Rosamund Pike Had to Go ‘Butt Naked’ to Breastfeed at the BAFTAs

02/12/2015 at 01:30 PM ET

These days, Rosamund Pike really knows how to make an impression.

As mom to 10-week-old son Atom, the actress has had to balance breastfeeding her baby boy while still keeping up with her busy career — especially during awards season.

“I am just taking him around with me,” Pike, 36, said during a Thursday visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It has a very interesting effect on people because they don’t expect it. I’m turning up to meetings because what do you do — you’re a mom and you got a baby who needs to eat.”

And the Gone Girl star — who’s up for Best Actress for her role in the film — says her adorable entourage doesn’t go unnoticed. “I turn up [to meetings] and they’re like, ‘Oh, your baby’s here,’ ” she jokes. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah he is.’ ”

Rosamund Pike breastfeeding Ellen Show
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Pike — also mom to 2½-year-old son Solo — admits her nursing routine has made for an interesting award show schedule, turning her star status into a Hollywood outsider.

“I do the red carpet. I get there really early,” she says. “I’m the really uncool one who shows up very early for the carpet. First off, I’ve never been early for anything in my life!”

Although she’s managed to successfully breastfeed by setting up a discreet station backstage — complete with slippers, a robe and her pump — her streak of luck took a turn at Sunday’s BAFTA awards.

“I just roped up into the chairman of the Royal Opera House’s office and tried to put on the robe. I couldn’t do the buttons and whipped it off,” she recalls. “I was just sitting there, butt naked, with the double breast pump. If this guy had seen the kind of scene was as underhand as if we’d been taking drugs or something!”

While Pike is happy to talk about one of her most memorable breastfeeding moments, she isn’t quite ready to share snapshots of the event quite yet.

“One day, when I’m fearless and don’t care what anybody thinks, which I endeavor to do anyway, one day I’ll publish the photos because they are very funny,” she muses.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Yeah, breastfeeding!!!

Sarah S. on

Yay, good for her and her baby! Love her attitude and the ability to laugh at herself. 🙂

Enought on

Enough with the breast feeding You do not have to get naked to feed your baby. Get over yourself You are not a hero. Yes it is great. Yes it is healthy. Yes it a wonderful bonding experience but please it is not earth shattering.

Meghan on

Her dress reminds me of bacon….

Anonymous on

Love her son’s name Atom.

blessedwithboys on

She didn’t get naked to breastfeed, she got naked to pump, and then only bc her formal gown wasn’t built for pumping.

I bet you when she takes her bub to business mtgs she wears a nursing top.

I love to read of celebrity nursing/pumping stories like this!

#normalizebreastfeeding #breastisntbestitsnormal


enough with the breast feeding is that all these women can talk abut
you do not have to be naked to nurse I know it is wonderful it is a bonding experience well for those of us who fed our children with bottles news flash we had a bonding experience ti was wonderful and we did with with our clothes on and if we want we can do it naked also

pegeenl on

Why does Rosamund feel the need to tell everyone about this?

Shaman on

How annoying….. Acting like a hero for breast feeding…..and those boys names are dumb!

Zol on

Her dress is lovely.

unfaithfulwife77 on

Did she choose her kids’ names by randomly opening the dictionary and selecting the first word she saw? Horrible choices.

Juie on

I don’t know about Solo, but Aton, while rare, has been used as a name for a very long time. In fact, Atom & his brother Aberoh are early martyrs of the Christian church.

ceecee on

There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding your child but there is something wrong with subjecting other people to you doing it without covering your breast. I don’t understand why some of you mothers feel it is ok to have people feel uncomfortable and please don’t write it is a natural course of life because that is BS what if a man started taking photos of you I bet you would be uncomfortable with that right. Please think about other people and stop being so selfish.