Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Welcome Son Isaiah Michael

03/03/2015 at 11:05 AM ET

Mike Fisher Carrie Underwood Welcome Son Isaiah Michael
Jason Merritt/Getty

Carrie Underwood is blown away: She’s a mom!

The country singer welcomed her first child, a son, with husband Mike Fisher on Friday, Feb. 27, Underwood announced Tuesday on Facebook.

“Tiny hands and tiny feet … God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher — born February 27,” the first-time mom captioned a sneak peek of her newborn.

Fisher’s paternity leave was cut short as The Nashville Predators hockey player was back on the ice for a Saturday match in their hometown. But his son’s birth could be his good luck charm: The star forward scored and his team earned yet another win, a possible lock-in for the playoffs despite losing Tuesday night’s game in New Jersey.

“We were excited; there’s nothing better than being a dad. Obviously, the important thing is everyone is feeling good and mom’s feeling good,” Fisher told reporters after the loss. “We’re definitely blessed to have him join us in our lives. There’s no better feeling.”

He added, “It’s easier to put a smile on your face when you mention him after a bad game so that puts things in perspective.”

Underwood, 31, used the family’s furry members — and pink and blue T-shirts — to announce her pregnancy in September.

“In honor of ‘Labor’ Day, Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier,” the mom-to-be, who debuted her baby belly days later, captioned the photo.

But it was fellow country star Brad Paisley who spilled the beans on the sex of her baby on the way. “We could name him Garth,” he joked at the CMAs in November.

Despite Paisley’s very public announcement, Underwood and Fisher made sure to keep their own reveal more private. “[It was] just the two of us in a nicer setting, but we both knew,” she said. “So, that was just confirming our suspicions. We didn’t really speak of it before because we were both just like, ‘Whatever. It’s all good.’ But we knew it was a boy.”

With weeks to go until her first child’s arrival, Underwood — who turned to using her baby bump as a snack tray — admitted she and Fisher were still working on a baby name.

“We need to lock that down here pretty soon,” she told PEOPLE in February. “We joke a lot about funny things that go with Fisher, but there’s not some family name that I have had to be like, ‘No! That’s terrible!’ ”

As for Fisher, 34, his focus was preparing for his future as a father. “It’s something we’re really looking forward to. I’m just thinking about wanting to be the best dad I can be,” he said.

— Anya Leon

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Abbie on

So happy for them and I love the name Isaiah!!!!

pat on

so wonderful!! congratulations to the happy parents! A long, happy and healthy life for their little blue bundle of joy …

Sara on

The dress she is wearing is black and blue.

Suze on

Happy for them! And a nice name too.

Michelle on

YAY Carrie! Beautiful name, they will be great parents.

Anonymous on

Congrats to the Fishers on the new addition! I love the name.

Dawn on

Congrats, and a beautiful name!

bette on

Congratulations to them! Beautiful name!

Sal on

Well it’s a good thing you let us know that she gave birth with her husband. That totally is a sick sentence

Mary on

Awww, so happy for them, I thought she wasn’t due til April. Love the name too.

Rebeccah on

Aww..congrats!! So happy for all. God has truly blessed you 🙂

Bhavana on

Congratulations Carrie and Mike on the birth of your bouncing baby boy!

Michelle on

Blessings!! Congrats to the whole family

Amanda on

Awww, my favorite singer and I have sons who share a name 🙂 Great choice Carrie! Congrats!! He is sure to be adorable and oh so loved!

amber on

Finally an awesome name to be proud of and one your son will be proud to own. Well done and congratulations!

BeeHappy on

So very precious! Congrats! So happy for them both!

Smith on

Kayne West strikes again ,,,, Putting another child in a white woman

Cheryl on

I’m so happy for Carrie and Mike. Having a baby is a blessing and a gift from God. I love his name!

Annie on

Me too happy for them too. Carrie looks like she will be a good beautiful Mom. I can only imagine it is exciting to have your first baby.

lola on

Awwww… how sweet. Blessings to the new family. LOVE the name!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

I am just thrilled for them. What a blessing and I love the name Isaiah.
Congratulations Fisher family.

Tiffany on

Hey a normal name, that’s amazing!
Congrats to the parents.

jlo27916 on

Gorgeous. She has ALWAYS been a class act. I’m sure that baby is beautiful and he is so blessed! GREAT choice of name too!

charlotte on

Great couple, great name! Congratulations on the precious little addition to their family.

gymluv on

Ahhhh babies are such a fabulous blessing. But his initials are a bit ify 😉

Mindi on

Looks like he has his daddy’s chin. Congrats! And Sara her dress is clearly BROWN and BLUE. 😉

Renee on

Congratulations and best wishes to the new parents!! Wish them all a wonderful and blessed life!! Love his name!!

