Lena Headey Expecting Second Child

02/15/2015 at 04:20 PM ET

Lena Headey Pregnant Expecting Second Child
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There’s another Lannister on the way!

Lena Headey is expecting her second child, PEOPLE confirms exclusively. The actress is best known for playing Cersei Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

“I’m happy to confirm that I’m having my second child this summer,” Headey, 41, told PEOPLE in a statement. “I only hope that this announcement can help me to regain some of the privacy I have recently lost to prying photographers and ask that they please respect my privacy and let me enjoy this time.”

Headey is already mom to son Wylie, who turns 5 next month, with musician Peter Loughran, whom she divorced in 2013.

The English actress, who earned her first Emmy nomination last July, is set to reprise her role in the fifth season of Thrones, which returns April 12 on HBO.

— Lynette Rice

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Jay on

Are photogs really prying?? I doubt it. Never heard of her. These actors need to get over themselves.

Nicole on

Congratulations Lena 🙂

Me on

Jay if you don’t know who she is you live under a rock

ser0630 on

Seriously, Jay? You’ve NEVER heard of her? I don’t watch Game of Thrones and I know who she is. Jeez.

Gynger on

She’s on Game of Thrones. Have you ever heard of Game of Thrones?
It’s on HBO. Have you ever heard of HBO?
Her character is one of the fiercest women ever written. She leads nations and stands up to men who have no brains. In the story she should and would be king if she wasn’t a woman.
Do you read? The Game of Thrones book series is amazing. There are many, many books. George R.R. Martin is one of the greatest authors of our time. That’s entertainment, feminism, books, politics.

What do you do? What do you pay attention to? Do you live. under. a rock.? #IKnowItWasnTNeccessary #IcaNtWithPeopleWhoDontRead #ReadingIsSexy

Gynger on

.. I may have ranted a little. but she’s amazing and the books are amazing and the shows are amazing. AND none of it is real. Peoples imaginations are amazing and you are doing yourself a disservice if you’re not witnessing how create human beings are. It’s so inspiring.

Greg on

She’s a tv star, of course the photographers have an interest in her. These whiny celebs should get into a different line of work. Having paparazzi around is part of the job description.

Poppy on

We don’t get HBO, nor have I read any of the GoT books, though I have heard of the show. Fantasy as a genre does not interest me. I still don’t have any idea who she is. Those of you aghast that people can’t possibly know who she is need to get over yourselves.

Reesiesmommy on

Not a clue who she is. I don’t watch tv – would rather be doing something fun and healthy, like hiking with my dogs or a nice walk around the lake. TV has too much garbage and negativity for me to wish to spend money on cable. So they aren’t the only people who haven’t heard of her or to quote some of you “live under a rock” lol.

Moe on

Ok first of all the people who haven’t heard of her and better yet the one who doesn’t watch TV, she likes to hike and such, just crack me up. Why be on this site?? She’s one of the biggest characters on one of the most popular series on tv right now. And she’s English so maybe just maybe the photogs following her are there and selling to English mags not American. It is possible you know.

Jay on

Thanks Poppy! I agree with everything you said. Once again the readers on this site are way too defensive. I don’t have HBO and am not interested in that genre either. Maybe these readers should go back to playing their Dungeons and Dragons game.

Moe on

Yes Jay. I’ll go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons and you can go back to watching Chicago Fire and being a bigger dork. You’re the one who insulted the actress and then act insulted when called out about it by her fans. Get over yourself.

Jay on

Lol don’t watch Chicago Fire either.

Chad on

Obviously you haven’t watched either of the 300 movies or a lot of her other films

Robin on

Good for her! Been a fan since Sarah Connor Chronicles.

jmsarxt on

Don’t even know who she is, so she can have ALL the privacy she wants!!

sue on

Did anyone else notice they did not say who the father is?! That is really strange and awkward!!

Anonymous on

Sue- I did indeed notice that. But after doing a little digging around, I’m don’t find it that strange. She has apparently always been very private about her love life. Also, given her age, it could very well be that she decided to go ahead and have a second child on her own rather than hoping for Mr. Right to come along before it’s too late.

Anyway, congrats to her!

Britgirl on

If you watch no TV and the like, why on earth are you on this site???!!!!! I smell BS…..

CJ on

Sorry don’t know her either..So no rock living here..Just haven’t heard of her..So yes she does need to get over herself for that comment..Your privacy is safe here…

CJ on

Am on this site because I choose to be..Welcome to America..

Nancy on

Who? This woman is a star? Never heard if her. I notice she was divorced in 2013 but she’s pregnant now? Was it an immaculate conception, a test tube or an alien?

NorthernGirl on

Privacy? She kinda let that slip when she took the roles she did. Congrats on the new baby.

Pal on

So happy for her. Congrats!

Fame on

Pretty sure she filed for bankruptcy not to long ago and said she had no money and could barely get buy. Now she’s knocked up? Irresponsible. Or she’s a pathological liar!!! Regardless in either case I fell awful for the poor kid.

Kelly Wgner on

Long before GOT the HBO show were the books. Reading books is good

Anonymous on

Don’t watch tv much so haven’t watched any of her show, only know she is a tv actress.

peter lukas jr on

You don’t know who Lena is?? Game of Thrones? Sarah Connor Chronicles, 300? Imagine Me and You??

seanx40 on

A baby Viper?

gfjggnjmhgm on

Yeah Jay, you noob.

NV on

Regain her privacy? Don’t make a statement.

jjohnston on

Congrats but wasn’t she whining a while back that she only had 5.00 in the bank and was completely broke? So why bring another child into the world if you’re not capable of caring for the infant properly.

Poppyseed on

@ Poppy, no problem with people not knowing, have a problem with people who are complaining because they don’t know who she is …such as Jay and the other one who likes to take a walk and doesn’t watch tv but come on People magazine, where they talk about celebrities, and complain about it…you don’t know, that’ s okay, don’t need to be an a$$ about it and yes, you can all get over yourselves too.

Tina G. on

“Never heard of her”.. Game of Thrones rings no bells?? She is an AMAZING actress who is not constantly in the spotlight, she actually lives an extremely private life, that would be the reason you’ve, “never heard of her” she works, she enjoys her job. Very talented, just because she’s an actress does not mean she deserves to have her right to privacy violated. She’s got nothing to get over, at the end of the day, she’s still amazing at what she does.

Anonymous on

Britgirl- You don’t need to watch TV to be interested in celebs. I rarely watch TV (and when I do, it’s the Discovery Channel and the like- not exactly major celeb fodder!) and I happen to LOVE reading about celebs!

B on

What miserable wretches are actually angry over news of a baby being on the way? Some people, man….

pinkrockstar on

I watch tv but not a lot of it lol I never heard of her!

Bee on

Lena was in a movie called Imagine Me and You years ago that I adore, so I’ve had a crush on her for quite some time! Game of Thrones scared me off of her a little bit – no just kidding, I still think she’s a fantastic actress. If you have no idea who she is, why did you bother to read the article…?

KiKi B on

O.k, I don’t normally comment on these things but Really!!!? Why make a comment about someone you DON’T no anything about and why come to the site if you don’t watch television? This site is dedicated to the TV/MOVIE stars. Duh?!! So act like you don’t care somewhere else…