North West Throws Another Inevitable Tantrum During Fashion Week (But It’s So Cute)

02/15/2015 at 11:45 AM ET

It was the making of a picture-perfect Saturday: one of Fashion Week’s most coveted fashion shows, prime seats, a smiling Kanye West.

But North was not interested in looking at clothes, based on the photos snapped of the teary-eyed 20-month-old while she was sitting on mom Kim Kardashian‘s lap at the Alexander Wang runway in New York City.

The ever-stylish tot has proven herself to be quite the fashion critic this week. Just Thursday, she threw a mini (and, yes, adorable) tantrum at dad West’s Adidas show while she was seated next to Beyoncé and Anna Wintour.

Fellow Wang attendee Nicki Minaj didn’t seem to mind West’s, ahem, feedback — really, who could take any issue with that face?

North West Throws Another Tantrum in Front Row of New York Fashion Week
Craig Barritt/Getty

North West Throws Tantrum at Alexander Wang Show Next to Nicki Minaj
Craig Barritt/Getty

— Alison Schwartz

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A on

Stop bringing your baby to these fashion shows, let her go play with her cousins, one day I’m sure she will be into fashion but not at 20 months.

susanta2heads on

It’s not cute – in fact its rude. These are events for adults. These two bring their child hoping she’ll pitch a fit so they can get more attention. Why are we still paying attention to them? Why are they celebrities? Sick of them and those who pander to them!

Hekintx on

That is NOT cute. The poor child is at a place no child should be expected to be. Dressed in clothes that are not appropriate for a while. Her mother obviously does not know how to handle her and only brings her out for a fashion accessory.

Leah on

North misses her nanny

amelia lemen on

well who takes a toddler to fashion show after fashion show. stupid! this is a child who should be home in bed.

Mrs_EDavis on

A fashion show is no place for a child.
Surely they can afford a sitter.
Sure she is cute, but why do that?

maryhelenc on

At least Kanye looks like he’s trying to comfort the tot. Unlike Mama Kim who is more concerned about photos.

Amaryllis on

Tantrums aren’t cute. Keep you kid at home or at a playground until she’s old enough to want to go to fashion week (which probably won’t be until her teens).

lg on

How about you don’t bring a baby to a fashion show. Just a thought.

dee on

LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go North!

sue's on

For God sakes she’s a baby, and is not expected to still good for two hours…

Guest on

I like how Jay Z and Kanye are married to media wh@ women but they prefer to look like GREAT dads by always being photographed with their adorable girls!!!!! That night she should have stayed home but I bet Kanye wanted his family present for the special moment…..

GrimmMillken on

Kim should have taken her backstage. She could have viewed it later on video. Why is Kim looking so disgusted. Go take care of your motherly duties Kim. You look like you want to have a tantrum too. North didn’t want to be there. She’s A BABY!

jjmontiel56 on

She doesnt need to be at these functions, what is wrong with them. I hope they get kicked out told not to come back. Ridiculous!!!!!!!

josie on

Dumb and Dumber drag their 20 month old to a FASHION show…so they could be seen parenting, get the old stroked, etc…..pathetic…

joanna on

I feel so bad for this poor child, honestly she has the worse parents out there, to take a child this young to something like this and not expect this to happen, both Kim and Kanye should be ashamed. This child is not even yet, let her be a child, she is not Kim’s mini me, she is a baby with energy, who wants to run and play and expecting that poor baby to sit through some fashion show is not only pathetic but sad because the only ones Mommy and Daddy are think of is themselves for not putting what is in the best interest of their child by putting her through this. They should have left their daughter with a sitter or nanny, North does not need all this exposer and you can see it is wearing on this child, she is always dressed in black, and never looks happy never, I truly feel sorry for her because she has two of the most selfish parents on the planet who are using their own child as a photo prop. Disgusting.

Commentor on

That last pic is very telling. Kanye (and I am NOT a fan of his) has his attention turned toward his child with a loving look on his face. Kim, as always, is turned toward the camera and could not look less like a mother or more like a disinterested third party in an awkward situation.

Karl on

Kim you’re such a fame whore. You fucking loser. Take care of your child first.

Rea Sheain on

Who thinks this is cute? Only idiots take children to adult events. North is obviously miserable. The adults around her are miserable. The designer is miserable. Kim and Kanye should have been asked to leave in the most embarrassing way while the show was put on hold and the audience applauded.

crazyB*tchesoutthere on

You people would find anything rude to say about this family. IF she didn’t bring her you would be saying, ” North is never with them, where is she?” SUCH idiots out there..find a life, go live it for gawd sakes. Quit worrying about how they raise their child..I could care less. I don’t watch their shows, I don’t care anything about this family. I just get very sick of morons like you who verbally attack I am giving it back to you since you feel it’s okay. YOU K family haters are freaking stalkers and twits!

Leah on

This is not an event for babies. Of course she is going to throw a tantrum – that’s what kids do. I’d say hire a sitter, but i’m sure they have 2-3 full time nannies just for Nori. May as well use them.

suedup on

I find this sad. She is not an accessory, she is a child who would be happier doing child things. I also feel sorry for the others around them having to put up with it. Also, why is she always dressed in black? Ugh!, can’t stand them…wish they would just leave already!

The Black Smurf on

That baby should be literally worshipped as a god under pain of death.

Misty on

Rude! There is no other word for people who inflict their children on others at adult functions. It is not cute. They can surely afford a babysitter.

joanna on

This is child abuse pure and simple and both these two parents should be ashamed for forcing this poor baby to sit through a fashion show, something a child this young should not be at. Honestly its as if Kim is trying to force this poor child to be her mini me, always dressing her in black, and the child NEVER smiles, you can see she is miserable. If Kim and Kanye cared and loved this child as much as they claim they would have put North’s needs above their own, left her with a sitter or a nanny so she can run and play like other kids her own age instead of taking her to an adult function like this and expecting her to sit there like an adult, she is a baby and not Kim’s mini me. Honestly these two parents should be ashamed of themselves and not so self serving its as if they are using North as nothing more than a photo prop period.

Leigh on

I am now more convinced than ever, that momma Kris owns People magazine. It is not adorable or cute for a child to be at a function like this.

Gina on

North is a child, not a doll with which these two egomaniacs can dress up and use as a fashion accessory. This is not cute or adorable; it’s heinous parenting that needs to stop being celebrated.

Tessa on

Pathetic! And that Adidas West fashion show! Never seen ‘clothes’ that manage to make even models look so bad. Is publicity the only thing the fashion world is interested in now? What happened to artistry and high standards? Shame!

SNorth on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child who wears MORE black than this baby. I feel bad that she is subject to an adult event when she should be playing, napping or spending time outside.. kids need activity, NOT fashion shows

Trey L. on

It was most certainly not cute. This is worse than when parents ignore a screaming child at dinner, while everyone around them suffers.

noneya on

I understand that these two think they have given birth to the most important individual ever produced in the history of the world, but maybe the kid isn’t interested in watching these shows if she keeps losing her s h it.
Also, these designers have busted their as ses and it is disrespectful and rude to think that this is cute. It doesn’t show that KK is just a regular mommy! It shows that just as suspected these two have NO CLASS.

sylvia on

Why is North usually dressed in black?

J on

I knew people would say don’t bring her because she’s too young … but it’s the same people who say that she’s never taking N. with her so she’s kinda damned if she does damned if she doesn’t … I agree she shouldn’t take her to these events … but I also think that most of the times that people have commented on her not bringing N. with her and criticizing her would also have been inappropriate as well.


Hey Parents of poor baby. Did you ever stop thinking about yourselves for one minute and think of the child????
1. She might be tired.
2. She might be hungry.
3. She might not like all the noise and the flashing lights and may be scared. Ever think of her??????????????????
Take her home for god sake and let her be the baby that she still is.

Barbara on

What a spoiled brat,no matter how cute she might be.
This is no place for a child,leave her home……………………..