Guest on

OMG Mindy.. Really?? “Looks like he has daddy’s chin”. Why do you even have to open your mouth! A baby is a baby and all babies are sweet! Why the comparison of a facial feature ????

I think the baby will be gorgeous!

Moesha on

Am so Happy for them and Congrats☺️And I love the name Isaiah!!!

Guest on


Jay on

Beautiful name. Good luck and God bless!

Jane on

She just missed having a leap year baby. I would have been so pissed!

Janie on

Congrats Mike and Carrie on the birth of sweet Isaiah.

bb on

Wow, they are so sneaky (in a good way!) since she had the baby last Friday and we are just finding out! Plus, we hardly heard about her pregnancy! Glad they aren’t paparazzi chasers. Love the name, especially having daddy’s name as the middle name. 🙂 Congrats to the happy family!

Molly on

Awww! Congratulations! So happy for them!!!!

Guest on

Jane, The only way she missed having a leap year baby was by not having a baby Feb 29, 2014, or Feb 29, 2018…Feb 29 is Leap Day, as it only comes once every 4 years. Feb 28, which I assume you were referring to, comes every year and is therefore not associated with Leap Year more than any other day. I do not mean to offend, it never hurts to learn something new.

Jenna on

Awesome news!!!! I LOVE Carrie Underwood so much! Congratulations, so happy for them!

bkable on

Figured they’d go pretty normal on the name and love the choice!! He’ll be a heartbreaker for sure!

bkable on

Jane, she would have had to hold that baby in for a whole year before she had a chance at a Leap Year Baby…

Proud momma on

We named our first born Isaiah after the Bible. Enjoy your precious blessing from above!!!

Marky on

It’s nice everyone is posting positive things about the arrival of Carrie Underwood’s baby. Wish that could be said about ALL the celebrities giving birth without snide remarks about them or their baby. Celebrate that miracle called birth, no matter who the parents are!!

Congratulations on that miracle Carrie & Mike!!

Rosanne Catalano on

Congratulations to Carrie and Mike!!! I love the name Isaiah for a boy! Wishing all much happiness throughout the years!!

Stephanie on

Can you imagine her lullabies. OMG Lucky baby because she has a beautiful voice. Congrats to them both!

Sharon on

This couple seems to have it all! Congrats!!!

Margery on

Congratulations to Carrie and Mike on the birth of their son, Isaiah. I know you will be wonderful parents and will provide a loving and caring home for Isaiah. God bless you all.

Tracy on

I’m so happy there’s a new citizen of Smashville! Congratulations, Mike and Carrie, and LET’S GO PREDS!

jacket on

the planet just got ickier….

nickname IkeMike

it’s so stupid when people “display” a newborn by showing fingers, toes, ear, or back of head. Newborns are ugly anyway (and yes, I had one, and I loved him, but he was ugly!)

Anonymous on

Um, Jane, 2015 is not a Leap Year. They couldn’t have had a Leap Year baby.

Toni on

Awww….congratulations! Love Isaiah! So happy for them.

Kat on

Yay!!! Love them together! What a beautiful couple and now they have a beautiful baby boy. Love the name too…normal but not boring! Congratulations to the sweet family!!

emma on

Congratulations to you both

Carol on

I wish them the best! She is a wonderful singer and performer. That baby is very lucky!

Mindi on

OMG Guest!! Why did you take my comment that I think he has his daddy’s chin as an insult?! His dad has a long chin and the baby appears to have one as well, I don’t find that unattractive. My husband has a prominent chin and so does my daughter…So what!! You are the one that is being insulting, calm down!

Mindi on

Guest, my comment about the baby appearing to have his daddy’s chin was NOT an insult! My husband has a prominent chin and my daughter has his chin. I find prominent chins attractive, so you are the one that is being insulting! Calm down!

Mindi on

Wow Guest, nowhere in my comment did I say the baby was not attractive! My husband has a prominent chin and our daughter has his chin and I happen to find prominent chins attractive! Your comment is the one that is insulting because you are obviously insinuating that YOU find her husband’s chin to be unattractive, so you assumed I was thinking the same! Calm down!!

