms are private makes them a great solution but also kind of a problem. Think about it, a parent with small children isn’t going to be in and out. By the time mom or dad changes a diaper, helps another one use the potty, goes to the restroom themselves, washes everybody’s hands and gets everybody back in the stroller or whatever, you’ve been waiting outside with a screaming kid in a dirty diaper for like 10-15 minutes at least. Just a thought.

Anonymous on

mommytoane- Exactly! I’d also like to point out that it’s not naked children that turn a pedophile on…Its children in general. Therefore, the guy in the parking lot could be getting off on your snowsuit-covered child just as much as the guy in the bathroom looking at your naked child! I don’t get why people think that pedophiles aren’t attracted to children unless they’re naked.

That being said, I agree that we need more family restrooms.

dd on

every man knows this… reason bring it to public would just keep quiet about

torreth on

Id say he needs to stop bragging about having sex with people first. Show your a decent human being before complaining about what they need to do.

Pjw on

The new Detroit Metro Airport Terminal has changing tables in the mens’ room, GREAT airport!

Doreen Slebodnik on

FYI: the ideal (family friendly) places have family bathrooms..then you know a decent place to entertain family…you learn soon when having a baby in tow the clean places to take your family….knowing baby will need a change or two…Wait til you get to the highchair stage…

Bill on

Good Lord, how did we ever get by for 200 plus without changing tables! Major crisis: not enough changing tables!

TerryDoo22 on

Go, Ashton!!!

tallguy78 on

This is an important Fathers’ Rights issue. As internationally acclaimed family law attorney, “General” Jeffery Leving has stated, until fathers are treated equally in both the court systems and in society, the best interests of children will not be fully realized. Fathers are parents too. Gender bias must stop!

Mommylicious on

Rich people problems! Men – use the FAMILY bathroom suite – that is where the changing stations are. Maybe you should talk to you Nanny once in a while, she will tell you how it works!

deanna on

Yes Yes YEs…. and woman restrooms too, hard to believe that in this day and age still tons of restrooms diaper changerless….. Ugh nothing worse for a mommy and now the daddies too…….

philohio on

This fool needs to get out of where he lives.
I’ve seen them in men’s restrooms since about the 80s.
Even the restrooms oin Malls, toll road mens restrooms, truck stops on major roads. In family style restaurants, etc.

Get your nose out of Hollywood’s anus and explore the USA!

philohio on

F’en jerk!
Any stupid thing to keep his lousy image and name in the news.

Marky on

Mommylicious, last I heard, they are raising their child themselves at this point, with the help of grandparents babysitting sometimes. Just like everyone else. Not every celeb has a nanny, and it’s unkind to ridicule every celeb as if they barely recognize their child, just as it would be unkind to ridicule someone who has no money and struggles. It’s okay if they have money…and I say this as a person who wouldn’t watch any show Ashton Kutcher is in, though I expect to watch Mila Kunis’s new movie. Even though I’m not a fan of his, I don’t resent him having money for making films and TV shows I wouldn’t watch.

nanci on

exoticdoc2, stop being mean

Kathy on

Anything to whine about….Do it in you car…When my kids were small it wasn’t in either bathroom and I do not remember one time anyone complained. Complain about something important geeeze!

seriously? on

Debbe. Seek help. Your wild exaggerations and shameless accusations help no one.

Anonymous on

The ssd thing is that more establishments would be quick to follow this advice if it were CHARLIE SHEEN complaining. “A free shoutout on Facebook from Charlie Sheen if he goes into my business’s restroom and sees changing tables? Sweeet!” Get off Sheen’s nuts. He ain’t paying your bills.

Amanda on

I can’t tell you the number of times in the last 11 years I have entered a women’s bathroom to find no changing table when needed. I don’t know about others but when I see that I would never put my baby on a public bathroom floor (the thought of that makes me cringe actually)…I just go to my car and change the baby….or change them in their stroller with a blanket or changing pad underneath them. Honestly the public bathroom changing tables kind of gross me out anyways. You know they aren’t wiped down on a regular basis with sanitizer and sometimes moms don’t have any on them to do it themselves. Can you imagine how disgusting they would get in a men’s room?

OpenedID on

Changing tables in the men’s restrooms have been an issue since the burning of the bra’s in 1974. Having a Hollywood career has left you in the dork.

Grams on

Most stores have Family changing stations. They have all a growing family needs. Some restaurants are beginning to add these as well. Great to have a Dad speaking out but not necessary to put in men’s toilet area….gross!!! Family Restroom is the way to go. This way your 3 year old can use the the toilet and while the baby gets changed by parent.

RG on

Good point Ashton!

rlpatt1967 on

For all of you who say a family restroom is the answer, let me ask you this? how many restrooms should a building be required to have. Men, Women, Family and if others have their way one for Transgender. And who will pay for these additional facilities. You are all noble in your quest for fairness out of fear of pedophilia but many builders cannot afford the added expense and how would you expect buildings to be retro-fitted. The changing table in the men’s room seems like a viable option in a separate stall to keep away the prying eyes if that’s really your concern. If its the father on child molestation you are concerned about then the family option isn’t that viable either.

Artie Birnbaum on

I have yet to find a McDonalds men’s room that DOESN’T have a changing table. So much for the McD’s bashers.

Gim on

Diaper’s duties in men’s room? Ridiculous.

Anonymous on

Kathy, do it in your car? So, ifor eating a restaurant and the child has gone in there diaper that needs immediate changing bc they are not only wet, they should leave the restaurant and walk to the car. What if they valet parked the car? How about if shopping? It makes zero sense to go out to your car to change a diaper.