Taye Diggs: Why ‘Let It Go’ Has Become My Mantra in Life

02/25/2015 at 03:00 PM ET

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If there were any hard feelings following their split in 2013, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel have let them go — all for the sake of their son Walker Nathaniel.

“We were friends to start out with, but especially when you have a kid in the mix, there’s no time for any negativity,” the Murder in the First actor, 44, tells PEOPLE.

“He’s our main objective, he’s what’s most important for us, so we’re still there as a family.”

Recently, being there for each other has meant that the father-son duo have supported Menzel’s incredible success with the phenomenon “Let It Go,” the hit song from Disney’s Frozen.

“Watching Walker watch her [sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl] and seeing the pride in his face is cool,” Diggs shares of the couple’s 5-year-old son. “He was at some playdate with a bunch of kids and the song came on. The kids said, ‘Oh, my mother is always singing this song,’ and he said, ‘No, my mother really sings this song!”

And although the unforgettable tune is a favorite among the kiddie crowd, Diggs — who finalized his divorce from Menzel in December — admits the track has played a big role in his life, too. “I use it more of a mantra these days,” he explains.

“Last year was a tough year for many reasons and I think all of us could use that lesson to release and keep moving on and not hold on to stuff.”

— Anya Leon

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Eli on

Easy for him to be magnanimous when he was the one who apparently cheated.

LuLu on

I kinda love the fact that after he cheated and they split up i’ts her career that has sky rocketed. He blew it!

PkD on

I like how people assume to know why a couple is divorcing! Were any of us there? no we were not so stop spreading gossip!

Marie on

Who cheats on Idina Menzel? IDIOT.

CM on

So he is actually using Idina for publicity now? HAHA, now that is funny. Keep shining girl.

seabot on

What exactly does HE have to let go? Her daring to not put up with his cheating?

Gra ce12_34 on

Wow! He cheated?!

Cat on

Met taye diggs at Ganesvort in NYC…real great guy. Not pretentious or Hollywood like…he made me melt since How Stella Got Her groove back…not a fan of black men…but this man is Nutella I would spoon all day

Sara K on

Idina’s voice on this song is powerful and gives me chills! She has a really great voice! Love the song.

Romancegirl on

He’s a cheater and he’s jealous of Idina’s success. He’s not fooling anybody. What a creep he is.

Erin on

PkD, he cheated on her way back at the beginning of their relationship (listen to Idina’s “Here” CD), so it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again.

Anonymous on

Erin- Was that ever actually confirmed, though (the cheating earlier in the relationship)?

In any case, kudos to him and Idina for actually handling their divorce and co-parenting like ADULTS!

nope on

some really idiotic comments posted below.

particularly the nutella nut!

Hea on

So how exactly do all of you know he cheated?

Isabel on

PkD, it’s ironic that you’re complaining about spreading rumors when you’re on a website that specifically reports on celebrity gossip.