Robyn Lawley Welcomes Daughter Ripley Dorothy

03/05/2015 at 10:35 AM ET

Robyn Lawley Welcomes Daughter Ripley
James Macari/Sports Illustrated

Robyn Lawley is a model mama!

The plus-size Sports Illustrated stunner welcomed her first child with partner Everest Schmidt on Thursday, Feb. 26, her rep from Wilhelmina Models confirms to PEOPLE.

Daughter Ripley Dorothy Lawley-Schmidt — who was born in Santa Monica, California, on her maternal grandmother’s birthday — shares her name with Lawley’s grandmother, who passed away during the pregnancy.

“Everest and Robyn are incredibly in love and smitten with their little girl,” a statement reads.

Lawley, 25, shared the first snapshot of her baby girl Monday on Instagram, posting a black-and-white photo of her holding her newborn daughter’s hand.

The new mom — whose dreams came true when she graced the magazine’s pages in February — told Cosmopolitan that the pregnancy was a complete surprise.

“It was unplanned and came a little earlier than expected, but when I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited, ” she said in December.

The Sports Illustrated issue featuring Lawley is on stands now.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Sarah Michaud

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A Little Coffee on

I am so sorry but WHAT?!? She is PLUS SIZE?! What is wrong with the world. I’d kill for a body like that. Anyway! Congrats to her and what a cute name for her daughter.

Alissa on

Congrats to her! @A Little Coffe: I know right! I guess a model is plus-sized if she has boobs and hips.

Jen on

Please stop calling her plus size.

Pam on

Plus sized because she looks like a woman! Smh!

Benni on

Its unfortunate she is considered plus size, especially in this photo. And then we wonder why eating disorders are such a problem in out society…She looks great. Congrats on the little one.

Jillian Chertok on

She’s not plus-size. And we wonder why so many women have body issues. Smh . . .

Natasha Gennaro on

Why can’t you PEOPLE call her what she is. A MODEL. Honestly, all you do is contribute to the problem.

Lauren on

Sounds about right. She’s plus sized because she doesn’t look like she was just emancipated from a death camp.

FelicityJune on

A little Coffee….you take the words out of my mouth! Whaaaaat, a plus size model???? Something is really wrong here !!!

just want to point this out. on

Lawley said she considered having an @bortion when she first found out she was pregnant, because she thought her modeling career would be over because her body would be destroyed because of her pregnancy. Absolutely disgusting. However, I’m glad she had the beautiful baby and did not suffer because of her mother’s original selfish views.

Susan on

I echo everyone else. Where in the world is this woman plus-sized?

Sacré on

Congrats to Robin and Everest! And on a side note, if she’s plus size, I should just go ahead and join Shamu at Sea World.

Delancey on

we need to just get rid of that ‘description’ – congratulations Robyn

Sacré on

Hey, wait a minute… how is Robin considered plus size and Kate Upton isn’t? Both are beautiful women but Kate is on the curvier side as well.

GP on

Don’t think she is plus sized, she is more of normal size.

Catherine on

Plus-size?? Then she looks better than the “skinny” models!
I’m curious why People has to refer to her as plus-size and not just say a model. If it were Tyra, would they say “black” model? No, she’s just a model.

mer on

Yeah, I came here for the plus size comment as well. What I don’t understand, is that if we all here agree that that’s absurd, who and why still makes these ridicculous calls.

Danielle on

@just want to point this out
She also said she hopes to be a good mom, I think that’s more important than cruelly pointing out the fact that she went through the same emotions as most women who face an unplanned pregnancy. I hardly doubt Robyn Lawley’s pro-choice views have changed, which she made very clear. Who cares if she admits the fact that she was conflicted about her pregnancy? A lot of women are and like many women she made a choice that was positive for the personal life of her and her life partner. Now she can fulfill the goal she has of being a good parent.

meghan on

@justwanttopointhisout, why don’t you shut the eff up and stay out of other people’s choices. Not every woman is thrilled to learn they are pregnant.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her!

Anonymous on

BTW, PEOPLE is referring to her as a pluc-size model because that is what she is officially. It may not be right, but that’s just the way it is, unfortunately. 😦

Morley on

No way she is a plus size model. What a wrong message for all the girls out there. Anyway congratulation for the birth of her daughter!

Guest on

She is normal size, period.

Alice on

She is the boniest plus sized model I have ever seen. Look at those collar bones!

S on

Shame- when I looked like her, I thought I was slim and toned- not plus-sized! Now, I would consider my self plus sized!

.. on

She herself has also said (In australian Cosmo) that she is a plus sized model and she has no problem with that title.
She is beautiful woman inside and out. Congrats on the beautiful baby girl Robyn x

What? on

THAT’S a plus sized model? I actually teared up reading that she was considered a plus sized model. I had stopped and was in awe of how amazingly beautiful her body is, then read that and how it’s so amazing she was featured in the magazine and felt like I got punched in the gut. Add 30lbs (albeit, I’m 5’6) and that’s my body. Today was not the day for me to read this article. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

Julie on

I’m looking……still looking……looking some more. Nope, can’t find one thing ‘plus size” on that body.

Ain't plus size on

She ain’t plus-size…she probably wears between size 10-16….she’s just curvy that’s all….to be considered a plus size woman, if you wear a size 17 and above…in women’s size…

jeremy bonds on

robyn lawley I love you will you marry me this is Jeremy bonds