Alyssa Milano Shares Sweet Breastfeeding Pic Before Appearing on The Talk

03/06/2015 at 08:50 AM ET

Alyssa Milano isn’t ashamed of breastfeeding and she doesn’t want you to be either.

The mother of two pulled a Gisele on Thursday, sharing a sweet pic of her nursing 6-month-old daughter Elizabella Dylan on Facebook just ahead of her appearance on The Talk.

“Make-up, hair in rollers, breastfeeding and being prepped by our producer for #TheTalk,” she captioned the shot.

This isn’t the first time Milano, 42, has posted a pic featuring her nursing her daughter. Last year, she responded to backlash from critics after she shared a similar shot on Twitter.

“I got really sad about it,” she said on The Talk in December. “Because … who are we, that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby? It’s crazy to me. Crazy, crazy, crazy.”

Alyssa Milano visits the ladies of The Talk
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

She added: “I just think, ‘Where are we that this has now become offensive?’ So not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a necessity. I’m feeding my kid.”

Milano has long been an advocate of nursing. Just after her her son Milo Thomas was born, she said, “I think the thing I like best about breastfeeding is the closeness I feel to Milo and knowing that he’s getting the best of me.”

— Tara Fowler

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Amaryllis on

There is no such thing as a sweet breastfeeding pic. What is wrong with people? Blech.

Hilarious on

There is such a thing as modesty….people have to use the bathroom also, as nature demands, doesn’t mean people want to watch.

Kim on

I love Alyssa but enough with these breastfeeding pics.

klutzy_girl on

I can’t wrap my head around all this “in your face” breastfeeding thing that has taken flight.

Women have supplied nutrition to their young via this method for 1000’s of years, it’s not new, you are oppressed, so just do it and stop broadcasting it. I couldn’t imagine my grandmother doing anything like this yet she did breastfeed her whole brood, 9 children.

seabot on

That’s an adorable picture. And people who compare breastfeeding to going to the bathroom are utterly ignorant.

Rebeccah on

Ugh…enough already!! Put your boobs away and quit trying to be some attention-seeking pioneer. There’s such a thing as modesty, Alyssa. I love these moms that say ‘if you don’t like it, don’t look’. Sorry, but when a woman flashes her boobs out there for all to see, people are going to look. You don’t want them looking? Then breastfeed in PRIVATE like any normal person would.

Kat on

Couldn’t agree more with Alyssa! It also makes me sad that some people are apparently offended by a baby being fed. So grateful to Alyssa for sharing such beautiful pictures. Motherhood is hard enough as it is. Let’s stop tearing each other down and start supporting each other, no matter how we feed our babies.

Mary on

Would she whip it out if there wasn’t a kid attached to it? I am all for breastfeeding, but does everyone have to see the bare boobs?

Nina on

Taking a dump is natural too but you wouldn’t do it in public.

Heather on

I have breastfed all of my children and I am not offended by I prefer to not nurse around others just out of respect for them however I find it ridiculous that people find breastfeeding immodest with all the boobs hanging out all over the place on tv, in ads, anywhere you go with women and cleavage. Crappy double standard since I bet most people who take issue with the pic above don’t take issue with passing victoria secret in the mall with all its sensual boob pics!!

Jewel on

I’m 100% for breastfeeding, but use some discretion in public. They make garments to drape over yourself (hooter hiders) so you can still nourish your baby while staying modest.

Izzie on

This is utterly ridiculous. I am not offended by breast feeding, but I see no reason why women feel the need to post pictures, thus using their child as a prop in an effort to stroke their “I’m-a-fantastic-mom” ego. Pooing is natural, but I’d rather not have people posting pics of their bowel movements.

rm on

Funny how most anti-breastfeed-posters start with I have nothing against women breastfeeding isn’t it? They just don’t want to see it. Well why not? It’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of . So I say good for you Alyssa

lane on

alyssa is such a good mom, and th baby is so cute ❤

bkable on

I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding – I Just think it’s weird to post pictures of it on Instagram. I just thinks there are a lot of things that are fine in real life but seem a little attention-seeking when you post it on social media.