Stephanie on

I want to go home. I want to walk around in my diaper. I want to create messes and cry and scream if I want to. I want a Mom and Dad who love me and not the accessory that I have become…just what I imagine this little girl is thinking when I see these heartbreaking pictures. She is a baby let her be one.

Guest on

I agree with everyone who says the baby does not need to be at this event. It’s probably very loud in there which probably hurts her ears…. Not to mention the fact that everyone else around her is probably annoyed that Kim isn’t bothering to move her big butt and take the baby out of the room.

Janine on

Whoop dee do. That’s what toddlers do. It’s probably overstimulating for her, she needs a snack and a nap.

karys on

Really People? You think a toddler crying at a fashion show is cute??? She shouldn’t even be there. Shouldn’t she be playing with Mason, Penelope, and Reign? I’d rather not see yet another article about how cute it is that North is throwing a tantrum at a fashion show.

Anonymous on

I wonder if it ever occured to either of those a$$hats that she is a baby and should be in an environment to support and stimulate what brain cells those two gave her?

Lindsay Garcia on

I swear this is borderline child abuse

Caroline Jenkins on

I hope they are reading all of these comments because I really feel like neither Kim or Kanye know how to parent a two year old child. In most of the pictures I’ve seen North looks unhappy and fearful. I agree with the other posters that her wardrobe is not appropriate. It’s dark and dreary looking. She should be in pastels.

francine on

Nothing cute about a tantrum. First of all she should not have been there. They should have left. And of course Kanye thinks it’s cute!

Anonymous on

She just came to the realization that “Kimye” are her parents, enough to scare any 20 month old. I totally agree with many of the other post, not a place for a toddler, completely rude and disrespetful.

Lilah on

Kim and Kanye are the worst! A fashion show is sorta equivalent to a concert with the music, extra stimulation of sights and sounds. Who in their right mind would bring a baby to such an event? Poor baby!

S Ost on

That is anything but cute!!! That poor kid has some seriously stupid parents!!!! They need to start treating her as their child, not an accessory!!!!! Why would a baby want to sit and watch a fashion show?????

AWF on

Bringing your toddler to an affair such as this is inappropriate, rude and inconsiderate. A temper tantrum is not cute. Th screaming and crying is is child’s screaming and crying is an interruption and a disturbance to those that are trying to enjoy and take the event seriously.

Kar on

Not cute it\s embarrasing, spoiled brat behavior and disruptive to the show. . Leave the kid home and stop using her as an accessory.

Suze on

Poor baby…she shouldnt be at a fashion show, she should be outside playing. These two morons have absolutely no clue and no respect for others. Pathetic.

Kimberley on

Poor kid’s not even two years old; a fashion show is the last thing she should be attending.

j on

There is nothing cute to those who spend the hundreds if not thousands to attend Fashion Week. Kanye West and his “lovely” wife are pathetic.

Christina on

Just another way to get attention…bring your kid to an adult event. Fashion week is not meant for 1-2 year olds. Kids want to play, not sit obediently and watch a fashion show.

B on

I’d agree with every comment here, and also want to point out that this poor baby is also likely jet lagged as she is in a time zone 3 hours ahead of her usual one.
So if these two morons are dragging her to a 9pm fashion show, it’s midnight for her.
I HATE these idiots.

lola on

I understand that these are the circles that North will most likely always move in, but maybe in a few years she’ll be able to handle these shows. Perhaps they should bring her in for shorter time periods. It’s really not fair to others who are trying to enjoy the show. I would in NO WAY call this child abuse! North looks so cute, love her little outfit. Who cares what color she’s in. If you want color….save it for your own kids.

antiincumbent on

Her behavior stems from her fathers shallow gene pool. Bob Marley had the right idea when he wrote, “Kill it before it grows.”

karits on

They all look like a bunch of ghouls dressed for Halloween. And, no babies don’t belong at fashion shows.

joan on

She was realizing that her parents always put her in black and she is a little baby girl! She said “I want to wear red!” LOL
seriously, though, no one takes a baby to a fashion show… unless you are a Beckham….

Anonymous on

There are quite a few negative things I could say about this but, I must say that Kanye looks like he adores his daughter.


Boy, celebrities really need parenting lessons. Children do not belong at an adult event for a good reason–they won’t have fun and they’ll have a tantrum. The child is acting age-appropriate….the parents are not. This poor kid is not a toy to be dragged everywhere. Maybe if Kim didn’t want her child home with a sitter she should have stayed home with her??

B on

This poor baby is also three hours ahead of her usual time zone.
So if they are dragging her to a 9pm show that’s midnight for her.
I HATE these idiots.

Juzlukin on

It’s no wonder the poor kid would be cranky, after a continuous bombardment of flashlights, constant buzz of voices, choking smell of overbearing perfumes/odors, temperature changes and constant primping of what clothes she’s wearing.
Like all doting parents that feel their babies are the most beautiful humans in the world, I hope they’ll learn the lesson that all babies teach such parents, that they don’t need to be dragged to every public event. If as responsible parents they refuse to take heed of such tantrums, a fever is sure to follow soon, and neither parent will be able to attend whatever event that comes their way from the worry of a sick child.

Jessie M. on

I’m really surprised they had the nerve to do that after the first ridiculous “Tantrum-Gate.” The child is too young for this. Take a clue from Beyonce and Jay Z – they are looking like seriously better parents at this point because they know better. It just shows how much Kim and Kanye are thinking of others when they do this, and placing their own arrogance above common sense and thinking of others. If this were anyone else, people would be asking them to take their kid outside or quiet them down. Inside, people are stewing about this, and they show it by pretending it’s not happening and looking away. In a normal setting, people would either say something or they would try and distract the child and help. But the fact that they turn away, says it all: they are afraid to speak up. I get that Kayne wanted his daughter at HIS event, but this is Vera Wang’s event, HER moment, HEr time — and he needs to respect that. Oh, that’s right, we’re talking about Kayne here who wants to act as king commentator and MC over award shows, despite the fact others have put countless time and effort into putting them together.

Shhhh on

It’s only cute when it’s your child….. Never ever cute when it’s someone else’s……

Valerie Brandao on

Stop treating this child like an adult! These are not places to take a one year old! What´s with the black clothes that this poor child always wears??? Never seen North with baby clothes and with another color! always black for a child!!! Weirdos!!!!

Anonymous on

Take off her jacket! Poor thing…that’s when you need to take her out. If you’re not willing to do that, then don’t bring her.

Valerie Brandao on

Stop treating this child like an adult! These are not places to take a one year old! What´s with the black clothes that this poor child always wears??? Never seen North with baby clothes and with another color! always black for a child!!!

sphillips80 on

Kim can’t win. If they were at the show withOUT North, everyone would call her a bad mom for leaving her daughter at home/with a nannie etc. I say kiddos for doing what REAL mom’s do who don’t have nannies at our fingertips.

Anne on

Get. A. Babysitter. We all know you can afford one.

Shell on

Not cute; sad actually. The one time Kim is actually with her child and she picks a fashion show? What an idiot.

Anonymous on

poor north, her mom pimps her out and leaks unflattering photos of her just to keep her own name in the news and to subtly indicate that she sat by nicki minaj.

Ohreallynow on

It’s totally disrespectful to the designer and everyone who busted their butts to have the attention of their show all about North. They are stealing others’ hard earned time in the spotlight. I would ban them from my show. Also, she can do more with her kid but age appropriate things. This is not a place for a toddler.

Andrea Blau on

Whatever happened to leaving the baby at home? This is not the place for a toddler and it seems Kim Kardashian treats her daughter as an accessory. And no Kanye, tantrums are not amusing, not even yours!

ucantfoolme on

Maybe it was a set up to get more attention. The baby is obviously not impressed. lol

Rockie W. on

When this child grows up, she is going to REBEL SO BADLY. She is going to wear GIANT polka dotted dresses in ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN and RED. She is going to be in therapy for 10 years and emerge with her own foundation dedicated to helping children SMILE in order to deal with their bottled up emotions.

