Christina Aguilera Introduces Daughter Summer Rain

02/11/2015 at 08:00 AM ET

Christina Aguilera shares exclusive first photos of her daughter, Summer Rain, and opens up about how motherhood has changed her life. Subscribe now for instant access to these never-before-seen baby pictures, only in PEOPLE!

Christina Aguilera is rarely at a loss for words. But in the moments after her daughter Summer Rain was born on Aug. 16, 2014, she was all but spellbound.

“I was speechless,” the singer, 34, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview for this week’s cover. “She was literally like an angel … We had an immediate calm bond, and I felt unexplainably connected to her and her spirit.”

Since then, she and her fiancé, film producer Matt Rutler, who was by her side for the delivery, have only become more smitten with their little girl, now 6 months old.

“Her smile lights up a room and I know it melts mama and daddy’s hearts,” says Aguilera. “She laughs a ton and is easy to make smile. She just wants to be where the action is!”

Christina Aguilera daughter Summer Rain first photo exclusive Elizabeth Messina

That’s a good thing, considering her mom’s action-packed life.

While Aguilera, who won a Grammy on Sunday for best pop duo/group performance for “Say Something” with A Great Big World, took a break from NBC’s The Voice to focus on her kids — Summer’s big brother is Max Liron, Aguilera’s 7-year-old son with ex-husband Jordan Bratman — she’s back in the coach’s chair for season 8, premiering Feb. 23.

Also in the works? A new album and an upcoming TV series for ABC Family, which she’s producing.

Being a working mother has its challenges, Aguilera admits. “It’s definitely not easy juggling work and motherhood, as being a parent is a full-time job within itself,” she says. “You just have to make it work for you. My life has so many different moving parts, but my kids are the center focal piece, and everything else shifts around them.”

Which is not to say she has this parenting thing all figured out. “It’s hard to know you won’t have all the right answers at the right times. And ‘mom guilt’ is the worst thing ever,” Aguilera explains. “But you have to surrender and let go, knowing you’re doing your very best and no one loves them, or wants what’s best for them more than you.”

Bottom line: Max and Summer will always come first, says Aguilera. “They are the center of my universe.”

Christina Aguilera daughter Summer Rain first photo exclusive Elizabeth Messina

For more of PEOPLE‘s exclusive family photos and Aguilera’s interview, pick up the latest issue of the magazine, on newsstands Friday.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Ty on

Now her fiancé is a movie producer? LOL

Gorgeous baby!

moi on

What a beautiful baby!! So adorable, i want one!

Chris on

That is a very cute baby!! Congrats to the family on this joyous addition!

Leonardo on

=) Perfect Baby !

IMO on


Andrea on

Beautiful baby!

gigi on

Why photo shop the baby’s eyes like that? So unnatural.

Tiffany on

gigi- I agree. That’s the first thing I thought.

kas on

Gigi, they are not photoshopped, her eyes ARE that blue.

Guest on

I still joke X Stina earned my Teena Marie Blue Eyed Soul award cause she can BLOW!!! OMG I remember the days my daughtesr waited for TRL to come on so they can see X Stina, Backstreet Boys etc. Those were the fun days in music!!! Congrats X Stina. Glad you’re back on The Voice!

Leah on

OMG look at this beautiful blue eyes, she’s grogeous!

Bella on

OMG she’s adorable *_*

Guest on

What a beautiful baby! And those eyes!!

Moesha on

She is so precious and those blue eyes are gorgeous and the first thing I thought about the boyfriend now he is a “movie producer” first he was a music producer

Guest on

Cute baby but pathetic they have to photoshop that pic.
I’m sure her eye color doesn’t look exactly like that. Light eyes I’m sure but I think they over did it a bit…

What’s wrong with natural beauty? Geese


Did she get the names from Joaquin Phoenix’s sisters names Summer Phoenix and Rain Phoenix? lol

Jennifer on

Beautiful baby. She’s got her mother’s eyes!

Kimberley on

Gorgeous baby, but People, really: “…how motherhood has changed her life”? She’s already a mother–you make it sound like this is her first kid.

Jorge on

Oww what a beautiful eyes ❤ Summer will be a queen like her mom

Ashley on

GORGEOUS BABY!!!!! Wow, what a little doll.

