Cate Blanchett Welcomes Daughter Edith Vivian Patricia

03/06/2015 at 12:45 PM ET

Cate Blanchett Welcomes Daughter Vivivenne
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Cate Blanchett‘s fairy-tale ending has come true: She’s a mom again!

The Cinderella actress, 45, recently welcomed her fourth child with husband Andrew Upton through adoption, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Edith Vivian Patricia Upton joins the Sydney-based, Oscar-winning actress and her screenwriter husband’s three sons, Ignatius Martin, 7 next month, Roman Robert, 10, and Dashiell John, 13.

Blanchett has spoken in the past of her desire to expand her family with Upton, 49. “I’d love to have more children,” she told InStyle a year after Ignatius was born.

“Just when, I don’t know. But the thing is, we hadn’t planned any of the others. They just popped out. So you shouldn’t overplan these things. If it happens, it would be great.”

Australian Women’s Weekly was the first to report the baby news.

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Julie Jordan

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guest on

Congratulations to the whole family! and to the lucky little girl!

miss teak on

Best wishes queen cate

Pam on

I didn’t know she lived in Australia. That’s crazy. Congrats!

Poppy on

I guess that’s one way to get the girl you really want.

lynnie on

How wonderful! Can’t wait to see her photo. Congratulations!

guest on

Well, Pam, she IS Australian.

meghan on

Poppy, what’s wrong with wanting a girl after three boys? You do realize you can’t always choose gender through adoption either, right?

arabrabbra on

Ignatius and Dashill were my #1 and #2 boy name choices. Love Nate and Dash. Congrats Cate! Such a talented, gorgeous woman. So classy. Wish your family nothing but happiness!!

SAR on

How nice! I thought she was done when she had Ignatius. Now she has a daughter to go with all the boys.

KLP on

I love her! She is one classy lady. Congrats!!

jjohnston on

Yeah! I love these stories! Adoption is the best thing ever! And she kept it quiet. Good for her! ❤

guest on

Great! Woody Allen can babysit for her!

Tina on

@Anonymous, what are you snapping at @Poppy for? She/he never said there was anything wrong with anything. Just that’s one way to insure getting a girl. Relax.

Tina on

….if you specify that you are looking for a girl. You do realize you can do that?

Turner on

Congratulations! I’ve just begun the adoption process myself, it is a beautiful, beautiful journey 🙂

Connie on

Congratulations! I’d like to point out 1 thing though. No one has any idea if it was a baby, toddler, or older child adopted via domestic or international adoption. They could have been on a list for years or a short time, either way I’m sure they did this through love and wanted to expand their family in their own way.

Catherine on

Another site has a statement she released and they specified it was a baby girl, not an older child. Congrats to them. I imagine this will be one spoiled little girl with three very protective older brothers! 🙂

glory on

I am appalled that a person with ANY education says her children were unplanned. If you have sex without contraception, you’re not “unplanning” to be pregnant, and if you see the pregnancies through (rather than aborting) yes the kids were planned. So stupid. She obviously “controlled” whether or not she had intercourse (unless she was raped, eh?). Good grief, what an embarrassing statement “They just popped out”? Excuse me? Makes me want to vomit. Let’s hope she doesn’t have an unplanned midlife pregnancy next month.

Such a talented actress but clearly she should not be allowed to speak off script

picking on

“Blanchett has spoken in the past.”

She couldn’t very well have spoken in the future, right? jeez.

Dee on

Congratulations 🙂

Maci on

Awe good for her 🙂 Very classy lady!

Jo55 on

Wonderful news! I adopted my daughter and she is not lucky. I AM.

Leah on

She is one of my favorite actresses, talented and classy! Congratulations to the whole family on their new edition

Earl on

To people who said she “chose” a girl (implying she adopted instead of having her own to make sure she gets a girl) … Her youngest biological child is 7, and she is 45. Isn’t is possible she tried to conceive naturally for several years, wasn’t able to, and then decided to opt to complete their family?