Seriously? on

They bring her so she will do this and the media will eat it up. Bring the kid to a children’s museum or an aquarium. Or, this is a really crazy idea, STAY HOME! Stay home and play toys! She would love one on one attention from her parents.

casmia on

Babies don’t belong at certain functions, THIS being one of them. Funny ain’t it? How the only people who find this sort of thing acceptable/adorable is her parents? Why didn’t they learn from the last episode? Just goes to show how completely self absorbed and clueless Kim and Kanye are.

Anna accarino on

Leave the child home and let her be a kid! It’s rude to bring any babies that small to any events, movies etc! They disrupt everything and don’t belong there!! 😠

Guest on


sammy on

Worst celebrity mom, Kim K.

Linda on

There’s nothing adorable about it. She is way too young to be taken to such events. No toddler that age wants to sit still for that long. I’m sure all the other people in attendance didn’t think it was adorable either. Leave her with her Aunt Kourtney so she can play with her cousins for the afternoon.

Pam on

That’s not cute! Dress that little girl in some happy clothes.

Anonymous on

Clearly these “parents” don’t know the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting different results.

Guest on

The black clothing on the child is depressing.

AC on

How is that cute? Seriously, just because its Kim and Kaynes kid??? Who gives a crap. She should be doing toddler things, not sitting at an adult fashion show.

shaun on


MJ on

What’s sad is that North is being used as a prop for more attention. I have never seen such media whor-s in my life!

wendy on

This child has no place at these events. They are for adults. Leave her home with a family member, nanny, etc. and let her be a kid. It’s incredibly rude of her parents to be so disrespectful to others. Then again, that goes perfectly along with their type…not giving a damn about anyone but themselves.

Corgi Mom on

Children should not be at fashion shows. I didn’t see any other kids in attendance and who cares if it’s her dads show. Secondly, could they please dress that baby in something other than black. Geez.

zoedillinger on

the look on kim’s face says i want to take my baby out of here but her dad will be mad if i do…it’s hard for the mom when your child is acting up and you have the eyes of everyone on you. I think they need to rethink their fashion week plans

Holly on

I swear this is what Kim is thinking…”This purse is loud and broken.”

Pfft on

What a couple of obnoxious, entitled as Sholes. They should be thrown out.

Van on

Ugly babies always throw fits

hmmm on

Why are they taking this baby with them to fashion shows! ! It’s hard enough for an adult to sit and stayed entertained let alone a toddler. She is not a fashion accessories. They are trying show they are hands on parents we all know the truth!

Guest on

It’s so not cute! What about the other GROWN ups who are there for, oh, I don’t know to see the clothes. It is a fashion show, after all, not a “watch me try to parent for 2 hours” show! Poor little North, who only wants her own home, toys, and freedom to be an almost two-year-old!!

Amanda on

These 2 are ridiculous. I have a 21 month old and could not imagine torturing him with having him sit still for that long. Proof once again that they think of her as an accessory for more attention. Poor little baby.

Guest on

I can look at this in two ways….1. Kim is looking irritated because paparazzi have no boundaries and are enjoying taking a photo of a toddler screaming, at least they are not leaving her at home all of the time and are keeping her with them. Then again 2. Sometimes being a parent of a small child means prioritizing and skipping a few things now and again so that you can stay home with your child. Also, using a babysitter when you MUST go somewhere or for a much needed break.

Mel on

Give them a break. If you never seen the baby people would be saying how bad they are as parents. They can’t win.

Anonymous on

It’s not cute or funny to bring your child to an adult function. If you are, and the baby throws a tantrum like babies do, show some class and consideration and take them out until they calm down. Why should everyone else have to endure your baby’s crying? Just rude as hell.

lissa on

Terrible mother,why not pay a babysitter?Like a one year needs to be at a fashion show.They are disgusting.There is so many intesting people in this world report on them not this boring greedy couple.

LS0919 on

Poor thing. Obviously she doesn’t want to be there. This is getting pathetic.

Madison on

Look at Kim’s seriously annoyed face…I’m sure she just loooooves being a mommy!

Ellie on

Ridiculous. And so annoying for the rest of patrons. Take your kid to the park, not to an exclusive fashion show, idiots.

Claude on

Poor baby, wish they didn’t dress her all in black all the time, let her be a child and wear regular baby clothes, maybe black sometimes, not all the time. They should not have let them in with a baby, disrespectful to all people working that fashion show and those attending too. Kim looks like she regrets bringing the baby because she has no idea how to calm her down…. idiot!

life goes on on

Maybe for her parents its cute, but not for the people around them. If it was not KK and KW, they would have had to leave there. Why don’t the people around them say anything, they must be afraid that Kayne West will throw a tantrum, too. Shame on those two, they need to be put in their place. Its shows what trash they both are.

Jame on

Why on earth is a child in obvious distress “cute”? When a child does this and yes it is natural, the responsible parent calmly gets up and exits and comforts the child in private and not wait until there are more photographers in her face, which is probably one of the things upsetting her. These two treat this poor thing like a fashion accessory and it is so very sad, NOT CUTE. Shame AGAIN on you People Magazine.

Marky on

“Who are these people holding me!?!?”

Katie on

I”m pretty sure she just realized who her father is. That’s all that was. Poor kid.

Linda on

It’s very clear from Noth’s face that she is unhappy. Her parents are freaken clueless and so into themselves, it makes me sick. She’s 20 months, she should be playing with her cousins and being a child, happy and laughing NOT being forced to sit and look at clothes.

And they want a second child – idiots.

Mouse on

A tantrum is never cute, I don’t care who you are! These two obviously have no common sense, you can’t expect a toddler to sit through that, I’m sure the other ppl around them didn’t appreciate it either…I’m not saying to never take your toddler out, but use common sense!

Lacey on

Always in black. So awful.

Steffanie Bolle on

She is screaming because she has no idea who those 2 idiots are!! She want the Nanny that is raising her!! Love how Kim is smiling at the camera instead of calming North!! Stop dressing North in black!!

Guest1709 on

Keep it at home.

ann on

I don’t get the fact that she wants another kid. She can barely deal with this one. I bet if her Nanny would’ve been holding her she would’ve been the perfect child. She obviously spends more time with them. I read she has several nannies. Good luck

Heidi on

So stupid. It’s all about them. They don’t take her to the park, to play groups, to places she would enjoy. Its like they have a little puppy they want to carry around. I’m sure Alexander McQueen did not find it adorable for her to be tantruming loudly during the show that took the better part of a year for him to create. What selfish idiots

Julie on

Oh look, taking away from someone else’s moment again.
Stop taking a 2 year old to a fashion show. She’s not a prop.

Anonymous on

Maybe its time Child Services step in and let Kimmy K know how to be a parent. For the love of God, can she not see that her little girl is upset, and this has happened twice now. She will never put her daughter first. At least Kanye put some sort of effort into it, but that isn’t saying much.

Starla on

I feel so sorry for this baby! No one is paying attention to her needs. Her parents treat her like another fashion accessory. She is way overstimulated by the crowds, noise, lights, loud music of a fashion show. Tantrums are her only way to communicate her discomfort and unhappiness. Kim and Kanye need to put aside their egos, and consider the needs of their baby!

Sylvie on

C’mon People, it’s not cute anymore. These shows are for adults. Apparantly Kim didn’t learn from her little fashion accessory the first time…..she needs to be at home!!

Danielle on

Kim & Kanye –

If you want to exploit yourselves at every moment humanly possible, that’s one thing. Please, for the love of God, stop doing it to this poor, innocent child.

Marissa on

Enlarge the photo, Kim has a giant zit on her forehead. Love it!

Mary on

First not the place for a toddler. Second, she was probably throwing a tantrum because she wanted to wear color!

JoJosMomma25 on

Such stupid people…. Leave your children at home when you attend a fashion show. You ruin it for everyone else when your child causes a scene like that. I am also a mother but I’d never haul my child to one of these to torture him..