Kimber on

What a beautiful child. As for the eyes being “Photoshopped” on the cover..maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. You can tell from the other pics her eyes are blue. It very well could be a result of the lighting. I have blue eyes and once had a photo taken that due to the lighting (NO Photoshop!) my eyes looked just like that…and trust me, they normally do not appear that blue. Wish they did!!

johnc on

Something doesn’t look right so it must be photoshopped? With such a beautiful baby why can’t you just leave the pic alone?

Guest on

Her eyes I’m sure are blue as most babies eyes are blue. But it’s the color of the blue on the cover that made it appear brighter and almost like its photo shopped. On the bottom pic of the baby laying you can tell her eyes are light but not that blue like the cover. Some of you can argue that statement all you want.
I am in photography and I can tell you they are photoshopped.

Stace on

This entire photo is photoshopped. But they awkwardly increased the contrast of the baby’s eyes and the hue looks slightly animated.

Lynn on

Why would they Photoshop babies eyes? Like really? Looks awful, she’s a cute baby so why make her look weird eyes

Anonymous on

She is a seriously cute baby…for real 🙂

Gramma2three on

Those eyes are such a gorgeous blue!!

Nannyto1 on

Summer Rain is precious and I absolutely LOVE the name. So pretty 🙂

Nicole on

OK… Has anyone ever seen Christina’s eyes before??? They are the exact same shade of blue, beautiful. Those who are bashing her need to go away. It’s an article about the baby, lets not include negativity in the comment section. This is such a cute baby!!!! One of the cutest I’ve ever seen

Tina on

She’s a cutie. Babies are so sweet.

Pam on

Oh my gosh she’s cute!

libba on

It’s look like the baby has makeup on…look at the lips.

wildmountainbelle on

Cute baby! Killer blue eyes!

tina on

Beautiful baby!!

NicuMom on

Beautiful baby. But why on earth would you photoshop her?? She’s 6 months old for Christ’s sakes!

Anonymous on

Why do they feel the need to airbrush and change the baby….I’m sure her eyes are not that color of blue

Bhavana on

Her baby is adorable. I love her intense blue eyes.

Jac on

My daughter has hazel eyes and they ALWAYS look photoshopped. I have a great camera. I highly doubt they photoshopped her daughter’s eyes.

Brooke on

Creepy photoshop job. Why does people always do this with babies? Just take a natural baby pic!

Serena on

Her eyes probably are NOT photoshopped. Christina has very blue eyes herself. I also know someone whose eyes really are that blue and gets asked dozens of times a day if she has contacts in. Nope, it’s all natural!

yahoo on

Sorry folks but any photos from a Magazine are photoshopped to take out flaws and to highlight…ALWAYS. I can’t say how blue that baby’s eyes are….which doesn’t matter, but that photo HAS BEN SHOPPED!

Cjar on

@ Nicole, I don’t think any of these comments fall under “bashing” — more so that people are just having a healthy debate as to whether or not the baby’s eyes are Photoshoped. If anything, people are saying this is a gorgeous baby. I’ve not read one cruel or negative comment regarding Summer Rain 🙂

KingKing on

Creative name for a baby in CA’s summer drought.

Guest on

Jennifer –

No one is bashing the baby. I don’t hear one complaint or anyone saying the baby is ugly. The only thing people are saying is the pic has been photo shopped.
It has been photo shopped! Yes it’s possible
Her eyes are similar and light blue but the way they enhanced it is obvious! You can tell it has been the bottom pic of the baby the eyes look a little darker. Anyway the baby is adorable but no one can fool me
With those eyes. It has been touched up!

Guest on

Sorry not Jennifer — Nicole! I don’t know where I came up with Jennifer haha

maryhelenc on

Omg. She’s gorgeous.

Mia on

…hiw motherhood changed her life? Did she forget she’s already a mother?

jenniferyterry on

she’s absolutely yummy

nanabear on

to Chritina and Max and Summer Rain, and Matt, congratulations on your new addition to your family. Summer is positively an adorable, beautiful baby girl. With her big brother Max to keep the boys away she is very lucky little one. to also have a stunning, talented, and loving Mom her future is in the stars. To the negative individuals, opinions are like a-holes, everybody has one, but pick on someone your own size! With all that is going on in this world, there are so may other subjects to critique. Some should take a look in the mirror and ask what can I do to be a better person?
Christina, please keep on singing, and being a beautiful mother and person. Love your music, would love to see a Burlesque II, with Cher.
I play the movie as often as possible to feel good.