Not really any of my business – and wonderful either way to have a new baby – but it may not be that they adopted to be sure of a girl, but rather because they were having fertility issues.

J on

I just realised how pretentious each of her boys’ names is.

Yes on

She was like hey, I need a girl around here too. Congrats.

Anonymous on

so thrilled for all of them. she’s going to be one treasured little girl. congratulations.

mer on

Didn’t see this one coming. Congratulations! Three boys and now a girl. I’m sure she’ll enjoy her to the fullest. I’ve always thought she and her husband have created a great family.

SAR on

Cate is probably happy to have a girl, and so is her husband for that matter, but I’m sure they’d have been happy too if the new baby had been a boy. They certainly have a lot of experience raising boys.

We don’t know the details of the adoption — if they specified that they wanted/preferred a girl or just took whatever baby became available, regardless of gender. That’s their business, anyway, and unless they want to share it with us, we won’t know.

I’ve liked Cate a long time. She and her husband are low key people, and when Ignatius was born, she didn’t debut him on a magazine cover or anything — she simply took him with her to a press conference and said, “Here’s my new son, Iggy.”

Alexis on

It’s so refreshing when someone adopts instead of hiring a uterus.

justbecause on

@glory- You don’t know that she wasn’t using birth control and a woman can get pregnant while using birth control. My fourth child was unplanned since I was on birth control and not actively trying to get pregnant. Once I found out I was pregnant, which was a lovely surprise, I had a baby which I hadn’t planned to do. Planned means to arrange in advance. To say she obviously planned the pregnancies because she was having sex without using birth control was an assumption on your part. I had an unplanned pregnancy and an unplanned baby, it was all wonderful just the same.

myuntidydesk on

Thank you, Cate Blanchett, for adopting. While I realize some people feel the need to be pregnant or pass on their DNA, there are tons of kids already in existence, waiting for their forever families through adoption!

Edie on

Congrats to Cate and her family on her new adoptive daughter. Cate is a great actress. Yes she is Australian. But Edith….Poor kid. That is my real name and while i was named after my dead grandmother whom I never met..I never liked the Name Edith. Way to Formal . I go by Edie.. I do like the Name Vivian and Patricia so I do hope she goes by the other too names.

lovely123 on

My dad always wanted a boy, but he got eight girls. He would have done just about anything for a boy. Oh well, he has a truck load of grandsons.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Queen Cate!

Anonymous on

justbecause- Birth control definitely DOES fail, but it’s pretty unlikely that Cate had it happen three different times (she made it clear that all three boys were unplanned)! That being said, I see your point and agree with it whole-heartedly. There’s a difference between planning a pregnancy and simply not doing anything to prevent it and letting whatever happens happen…and people need to realize that (and I really need to stop using the word “and”! ;)). 🙂

Anonymous on

Well, this came out of left field! Congrats to them! I wonder if the adoption was international or domestic (I’m guessing international since domestic adoption is just about impossible in Australia. I remember Hugh Jackman talking about it once, saying that’s why he and his wife opted to adopt from the U.S.)?

Also worth noting: It sounds like Edith may be an “honor” name and they are calling her Vivian, as that is what some other news outlets have listed her name as.

Amanda on

Congrats to Kate and her family, I am sure that baby girl will be very loved!

Glory- I am a college educated woman and had TWO unplanned children, conceived on two different types of birth control. It happens, and killing my unborn children was never an option for me.

Pember on

glory, you clearly know nothing about Cate Blanchett, her education, wit or humor. She has never said they were accidents. It’s a figure of speech, hyperbole. She’d said she wanted a family of four early on, and looked forward to another child after having each boy. Get a grip. Your juvenile rant is way off base and pathetic.

JustMe on

OMW…. love the name. Edith Upton…. the name of a writer! Love it

NRZ on

Congratulation of happy family on the new addition.