Guest on

A 2-year old child at a fashion show? Really? Who does that? Oh yeah, no one-other than “Kimye” . More importantly WHY do they bring her? Seriously. WHY. As with any other crowded venue where quiet is expected, when a toddler begins a temper tantrum (whether it be in church, a synagogue, a mosque, insert your location here), the proper etiquette for one (or both) of the parents is to remove the tantrum-screaming toddler from the FRONT ROW of the venue. Seriously. Why do they get to abide by different standards from the rest of us? Sad.

Who cares on

It’s not cute for the people who worked their butts off to make that fashion show happen without a flaw. It’s not cute that she’s wearing shoes totally inappropriate for a child of her age. And it’s not cute that this child gets dragged all over the world instead of having a normal schedule that children need to thrive.

ser0630 on

There is NOTHING cute about a toddler throwing a tantrum at a fashion show.

Kimmylouwho on

Stop using your baby as a prop! She needs to be outside playing & doing normal kid activities!

Tracy on

Kim and Kanya only have themselves to blame. A fashion show is not a place to bring a 20-month-old.

F.Y.I. It’s not cute.

skigirl25 on

it appears that Kim and Kayne think that it’s cute for North to be at fashion shows at such a young age. North is just like every ordinary child. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE THERE!!! She looks layered up, also. She’s probably very warm and uncomfortable.

Anne on

To the person who said kim was doing what a real mom did who couldn’t afford a nanny: being a real mom would mean spending the evening at home with your family & having a baby asleep at a normal time and not dragging her to a boring fashion show, letting the world see her throw a tantrum, and making her feel uncomfortable with the people & cameras in her face. Being a real mom is not using your child as an accessory & not making her feel so uncomfortable at an event that was definitely past her bed time. Being a real mom is keeping your child safe and happy, which kimye hasn’t done by bringing a toddler to these stupid fashion shows. Is a fashion show really more important that your child’s well-being?

hmph on

Enough already with these idiots! Of course no toddler likes to be restrained & quite! It’s a shame for that baby & extremely rude to Mr.Wang & everyone else there to view his show. Please that one of these celebrities should call them out on this…

sara on

I’m sorry it isn’t cute or appropriate to bring a toddler to adult events. She is a child with a short attention span not a fashion accessory.

Anonymous on

They are just bringing the baby because they want to be in the news more and more. Really what kind of person would bring their child to a fashion show. Come on people lets get real.

Lizeth22 on

Definatley nothing like Harper Beckham…… Besides that Nori is just acting like any child her age does, what 19month child can be still for more than a couple of minutes….

pam on

Try taking her to the park!

Joy on

She’s a baby. She’s way to young to go to things like that. What’s wrong with Kim and Kanye. Wake up people. Unbelievable.

Debbe on

When a child has a tantum, it means they were not properly taught how to handle themselves. It means the parents have no control over their child. My son never had a tantrum even once. When he was under one, a time when most people don’t take the time with their kids and just treat them like babies (which they are) but I treated my son like he was somebody from the start. I let him know when we were gonna change his diaper, I included him in what was happening around him. He never did this. People can say tantrums are a kid thing but actually it is a poor parenting thing. YOU have control or you don’t. I could reason with my child, so there is no excuse.

Guess on

I don’t know whose kid/kids I feel most sorry for. These two idiots or Brangelina’s. They all have horrible parents who use them as accessories.

Mag on

A fashion show is NO PLACE for a baby, toddler, or child. Her parents should stop trying to make her into the next “big thing.” …AND it’s not cute. For whatever reason they may be there, those people attending for the actual fashion show around them ARE NOT thinking it’s cute.

Debbe on

Way to get a child to be quiet, just ignore it. EVEN WORSE.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Not cute at all. They should stop laughing at her.

Chelsea on

I would hate for the headlines to be about my child…stop bringing her to the shows. We know you have a nanny to take care of her and there’s no shame in that!

Paige G on

maybe cause the only colour she ever wears is black.
Poor kid

Sarah S. on

Poor kid might be teething–or just wants to play or take a nap. So stupid to take her to this…it’s not for kids!! Hate the black clothes on her too.


Who brings a baby to a fashion show? I get it if your dad is the designer but to Alexander Wang? No. Tired of moms feeling like they can do whatever they want just because they had a baby. Sorry, you don’t get to do everything you used to do anymore. Comes with the territory. Don’t procreate if you can’t handle the change and don’t make life miserable for this around you at ADULT events!

paisley on

The voices in her had told her to have a tantrum!

kathleen47 on

Something is seriously wrong with Kim and Kanye! They say we are attracted to others who are similar as we are, in our behavior, etc.Well, we all know Kanye is nuts and I am not going to say anything more about Kim K. However, as parents they are horrible, as they treat their daughter as if she is a new purse to be carry around with them, everywhere they go. “Let the child be a child”

Guest on

It’s not cute and if I had acted like that I would have been rushed home by my parents at that age. But I love the look on Kanye’s face. He looks totally smitten by his baby.

moi on

Whats so cute about that?? Shes disturbing all the ADULTS that are there to see the show…stop carrying like child around like a new handbag..

Jen on

Haha poor North. She is just mad cause her idiot parents won’t put her in color. What’s up with her always being in black? ??

Kathy on

Rude a-holes. Think only of themselves. Not the people who have looked forward to attending – and enjoying – the show. And certainly not fun for their “goth” child. Do they have a problem with colors other than black??

Eissak on

Is this the equivalent of bringing your baby to the movie theater?

RazzleDazzle on

This is not cute, this is disturbing. I see what they’re trying to do, bringing her to fashion shows and all. It’s not a place for children. It’s disturbing and distracting. There’s a time and place to bring your kids and fashion shows during fashion week are not one of them. How full of yourselves can you be? No, kimye. You can’t do whatever you want.

Taylor on

Guess the thought of getting up and taking her out totally escapes them. It would remove a miserable child and relieve the other attendees from the miserable situation.

rose on

Fashion shows are loud. When designers bring their kids they usually have headphones for them. Also, I am willing to bet that Kim doesn’t have anything soothing or playful in that designer bag for the baby. Her clothes look uncomfortable and I bet had her nanny been the one holding her, North would have been less agitated. Motherhood is not something that you can fake.

Melissa on

Maybe fashion week isn’t the place for a toddler? Just saying. Good mommies don’t need to he photographed with their child in their lap. They actually just take care of them.

Poppy on

OMG. That poor child, being “raised” by parents who are total morons.

guest2 on

I’d cry too if I had to sit thru that. She’s still a baby. She just wants to run and play with her toys. Not sit thru fashion shows.

Pao on

I don’t know what the heck the writer means with tantrums are adorable!? only if she wants to kiss ass to some people. The fact is that tantrums are not adorable at all. And I don’t know why a kid have to be in a fashion week! This type of events are for adults! That is not good parenting! Poor kid! And hope people send complains to the organizers so this won’t happen again.

Moe on

This is not cute. This is sad. Poor kid. I feel for her for so many reasons. But being put on display as if she’s an accessory is disgusting.

Curlyemma on

pcomfort their baby why dont you
bad parents

Rosemary on

Leave the child with a sitter how annoying! #!##


How is bringing a baby who can’t sit still to a fashion show at all cute? It’s totally rude and tacky to dress her up in that all-black getup and then annoy the audience with her presence. It’s like bringing a baby to an R rated movie. Totally unacceptable parenting.

menotyou on

That’s just todder-speak for “What? THESE two are my PARENTS? Get me outta heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!”

Shant'a on

Some of these comments are not very nice. If they would have left North at home people would have said something about that also. My gosh!!

