Liv Tyler Names Second Son Sailor Gene

02/12/2015 at 07:15 PM ET

Liv Tyler Welcomes Second Son
David M. Benett/Getty

Update: The couple have named their son Sailor Gene Gardner, Tyler announced Friday on Instagram, sharing a photo of her baby boy holding a blue stone necklace featuring a diamond-encrusted anchor.

Originally posted Feb. 12: Liv Tyler is a mom again!

The Leftovers star and her boyfriend, sports manager/agent David Gardner, welcomed a son on Wednesday, Feb. 11, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

“He’s healthy and everyone is very happy,” the rep says, although a source tells PEOPLE the baby boy was six weeks early and will need to remain in the hospital for some time.

The baby boy joins big brothers Milo, 10, and Gray, 7, the couple’s children from previous marriages.

Since confirming in September that she was expecting her second child, Tyler, 37, has been posting photos of her growing baby bump on Instagram.

“The most fun thing about being pregnant is having those mom hormones flowing around,” she told Town & Country. “You’re more present in your body, and it’s making me a better mother for Milo.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Jac on

Congratulations! I’m sure her baby boy is a handsome little fella.

(side note – quite possibly the first sentence could have said, “Liv Tyler is a mom of two!”… she’s already a mother…)

Anonymous on

Hormones make her more present in her body? Dumbest statement ever made.

Zeze on

She gorgeous!!

Val on

So happy for Liv and David!

guest on

Aww how sweet! Wonder what they named him?

Kestrel on

I think her hormone remark was more in keeping with with notion of nesting although she said it in a new age kind of way.

Being pregnant makes some women become superMom. I felt that way. No sickness, ever. Never felt better. Maybe that’s her point?

LC on

Poor little guy – I hope he’ll be ok being 6 1/2 weeks early – that is scary for her, I’m sure. Congratulations, all the same!

mic on

livs baby will be fine. she is probably a little worried but very happy at the same time. i was born 12 weeks early at 1lb and 13oz back in 1952. congrats to all,wish much happiness to them.

Joy on

Why is the below image cropped? I can’t see it and it’s really annoying. It’s been happening with a lot of images shown on peoples homepage letely.

Carolyn on

Why do women feel it’s necessary to show their half naked bodies to the world? Not just pregnant women, but women with their boobs hanging out of dresses and bikinis. And what’s with pictures of people, especially women, staring into their phones? Selfies? The whole thing is so narcissistic.

emma on


Amanda_M87 on

Three boys between the two of them. Sounds like a fun and rambunctious household.

NZ on

Ooh love her dress!

unfaithfulwife77 on

I hope she named him Otis. 🙂

Anonymous on

Name him Steven Tyler Jr. LOL.

Hea on

Congrats to them!

Anonymous – How is it the dumbest statement ever to say you feel grounded and a better mom for your child?

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! Why does he have to stay in the hospital for awhile if he’s healthy, though?

Sara K on

I actually really like that name! Very cute.

SarahJane77 on

The name isn’t really my cup of tea, but it’s not too bad (however, isn’t that Christy Brinkley’s daughter’s name?)

As for the PP who asked if he’s helthy why does he need to stay in the hospital, my daughter was 6 weeks early & perfectly helthy, but babies who are that early haven’t mastered the sucking/swallowing/breathing at the same time thing (something they practice with amniotic fluid) and they have trouble regulating body temperature – among a whole host of other possible complicatoons. There’s an info graphic that shows a baby’s brain development at 34 weeks gestation compared to 40 weeks and the size difference is scary.

Andrea on

Who names their baby Sailor? Weird parents…

chris on

stupid idiotic name.
A sailor is a noun not a name.

kickarse on

absurd that people feel they have to post such photos!

it would be funny if the kid grows up to have vestibular issues that give him chronic seasickness…or if he has water phobia. Still, it can mean something else, as in “he just sails through life!”

Christie Brinkley’s daughter, I’m sure EVERYONE HERE KNOWS, has the same name. I hope no one taunts them with “Failor Sailor…..”

klarui on

great that the middle name is a biological term.

those photos (except for that pink figure inside the plexiglass) are just awful. and “god winked again” Uh what? Drug-damaged observation?

mzstitch on

What is wrong with people? Does this woman realize how children are bullied. Naming your child Sailor going to cause alot of tears as he goes through his childhood years. It will be his parents fault.

Anonymous on

Love the name, so adorable

Kat on

Every interview I ever saw her do on TV she looked stoned. Is she gonna ‘accidentally’ get knocked again to try for a girl? *eyeroll*

Amy on

Love her!! she is such a classy lady ❤

Carolyn on

Oh yes, she’s classy alright. That’s why she poses half naked. And what a dopy name for her son.

Denise on

Sweet, sweet person.

Olga on

Congratulations to them.

Tara on

I miss the days when girls names were for girls, boy names were for boys and last names were put at the end.

Anonymous on

Interesting name choice. It’s not something I would pick, but I don’t think it’s awful either. And let’s not forget that he has a very “normal” middle name. If he doesn’t like the name Sailor when he’s older, he can solve the problem by going by Gene!

Also, what’s so awful about a pregnant belly? Granted, if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t choose to post belly shots for the world to see (I’d prefer to keep them as a special thing for my husband and myself). And I’ll agree that the third one is a bit much (it looks a bit too provocative, IMO). But I don’t see anything wrong with the others, nor do I think they should be treated like something vulgar. I mean seriously, people, it’s a belly! And I’ll guarantee that we see way more than what she’s showing (with the possible exception of that third photo) almost every time we walk down the street or go to the pool or beach!

Anonymous on

Tara- You know what I miss? The days when people accepted that there were three main categories of names: boy, girl, and unisex (not that there aren’t clearly male names used on girls and occasionally vice-versa, but these days everyone acts like there’s no such thing as a unisex name)!

gardenboy on

Sailor???? I think I’ll call my kids Eyeliner,Lipgloss and Library Ticket

Olivia on

She looked amazing. Good for her.

Hea on

A child and the parents of a child who is bullied is not to blame. It’s the parents of the children who bully that are to blame.

Julesy on

I love that picture of Liv with her sis and dad with her.

Susan Long on

I love the name.

katie on

I don’t think bullying will be an issue. He’s the grandson of a rock legend. If anything the kids will be kissing his a**. Yeah it’s a different name but I’ve seen a heck of a lot worse.

Anonymous on

Hea- Exactly! It’s like when a girl/woman gets raped and then people blame her (because she was “asking” for it by wearing revealing clothing, hanging out with the wrong crowd, etc.) instead of her rapist. Victim-blaming (or in cases like these, blaming the parents of a potential victim) is out of control and it needs to stop! NOW!

Anonymous on

klarui- It also happens to be the name of several very successful men (including Gene Autry, Gene Hackman, Gene Simmons, and Gene Wilder), something that I’m sure Sailor will be quite proud of when he’s older. 🙂