Mindi on

Fyi I posted a few times because my comment didn’t show up the first couple times.;) LOL

Stef on

First and foremost, I don’t think celebs ‘owe’ us anything when it comes to their kids. If they want to keep their kids from the paparazzi and being photographed, that is absolutely their right. If they choose to allow the paps to take pics of their kids, well, its much appreciated by those of us who want to see the pictures. That said, and I DO realize this makes me a hypocrite, I hate these pics of the baby’s foot or hand that celebs release to the public! Its such a tease. Either show us the baby or don’t show us. But dont’ tease us! (again..hypocrite…I know)


Callie on

YAY!!! I love the name too. No weird a$$ Hollywood BS name, classy as always

Anonymous on

Congrats, love all the dress comments haha

lucasmom on

I love Carrie, and her choice of name is beautiful. They seem like such a down-to-earth couple, and I’m sure they will be hands-on parents.. They’re an adorable and blessed family and must be so happy!

Just Me on

Congrats and so happy for the two of you…Isaiah is a beautiful name for a beautiful family. I hope all is doing well!

robinepowell on

Congrats to Carrie and Mike. What a nice “normal” name they picked for their son.

robinepowell on

Oh for anyone talking about Carrie’s leap year baby, that date would be February 29, 2016. She’d have to wait a year and two days. 😉

Evangeline on

Congrats to Carrie for having a baby boy.. Nice name..godbless

Juli on

GORGEOUS name! Congratulations to Carrie and Mike on the birth of baby Isaiah.

Feliciena on

Congratulations to you both. Enjoy your son as the years go by quickly.

Anna M. on

Congratulations! May God bless your family with much love, happiness and good health. Isaiah is a beautiful name!

Anonymous on

She should have NEVER won American idol !!!!!

Anonymous on

She should have NEVER won American idol !!!

stacey on

That name is god-awful hideous!

Cali lady on

Jacket- I’m sorry but you have major issues! Just because your baby was what you call “ugly”
Doesn’t make it “so” that everyone’s newborn baby is ugly.
I have seen some very beautiful newborns. I think your comment was totally unnecessary and just an attack. Keep your negative rude a$$
Comments to yourself !

Guest on

Mindi- just because you think having a long chin is a good thing, many people may find your comment an insult.
Why couldn’t you just say “aww so sweet” ? Why even throw out that comment anyway? You never said “aw that baby has a beautiful chin like the dad”
You wrote “baby has dads chin”. Anyway I’m fine I’m not even all worked up. You seem more worked up then me.
I’m just telling you that comment you wrote seemed totally insulting the way you worded it.
That’s all.
I’m done I don’t need to go back
And forth with you.

Cali lady on

Jacket- I’m sorry but you have major issues! Just because your baby was what you call “ugly”
Doesn’t make it “so” that everyone’s newborn baby is ugly.
I have seen some very beautiful newborns. I think your comment was totally unnecessary and rude.
Keep your
Comments to yourself !

Leah on


Linda on

for I know he will grow up to love the Lord as you both do.

Karen on

What a beautiful name! Best wishes to them both to their new bundle of joy!

nc on

Congratulations to Mike and Carrie. Welcome Isaiah, you have two wonderful parents who will give you so much love.

Anonymous on

Guest- Why are you attacking Mindi? Her comment was perfectly innocent. It’s no different than saying, “He’s got mom’s eyes!” or “He has grandpa’s hair!” (or even joking that, “he has grandma’s temper!”).

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

jacket- I’m sorry you don’t see the beauty in those types of pictures. And honestly? I think most people have at least one picture of their newborn’s tiny hands/feet somewhere (heck, most baby books even have special pages just for those pictures!). 🙂

Ann on


Ann on

I’m not sure at what picture a couple of you are looking at, but I see her in a dress that is white or off white with gold on one shoulder and gold on the left sleeve by her wrist. I don’t see black and blue.

jcwy on

I’ve been a fan of hers since her first album dropped! my 3rd daughter and her new bundle of joy share the same birthday! ! Woohoo

Maxine on

Love the name Isaiah. Congratulations!

SAR on

Nice name! Congratulations to Carrie and Mike.

t on

Congratulations to Mike and Carrie! I take the people words about it! I love Isaiah! What a great name?! Babies are a gift from God! Congratulations to your new bundle of Joy! Your boy! Enjoy every moment when they are growing up! Babies are definitely a blessing! 🙂

Anonymous on

i am so happy for her baby i was so shcked when i found it was on feb. 27 because it was in spring 2015 in at the end of april or in may!!!!!!!!