Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Welcome Son Rhodes Emilio

03/02/2015 at 03:00 PM ET

Sara Gilbert Linda Perry Welcome Son Rhodes Emilio
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

There’s a whole lot to talk about: Sara Gilbert‘s baby is here!

The Talk co-host welcomed a son with her wife, musician Linda Perry, on Saturday, Feb. 28, it was announced on Monday’s show.

Son Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry is the actress’s first child with Perry. Gilbert is also mom to daughter Sawyer, 7½, and son Levi, 10, from her previous relationship.

“Our very own Sara and her wife Linda are the proud parents of a new baby boy and both mother and child are doing well,” co-host Julie Chen said.

On Tuesday Perry thanked fans, Tweeting, “Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t express my emotions probably the first time I haven’t found words useful. The feelings are enormous.”

During a week that pushed the co-hosts to face their fears on the talk show in September, Gilbert, 40, was forced to back out of lying on a bed of nails.

“I actually can’t do it, because I’m pregnant,” she said before tearing up. “I feel good, I feel really good … at first I was really tired.”

— Anya Leon

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sue on

Congratulations. But gotta say Linda Perry is scary looking.

my opinion on

Linda needs a new look, she’s had the same dreadful look for 30 years….it’s gotta go. She just looks old and haggard.

Jes on

Congrats to both of these wonderful ladies! Sarah played one of my all time favorite characters ever Darlene I connected with her character a lot growing up. Linda was the founder of one of my favorite bands as a teen 4 non blondes. I think these 2 are fantastic together!

arabrabbra on

Congrats! Like the name

Alissa on

Congratulations Sara and Linda! What a beautiful baby boy – look forward to hearing all about it when Sara returns to The Talk!

Jenn on

Dear God, they are one ugly couple.

Tracey on

Looks like a job just opened up for Kelly Osbourne! Sorry just had to. 🙂 Congrats to Sara. She has one of the best personalities. Love the show!

lassite on

Pregnant people can lie on nails. Pregnant women all over the world do ridiculously strenuous things during every trimester, even during labor. No pampering.

Sara is in that gallery of worst nose jobs…

All three of her kids have great names. Do the older two see their other parent often? 50/50 custody?

canker on

I would never watch one of those odious “women sipping out of mugs and talking over the top of each other” shows, but it seems so sad that such a great actor (Gilbert) is doing that now (just look at Whoopi, with all her awards, slumming on that crapshow)….Gilbert was soooo good on BBT and on Roseanne! And now look!

Stef on

Sarah wasn’t married to the woman she has her first two kids with, People.

Congratulations, ladies!

Callie on

Linda is gross. She really needs to do something with her face. I know that sounds mean but she always looks miserable. Does the woman ever smile?

Anonymous on

Hooray – gorgeous name!

Easyup on

Congratulations to Sara and Linda on the birth of their very handsome son. He looks like he is going to be a heart breaker, you did well Sara. I very much like his name, sounds promising. Good luck for a bright and happy future.

And STEF, People stated the children were from Sara’s “previous relationship”, which does not imply marriage.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations! I like the name Rhodes.

Anonymous on

@ BEM – So people have evolved so much they are not wiser than God?

Kevin on

Congratulations to both mothers and their new bundle of joy. Gilbert is a smart, dedicated parent. I’m glad another child can live in a home of love, protection, and acceptance.

lola on

Hope it looks like the donor. : /

susan on

Why does Linda Perry have a murder tattoo on her face?

Janie on

Congrats to Sara and Linda on your new biundle of joy!! So happy for you both!

tim on

Gross… and sad.

Karen on

Congrats So happy for the whole family!

Chris on

That’s a sweet picture and a great name. Rhodes is strong, smart. I like it.

Delaina on

Does anyone know if Linda is related to Steven Tyler? I always do a double take when I see her because she favors him. Just curious.

Emmalee on

Too bad this poor boy does not have a father to live with. Yes, it is possible to grow up just fine in many different versions of a family, but there is no replacing a Mother/Father in the home scenario. Not something you should choose.

Shell on

I feel so sorry for a baby that has to wake up to those faces – especially Linda’s. That is way too scary. Poor thing.

ctiggs on

wheres the dad

Anonymous on

I am happy for them, but I had no idea that 2 women could reproduce!

criskayl on

You “religious” people make me sick! I am done with this board. Congratulations to Linda and Sara! Beautiful little bundle of joy

Nikki on

Congrats !!!..wosw starting over at this age..give her alot of credit..and yeah linda is one scary chic

Mrs. S on

Regardless of what anybody thinks about Sara and/or her wife…… ANYONE that had love in their heart is entitled to experience parenthood. This little boy is going to have so much love in his life. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Congrats to the happy couple and Rhodes’ big sister and big brother.

Julie on

Not the most flattering pic of Linda, but for those of you who claim she never smiles… spend 2 seconds on Google images and you’ll see that in the majority of her pictures she has a big smile on her face.

Congrats to the happy couple.

PitbullJ on

Right on!

Tammy on

They both look very happy. Congrats to them!

Becky on


Ann on

Congrats to both!

Krystal on


It was exciting to hear Sara announce her pregnancy on ‘The Talk’, and it was just or more exciting to hear she gave birth!

Rhodes is so cute!!

Again, congratulation!

Krystal on


It was exciting to hear Sara announce her pregnancy on ‘The Talk, and just or more exciting to hear she have birth!

Again, congratulations!!


As to the asses, stop hating! If the news would be as “gross” as you make it out to be, why take the time to bash?!

Get a life, idiots!

lynnie on

They are an ugly couple, but hopefully this marriage will last.

flasun85 on

I have an irrational fear of Linda Perry.

toriacove on

Linda Perry is one scary looking chick! And those children have awful names! Here’s hoping when they turn 18, they choose to change them. I know I would!

phil on

is linda related to kieth richards?

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Perry looks like Keith Richards.

Jo on

Happy for this couple but Linda Perry looks so much like Steven Tyler I fear I’ll have nightmares. C’mon Linda it’s 2015!

Linda Cairo on

I didn’t know anything about Linda Perry until seeing her on her recent reality show. She seems like a really, really cool person – very encouraging, funny, smart and supportive of those who aspire to a music career. I love both her and Sara and think that is one lucky little baby!

Catherine on

It’s disgusting how many WOMEN are negatively focused on the looks of these people.

Mel on

So many women are giving their child’s first name a last name, these days. It’s going to be hard to distinguish which is which some day. People don’t think about that. Rhodes is a last name, not a first name.

georgina notis on

i would to put my hair one day