Aww! Kim Kardashian Gets Glam with North on Her Lap

02/10/2015 at 08:10 PM ET

Whenever we feel a little overwhelmed at the office, we like to pause, take a deep breath and think about Kim Kardashian.

After all, she’s got red carpets to walk, wardrobe malfunctions to dodge and the approving smile of husband Kanye West to bask in.

Busy she may be, but Kardashian still finds time to stay glam and clock in quality time with her daughter.

In an Instagram photo that takes balance to a whole new level, Kardashian holds sleepy daughter North, 19 months, while her beauty team gets to work. “Quick glam and a snuggle,” she writes.

Kim Kardashian glam photo North
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Not that she’s the only working mom showing off her skills on Instagram: In 2013, Gisele Bündchen posted the most impossibly glam breastfeeding selfie of all time. In her snap, Bündchen’s squad puts the finishing touches on her hair and makeup as daughter Vivian rests in her arms.

You know, as one does.

— Alison Schwartz

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Anonymous on

is the Nanny? People Magazine, can you find better news, than this family? Last time the story aired, Giselle was breastfeeding Vivian, while getting glam. I didn’t think Kim was still breast feeding? If anything this story is to draw more attention onto herself. I’m sure there’s a nanny standing by, while mommy can get ready. If anything this picture of Kim is trying to portray her as a good parent, back-peddling her behavior at the Grammy’s.

sue on

is the Nanny? People Magazine, can you find better news, than this family? Last time the story aired, Giselle was breastfeeding Vivian, while getting glam. I didn’t think Kim was still breast feeding? If anything this story is to draw more attention onto herself. I’m sure there’s a nanny standing by, while mommy can get ready. If anything this picture of Kim is trying to portray her as a good parent, back-peddling her behavior at the Grammy’s.

sara on

It’s not hard to hold your baby when you aren’t doing anything. People are working on Kim, she isn’t doing anything but sitting there. This isn’t mother of the year material.

martina on

Oh my god, I admire her so…. For just sitting there doing NOTHING with her kid on her lap. Jesus.

Truthfinder on

PALEEZE get that sweet little girl out of black and into some COLOR!

Christine on

Who cares.

Julie on

People bash her….I get it. One thing that bothers me is that people cut her down on how she is as a Mom. No one knows how she is one on one with her baby girl.

Patti on

People magazine used to be upscale. This magazine now deserves this family. I am glad I cancelled this magazine. What a waste of money.

ann on

Quality bonding time… not

Bunnie on

Why does she insist on dressing that child in black? Don’t they own a children’s clothing store? Hot pink and maybe some purple would be a welcome change.

Pat on

Just wondering does Kim pay People Magazine. Everyday this women has some self-center story about her life?

HelloNurse33 on

It’s easy to get ready that way. This would be more newsworthy if it showed her getting ready like I have to: getting yelled at by my 2 year old hollering from the other side of her baby gate after she’s gone into our dressers and thrown our clean clothes everywhere and taken off her clothes that I just dressed her in.

kait on

shes not breastfeeding…so this is a bunch of bs

The Savvy Nurse on

Ewwwww, all I can say is ewwwwwwww!

Jess on

Well, I’m guessing the nanny handed her off to her mother for the photo, and then the mother handed her off to the nanny after it was taken. There is no way a mother can sit there long enough to get her makeup put on with a toddler running around unattended.

rubyovertherainbow* on

I see she’s still unhappy with that child’s curly locks.

ja on

Bah, doesn’t count if she doesn’t breastfeed. 😉

Jessica on

So many random thoughts…that Kim’s as dimwitted as Gisele is…that it must be so relaxing for North with the noise of the hairdryer and of course, the makeup flakes falling on her face and inhaling the hairspray…Kim “finds the time for glam and cuddling”? Of course she does, with a team of hired servants to do all of the work! Give ALL of us truly working mothers a break!!

Anonymous on

Who cares. All ready done. Sloppy seconds for attention.

Anonymous on

She’s a mom who loves her child..give it a rest already

Sure on

She’s a dink…I will say at least she’s paying that poor little girl attention when she’es using her as a prop..I’m positive its the only real time she gets with her mother..I would bet my life she isn’t breastfeeding and probably hasn’t been since that baby was a few months old…there was once an episode a bunch of months ago and Kimmy said..”oh, Nori you spit up on me, now we smell the same”…Breastfed babies don’t spit up…

kathy from fla on


Nichole on

Gawd…make it stop. Everything this thing does is for show, and publicity. No one is buying that Kim spends time with North. Too much damage control going on.