Kay on

Good God…why do they traipse this little girl around at such a grown-up occasion??? Seems so silly and makes them look the same.

stefani on

she’s pist because she can’t see colors….only black and gray. she’s furious that all the other fashion icons get to wear pretty frill girly things and she’s stuck in 1960’s black and gray. we ALL know she is a mixed baby, but for the love of Gawd, put some freaking colors on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aza on

Klueless Idiots. She’d rather be running around in the yard than doing this crap. Poor baby is a prop.

nora on

childabuse.. i don’t even go to clothingstores with my baby

ann on

Do they really have to attend this many Fashion shows? Couldn’t they just stay home on occasion and play with North somewhere she doesn’t have to act well beyond her age? And why drag her to stuff well beyond her California bedtime? What is their deal? I would never drag my child who is the same age to something where adults are wanting to enjoy adult things! Not to mention that they didn’t take her out immediately or dress her comfortably or bring her any toys or snacks to make it more bearable.

Sandy on

I would like to know how many bring kids to that event? I think this child is trying to tell you something. She is too small for designer clothes and traveling all over the world. She needs a steady home to grow. I sure hope this little girl grows up in a good non-spoiled way. They are all a bit spoiled but when you have parents who are more use to being on display then being parents then all bets are off. I don’t doubt they love her, but I doubt it comes before their being on display some times.

meghan on

Yeah, child abuse is totes adorbs! Ugh, stop licking Kim’s surgically distended butt crack already.

Sandy on

She doesn’t belong there. I think Kim needs to stop bring her and dressing her up like a model and displaying her in the front row. I don’t think it is cute at all, I think that kid needs a normal upbringing.

robbluebird on

I don’t even think it’s right that even posted this photo. North didn’t chose to live this kind of life. A picture of a child distressed is not cute. I feel bad for the poor baby who should be home napping, playing and snacking you know normal things that toddlers should be doing.

Queens on

Has anyone ever seen this child holding a toy I know I haven’t. I hate her parents they are abusive. I also blame the designers for letting them bring a baby to their shows.

Joy on

Who caress why can’t you report on real people that give back? There are celebrities that do good things.

carl e. cook on

a baby cries in the most inappropriate of all places to take it……a fashin show? why? can’t afford a baby sitter?
even worse–she gets PUBLICITY FOR IT?

Sandy on


I can look at this in two ways….1. Kim is looking irritated because paparazzi have no boundaries and are enjoying taking a photo of a toddler screaming, at least they are not leaving her at home all of the time and are keeping her with them. Then again 2. Sometimes being a parent of a small child means prioritizing and skipping a few things now and again so that you can stay home with your child. Also, using a babysitter when you MUST go somewhere or for a much needed break.

1st. She of all people should never ever complain about having her picture taking. She of all people have no right in that not when she makes that her business.

2. That child is still too small to be air hopping all over the country to be shown off like a designer doll. No she should be home and enjoy it, and wearing a pink fluffy dress and not designer yet. No this is wrong on so many levels.

Gina on

oh Kimmy, will you take a hint already? Your fashion accessory wants out of the job….

ELC on

Its not cute….its annoying to others watching fashion week. Kim and Kanye are the most selfish people on the planet. These two are too full of themselves….its sickening. North is going to grow up to be a very spoiled and annoying child.


She’s tired of being dressed up in black all the time

Sara on

It was one thing when it was Kanye’s own show. But this is EXTREMELY disrespectful to Alexander Wang. If they continue to bring a toddler to events during Fashion Week, they should be banned from entering.

em on

Poor child. She’s not an accessory.

dede on

Its sad…they’re trying to look like the Beckham’s with their children..poor baby…

Buckeyemom on

Body language says so much. Kim is always facing the camera and smiling – you never see wrap her arms around her baby, whisper in her ear, hold her chest to chest, and comfort her. Bring the baby a book or a toy to play with. Better yet, leave her at home with a nanny and let her be a baby. A baby is not a fashion accessory.

im just saying on

Keep taking your child to places she doesn’t belong and keep dressing her in ugly uncomfortable clothes. Here’s hoping to north throwing many more tantrums giving her “mom” the wrinkles she fears and making her dad smile more.

Ale on

Why is that chid always dressed in black?

lynnie on

So stupid! A child that age needs to play and run around. She does not want to sit still like that.

faye on

I don’t know why you have a problem with north having a tantrum…I have 2 sons and they had tantrums all the time at that age.
Some people have kids and think they need to change their entire life for the kid….no,,, the kid needs to be integrated into your life. You can still be a good parent and not lose your own identity at the same what she had a melt down…my parents called it needing a nap… And we fell asleep and woke up ten minutes later and we were good..stop making a mountain out of a molehill!

LaVonda on

Why can’t she go to a fashion show? She’s OK every child has there moment. Its OK for her to let it go once in awhile. Now if they did not bring her, you guys would say. Why is Kim always out without her baby. She always leaves her with a nanny. Kim is trying to show everyone that she raises her kid and not a nanny. She attends a lot of fashion shows, so therefore that’s where she takes her kid. I guess whatever she does, someone has something negative to say. You don’t have to read the article and comment on it if your not happy. Some of you guys are cyber-bullies. That’s not cool at all. Let that girl raise her child.

Anonymous on

That is the opposite of cute…poor kid has no business being at a fashion show! Kim looks SO disengaged, at least Kanye is trying to distract her (I can’t believe I just complimented him).

Hailey on

She’s a baby, not an accessory or a purse. She is not a toy dog that you can carry in your purse. Keep the child at home or the hotel. Let her be a child and read books, play with dolls, color and just run around. She will grow up soon enough.

Carli on

Where’s her toy? Where’s her bottle or sippy cup? Where are her snacks? Where’s her diaper bag? With the nanny? She’s just on display for her selfish parents. Nap time is not fashion show time.

CJ on

No PEOPLE this is not cute! A toddler should not be at an event like this and it is above RUDE! She is a beautiful little girl but please dress her like the toddler she is and not a fashion plate. Comfortable and colorful clothing, or better yet clothing she picks out herself because she wants to express herself would be appropriate. This proves that Kim and Kanye are horrible parents. Yes horrible parents. Parenting takes more than bringing your child to public places dressed up like a doll. It means missing these events to give your child a great childhood that isn’t about being freaked out!

Nycgirl on

How is this adorable? This poor kid is obviously miserable. Her mother won’t even look at her. This is the second time this has happened, I’m really not seeing how this is cute in any way. If anyone else was doing something to their kid that was making them completely freaked out, simply for their own enjoyment, we would be using words other than adorable.

Little T on

Not cute.

Nicki on

This is ABSOLUTELY not cute People Magazine…What is wrong with you?! Children should not be at these types of events. I would be pissed if I had to listen to a baby crying at a Fashion Show.


Ms Amber on

She’s probably uncomfortable in that hideous jacket. Put some color on that child! Does not have to be pink or purple. Where’s her sippy cup and Cheerios? I never left home without snacks and toys when my kids were that little.

casmia on

Cute? Hell to the NO. This kid’s antics aren’t cute simply because of who her parents are.. and never will be.

I can’t imagine what all those people were thinking sitting around that disaster area, but “WTF” certainly comes to mind.

Emily on

Say what you want about Kanye West….at least he actually seems to be in tune with his child and trying to comfort her. Maybe he actually realizes that fashion shows are not the best places to take a toddler.

tk on

Don’t you just hate it when your accessory’s won’t stop crying.

Anonymous on

Poor thing. She looks like she’s very unhappy. And I can see why. I mean, arn’t these events kind of loud and boring? At least from a child’s point of view? She’s still a baby, really. She would probably rather be outside playing in the grass, getting dirty and having fun. Clothes don’t matter to a kid. I can’t judge these two as parents just based on this one situation, but I can’t fathom a situation where I’d bring my kid to an adult fashion show. I’m sure the people next to them weren’t very happy either. These events have to be $$$

Linz on

Nicki Minaj looks pissed. In fact the only person that doesn’t have a pissed look on their face, is North’s sleaze ball dad who is smiling for the camera. This child is just that, a CHILD! She is not your accessory. I feel so bad for the her, and the people around her who were forced into an uncomfortable and annoying situation.

lisa on

Stay at home. Take care of that baby. Put her in light colored clothes. She is only 20 months old. Give her some stability. Get that damn ring away from her, she will poke her eye out.