Anonymous on

Are you people serious?!? Did you really compare feeding a child to deficating in public!?!? (Which infants also do in public without offending anyone…by the way) Would you be offended by someone daresay…showing their legs while walking…or having the audacity to not cover their eyes while looking!?!? Breasts are for feeding a child…it’s their sole purpose…just because you prefer they are only exposed in underwear ads doesn’t mean you are right…even in Muslim cultures where women are expected to cover their bodies on a regular basis…it is considered less offensive to breastfeed than here in a country where we thrive on forcing unnecessary nudity at people…breastfeeding isn’t unnecessary nudity…babies need to eat and their mothers should be forced to hide while do so…

Brenna on

Um, yes, breastfeeding has been done for centuries. And YES, it has been broadcasted for ages, too! Have you all not seen wonderful paintings and sculptures of breastfeeding mothers?? Breastfeeding is wonderful and classic, AND completely natural to show others. I haven’t seen many museums full of people pooping, as some are comparing it too. Take a look around the Louvre, and I’m sure you’ll avert your eyes to many pictures if breastfeeding bothers you.

Sadie on


The makeup artist shouldn’t have to see this. Put a Bebe au Lait on or a blanket on your shoulder. is that too much to ask??? Some people don’t want to see your baps in public.

Marine on

Do your thing Alyssa! Eff off haters!

Nannyto1 on

Way to go Alyssa!! If it’s OK for Kim K., Beyonce and countless others to run around practically topless for the sake of “fashion”, then I say there’s no problem with breastfeeding your baby whenever, wherever you need to.

olivia on

you go girl! don’t listen to ignorant people, breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, and there’s nothing disgusting about it (it’s funny how people compare it to pooping). only in america people have these weird reactions about a breastfeeding mom, time for this to change. you’re beautiful and so is your baby, your Picture are heartwarming. thanks for helping to #normalizebreastfeeding

Forbes Mag on

I wonder if Alyssa Milano knows she significantly part jewish. She has the “joker-like” smile that is particular to the biological jew. And Milano is an obvious jewish name, much like Romano. (Both being made up last names based on Italian cities rather than genuine family names. It would be like having the last name “Newyorker” or “Portlander”).

Kimber on

I have nothing whatsoever against breastfeeding. But I will never understand why some women are compelled to post pictures like this on the internet. For Trudy Miller, NO, women don’t have to hide in bathrooms, but a simple nursing cover gives you complete coverage without being the least bit too hot or uncomfortable for the baby. Have some damn modesty! Not EVERYBODY needs to see it.

Ann on

To Angela: Just how do you know she whipped out her breast infront of the make up artist? How about she started breast feeding her daughter first and then had the guy come in? I think it’s beautiful to see mothers breastfeeding their child openly. I wish I could have with my own children.

Cornfieldsfordayz on

When I nursed my two girls so many people looked at me in disgust in public…and I had s nursing cover on! Finding a private place in public is sometimes so difficult and uncomfortable. And I am not going a a disgusting, dirty, smelly bathroom stall to hide from people that shame breastfeeding moms in public. So I get why mothers take this stance. You see the same amount of boob when you’re at the beach, when you watch music videos, movies…yet people choose to be offended by a mother trying to feed their child. Doesn’t make any kind of sense.

Izzie on

rm, posting pictures of yourself breast feeding seems less a bonding act between mother and child and more attention-seeking on the part of the mother.

Gina on

For all of you people suggesting she should wear a nursing cover, why don’t you try eating your next meal under a blanket and see how comfortable it is. You are all saying nursing doesn’t offend you, but you want everyone to do it behind closed doors like they should be ashamed. Do you also accept gay people as long as they are private about it? I’m sure no one has an issue when celebrities post nude pictures or people wear bikini’s on the beach. Her breast is exposed less than most women on magazine covers.