Anonymous on

I would like to think that she has a sense of humor and that this is a rift on the Gisele picture but I’m not sure…


No one cares about KK. Seriously. So tired of hearing about her.

Emer on

Her nose is so different !

Kate on

She’s beautiful and her child is beautiful. What’s not beautiful is the reactions of some of these people on this comment section. People that say nasty things about those they don’t know are just as bad as any bully. I hope none of you are mothers because if this is the attitude your owning and you have children then YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE.

Jane on

Can we PLEASE make these slugs go away?! Oh look! She is doing nothing except being dolled up to be a pig who got famous for…well YOU KNOW. People, you are so much better than this.

DaisyMoon on

So I wonder if that makeup artist has the urge to stick that pencil in her eye, or if the hairstylist dreams of yanking that hair right from the root?

Maci on

When she can do her hair, nails, and makeup by herself while holding a child, then she deserves a picture. Until then…no…just no

lala on

I see a picture of kim doing what kim does best …. being a narcissistic following. She never leads or comes up with her own ideas, she follows what others do to get compliments, stories and time in the press. And you gobble it up.

G. on

This pic is b.s. Kim K isn’t a real mother. She doesn’t take care of that baby and only uses her for photo ops.

Sky on

Serously!? Anyone can do this. Let’s see her do her own hair & makeup while tending to her child like most working Moms!! Not newsworthy!

guest on

Bunch of nasty witches showing up claiming to cancel subscriptions you KNOW they never had. Sorry kids, its not that no one cares about Kim, clearly lots of people do, including you! Its really that no one cares about you or your opinions because here she is again. Also, for those who say she has no talent, well what talent do the Duggars have other than breeding like puppies, what talent do any reality starts have other than those in talent competitions obviously. Her talent is making people pay attention to her. They obviously do and the sex tape was a LONG time ago but has managed to stay famous unlike Paris and the guy she made the tape with.

Laura Nicole Mattson on

The first paragraph of this article is probably the stupidest thing I have ever read. I mean…really?

Hally on

Look at that makeup artist. Even he looks annoyed with her! LOL

Tammi on

Am I the only one noticing that the baby is “trying” to take a nap while mommy’s blow dryer is on full blast!!! No wonder the poor thing always looks so cranky! 😦

Julie on

All tacky comments aside, this is a precious picture. You can’t make a baby rest quietly in your lap on cue. She’s a mother and she loves her child. Nori is just adorable.

Amanda on

That’s probably all the poor girl sees is mommy getting made up and trying on clothes and looking in a mirror all day. Sad.

percy on

Whore and child.

Ginger on

I watched the Kardashian show a few years back. Kim seemed OK. Fast forward to current day. When I saw bits of the show, Kim was throwing a 1 year party for North at her sister’s house – without her sister’s permission. Her lips looked fake and puffy, and she was acting like a spoiled fool. I was embarrassed for her. Fake is the only word that comes to mind. I guess that’s the way Kanye likes it. Fake, self-absorbed with a butt the world has now all seen.

stacey on

At least her boob is not hanging out. I’ll give her that!

Ben on

Lol the media’s hatred for them keep boosting them up the ladder. It would be better if no one said one thing about them. That would kill their fame faster but you people can’t help your selves and Internet sites love it because they get high traffic counts. Win win for Kim/Kanye West and the Kardashians.

Anonymous on

That is a very sweet photo.

KK on

Very sweet photo.

mommytoane on

Awe, its nice to see Kim actually takes time out of her porn career…err nude photo career…err wait, what does she do? Either way nice she takes time to hold her own darn kid.

joey on


Carmelle's Treasures on

Ah nice to see mother daughter bonding from them finally…

sandee on

doesn’t work without the breastfeeding. When did Kim stop?

sandee on

is that the baby from “American Sniper”?

Seriously, show her face, she is THE CUTEST CHILD in the western hemisphere!

Jennifer from the Netherlands on

Fur wearing and animal killing narcissist. Just like her husband.

marquire on

looks normal. every mothers hugs her toddlers anytime. Kim or whoever.

Bob on

She’s a nice looker admittedly but she has ruined herself with the scum she screws.

LS0919 on

People Mag’s obsession with Kim is sickening. I’m really getting to where I don’t even want to check this site for celeb news & gossip anymore because every day is some random no-news story about her.
Do the editors & writers not read the comments sections of their own articles? A majority of readers are tired of this nonsense.

