Christina Aguilera: Why I Named My Daughter Summer Rain

02/13/2015 at 08:00 AM ET

Christina Aguilera shares exclusive first photos of her daughter, Summer Rain, and opens up about how motherhood has changed her life. Subscribe now for instant access to these never-before-seen baby pictures, only in PEOPLE!

When Christina Aguilera gave birth to her daughter last August, “Sophia” and “Emma” topped the list of most popular American girl’s names.

But rarely one to follow a crowd, the Grammy-winning since took another tack, calling her little girl Summer Rain.

So what’s in a name?

For Aguilera, 34, a whole lot. “Summer is a time of spreading warmth and light, while rain washes away … replenishes and brings new life to allow growth and new beginnings,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s exclusive cover story.

The Voice coach and her fiancé, film producer Matt Rutler, say the moniker captures their 6-month-old daughter’s spirit.

Christina Aguilera daughter Summer Rain first photo exclusive Elizabeth Messina

“I wanted her name to be filled with inspiration, love and joy,” she explains. “And that’s exactly what she brings to all who encounter her. Her beauty and sunshine exude from within.”

Christina Aguilera daughter Summer Rain first photo exclusive Elizabeth Messina

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— Elizabeth Leonard

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Tori on

I don’t understand why people think Summer is such an unusual name. I’ve met a few girls named Summer throughout my life. It’s not that uncommon.

Guest on

I know a couple of women named Summer. Nothing unusual about her name. I think the first and middle name together is what throw people off…… Summer Rain. Hmmm. Summer Elise, Summer Elisabeth… I don’t know. To each their own I guess.

KellyGreen on

I like how she talks so positively about her daughter 🙂

mcspongecake on

Spring is the season associated with new life, not summer. Whatever, at least she’s happy.

Jaymie on

Summer is very traditional by Hollywood standards. Nice to see a little girl with a normal name. Summer Rain is pretty. Her baby is so adorable!

Kathy on

Summer Rain is adorable!

Mary on

Summer is a cute name, better than some of the names other celebs name their kids. She is a gorgeous baby.

Lisa on

I’m pretty sure most people don’t give a f$ck what she names her kid. What a pointless story.

Tiffany on

They really made the baby look fake on the cover…

anna on

The baby is adorable, but unfortunately I think there’s a female douch product by that name. I think a bit of research is needed before using names like that :/

maryhelenc on

I don’t get the hate for this child’s name. I think it’s lovely.

DeeDee on

I’ve entered so many woman that have the names Summer, Winter & Autumn that are not in Hollywood. I love meaning behind her name. She is one pretty baby

DeeDee on

Ooops….I meant encountered…darn auto-correct!!!

Anonymous on

The picture is kinda photoshopped.

Lenora on

Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall. My friend is named Autumn.
Summer is very pretty, as is Spring. Those are well known female
Beautiful baby and beautiful name! 🙂

Lenora on

I also have a friend named Sunshine. I like the name Rain too.
Mother Nature at her best! Cute names for cute babies!
Sunny, Moon, and Star, are used too.

Ginger on

Just call her Summer, and ditch the Rain. It’s a normal name. And there you have it.

Storm on

Summer Rain = CUM. SPERM. SEMEN. What have you. Get it? Got it? Good.

Angie on

Name her Autumn, it sounds good!

Satchi on

Reminds me of that one feminine product. Summer’s Eve. Lol.

Celebsarah on

Summer Rain is one step from North West, in my opinion. That step is crucial though…the second name that makes it odd is thankfully a middle name in Summer’s case. p.s. No way are those her real eyes, but she’s a cutie.

not that unusual on

Meh….I know a girl named Misty Dawn who was born in 1980. It’s not that unusual, Christina….people have been naming their daughters weird weather-related names for many decades!

Kate on

I think that Summer Rain is a Beautiful name ! My sister is named Spring Dawn.

ander478 on

@DeeDee: That was a hilarious auto-correct, thank you for the chuckle 🙂

sandee on

Summer is a time of desiccation, melanoma, enervation and (in too many places) drought.

Anyway, “how motherhood has changed her life”? What an insult to her son. “her beauty and sunshine exude from within” is a statement from a person who should eschew interviews and stick to singing. as for not following the crowd, she gave her son one of the most popular celebrity boy’s names (and the second most popular DOG name).
that photo is scary.

Wellllll on

Dumb. Stripper’s name.

nc on

I think the name Summer Rain is very beautiful. The meaning isn’t what I thought though- I was thinking seeing that she had her in August which is a Summer month and figured their was a nice soothing Rain going on when she gave birth. Her meaning is very sweet and loving.

