Kevin Jonas: I ‘Love Every Minute’ of Fatherhood

02/11/2015 at 05:15 PM ET

Happy birthday, Alena Rose!

Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle were joined by 130 friends and family to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday with a bubble-themed bash on Saturday.

And with so much to see and do — including playing in a bubble palace and taking a ride on the toy train – the proud parents could hardly keep up with their little girl.

“She’s walking — that’s new! It’s pretty crazy,” Kevin, 27, told PEOPLE at Alena’s party with Dreft at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey.

And this milestone is a recent one. “It was two weeks ago. She started stumbling a little bit, and now she’s a pro. We hardly see her crawl,” mom Danielle, 28, adds.

“She gets up on her own without holding on to anything. It just happened overnight! Everybody would say to me, ‘It’s going to go so fast,’ and I used to hate that. It’s really true.”

Kevin Jonas daughter Alena first birthday
Diane Bondareff/Invision/Dreft

Alena, who officially turned 1 on Feb. 2, isn’t just walking these days: She’s talking, too.

So what are some of her favorite words? “‘Mama’ when she’s upset,” says Danielle.

“Which is hilarious,” quips Kevin. “‘Dada,’ ‘Mama,’ ‘baba’ for her bottle.”

“She kind of says, ‘Sit.’ She’ll just say the ‘S,’ though — it’s cute!” says Danielle.

Although Kevin and Danielle are mesmerized by their daughter, Kevin is happy to step back when it comes to Alena’s dirty diapers. “I help a little bit,” he admits. “[Danielle’s] the queen, she definitely handles it.”

The couple — who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in December — “love every minute” of watching their little girl grow up, adds Kevin.

And his post-boy band life couldn’t be any sweeter for the former Jonas Brothers — or his former bandmates. “We’re all doing our own thing and we’re really happy,” Kevin shares of brothers Joe, 25, and Nick, 22. “We appreciate the time we spend together. It was just time for us to take a break.”

Despite their split, Kevin is still there to support his younger brothers’ success. “I’m really happy for [Nick]. He has a number one song,” he says of his “Jealous” hit. “It’s a big deal. I’m really happy for him.”

As for Kevin, he has started his own construction business, tech company and recently completed a run on Celebrity Apprentice after being voted off in January.

“It was great. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun and crazy at the same time,” he says of the reality show. “It’s grueling. People don’t realize it’s day after day after day and it’s just a lot.”

With so much on their plate as new parents, the couple have quickly learned that alone time is hard to come by. “[Before the baby], we always had our time, we always went on dates,” explains Danielle.

But the first-time parents couldn’t be happier with their life as a family of three.

“There is a learning curve for sure. You start out not knowing anything and by the end of it you come out as experts in your own way,” Kevin says of parenthood. “She’s unbelievable, she really is — we couldn’t have done better.”

Kevin Jonas Daughter first birthday
Diane Bondareff/Invision/Dreft

— Jeff Nelson with reporting by Diane Herbst

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sue on

Is their baby sponsored by dreft? I mean they have enough money that their daughter’s major milestones shouldn’t be an advertisement right?

Marky on

sue, I would say it’s not “right” or “wrong”; it’s just their business. If they do ads for Dreft, work with that company in some way, then it’s sort of typical that the company does things like that as part of the contract. Why would any of us be bothered by it, anyway? I’m happy to catch up with this couple and their precious little girl; very cute family and I can’t believe she’s already a year old!

Katie on

I agree with you, Sue… a little tacky to have a company sponsor your baby’s birthday party.

grandma on

So tacky.

mer on

Oh. Loving, devoting fathers gushing about their babies are the bast!

Ala Lemon on

130 guests to a 1st birthday party? Wow!

Sara K on

What a beautiful little girl!

Deb on

It’s tacky that the word Dreft is more noticeable on the cake than her name. When I first quickly glanced at the photo I assumed what I was seeing was the baby’s name. They couldn’t have afforded to buy the cake themselves?

littlelune85 on

The baby is adorable, but I’ll never get over the fact that they had a baby detergent post their daughter’s first photo. So tacky. Make all the endorsement deals you want yourself, but don’t use your child as an income generator. Gross.

Suzanne on

@sue / my thoughts exactly. Seriously? It’s her 1st birthday !!!! Little tacky.

emma on

Didn’t even know she had the baby.

Tinkerbell48 on

Oh for the love!! What difference does it make if Dreft sponsored the birthday party or not? She’s a baby, she doesn’t care. She probably won’t even remember her first birthday. As far as the cake, if you look at the bottom, her name is spelled out in blocks, so she is well represented. I think what is more important is that she sounds like she is a happy baby and looks like a little doll, and her daddy loves her tremendously. =)

Meg on

Oh dear Kevin. I love the optimism but let’s be honest “every minute”?
As a mom of four it’s ok and healthy for me to say there are some minutes I really don’t love. But the kids I will always love.

