Haylie Duff: I’m ‘Fighting the Good Fight’ Against Maternity Clothes

02/26/2015 at 05:00 PM ET

Haylie Duff maternity clothes
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Some moms-to-be take a timeout from exercise during their pregnancy. But not Haylie Duff — she just keeps on pedaling to the finish line.

In an interview with Miami Racked, the host of The Real Girl’s Kitchen — who will welcome a daughter this spring — admits her workout routine hasn’t changed much since she found out she was expecting her first child.

“I did SoulCycle through my whole pregnancy and I go on walks with friends,” says Duff, 30.

“I’ve worked through most of it, shooting season two of The Real Girl’s Kitchen. So I’ve been active in general.”

And although her baby girl with fiancé Matt Rosenberg will be the couple’s firstborn, the actress is still keeping in shape by running around after a toddler: 2½-year-old Luca Cruz, her sister Hilary Duff‘s son.

“Chasing my little nephew around and playing with him has been exercise enough,” she jokes. “We’ve taken him to the beach plenty of times.”

Just as her pregnancy hasn’t put a damper on her healthy habits, Duff has also been resistant to switch out her everyday wardrobe with more mom-to-be apparel.

“I was fighting the good fight on buying maternity clothes, but now I just have this massive belly and I can’t deny that I’m pregnant any longer!” she says, adding she has splurged on a few items, including maternity pants from Monroe and Alexander Wang tank tops.

“I’ve tried to not go too maternity, but at a certain point you’ve got to have room. I also love David Lerner maternity leggings. Those have probably been my favorite the whole time I’ve been pregnant. I’m sort of sad to lose them once I’m done with them!”

While her daughter has yet to make her big debut, Duff is already dreaming of her future as a mom. Although she has no immediate plans to write a baby food book, she’s happy to imagine all the possibilities.

“I probably need to get to the point where she’s eating real food, not just milk all the time, to really experiment with what she’s going to eat,” Duff explains.

“But I definitely have some little baby food makers and I’m really looking forward to that part of her growing. I think that’s going to be fun for me.”

— Anya Leon

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Sarah S. on

Well, at least she has bought some maternity clothes–unlike K-Trash who seemed to be proud of the fact she stuffed her baby-belly in non-maternity wear. Embrace the baby curves!!

Anonymous on

What is wrong with wearing maternity clothes?

Anonymous on

Maternity clothes would look better on her than what she is wearing

Jay on

I don’t understand the mindset of thinking there’s something wrong with maternity clothes while one is pregnant. You’re PREGNANT, it is a normal process to need maternity clothing because you are growing another human being inside of you. Get a grip and focus on what’s important, not trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothing!

Kim on

When I was pregnant with my two children, I refrained from buying maternity clothes for as long as possible for a number of reasons. The main one being that they were double, if not triple, the price of regular clothes and only useful for a couple of months! There was also the issue of finding ones that fit properly. Its hard enough to find regular clothes to fit each individual non-pregnant body, let alone finding ones to fit your individual pregnant body when you have about 5% of the selection most people do. It’s not always about thinking there is anything there is anything “wrong” with pregnancy clothes.

Lenora on

Embrace every moment of pregnancy. every moment. You’ll never
have any experience in life like that one. Love it, enjoy it, and you
will reap all the rewards when you hold your brand new angel in your
arms. Blessings to all new born babies! 🙂

Rebecca on

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and I love wearing maternity clothes! There are so many cute options out there! I don’t understand why she’s fighting them.

Diane on

If you don’t want to look pregnant, then don’t get pregnant. Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life and should be embraced and celebrated.

Guest on

It is important to stay healthy and exercise during pregnancy. However, they have some really cute maternity fashions these days, more so when I was pregnant several years ago. At some point, her “regular” clothes” won’t fit and she will not have a choice but to buy maternity clothes. I don’t think she wants to portray the look of wearing clothes that fit too tightly, as that will not be a good look either (like the pic for this article). Her body will go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and she should at least want to be comfortable.

Vol on

Nothing wrong about maternity clothes! It’s loose and comfortable.

Sandra on

@Sarah S. What does Kim have to do with this article?

bkable on

“I did SoulCycle through my whole pregnancy”… um that might be better left unsaid until you’ve been through an entire pregnancy lol

Amanda on

There’s nothing wrong with not liking maternity clothes. Now I can’t speak for current trends because my last pregnancy was 4 years ago but I hated maternity clothes. The pants were uncomfortable and the shirts were plain and mostly ill-fitted. I was so thankful to be due in September with my last baby because I could wear sundresses and maxi skirts most of my pregnancy! Thankfully I don’t tend to outgrow my regular clothes until 5-6 months so it was warm by then!

HRD on

It looks as though she’s either sucking in or wearing a corset of some sort under her shirt, the square like edge on the left side of her body/right picture side doesn’t look right….?

Guest on

Love Haylie! She is real, speaking out how she really feels.

Anonymous on

HRD- Having owned several shirts like that myself (not to mention seeing others in them), I’m pretty sure it’s just way the fabric is pulling and the way the light is bouncing of it. At any rate, I certainly hope she isn’t wearing a corset! I can’t imagine that would be very good for a developing baby (or fetus, if you prefer to use that term instead). 😉

Sandra- Thank you! People complain about how much the K’s are featured on PEOPLE- yet seem blind to the fact that by complaining and bringing them up constantly (including in articles, such as this one, that have absolutely nothing to do with them!), THEY are very much contributing to that!

martina on

Haylie may not like maternity clothes for a number of reasons; nothing is wrong with that. But the truth is, this is a very unflattering look – everything is too tight, bunched up, squeezed and uncomfortable looking. She’d be better off in something that fits her pregnant body better. And she IS pregnant, so clinging to the idea of maintaining she same body shape she had before while carrying a child is ludicrous.