Mandy on

Maybe her daughter will not tolerate a cover. My daughter could not stand to be covered up while she nursed. She wanted to be looking at me. She posts pictures to normalize breastfeeding since so many people think its wrong. Even though Pope has said let mother’s nurse!

LinaBina on

I may love be an American, but this is one area that has me completely puzzled. People get so bent out of shape when any mother decides to breastfeed her baby in public (or share a public photo). There are so many countries out there where a woman can just do what they need to in public and no one cares. The more people vilify mothers who behave like Alyssa Milano, the more people like Alyssa Milano will be in your face about it. If you don’t make a big stink about it, than other people will get off their soapboxes. It is an act of nature, so just act natural and calm down.

Pam on

I love it! I’ve never felt comfortable breastfeeding in public because people do see it as disturbing. I have to pump before I go anywhere and its a pain!

Denice on

OMG – We see way more breast from any one of the Kardashians or Jennifer Lopez on a daily basis. This photo is beautiful. It brings back so many sweet, tender memories of when I nursed my son.

Edie on

I nursed all three of my girls (way before social media) and never thought for one second to take a pic. Why is it necessary?

Really on

Anyone who is offended by seeing someone breastfeeding should take their dinner into the bathroom and eat in there. You want a baby to be nourished in a bathroom then do it yourself and see how you like it. You want a woman to cover up, you put a blanket over your head while you eat. And really? Comparing taking a dump or peeing in public to feeding a child….. #peoplearecrazy

elke on

Maybe she’ll lose some weight. Maybe she’ll realize she isn’t all that unique re: having a baby. Maybe she’ll get off PR Allstars.

Kimberly on

We get it, you breast feed. Do you really need to post pictures of it on the internet? Seems like a desperate attempt to get attention. Probably some greasy, fat old man sitting at his computer really “enjoying” this….

yahoo on

The makeup artist is gay. I doubt he cares or is even attracted to a woman’s breast, so the point that he is offended is mute!

Mary on

If she really wants to normalize breastfeeding, posting gratuitous boob pics on social media isn’t going to accomplish this. In fact, if someone thinks it’s ‘icky’ or ‘gross’, then the in-your-face pics only reinforce these beliefs. You want to normalize breastfeeding? Let people see you do it at the mall, at a restaurant, at your kids’ soccer game, etc. The more times anti-breastfeeders see it as a normal part of life, and really no big deal, the more attitudes will change. Usually, if someone is anti-breastfeeding, it’s because they don’t know anyone who did it. Besides, the ‘getting glam’ pic is contrived as all get-out.

Grace on

The breastfeeding doesn’t bother me. It’s the brush full of makeup just above her face. I’d worry about something getting in the baby’s eye. Also, some children can have allergies to makeup and having it dropped on her face could cause a skin reaction. That is why I wish she’d have a blanket over her, to protect the baby. I have a pair of breasts of my own so seeing hers is no matter to me.

MollyF on

I have no problem with Alyssa doing this. I don’t get how anyone in their right minds would feel so offended over this. As someone said, it’s a double standard out there with women showing their breasts for sexual reseasons. The US is so prudish when it comes to naked breasts. I think a breastfeeding mother is beautiful.

Lisa on

Really everyone?! Why get so worked up about this photo or any other breastfeeding pic? I’ve nursed 2 beautiful boys and have never had a rude comment made towards me in public while breastfeeding. Mostly I get smiles from fellow moms. Why should she cover up? Most babies can’t stand it once they are over 6 months old. The want to see the world around them, and have fresh air. It’s ok for magazines to post pics of Kim Kardashians greasy rear end right on the cover or for MTV to play videos of nearly naked women gyrating? What a double standard! I say BRAVO to women like Alyssa for doing their part to #normalizebreastfeeding, and to those if you comparing it to having a dump…well I challenge u to eat your next meal in a stinky, germy public bathroom, and stick a cover over yourself while you’re at it!