Bless you and your family.

Lilyflower on

She is a cutie!

Cynthia on

Cutest Baby Ever!!! I love her….

Diva on

What a gorgeous baby!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Who the hell did the Photoshop job on Summer? It looks like this was a senior project that went HORRIBLY wrong!

gratefulgecko on

Sheez…the baby is a fair baby with blue eyes, what is the problem. Is the shade exactly the same as her eyes in person? No, but it’s a magazine. I don’t think folks have any clue how exactly you turn a photograph from RGB to CMYK on a printed page. This is a piece of paper, it’s not a photograph you’re sticking in an album. The colors have to be remade, stripped down and burned onto a printing plate, and in that process the hues changes. If you see a photograph of the ocean, is that the identical color of the ocean you saw on your morning beach walk? Of course not. Then, after THAT’S done, and the sample is shipped to People Magazine for approval, their editors enhanced the photo even more. Who cares, move on.

Angie on

Beautiful baby but why, People Mag, did you feel the need to photoshop her eyes? Children should be off-limits with the photoshopping, even if they don’t know what’s going on. Also, Christina’s left eyelashes are blue-ish green. You could have left them both completely natural and they’d still be insanely gorgeous!

Anthony on

Beautiful baby!! soo cute!! ❤ Perfectina's baby is soo GORGEOUS ! ❤

Angie on

And YES, people, they are most definitely photoshopped. Absolutely NO ONE has eyes that literally look as if there is a light shining behind them. No one’s eyes are that bright. I don’t necessarily mean the color, just the brightness. Not only that but you can tell the picture is photoshopped when Christina’s left eyelashes are the same color as the baby’s eyes! They screwed this picture up badly. That isn’t saying anything bad about neither Christina or Summer, they’re both beautiful girls. It’s about the magazine.

gratefulgecko on

Hm…let me try posting this again, since seem to want me to use WordPress instead of anything else.

A lot changes when you go from photo (or computer screen) to a physical, printed page. All the colors, every one, has to be remade and translated from RGB to CMYK. A lot changes just in that process. For example, the color of an ocean in a magazine is commonly a different hue than what’s in the photo itself, or what your eyes see on a walk on the beach. Then after that, the People Magazine editors put their touches on it. Not a big deal, move on.

ser0630 on

That baby girl is absolutely adorable!! I love those blue eyes! Summer’s eyes remind me of my younger niece’s eyes when she was around the same age (she’s 4 now and they’re still that blue). She’s a beautiful baby girl!

Delores Pauldo on

It is a cute baby. Glad to see what she look like.

emlo on

Everything is so photoshpped I don’t even know what to think.

stardustsara on

what a beautiful baby – just perfect

In This LifeTime on

@ Sarah on the choice of name, I actually thought of the douche called Summers Eve when I read ‘Summer Rain’ was the baby’s name.

nikki on

so cute

fan on

now THAT is a happy baby!!!
looking forward to seeing Xtina on the VOICE!!!

Ricardo on

She always make sure that her children (both of them) are as anglo white as possible.

Stef on

I LOVE these pictures! Those eyes are unreal.

Ricardo on

She made sure that both her children were as anglo white as possible.

life goes on on

I can say nothing else, this baby is gorgeous.

LeSigh on

Two things:
1. There is no way on earth that baby’s eyes are that color. They’re far too bright and such an unnatural shade of blue. Why photoshop a baby? I know there is a certain amount of photoshop in any magazine cover, but does a baby really need re-touching?
2. WHAT AN ADORABLE BABY. Seriously, look at her leg rolls in the last picture. I cannot with baby fat, it’s SO CUTE. She doesn’t need photoshop, People! She’s perfect the way she is.

life goes on on

@ Ricardo, you are an i@$ot.

sharon clardy on

her daughter is so so cute 🙂 she will be a heartbreaker…she’s such a beautiful doll,congrats

homegurl on

she is so cute and sweet. awwww.

Carol on

Cute baby but not liking the name. Sounds too much like a stripper.

Debbe on

Now please teach your daughter not to use SEX or any type of sexual influence in her work like you did. Teach her to use her brains. No half-naked dancing and calling it “performances” and sorry to sound rude but at the end of the day, these women like this with millions has money to pay for their childs medical, vacations, clothes. Most of us working moms, and single moms are paycheck to paycheck but work just as hard. So I kinda wanna YAWN when I hear someone with that much resources talk about what THEY do.