Kristy on

This annoys me as a parent of 4. I see this in real life, when my hubby and I get a sitter to attend an adult dinner at an expensive restaurant. There is always that one couple that brings their toddler along, because maybe they couldn’t find a sitter or chose not to get one. So while we are trying to enjoy our kid free night we have to listen to the next tables kid having a meltdown. Leave your kid at home or stay home yourself. Becoming a parent means you might have to sacrifice some time out of the spotlight and not everyone wants to hear your kid scream. Especially the parents who are getting away from their kids for a night.

Guest on

Poor thing. She’s still so little, and aren’t these events pretty loud and boring? At least, from a kids perspective? I can’t really judge these two as parents based off this, but I don’t understand their thinking here. Most kids don’t care about clothes. They’d rather being messing them up, playing in the dirt & having a good time. She doesn’t seem happy, and I’m sure the people next to them were unhappy too. These fashion events must be expensive.

Tracey on

Who are these strangers??? Give me back to my nannnnnyyyyy

CC on

why would you bring a small child to a fashion show? especially when she acted badly before? I’m starting to think that they like negative attention!

Kitty on

This article is a shining example of of why I consider People the “Kanye” of celebrity magazines, a joke. The lack of journalistic integrity is transparent, but the editors seem to be oblivious to this. People magazine is merely a celebrity press release publishing house.

Mackenzie on

This is not cute. It is rude and unprofessional. Your child is not an accessory. You are disrupting the people who actually need to be there. Smh.

CC on

who is the people writer who keeps calling a screaming unhappy child cute?

Susan on

I’d throw a tantrum too if I had these 2 self absorbed idiots for parents.

Hea on

Poor child. Why can’t they just let her play and be a child.

It’s not cute, leave the girl alone, PEOPLE. You publish pictures of a child in distress and call it cute? I seem to remember the good old days when this was a “blog” and it was decided that no pictures of crying children who obviously did no want their picture taken would be published.

Anonymous on

Why do they insist on ruining the experience for other people? Get a babysitter or stay at home!

Quay on

Why do they keep bringing their ugly baby to all of these fashion shows?!?! Keep her at home with a blanket over that mug!

S Wilson on

Not cute, annoying, not new worthy, rude to others, stupid of her parents to think others want to hear an unhappy child.

Haha on

Kim doesn’t even know how to handle it, she’s so used to nannies doing it all. She just sits there with that same vapid, phony look she always has. Stop dragging your kid around to every event like a fashion accessory, you moron.

Dee on

Stop dressing her up like she’s a fashion accessory and let her be a baby!! It’s just mean!!!!

Gametime on

These people and their “designer children” are obnoxious. They should just sew a handle on their backs and carry them with their new coats and stilettos.

Julie on

No place for a 19 month old baby. She needs to be going to the park, playing with other children her age. Does she ever wear anything besides black? And when she isn’t having a tantrum she seldom smiles. Poor kid not being allowed to be a kid

Please on

They call People “Kneepads” for a reason. They’re basically on the Skankdashian payroll.

Maezeppa on

Everybody relax. First, it wasn’t a tantrum. Second, none of this reflects badly on anybody. This is completely normal child behavior and apparently lasted only a moment or two. I believe children should be included in ‘grown-up’ events from time to time. It’s great exposure for everyone on many levels.

Sasha on

Those two treat their child like Paris Hilton treats her Chihuahuas — like accessories. Taking a baby to a fassion show makes even less sense than taking one to a movie theater.

Jane on

It is not cute at all, people magazine! These two people need to stop using their baby to het attention for themselves! Bad parenting this is!

Anonymous on


Disgusted on

If North’s parents had the brains God gave a sheep, they’d know to leave their child at home when they’re parading and posing for the cameras! But their combined brain power is obviously that of an amoeba.

And by the way…what happened to People’s pledge to not show photos of children of celebrities? Way to get sucked into the KimKanye publicity machine, People! 😛

Anonymous on

Like father like daughter. Learning from the hissy-fit master.

Kimnotcool on

Look at the mommy ‘s face. Not impressed at all. She sees her child crying and all she does is look for a
Camera so she can pose. Atleast the daddy is trying to console or distract the child. Not cool and
Cute at all. Poor baby deserves more than that. Its a barney concert show, of course she will throw a tantrum!

awodowswalk on

OMG! Take the kid to a damn park! A fashion show is no place for a toddler, OBVIOUSLY! These two don’t have the sense god gave a piece of wood.

Brooke on

Tantrums are NOT CUTE! Every time I witness one, I am reminded of one of the many reasons why I chose not to have kids. I’m so sick of People mag kissing up to Kartrashian and her spawn. The last person on earth who should have bred, and People can’t stop sucking up. Ew.

lola on

Well, it looks like Kim & Kanye are not the only people who bring their kids to fashion week. Sitting to the right of Kim is a young boy sitting on a woman’s lap and North seems to be interacting with. There are 2 young children sitting directly behind them and when you see a photo of the audience there are several kids there all different ages. Maybe we think it’s wrong because we have no idea about this lifestyle. Looks like it’s common place if this is where your parent works.

Suedup on

How is this a Top Story??? Ugh!!! Make them go away already!!! This is not cute! It is child abuse how they continue to expose their child like this. Let the child play and do what children are meant to do!

gatonegro on

Not a Kim fan, but she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Who cares if the kid is crying. Kim took her out the other day when she had a fit, just like other normal mothers would. If she didn’t have North with her, people would be complaining that she left the kid home again.

Observer on

I feel so sorry for the baby. The fashion show is not the place for her to be. She needs to go to places that encourage her to be active and stimulate her senses. She probably would have been better off crawling in the lobby than sitting there.

Debbie on

The poor child is probably upset because she wants her nanny.

Sarah on

Top Story: North West farts
This is NOT news worthy – stop with the Kim, Kanye and now North bulletins. No wonder they feel so important!

susan on

I feel sorry for the little baby. She doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks around her. Kinda funny, but sad too. I am thinking this was his show. She should have been in a quiet room with a nanny or family member, mom and dad do their work, then come out for a quick walk out and then out of sight. Her schedule is off for bedtime. She is not a little baby and needs to be on a routine to be healthy. Has anyone seen her smile?…….. She has to be the most unhappy child I have ever seen of publicity seeking people in the news. Don’t get me started on her clothes…… Her mother has the choice of any designer in the world and she dresses her like goth strippers. SO, the next Bobbie Kristina, please stand up…..

Ana on

I bring my kids everywhere with me, but not quite sure an event like this would be on my list. Having said that, it is nice to see them spending time with North (aren’t these things happening past bedtime?), but their lack of experience spending time with her shows. Most parents would have packed some snacks or toys. But again, it is nice to see them together

ciparliamo on

pathetic…these two shouldn’t even be allowed to own a dog….

Wellllll on

Kids don’t belong there. Why? She’s a CHILD. Not an accessory.

lakeshore1 on

Enough with the “exploiting your child for guaranteed photo ops”. stories, People. This ain’t cute. It’s hideous.

alice coleman on

There is nothing cute about an out of control child having a tantrum.
I’m trying to figure out if Kardashian bought People Magazine or simply pays to have her photos published
And what’s with People pandering to this white trash, Honey Boo Boo has more class
Kardashian is a mother like Joan Crawford, the kid is only brought out (usually at inappropriate times) for photo ops
When these two get the inevitable divorce I hope the child goes with her father, at least he seem to care about who she is

Foxglove666 on

This is not funny. A kid is not a fashion accessory nor is a fashion show anyplace for a howling child to be. But then Kim and kanye have never been known to have any notion of what is common sense or appropriate.

susuki on

BABIES should NOT be allowed. Plain and simple.

Lexie on

I don’t many people think her tantrums were adorable, People, by the number of mad votes. Why do you persist on putting stupid comments on things instead of just saying it like it is? It is not adorable when parents are stupid enough to bring their toddler to a fashion show, and that toddler has a tantrum!