Annie on

Gisele looks better

Mary on

She has to hold the baby every once in a while to show she is a good mom. Eye roll. Feel bad for North.

Tiffany on

anyone notice she’s not wearing her wedding ring?

mrsbethbell on

This is me, too. Except my entourage consists of a 5-year-old, an infant, and a dog, and I’m sitting on the toilet. Thankfully my husband just shouts at me from another part of the house. I feel you, Kim, really.

Ashley on

That little girl is in black again???!!!
I swear to God I don’t understand this vapid woman. If you don’t wanna put her in pink or very girly, flowery things it’s fine, but there are so many cute, colorful toddler things still. It’s so depressing that she’s always in black…

Nanu21 on

Does Kim have a reporter that lives with her as she makes sure every detail of her boring life is reported…….poor North is always dressed in BLACK!!!!

faheema on

I think every one with a bad comment is soooooo jelous ssss that this beutifull lady is sooooo hot and soooo fame and proof to be a born star …dso stop with your blaaa blaaa blaaaa shit comments .

faheema on

all just soooooo jeoulous , this lady is hot beautifull and fame and was born with fame , dnt comment if you dnt have anything nice to say , yes she can have 10 nanays , so what !!!!!!!! any mom is a food mom , no matter what , u people all have mom faults too .and sure kim will give her children the best love money can buy , and if she want to have her baby in black soooo whattttttt !! black is beautifullllllllll

Anonymous on

Oh look – how cute, Kim is comforting a baby ape. Oh wait. Nevermind…

jas on

Again? This was disgusting when Gisele did it, it’s disgusting now! Sorry, folks. I was never that glamorous when my son was a baby! I certainly didn’t have hair and make up crews! Motherhood is about getting dirty, shedding tears, and looking disheveled while doing the greatest job in the world. She is not a role model for mothers! I’m so tired of People mag glamorizing a family that is so full of egomaniacs, they can’t see past their own noses!! People, when you wake up and realize that this family doesn’t deserve to grace your pages, maybe you’ll get your readers back! (doubtful, but hey, it can happen!)

gracie on

OH, Faheema…you must be one of those brainless, moronic”fans”…idolizing someone who has zero talent, a massive ego and is famous for a sex tape and constantly posing fully nude in/on public forums.I don’t think any of the negative commenters are the least bit jealous. We just cannot understand how anyone would find Kim someone to envy or even care about. If anything, I am repulsed by the fact people hold such a mess in high esteem.

CherylS on

@sure Breastfed babies don’t spit up? Both my children were breastfed until they were a year old and never had formula but they spit up all the time! Also, North is approaching two years old so I would say that it’s pretty likely that she’s not being breastfed now.

Anonymous on

Another photo op with her accessory!!! What a joke…the poor kid is only there for publicity sake and nothing more!!!

Koz on

Dress the little girl some color other than black!

Suzi on

Really? Pathetic.

PatheticKim on

Gisele actually breastfeeds her children. BTW, I’m not bashing women who can’t breastfeed, but I’m so completely sure Kim never even tried, as she feared her “precious” breasts would be ruined by that “selfish” little girl for wanting to feed off her mom’s milk. This is so staged, like any picture of this woman trying to appear like the mother we all know she is not.

Krista on

@ Martina, you meant to say ‘Yeezus’ right? lol
I wonder if Kim takes her to the park, zoo, reads to her, or tucks her in every night. Those little things are what kids cherish. If you have to have the paps or an Instagram pic as “proof” you are a good parent, there is a major problem.

Sasha on

North looks super cozy in her mom’s arms… sweet

IMO on

Cute photo.

KR on

Giselle was working while breastfeeding her daughter. This trash shouldn’t be mentioned in the same article with Giselle. Trash is trash no matter how much you try to polish it. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig…

Kris on

Guess What…I held my son and brushed my own hair and my husband said I looked beautiful! I didn’t need to take a photo to ‘brag’ about my ‘bonding’.

Lebogang on

I just love Kim Kardarshian and Khanye West rocking couple wow!!

Missus is on

This is staged – blow drying hair that’s already dry? This family is so delusional and dim witted that they think people buy into all of their staged and rehearsed scenarios where they are trying to disprove their bad press.
Kardashians – we are the smart ones and you are the dumb ones!

IMO75 on

It’s hardly an accomplishment to look glamorous when you are PAYING someone to do your make up and hair plus a stylist to pick out your clothes….

IMO75 on

I put on my own makeup and straighten my hair while holding my toddler with one arm…. now that is an accomplishment…

KM on

Kim using her child like accessory!