Sara K on

Her breastfeeding picture is so beautiful and natural to me. I breastfed two daughters (now 6 and 11) for a year each and it was a wonderful time.

It gobsmacks me that as a culture, we accept entertainers’ nearly bared breasts because “sex sells,” but a woman publicly nursing her baby is deemed inappropriate. We are such a strange, repressed nation.

S on

I choose to look away from anything ‘offensive’ that doesn’t directly affect or concern me. There are many worse things to see than a woman feeding her child, but if breasts offend you, please look away!

Anonymous on

Those of you saying why can’t she just cover up should read this.

Mary on

I don’t have an issue with her not covering up while breastfeeding, my issue is the posting pics on social media simply to show the world “hey, I’m breastfeeding!”. Again, breastfeeding is only going to be truly accepted as normal when everyone realizes that it simply isn’t that big of a deal for a woman to show part of a breast in public if she’s feeding her child. Posting these types of pics makes it a big deal and actually works against #normalizebreastfeeding because 99% of breastfeeding women just want to feed their children and NOT call attention to themselves doing it. To combat ignorance about breastfeeding, or anything, you have to understand where it’s coming from and be able to counter ignorance with thoughtful discussion, NOT sensationalism.

VR on

Glad that guy can concentrate doing make up, not looking her breast.

Marky on

I find statements assuming those who think posting full on shots of breastfeeding is less than appropriate, also think half-naked dancers gyrating on MTV is great, love Victoria’s Secret advertising, and think everyone is just fine with boobs hanging out of bikinis so skimpy you just wish they hadn’t run out of fabric when they did! Those assumptions are ridiculous!

I loved BF, it was a wonderful time and my baby never took a bottle, ever, so I was not pumping or subbing with formula. I also used a lightweight baby blanket as a cover when I nursed in public, or in front of guests in my home. I was mature enough to figure out from the get-go that using a cover up didn’t mean wrapping the baby’s head tightly in a blanket and making the baby uncomfortable. It was lunch time, not playtime, and she got down to business with a receiving blanket loosely draped from my shoulder past her shoulder. Not difficult, not miserable for the baby, and not uncomfortable for those around me. I had nothing to prove to anyone, because all I cared about was feeding my baby, so I made certain I was comfortable, baby was, and so was anyone else around….. As for feeding the baby in the bathroom, why is that necessary? You can usually sit with your back to the crowd and focus on your baby, unless, of course, your goal is to fan up some sort of “discussion” to show how much better you “get it” than any one else does.

Another point of the “let it all hang out, I’m just feeding the baby” group is that breasts have only one purpose in the world…feeding a baby. Newsflash! Everyone doesn’t have babies, they may not breastfeed, and seriously?? Breasts are definitely part of any woman’s sexual relationship and they are supposed to be! Of course they are used to feed babies, but they are an integral part of how we feel about our femininity, our appeal to our partner, and even a part of how we respond sexually

And for those who seem to think most of those saying a coverup or moving to the side of the restaurant, instead of being in the middle of the room, are spending the rest of their time looking at pornography while wearing string bikinis…not everyone is a 2-faced twit who is trying to force mothers of young babies to stay home; some of us are mothers who are BF right now, but who recognize you can lovingly BF without “lights, camera, action!” and a brass band every time you do it outside your home!!

Guest on

She looks great in the picture! Good for her.

D. on

Geeez!! Why don’t you just put your TITS in the man’s face!! No modesty!

smari on

It amazes me that people see this as offensive. We see more boob at the beach, on the street and certainly on TV. Who cares.

Gz on

Nothing wrong with breastfeeding, it’s nature thing for centuries!

Anonymous on

Nice picture of her! looks fit.