Debbe on

To people who say the babys eyes can’t be that blue, mine were at that age and it is true, blue eyed babies have blue eyes even when they are a year old. Didn’t just appear.

Debbe on

My eyes were blue like that at that age. Why can’t this babys not be blue?

Kay on

Summer is so adorable!

Dina on


Guest on

Don’t they sell Summer Rain for women?

Mon on

This looks like the fake baby from American Sniper. Not cool with the baby photoshopping.

Tracy on

Ok, I’ve disliked Christina for years because of some of her words about others….but now I like her again. Her gorgeous baby has melted away all my hate. LOL! I want a baby now 🙂

J. on

Aww! Summer Rain os precious!! Christina looks stunning! What a beautiful family! I bet Max loves being a big brother now.

name on

Her baby is cute but she looks like a doll. She looks too perfect to be a real baby. At least on the cover anyway. The pic underneath looks more real and natural.

Guest on

Hahaha omg that is true- Christina’s left eye lashes are
Blue! Someone mentioned it above so I re looked…
Of course this cover is photo shopped!

chevjuls on

Those are some pretty blue eyes, beautiful baby just like her mom.

Guest87 on

Can’t these celebrities give their kids a normal name????

Luis on

Beautiful baby.
I love Christina 🙂

Traci on

She’s adorable

ME on

How many more times are you going to tell us you had a shitty childhood?

klynb on

Cute baby, as far as babies go, but do you have to put every celebrity baby on the cover? I’d almost rather read about Bruce Jenner again.

ceecee on

I love seeing happy babies! She’s adorable.

Amy on

What a cutie. But how unfortunate that her name sounds like a feminine product if you catch my drift.

Guest on

Beautiful Leo baby ..

The Author on

Oh, why did they go and mutilate her gorgeous face with Photoshop? Anyone familiar with the program can spot it from a mile away, no shadows or definition, overly contrasty eyes… she’s obviously a beautiful baby, why did they feel the need to ‘shop the everloving crap out of her face?

Texas Gal on

What a beautiful little girl! Regardless of whether they photoshopped her eyes or not, she is a gorgeous baby! God bless her!

Elizabeth Rupe on

cute baby but where do these celebrities come up with these weird and stupid names for their children like that kardashian woman named her little girl North like she needs directions and now we have Summer Rain yeah we know it rains in the summer but really for a child’s name.

krtmom on

Isn’t Summer Rain the name of a women’s hygiene product?

Ginger on

Amazing eyes. Adorable.

Megan on

Okay- I have 3 children that have the craziest blue eyes. A dance photographer “edited” my daughters pics and gave her eyes like that. I returned them, because it was abnormal looking. 2 of my kids model, I get it. My kids have BEAUTIFUL blue eyes, like I’m sure her daughter has. This is the first time I have ever posted, but that cover just looks weird.

Tammy on

What a little cutie pie!

Bethany on

Perfect picture 🙂

skyangl55 on

@Ricardo……something wrong with Christina having anglo (white) babies??

skyangl55 on

@Ricardo, something wrong with XTina chosing to have anglo white babies as you put it??

nc on

She is such an adorable baby. She has her momma’ intense blue eyes. She looks so happy and Christina looks so happy with her. Congrats at look forward to you being back on The Voice.

Tonja on

What a cutie! Almost makes me want another baby.

dd on

cute baby

Kimberly on

What a beautiful baby!! The eyes aren’t photo shopped people. My boys have the same striking baby blues!!

cheryl on

Her eyes are some of the most beautiful turquoise blue eyes I’ve ever seen!!! What a doll baby!

Her Name Is Fine on

Summer is a perfectly normal name. I don’t see why people here a dropping the “crazy celebrity baby names” comments.

Bev on

Wow. Absolutely beautiful child. Those big baby blues! Awesomeness!!

Ashlee on

Hey Ricardo Christina is white herself. her father is Castilian that means white European from Spain and her mom is German. Xtina just has a Hispanic last name but her culture and race and not Hispanic. And she wanted children who looked like her.

Xoxo on

She looks just like her dad – precious baby!

gardenboy on

‘Summer Rain’ ?? Why not September fog or Winter Wind??
What’s wrong with these people??

D Dean on

What an adorable little baby!

Terri on

Matt was never a music producer, that was her ex-husband Jordan.