Cee Cee on

You people are so hateful and obviously jealous of this woman. IF you don’t care about Kim why click on the article to read it or look at the picture in the first place. Why take the time to write so much about her if you don’t care about her. Stop criticizing her as a mother. It is her job to be always ready for the cameras. Is this normal no, but nothing any celebrity does is normal. So what if she has a Nanny I wish I had one when I was raising my daughter. I have taken my daughter with me to the salon and she didn’t want to sit in her stroller and just wanted me so guess what, yes she ended up in my arms in the chair while I was having my hair done, OMG I must also be a terrible parent. She has been on my hip while I was in the kitchen cooking because if I didn’t pick her up she wouldn’t stop crying. She has had to sit in the bathroom while I took a shower. When our children want us we just give in no matter what we are doing.We don’t know how much time she spends with her child. Do you bring a child to every event in your life? When we spend 9-10 hours a day away from our children due to work and commuting is there anyone judging you. When we go out with our girlfriends or out to dinner with our spouses are we taking the children along with us ALWAYS. Take a look at your own lives and consider how much time you spend away form your children to make a living. We don’t know if her child is in a hotel room waiting for her or not. Why should she take her child out to every event, the last time I checked a child that age does have a bed time. Granted I am a woman of 43 years old and I don’t follow the Kardashians much but while I am taking time my break at work I do check out the people site to see what the celebs are up to. This is a beautiful girl and I think she is finally happy and we need to stop all the hate. The funny part is while you are hating her life is till getting fuller. I am sure that her daughter loves her and so does her husband and that is all that matters. There are so many celebrities that we see out all the time globe trotting and have multiple nannies and you all aren’t sending them as much hate as you are this young lady.

Cee Cee on

Why so much hate for this woman and her child. I don’t have glam squad but I have been at the salon with my child and she did not want to sit in her stroller and I had to put her in my lap and hold her while I was getting my hair done. I have had her on my hip while cooking and in the bathroom while I took a shower, OMG I must be a horrible parent. I wish I had a nanny when I was raising my daughter it would have made life so much easier. If I could have afforded it I would have. We judge this woman on the amount of time she spends away form her child but think about how much time we as working parents spend apart form our children in a day some 9-10 hours (work and commuting), if you do that five days a week think about how much time that is. I don’t want anyone to judge me for that because I have to work and so did my husband while our daughter was growing up. It is her JOB to look camera ready each time she goes out. it is her job to travel and do all the things she does, we may not like it but it is her job. Do you know if her child is in a hotel room waiting for her? Do you take your child to every event in your life. Do you take your child to lunch with girlfriends or date night with your spouse.
Obviously there is some jealousy here, because if you hate Kim as much as you say you do then why rad the article? Why comment on the article? It sure took time out of your day to not only read but write so guess what she is till winning. Granted I am a woman in my 40s and I am not a fan of the Kardashians but I do like ready the articles people has and they don’t bother me. I just don’t like all the HATE being written about people that have done nothing to any of you.

Emily on

Wow everybody.. Look!!! Shes sitting!!!! omg!!!!

Dailey on

At first glance I am saying, oh another Kardashian story. I am a working mom, a real working mom. I put my son in a carrier against my tummy while I blow dry my hair so that I can make it to work by 8. I am not a fan of this family. With that said, I would love to not have to worry about being late for a conference call or if my hair has volume or looks greasy because I haven’t had time to wash in 2 days. This is her job and she is a mom. We all figure out a way to make it work. My anger is jealousy. If I had a glam squad I would be more relaxed and get to do the best thing I do all day. Snuggle my lil guy. You go KK. While your not my role model you are juggling what all moms do and if the works for ya, I won’t judge.

Anonymous on

The more comments her stories get, the more this site will post about her, as it brings traffic. If you don’t want to see so many, stop commenting!

Selena on

What is the obsession with this woman, who has porn pictures all over the internet, forever half-naked in all her photos? There are really beautiful women to obsess with. Kim is short, overweight, body not in proportion, average looks bordering on unattractive.

Anonymous on

This is Kim’s photo opportunity for publicity.

Yea on

Seriously! Find something better to write about! She probably hasn’t seen her daughter in a week so she has to get a quick snuggle in before she leaves again. She is mother but she probably doesn’t know what her child likes and don’t like because the nanny raises her. Kim is to busy taking her clothes off praying for someone to notice her.

OTDina on

I have never, ever seen a picture of this woman that I have liked. But I do like this one.