JG on

This damn child has no business at a fashion show. STOP USING YOUR KID AS SOME WEIRD MASCOT. Quit dressing her in black and take her to a friggin’ park already!

ann on

Whoever wrote this must not have children. Tantrums are not cute or fun. Bringing a toddler to a fashion show is rude, very disrespectful to the designer and everybody who works hard to put one together. Keep your kid at home she’s no more special then any other kid.

Lana on

Of course she’s throwing a fit. She has no idea who the strange woman is that’s holding her.

AnitaC24 on

No, it’s not cute at all! It’s rude and disruptive to the designer, the staff, the audience, and editors/writers who actually are working at these shows! They both knew this could happen, but they don’t give a fig about no one but themselves!

gardenboy on

Remind me which designers invited this trash to their show,so I’ll know never to buy their clothes!

freya on

This toddler’s parents are idiots they will never stop bringing her to any fashion events that they are invited and they want the attention to focus on them so they make her cry. The only way this is going to stop is if the designers of this runaway shows will stop inviting this two to their events
because if they don’t nobody will attend their show anymore.

Lindsay on

There is nothing cute about it. A fashion show is no place to bring a child.

Sad Little Girl on

These people clearly don’t care about their child. She is just an accessory to them. Wonder how old she will be before Kim has her posing in provocative clothing or doing porns like Kim did?

rose on

How can anyone say that is cute. She is still TRAUMATIZED from how horrible he father the thugs fashion show was.

Lenny Le Clerc on

Leave the kid at home, she is not happy at these shows, and what about the other people , who would really like to concentrate on the fashions. You are using her for your own purpose,,let her stay home with her cousins who have normal lives…

Karolyn Lapka on

RIDICULOUS! what are these people trying to prove? She hated the first fashion show and disrupted it so they bring her to another. This is NOT the environment for a toddler who doesn’t know the people with her. REAL parents would at least bring a toy, book or snack for the poor child. She is dressed like a tiny morticia. Where are the sweet pink clothes?

veronica on

Tantrums are never cute. If they last more than 30 seconds the child should be taken outside to be calmed. That’s a sign the parents care about not disturbing the people around you.

mommytoane on

Not cute at all. They are doing things sooo very wrong. #1 don’t bring a baby to a fashion show. She’s too little. Leave her at home with the nanny she adores to color, eat pasta and hit the hay early. #2 don’t pay attention to the fit throwing. Instead pick her up. Bring her to a quiet place and let her thrash it out. Giving her attention will only lead to her throwing more fits to get what she wants and that’s just not cool. Those behaviours will follow through her whole life.

Pnut on

Ummmm, NO ONE brings children to a fashion show. I understand taking her to Kanye’s show, but to another designer’s show? No no no. Have you ever seen Rachel Zoe or Gwen Stefani bring their kids? KK is an idiot, and a horrible mother. Horrible.

Coby on

Kims face though! 😁

sandee on

You think a suffering youngster is cute? Why not flip a tortoise on its back and laugh as it tries to right itself?

Very cruel to laugh or smile about North’s discomfort. Seriously.

sandee on

those shoes she’s wearing look really uncomfortable (if also, yes, cute)

Kristin on

A fashion show is not a place for a toddler. Poor north. Also, Kim needs to stop shoving food in her face.

Me on

Nikki is NOT impressed.

slawson on

Poor thing. She is bored to tears. A 2-year old last thing in the world would be to sit and watch a fashion show. Take her to the part, the circus, eat ice cream, gymnastics, but DO NOT continue to torture this poor child with your foolishness.

DKK on

There is absolutely nothing adorable about a raging child at what should be an adult venue. If you people at People magazine had any common sense, you’d quit trying to butter up this idiotic family and state the obvious. Yup, she’s a cute kid but leave her at home you bunch of morons.

Mandy on

North should not have been there, she is too young. Its just sad that Kim does not look the least bit interested in her daughter crying, she couldn’t be bothered. At least in one picture it looks like Kanye is trying but Kim looks like she could care less. I feel sorry for North.

Kimhater on

These fashion shows are highlights of years and years of hard work for the designer and they totally disrespected the designer, the models and the attendees with their self-centered attitudes. They need to be removed from our lives.

Ala Lemon on

Tantrums are not cute or adorable in any way. As entertaining as fashions shows may be for some adults, it is not a place for a child, let alone a 20-month-old. North’s reaction was to be expected and given that she’d done it before, it should have been a lesson to Kim and Kanye to either leave their daughter at home or backstage with the nanny.

Jessica on

Look I have kids, kids can have a tantrum.
But come on People, they’re never cute.
Regardless if some people don’t mind, if your
Kid is having a fit take them outside and handle it!
“kimye” may be human and their kid will have a tantrum
But that doesn’t exclude them from having manners
Like everyone else.

Kali on

As parents we don’t put our children in environments not fit for them. Nice that they’re spending time, but a fashion show? They’re expecting her to sit quietly through that? It’s ridiculous. First they were always without her now they take her to every meeting…where’s the balance. Where’s the best interest of the child, where are her cousins that’d could be spending time with while her parents do wha adults do? I wish they’d allow her a normal childhood and not this fashion week nonsense

tamm on

Why does that child always wear black?

Bette Tetreault on

A baby is not a fashion accessory. She should be home playing with age appropriate toys, taking naps, sleeping in her own crib, and dressed in soft comfortable clothes. I don’t think these two parents have a clue on what is best for their child. I’m not even sure that they care.

Kat on

The poor kid is dressed in ALL black, and leather, Ugh! I’d be crying too; get me outta here, dress me in cute, colorful girly outfits, let me play with other tots you morons!

Diana on

I remember when Harper Beckham was North’s age. She never carried on like that. Maybe Kimye should take parenting lessons from the Beckham’s.

Lisa on

What is wrong with these two? Do they really think she’s having fun? That environment is overwhelming to any young child. Let her stay home where she feels safe and comfortable. She’s a little girl not a doll to dress up and put on display.

iheartnames on

You know it’s sad when Kanye West is the better parent…

Edie on

Why do people think its “CUTE” when a baby throws a temper tantrum? I think its annoying no matter who the kid belongs to..Celeb or not! ITS RUDE:::((((((

CGB on

Kim dresses North in black so that her skin tone will appear lighter in photographs.

dd on

that poor kid probably needs a nap…kim’s trying to do all of the activities she used to b4 she was a mother. Kid probably just needs a babysitter.

Eileen on

I’m sure North’s tantrum had some contributing factors- wearing itchy black tights, hot from wearing black on black and just sitting there…. Don’t they understand the tantrums are going to get worse– no toddler will just sit there patiently to watch a runway show…. Wish someone would tell Kim and Yesus that North doesn’t give a DAMN about New York Fashion Weekl

jade on

Who are you fooling? This is NOT CUTE! This is ABUSE! Where are the children advocates? This has to be addressed.

jadapeters on


hanna on

she was screaming because she was terrified of the model zombies walking down the runway. north responded like any scared baby would.

jadapeters on


Dawn Scott on

Here’s a thought: STOP taking your toddler to these events you morons! CLEARLY she does not have the ability at this age to sit through this type of event. I’m pretty sure you can afford a babysitter. I know you want to show her off but why don’t you save it for your trashy TV show??????

MissMiami on

That is so annoying. NO babies at fashion shows. It’s a rule. It’s a business. It’s about the clothes, not Kids.

rebeca on

i get that she thinks the baby it’s a fashion accessory, but it´s kind of ridiculous to take her to a fashion show, plus a crying baby must be annoying to everybody else

Tara on

I have yet to think a child throwing a tantrum is adorable. That is not an age-appropriate event for her. She should be playing with children her own age instead of being treated as an accessory.

Mags on

dont take her to a fashion show, let her be a kid for God sakes.

chrispratt on

Looks like she is yelling ‘HELLLLLLLLLLP ! Why can’t you 2 idiot parents ,just let her be the toddler that she is,instead of a show pony ? She needs to be around other children, SMH ! I feel sorry for her 😦

jessiemaystorm on

Maybe one of these days it’ll dawn on them that evening fashion shows aren’t appropriate environments for toddlers?? Who’d have thought!