Guest on

Adorable baby girl, proud papa! Most likely the party was also a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Calm down people!

DaisyMoon on

I would’ve drawn the line at the cake (which I love!)…I would NOT have allowed the sponsor’s name on that…it’s just ridiculous!

When their daughter looks back at her 1st b’day pictures, she’ll see “dreft” on her cake…come on!

Kim on

Beautiful family!

Lia on

She’s a cutie pie 🙂 So happy Kevin’s happy.

Poppy on

How klassy, having your baby’s 1st birthday party sponsored by Dreft. WTH is wrong with people?

guest on

The point was for you to notice dreft on the cake and you did so job well done on their part. Gorgeous little girl!

Summer on

Hey… That’s how the rich stay rich

Ginger on

This man is no longer in a boy band. If he could use the coin (e.g. Dreft) then so be it. I for one don’t care. Their baby is adorable.

Kestrel on

A well-dressed baby! I was thinking it was just Lrince Geirge and my own kids.
Luggage-grade jeans are for blue collar workers, high top sneakers are for basketball players. Let them be as warm and comfy as possible. Zippers, belts, waistbands and button down shirts are coming soon enough.
But, guy…diapers aren’t women’s work. She carried the baby and may possibly have nursed previously. Your turn.

Jen DC on

The tens of thousands of dollars they’ve received for this birthday party will go a long way toward soothing little Alena’s hurt feelings – especially when they use it to pay for her first car, or her college education or whatever her likely lovely big trust fund will supply.

Secondly, do you think that they didn’t have a more private, personal celebration for her? With just the immediate family? Probably the weekend before her birthday (since the 2nd was a Monday) at home… I’m not going to say I’m a pro at celebrity endorsements, but if I were in this position, I’d be happy to take the money, let Dreft have its name as large as it wants on their cake, let them foot the bill for a huge party for folks in marketing or whatever… Because my real life would be separate from that. THIS IS A SHOW FOR MONEY. If someone were offering you that kind of money for an afternoon of pictures, you’d do it, and it’d be no reflection on your day-to-day life at all.

JA on

I agree with Sue. Turning your babies first birthday into a photo opportunity sponsored by Dreft IS kind of tacky. Hopefully they did something intimate with family as well.

guest123 on

Adorable & sweet baby girl. She looks absolutely nothing like her mommy though. Not one feature, coloring…nothing. Neither here nor there, just something I noticed.

guest123 on

For those of you who are upset at the Dreft sponsorship, the pictures can always be photoshopped to remove the ads. Just like magic! Little girl never has to see herself shilling for a company.

seabot on

I’d cut 100 of those guests and get cake mix from the dollar store before I’d have my kid’s first birthday cake be an ad. I normally actually kind of like these two, but that’s utterly ridiculous and tacky.

MrsJAZ on

I don’t know 130 people to invite to a party ……. and would not like a corporate sponsor to pay for my daughter’s 1st or any other birthday. But I guess, to each his own….. She is an adorable baby.

Lexie on

He (Kevin) seemed to turn out as the normal one. He’s not clutching his crotch, or acting big headed. I just hope the other two will get their heads back on straight. Especially Nick. He’s just gotten too full of himself, and it isn’t pretty.

bkable on

I agree with the whole sponsoring of their daughter’s birthday thing..
But what I can’t get over is that he got “voted off” Celebrity Apprentice. You don’t get voted off, you get fired….

arabrabbra on

Im so happy they made it. 5 years is great. I was worried with the whole purity ring and marrying your first love. Sometimes its a fairy tale, most times its disaster. Waiting to have your first baby helps, im sure. Congrats!

Chrissy on

Construction business? Seriously? I find it hard to believe he knows anything about construction. He’s doesn’t like the type to pick up a hammer.

Anonymous on

Wow. Buy you own cake and pay for your own party. Seriously tacky.

Kimberley on

Wow, you couldn’t spring for your daughter’s own birthday party…corporate sponsorship birthday parties–that’s a new one.

Juli on

Alena is adorable. She looks so much like her daddy, it’s astonishing.

seila on

i don’t care about the cake , am i the only one who notices that baby girl does not look like mom or dad?? mmmm…

Nikki on

awwww she looks like Kevin..cute cake..BUT a freebe from Dreft !! tacky to show this..he isnt the only celeb to do this, remember seeing mario lopez son sip and see party sponsor by nescafe..cake balloons..must be nice to get all this stuff free

jo ellen on

hello kevin and dainelle

Kimberly on

She is so cute I wish I can meet her and I can get you and your brothers autograph i 😍😍😍 you guys even Nicholas he’s hot anyway if I see you guys anywhere I would hug Alena well I better be going post me back see you bye

Michelle on

It does not even look like either of them. I wonder if it was a implant pregnancy.

Pedo Movies on

Pedo Movies on