Ryan Reynolds: My Daughter Is ‘Allergic to Sleep’

03/03/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

Ryan Reynolds Jimmy Fallon
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

Ryan Reynolds visited The Tonight Show Monday night, and as new parents often do, talked about his newborn baby. (Of course, because it’s a conversation with Jimmy Fallon, you have to get through a few musical impressions, including Michael McDonald, first.)

Our baby, in particular, is, we think, allergic to sleep,” Reynolds said while talking about his 9-week-old daughter with wife Blake Lively.

“We think that she thinks she’s protecting us from the sleep monsters,” Reynolds continues. “Like, ‘Oh, I have to keep them up or the sleep monsters will get them.’ ”

But in between all those sleepless nights the proud parents have endured, the first-time father came up with a solution. Unfortunately, he adds, his plan has yet to work on his baby girl.

“The trick I try to use is that Baby Einstein stuff,” Reynolds, 38, explains. “But for me, that’s like horse tranquilizer — I could go down on a lit stove.”

— Alex Heigl

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Katie on

My son was an amazing newborn. Slept perfectly and had the calmest disposition then came my second. Ha. She wanted to play at 3 am and was quite stubborn. Amazing how different kids can be. I’m sure it’s harder to be calmer with a second because you are more tired since you have another to look after so I’m sure she felt my exhaustion more. Love them to pieces and I truly miss those sleepless nights ten years later.

Gigi on

Katie- I’m going through the same thing. My four week old would rather stay up and enjoy everything around him then sleep. Hopefully it is a faze.

Lisa on

Dislike his hair. Big time.

Michelle on

What did he do to his hair?!

Tracy on

@ Jan- are you freakin’ kidding me right now???????????? If you aren’t you need to relax, for crying outloud! Sensitive much? I didn’t know ‘allergic’ was another word the P.C cops could bust ya for?

Anonymous on

OMG Jill chill out….

KimberleyD on

Baby Einstein, and electronic screens are stimulating for baby….

DaisyMoon on

Still no mention of the kid’s name?

Obviously he requests (or his people *rolling my eyes*) that he not be asked her name because normally that’s the first thing a host would do, right?
I saw him on Kelly & Michael…same thing…no one asked…

Why talk about her if you don’t want anyone to know her name…St u pid!

Anonymous on

Jan. Pull it together girl. This is a celebrity joking around about his lack of sleep. It has nothing to do with him mocking the trials children with legitimate allergies go through. Breathe. If you internalize everything that everyone says you are in for a rough life. Relax. His joke, whether funny or not was just that, a joke.

Jessica on

Jan. Pull it together girl. This is a celebrity joking around about his lack of sleep. It has nothing to do with him mocking the trials children with legitimate allergies go through. Breathe. If you internalize everything that everyone says you are in for a rough life. Relax. His joke, whether funny or not, was just that, a joke.

Grammer Police on

Hey Gigi, its spelled PHASE, not faze. Pls don’t pass on your ILLITERACY to your children.

Jen on

Myself and my two children have epi-pen serious allergies and I’m not offended by what he said. Go clutch your pearls over something that actually matters. Ridiculous. And, personally, I think his haircut makes him even hotter.

Kim on

Hey Grammer Police…

If you are going to rip on people for spelling things incorrectly, you should start with yourself. It is spelled GRAMMAR. Wow.

DeeDee on

I have allergies as to where I have to carry a Epi-Pen, I was not offended by his comment, it was a joke.

Elizabeth on

jan, seriously not a need for that kind of outburst. he was discussing his child’s sleep habits. not referencing life threatening allergies. calm down.

Jo55 on

Well, while we’re on the subject, why did no one correct Gigi’s incorrect use of the word ‘then’? All or nothing folks!!

Missus is on

Luckily their Nannies are also allergic to sleep.

Anonymous on

Ryan seemed like a new dad. He had that whole sleep deprived punchy humor going on. I remember those days. I never minded when they got up at night cause I liked having the alone time snuggling with them (of course, I was a stay at home mom so it made it much easier to bear).

dysturbed on

I hope that you’re not really taking the use of the term “allergic” in this context that seriously and are just being a troll. He didn’t apply that actual allergies can’t be serious. Wow!

Michelle on

Holy sh!t Jan calm down! It’s a joke.

NP on

If it’s a allergic, so no sleep.

Vanna on

He looks really tired! He’s not use to being sleep deprived!!! Hang in there Ryan, this will pass!!! (^:

Mary on

I know what he means, my first slept great, my next 2 not so much, they wanted attention all night. They got over it in a couple of months.

Sandra on

Ryan, it will all pass soon enough. My first was a walk the floor, projectile vomiting machine until we figured out the correct formula for him, after that he slept like a log and to this day he sleeps like the dead. Now that second one was #The Bomb kid, he ate like a champ, slept through the night and giggled on command. We stopped there, because why press your luck!

bkable on

Jan, I have a life threatening allergy and even I laughed at this one…

Anonymous on

Allergy is seasonal, it depends on a lot on weather.

LuLu on

He looks too skinny

guest on

I know celebrities claim they don’t read the comments online but if they do….this is the perfect one to read cause it is hilarious…to be more specific, Jan’s comment. Hahaahah too funny girl…chill

kaye on

He is so sleep deprived he forgot to name the baby..

Guest on

Don’t like his new hair style! it looks so different.

Anonymous on

I agree with the majority. Obviously he wasn’t trying to make light of real, serious allergies! And as far as not releasing their daughter’s name goes: With the way people criticize celebs for their name choice these days (even when those choices are perfectly “normal” names!), I don’t blame them a bit! Also, it’s none of our business anyway!

kaye on

I agree he may not want to set himself up for ridicule by mentioning the name – if it’s an unusual one, but it’s going to come out anyway, so why not just say it and get it over with ffs? It’s just the name, no one’s saying he has to provide physical details or show pictures, a name is such a basic fundamental thing. SMH…….

Anonymous on

He is so sleep deprived, so he may not remember his daughter’s name.

Anonymous on

kelly c.- I think a better question to be asked is why WE feel such a need to know the name. 😉

Gvp on

Ryan could afford nanny for help!