Catherine Bell: My Son Constantly Asks Me If I’m a Real Witch

03/07/2015 at 06:30 PM ET

Catherine Bell The Good Witch
Paul Redmond/WireImage

Catherine Bell might play a Good Witch on the hit Hallmark series, but her 4-year-old son Ronan isn’t so sure it’s just acting.

“He is constantly asking me if I’m a real witch or fake,” the actress tells PEOPLE of her role as Cassie Nightingale on the family show.

“I tell him I’m fake and he just looks at me mulling it over.”

Originally a 2008 television film, the special later launched another six sequels and a series, making it one of the most successful original movie franchises for the network.

“We had always talked about making it into a show,” Bell, 46, says. “After movie three, we joked, let’s do it.”

And now that her role has turned into something full-time, Bell’s 11-year-old daughter Gemma couldn’t be more thrilled.

“She’s a huge fan and all her friends are huge fans so she was really excited to go tell them. They’re like, ‘Your mom is the Good Witch!’ It’s really cute.”

The Good Witch airs Saturdays at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.

— Emily Strohm

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Rich on

Catherine is beautiful… 🙂

rubyovertherainbow* on

Oh please tell me you didn’t jump on board with all the Hollywood lip plumpers .

joanne1965 on

Hallmark channel is a racist channel – little or no culture or color of any kind…

Maggie on

not a witch, just a scientologist who follows the crazy cult established by a failed science fiction author.

JoyceJ on

Joanne1965 couldn’t the same thing be said about BET? Simple solution…don’t watch that channel.

Annabelle 1518 on

This is a wonderful, “feel-good” show and is a welcome departure from the daily hectic life I sometimes lead. I saw the beginning movies and am hooked on the series! Catherine Bell plays her role of “Cassie” really well and what a beautiful lady she is. I’ll bet she’s a great mom.

debra40 on

I agree with what joycej ‘s reply to joanne 1965. When you have a tv channel like “BET”, how can you call a channel like “Hallmark” racist?

Anonymous on

JoyceJ and debra40- What’s so wrong about having a channel devoted to people of color, though?

Whatever on

love my hallmark channel one of the few channels that is not about the t n a and I don’t care if it is racially broken down to some peoples likings if you want the diversity there are a million other channels to watch just keep doing what your doing hallmark I appreciate it a lot

emma on

It’s a shame i no longer have cable

elysummers on

Very nice show. Love it!

Sarah on

I will have to watch this, I loved all the Good Witch movies. The nice thing about this show is anyone can watch it. That is just too cute about her son Ronan, thinking she’s a witch!

Anonymous on

Actor or not, she has magic, that’s for sure. Talents, aura, and got vibes that does real “damage”… Cute of her son to ask that. Wish there can be more articles like this than the likes of Kardashians…

To each their own on

I’ve been a fan of hers since she was on JAG, and I’m so happy for her, that the shows and movies she’s done since has been so successful too. I can’t wait to watch the Good Witch series.

scarecrowsangel on

I wouldn’t call this TV show a hit. The movies were marvelous and magical and mysterious, warm and funny. The love between Cassie and her husband was incredible. With Cassie as a widow now and several much-beloved characters gone and the storylines boring, the chemistry is just off somehow and many viewers are heartbroken that the spell has been broken.

JoyceJ on

Anonymous, there’s nothing wrong with having a channel for people of color. The point is,I would never call them rascist for not having programs with white people. Why is it then if there is a channel like Hallmark people like joanne1965 call it racist? Or you ask what’s wrong with a channel for people of color. Nothing as long as people like joanne1965 don’t demand it only be their way or it’s wrong. Not everything in the world has to be made to include everyone. And stop calling it racist when it’s not.

Anonymous on

JoyceJ- I see where you’re coming from now, and I agree. 🙂

pavol ondrisik on

catherine i love youuu sooooooooooooooo much mwah

me32505 on

so if its okay to have a channel devoted to all colored people then it must be ok to have a channel devoted to all white people oh wait that would be racist?