Bash her all you want, and I have done my share of it. She is trashy, and gaudy, and just doesn’t seem to have any class or redeeming qualities. BUT, I do like this picture.

Say what you want about having nannies, and care givers and whatever. I know plenty of very busy people, and even not so busy people who have them, and even some that don’t, but should. But there is one thing a lot of people are over looking. A baby who isn’t comfortable with someone, would never get themselves into that position. That baby is comfortable there. Maybe (likely) Kim doesn’t do a large portion of the mothering, and I deeply wish she would put that child in some colorful or classy clothes, but she does do some of it. That child is comfortable and being loved at that moment, and I just have to say it is my favorite (and really the only one I ever liked) picture of Kim.

Yes, she is just sitting there doing nothing. But she could be sitting there doing nothing with the child in another room, wishing her mommy would just hold her. But she isn’t.

I get it (scary huh). I am a busy woman too. But sometimes when I sit down to do some work on the computer, so just to breathe, my 4 yr old will run up to me and just want to be there and be nearby. So I will do the same thing. Mothers can’t always drop everything and hold out children. We may want to, but we can’t. Sure, she isn’t fighting for world peace, or searching for a cure for cancer, or really doing anything remotely useful with her life, but she is busy in her own way. She had a few minutes of not doing anything, and she elected to spend them holding her child. I think that should be acknowledged and applauded.

Anna Healey on

What does she have to “stay glam” for? What is her job in life. I think she spends most of the time having Banana Powder plastered onto her face. I don’t mean to be bitchy but I just don’t have any interest in this girl.

sandy on

I wonder if little North ever gets so sick and tired of watching mom get glammed up?
Plus, it really is something that they never allow her to wear something colorful. It’s like she’s always in mourning! Black & gray!

Sharon on

Now if she was cooking dinner, folding laundry taking care of her children I would say that would be an awesome photo, but she is just holding her child as someone else does her hair and makeup, not really that big of a deal.

Mag on

What are you doing have that child’s ears so close to that hair dryer while it’s blowing? Are you now afraid if she’s not there in your arms, photog’s will stop taking photos of you? Ridiculous!

marshmallowjane on

I love looking at photos of the baby. I wish she smiled more than she does. Kim might be an okay mom. I hope somebody passes on some real and indepth qualities. I don’t think Kim lives in the moment. She doesn’t notice what’s around her. She’s too busy posing and taking selfies to truly put somebody else first. Her favorite thing to do is to be the center of attention. I don’t know how this translates to motherhood. This little girl is either very lucky, very unlucky, or she’s simply different.

Anonymous on

This is nothing – I hold my tired baby while doing my OWN makeup and hair – on a daily basis!

Lori on

She’s such a media ho….

ladycamp2013 on

Other working moms are not making millions by posting selfies or posing fully nued just to make sure she is in the news…. As you can see aboue, they also have a glam team! Mothers I know that work, do not make million, do not have glam team , get there kids to school and then come home and make dinner… Kardashian and others, probably do not make dinner take-out… So enough of Kardashian, they are rude, no filter on their mouths and mom only cares about $$$$ and trying to look like she is 20 and hanging out with her daughters… Pathetic….

gametime on

More like, “Aw, gawd. Who cares?”

sylvia on

Why is that little 19 month old toddler always dressed in black? Why?

jill on

I have never even seen a busy mom take so many selfies as this woman. Most moms spend actual time with their child and take pictures of their child. Not themselves…PATHETIC

Nanu21 on

That supermodel has a picture of her nursing her baby while getting all her make up done so old Kim has to try to top that… she is clearly a copy cat…..Kim is as boring as day old bread!!!! YAWN!!!

anne on

Does this mean she got rid of that terrible blonde hair already? Not that it makes much of a difference…..she is still a narcissistic, boring, self absorbed, person. A picture of her without a phone in her hand….wow!

Suze on

My question is what is Kim gonna do when the “fad” wears off ? When she isn’t big news ( just because she made a sex tape ) I can’t imagine a mom like Kris Jenner either. Kim is a horrible mom because she was raised by a horrible mom…..get it ? Wonder if Kim ever smiles at North ? Doubt it….Personally I don’t see anything beautiful here, and yes if the Kardashians fell off the face of the earth it would be a great thing cuz then we could read about something worth while. I would never want my child to think that I think someone like Kim K or any member of her family is worth the time of day…yuk

Monica on

Not impressed. Gisele was breastfeeding which is a job in itself, and fulfilling her work commitment.