Brandi on

@ Sandee… I think she chose the names for her children because they actually symbolize important meanings and not because she was looking for names that go against the crowd. I remember reading that she chose Max Liron as her son’s first and middle name because together they mean “my greatest song”. So while I can agree that Max seems to be a popular name for a dog (my nephews in fact recently named their new puppy Max), I doubt that means anything to her at all as his name has an entirely different and very personal meaning to her. I admire a mother who chooses names for her children that stand for something meaningful rather than names that are “trendy” or butchered in spelling just to be “different” and have no significance whatsoever. That’s just me, though…to each their own 💜

Jamie on

Is it just me or is something off about the cover. Like they have brightened the face too much or moved Summer’s head? I don’t know.

heather on

Is that even a real baby in that photo?

laurenashley66 on

It just sounds so cheesy and contrived, but then again it could be named Moonbog so i guess there’s always a silver linings playbook.

Svs on

There is a really good song by Carl Thomas called summer rain.

Zee on

It’s not original. It’s taken from Belinda Carlilses song Summer Rain.

gardenboy on

She should have named the kid Golden Showers!!!

Summer on

As someone named Summer Daisy (and no my parents weren’t hippies), I’m happy to see another Summer! It’s an uncommon name, but I ended up going to grade school with another Summer. Small world… That being said…did People Mag really have to boost the color of the baby’s eyes so much? Went a bit too far there. That baby is beautiful without Photoshop saturated eyes. Don’t need to start that child’s life off with a “your real eyes just weren’t good enough” moment…smh

Lisa on

I don’t understand why she’s explaining the name choice. It’s a normal name so no explanation needed.

Amaryllis on

Because you want her to be maladjusted and have her friends make fun of her when she gets older?

Anonymous on

Her name literally sounds like the scent of a douche or female body wash.

martin P on

Why? ‘Because I’m rich.
I can do what I want.
Even if it hurts my child.’

Charity on

Does she know that “Summer Rain” is the name of a douche product?

Guest on

I know one thing Adam Levine aint never lied about The Voice making him love music again because OMG her keeps churning out da d@ hits!!! I’m watching VH1s Countdown (where is Jim Shears? This gurl corny and horrible) right now jamming to Sugar CUTE wedding surprise video!!!! Adam pulled me away from Bruno Mars and Adam Ronson’s Uptown Funk! hahahaha X Stina you my Teena Marie Blue Eyed souldchild who can BLOW!!!!

Kimber on

I love the name. Summer is not uncommon. My niece (who is well into her 30s) is named Summer.

Jennifer on

There’s a song by RnB artist Carl Thomas called Summer Rain that he came out with like 10+ years ago and it’s still one of my favorite songs. Nice name!

Essie on

I like the name Summer and I like the name, Rain. I just think that together it is the name of real ‘douche’ product from the drugstore!

Shawna on

Storm – What is wrong with you??? So because you’re a pervert freak who makes up some weird meaning about a name she shouldn’t use the name? I guarantee NO ONE else things that when they hear her name.

And for crying out loud how hard is it for you idiots to google? Google Summer Rain and douche. Go ahead. Now see that you are stupid and the name of the douche is Summer’s Eve.

Anonymous on

I love the name summer,not so much rain but it still goes together!!

sandy on

My daughter has a friend named Summer. LOVE IT.
I think she picked a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
I consider those names like hippy names from the 70’s. They named their kids after nature.

Calli on

Summer Rain a douche product???!! HAAAA- idiots it’s Summer’s Eve! A few other posters noticed this as well. Get your facts straight before you post mean comments.

Olga on

She should have select a normal name. Summer Rain sounds like a product name.

Mike on

Didn’t her father have something to do with naming her?

GG on

Name her Autumn Leaves.

Mike on

I have a weird feeling that her and her fiance are going to break up….anyway gonna hop in the shower.

Anonymous on

I think Summer Rain is a beautiful name. And for those saying she’s going to get teased about her name in school…seriously?! Her mother is Christina Aguilera and she will almost certainly be going to school with several other celebrity kids (most of whom will likely have far more “unique” names than her!). Somehow I don’t think she’ll have trouble! 😉

Zal on

Love the name! It’s unique.

Dogman69 on

A really good friend of mine is Summer. She goes by Sunny, and she is blond and blue eyed too.

Summer Rein on

its like my name but my Rein is r-e-i-n

cjismyname on

I named my daughter Summer Rain 18 years ago, March 11th. Everyone always thinks it’s such a unique and creative name. I thought it was creative and pretty, and that’s why I named her that.