Evan Ross: Ashlee Simpson’s Son and I Are ‘Like Homies’

02/19/2015 at 04:15 PM ET

When Evan Ross tied the knot with Ashlee Simpson in August, the wedding was about more than the couple’s love: They were also sharing their day with someone very special.

The singer/actor said during a Thursday appearance on The Wendy Williams Show that he was honored to have Simpson’s son Bronx Mowgli there for the celebration.

“He was so excited when we got married,” Ross, 26, tells Wendy Williams. “I was like, ‘It’s just as much your wedding as ours.’ ”

But the 6-year-old’s excitement didn’t come as a surprise. According to Ross, dating — and eventually marrying — Simpson has been a smooth transition for the blended families.

“He’s my friend, we became like homies, we’re good buddies,” he explains of Simpson’s son with ex-husband Pete Wentz.

Evan Ross The Wendy Williams Show
Courtesy The Wendy Williams Show

And the feelings are mutual. “It’s amazing. I can’t even tell you how incredible that child is — he’s unbelievable!” says Ross. “He’s been a blessing in my life and I’ve learned so much from him.”

Jokes Diana Ross‘s son, “And he loves Mama D.”

Soon there will be even more love to go around: Ross is expecting his first child — a girl! — with Simpson. Although they’re keeping their daughter’s name under wraps for now, the dad-to-be admits her moniker won’t follow any food trends.

“We’ve got a few ideas, but we’re keeping that for us,” he says. “No, it’s not going to be apple, orange, anything like that … it’s going to be different though.”

— Anya Leon

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DaisyMoon on

That hair is doing nothing to dispel the gay rumors…

AbbyDogg on

I doubt her son needs a “homie.” Probably what he does need is a mature adult male figure in his life. Obviously, that is not Evan. He sounds like a punk gang banger!

SAR on

How sweet! Diana Ross’s baby (Evan is her youngest child if I remember correctly) is having a baby of his own. I bet the Supreme Lady is thrilled. And I’m glad he’s bonded with his stepson.

Debbie on

AbbyDogg- How do you figure Bronx “needs” a father figure when he has one in his biological father who shares equal custody with his mother? I am sure Evan is there to be an adult male figure, not to try to replace his dad.

Tanya on

I think it’s sweet that he’s bonded with his step-son.

rubyovertherainbow* on

His mother has the most gorgeous hair so why would he do that to his hair.

AbbyDogg on

Debbie. I didn’t say Bronx needs a “father figure” as I’m well aware Pete Wentz is his father. What I said is Bronx doesn’t need a “homie.” Sounds like gang-banger crap to me.

Anonymous on

DaisyMoon- I wasn’t aware that head-shaving was something that only gay men did! 😉

NZ on

He looks like Diana Ross’s brother!

Liv on

I like him! He sounds like a very grounded and good nature kind of person. She’s lucky to marry him, good extended family for her son. Congrats on your new marriage, baby and career!

Nanu21 on

Yet another slow day for news……..Ashlee and new hubbie are about as exciting as watching that Kate plus eight……

Hea on

Maybe he does need a “homie”? A good adult friend whom he can trust and feel safe with. He has a mother and a father so what other role could Evan take? I think it’s sweet that they are bonding.

kathy on

Many men shave their heads and have been doing that for years. I ought to know since my son shaves his and he’s not gay. Evan lets Pete and Ashley be the parents and he’s the pal. I wish him the very best with his acting career and marriage to his beautiful wife.

Mary on

Since he’s a new stepfather, befriending Bronx is the first step in establishing a parental relationship with him. Bronx isn’t a baby, so I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate Evan assuming a full-blown father role right away solely because he’s married to Ashlee, especially since his biological father seems to be a very loving and involved dad.

Sara K on

Can’t wait to see their baby girl. She’ll be beautiful.

Marky on

I look at this young man, and what he looks like is a biracial man who likely bleaches his hair, and shaves his head. I have 2 SIL who frequently shave their heads, one similar to Evan Ross, and the other shaves his head completely bald. Neither of them are gay, and none of the gay men I know shave their heads. My very masculine son once bleached his hair because it suddenly turned dark when he was an adult, and he briefly missed his blond hair.

Some of you are so anxious to “out” someone, you call everyone gay. Can anyone just be happy for others, instead of rudely insulting them and criticizing every little thing about them? Bronx doesn’t need another father, he just needs Evan to care about him and be supportive of Bronx’s parents, of which he has 2 already!

Bec on

For those complaining, he sounds like great step-dad material. I can tell you from personal experience, there’s is no worse situation than when a step-parent comes into your life at an early age and attempts to be your parent and/or wants nothing to do with you. Bronx sounds lucky he has another great male figure in his life. A child can never have too much love!