People magazine sucks on

Hey People magazine – bringing a baby to a fashion show is not cute. Neither is the baby’s reaction. Whoever wrote the article title is truely an idiot.

New York Fashion Week is filled with thousands of photographers, dark lighting, reporters and hundreds of spectators and industry people.

Marilyn on

Something is wrong with those two. Also, dressing your child in nothing but black is nuts.

Anonymous on

It’s not that poor rich babies fault, it’s her self-entitled parents.

Jacqueline on

I get that she wants to take her to fashion shows and show how much of a cutie she is but really if you’re not a full time mother or a mother at all like she is cus she is always away. Then you can’t expect much from this little lady bet if the nanny was there she would have been fine. Again maybe she needs a drink or snack. She would know that if she knew her kid. But no wonder the girl is crying she minus well be with strangers.

Guest on

Why is their daughter always in black and why is she even going to a fashion show in the first place ? I would be very annoyed if I had to sit beside a screaming baby at something like this

Jenna on

These shows are for adults. This is more rude, disgusting behavior by obnoxious people! No little child wants to or should have to sit through any show of this nature.

Beth on

OMFG!!! Are you serious?? Who thinks this is CUTE? NO ONE!!!!! For God’s sake stop toting that poor baby around like she is some little fashionista. She’s not and I know pretty much every 20 month old I’ve seen is NOT interested in some stupid fashion show. Let her do her thing and be a free loving child that gets to play with her cousins. Serious Kanye and Kim you two are horrible parents and you want to bring another child into this world. Get FIXED!!!!

princess on

can you say BRAT…. she is WAY too young.. grab a brain kim

Marie on

It is not the child’s fault, she is almost 2 years old and this is not a venue for her, she wants to be somewhere playing and being a typical 20 month old. She should have been left at home to play with her cousins. Poor child, they need to learn she is not an adult and will not act like one and it is impossible to reason with a 20 month old, let her play and have fun and not sit in some boring fashion show. She is a very cute little girl though

Marie on

Princess – i hope you are calling Kim and Kanye the BRAT, because a 20 month old is not a brat, she is acting her age, sadly the parents are the ones who are trying to force a toddler to act as an adult which is sad.

Melissa on

A 20 month Old DOESNT belong at a darn Fashion show Who cares what the baby Thinks ! Think ( Oh wait it’s Kanye & Kim ) about the people around you ! Maybe they don’t want to deal nor hear a Child at a Fashion Show ! And why is this making the news again ? WHO CARES

M on

There is nothing CUTE about a temper tantrum. Shame on Kimye for taking a toddler to a grown up event.

em on

Let her go back to her mother..aka her nanny

Lydia on

It’s not cute and will never be cute. Stop using your child as a pawn to have everyone look at you. We don’t want to. We see all to much of you anyways . Your poor child should not have to go through this punishment and that are just using for you low self esteem people. Let her be a somewhat normal child hood and has someone else says let her play with her cousins or other children.

angelika on

With other people child services would be all over them. Poor kid. Why bring her to fashion show? She needs to be with other children not sitting still for 2 hours in front row. These two are terrible parents.

Laetiti on

That would be fun one day if North could vomit on her stupid cupid foolish parents.
i will laugh….that would be a great day !

Mystery Lady on

It was great to see parents being parents on the job. The picture is priceless of Kanya smiling at his daughter and Kim holding on to her as a good mom in public would do. I hope to see the normal of family at more shows to inspire more buyers and viewers to know you can have it all.

Alice on

My mother always said, don’t put a child in an adult situation and expect them to behave like an adult. You can’t blame the child. She probably needed a nap!

Judgemental Judy's on

They are damned if the do and damned if they don’t! Had they have left her home there would be a ton of you on here saying how they never take her with them. Fashion is their niche….just like you might take your toddler to a hockey game or football game or whatever the hell you want to take your kid to! She is not even two and she got a little worked up big freaking deal. Ease up on the judgement! Shish!

Anonymous on

North is crying for nanny!

Karen Covington on

I can say these EXACT comments to those of you who chose a vacation destination that was in your interest and NOT your child’s and made a plane full of people SUFFER! Bad parenting? Come on, I work for the state, you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

Vee on

Not cute, and neither is putting your child in fur.
Shame on the adults who *should* know better.
Then again, look who we’re talking about …

charlotte on

…and it’s fur LINED not fur line. get an education.

Mina on

I normally don’t comment on articles here but I think saying North is having a tantrum is a stretch. She’s a BABY, not even 2. Babies cry when they’re hungry, tired, sick & even bored. Crying is not a tantrum, it’s a form of communication.

And I think all the “hate” towards her is uncalled for. North is hardly the first or last child to attend a fashion show. I really don’t think it’s right to criticize a child for their parent’s actions.

Dogman69 on

You know Nicki is thinking, “Na, that ain’t my baby!”. Love her expression!

Anonymous on

It’s so cute… ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?! What idiotic moron thinks this is cute?!!? First off, she has NO business being at these fashion shows. Leave the kid at home. Second of all, I don’t know who, parent or not, thinks a kid having a screaming meltdown is cute!!!

Zol on

Um North’s expression is priceless like can you take me out here.

Joy on

@Alison Schwartz, TANTRUMS are not cute!

Jennifer on

How is this adorable?

Guestie on

It annoys me that every time she is mentioned, the media feels the need to call North West by her full first and last name. Normally, the person’s full name is mentioned in an article one time, then after that, it is just his/her first OR last name. Since North West has a funny name,we should call her by her full name all the time? We don’t say, “Shiloh Jolie-Pitt” evey time we mention her!

Natalie on

Kanye needs to watch the T.W.A.T. vlog to curb those tantrums!

Anonymous on

Nori is a cute baby, only needs to wear more colorful clothes, she is a little girl, needs to dress up.

SAR on

I loathe the Kardashians but I admit they make beautiful babies.

Kim, get a clue and realize that North is not a doll you can take with you everywhere.

robinepowell on

Why do they insist on brining their baby to every public event they attend? She’s a baby, leave her at home with an aunt or grandma.

Every time we turn around, there’s North, at the a fashion show, Kanye’s concert, etc… These are not the right places for a baby, especially being photographed every five minutes.

Poor kid can’t even go to the zoo with her picture being taken.

robinepowell on

Maybe Kim should take some parenting tips from sister Kourtney. Not only does not take her kids to adult events, she doesn’t feel the need to photograph them every five minutes and put it out there for the public to see.

Ever Yours on

There should be a babysitter backstage so poor North West does not have to sit through something like this. North is not a doll–she is a child. Here’s hoping Child Protective Services intervenes on her behalf–her clueless parents seem not to give a damn.

Terry on

I knew she was a moron, but to take a 20 month old child to something that boring is beyond moronic. Geez!

E on

Agree – it’s rude, NOT cute. Why is People sucking up to these fame whores by first of all covering these fits and secondly categorizing them as “cute”? That poor baby needs to go home and have a nap, but her parents keep treating her like a prop, not a person.

Amanda on

Not cute! There are certain places that babies shouldn’t be. Fashion shows are one of those places. Not only for the other adults who would like to enjoy the experience but for the poor baby who should be home, playing and doing things BABIES want to do. Not sitting around bored to death at a place she has no interest in being.

bens on

Get this out of the Mom’s&Babies category…no mom can be seen here!

Jay on

There is nothing “cute” about a tantrum.

anonymous on

Funny picture!

msliftbig on

Tantrums aren’t cute.

ZZ on

It’s not cute about them.

Vol on

Leave the child home, she doesn’t belong there.

Gerry the pedo on

Kim is looking more and more like Michael Jackson

Jimmy Choo on

North West is looking so sweet in her black dress. Good to see all of them in same color. Black color suits them very much.