Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter Engaged and Expecting First Child

02/10/2015 at 04:25 PM ET

Jennifer Carpenter pregnant expecting first child Seth Avett
Jerod Harris/WireImage; Rick Diamond/Getty

Jennifer Carpenter is engaged — and expecting!

The former Dexter star is expecting her first child with fiancé Seth Avett, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

On Saturday, Carpenter, 35, stepped out on a coffee run in Los Feliz, California, sporting a sparkly band on her ring finger and revealing her budding baby belly while chatting on the phone.

The actress — who is best known for playing serial killer Dexter’s foster sister, former Lieutenant Debra Morgan, on the hit series — and The Avett Brothers musician, 34, have been dating for almost two years.

E! News was the first to report the happy news.

Jennifer Carpenter pregnant expecting first child Seth Avett

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Anonymous on

So not surprised that she roped him in for good with a pregnancy after stalking him for two years while he was married, and then posting a happy message and a pic of herself doing a cartwheel the day he announced he was divorcing his wife to be with her. She has no class. Ick, hard to be happy for him with her as the mother.

Heather on

I had heard that she and the guy from Dexter broke up because he didn’t want children. Guess she got what she wanted now!

Bella on

Is it just me, or do they look like siblings?

AnonIA on

Holy crap- is that her brother?????

Sam on

It’ great that the baby will have two dads.

Anonymous on

Ick! This is a photo op that was well planned out. JC is fake and I see right through her BS. Who the hell holds their phone with their left hand up to their right ear? Yes, We see you have a bump. Yes, we see you are engaged. Yes, we see the shout out to Crackerfarm. I agree that she stalked Seth and I wouldn’t be shocked if she “accidentally” got pregnant either. Criss your fingers that some desperate stalker doesn’t do to you what you have done to Seth’s ex wife.

Kat on

No idea who either of these people are but after reading the comments I HATE this woman.

Anonymous on

They look like twins. They even have the same off side smile in those photos. Weird.

yahoo on

Comments are just hilarious!

Guest49 on

Well Anonymous, he let it happen didn’t he. He’s the one that sounds like a douchebag. He made the choice to allow this to carry on for two years when he was cheating on his wife. She’s well rid of him and Jennifer may find that one day he will turn around and do the same thing to her.

Lexy on

Yup^^^^^ she totally went after him. It was so seedy when it happened

Lulu on

Have to say this woman’s face just has always rubbed me the wrong way and now to learn she went after a married man, she truly disgusts me. Plus, his wife, Susan Avett is so beautiful and Jennifer Carpenter is so unattractive and weird looking. I was shocked that a hunky guy like Michael C. Hall would get involved with her. Now, Seth Avett is no looker but he still managed to get a beautiful wife. And he dumped her for this one?

ebunallen on

Glad for a talented Avett baby. Sad it’s this pairing. I was hoping for a breakup. Now it’s harder. Icky is a perfect description of this couple built on infidelity and lies.

Anonymous on

Oh the day of the “happy cartwheel”..who can forget? What an idiot. So glad that Seth has taught her to keep her online activities to a minimum. So nauseating and icky!!

Anonymous on

Susan Avett is beautiful.

Anonymous on

I have been a fan of The Avett Brothers for 10 years. Aside from their amazing songwriting and musical talent I Was drawn to the fact that they appeared to be good Southern boys. Men who were simply trying to spread joy through their music and wanted to live pivate lives. Scott still seems to be wholesome. Seth, on the other hand, left his gorgeous wife Susan, to sleep with a woman who chased him around the globe, incessantly stalking him like a groupie. I want both brothers to be happy, but can’t help but to feel so many of their lyrics are lies now. I hope Jennifer Carpenter has sown her wild oats and treats Seth better than she did her Ex. I hope Seth knew what he was doing, and isn’t simply JC’s next victim. I hope fans of The Avett Brothers can find truth in their lyrics once again.

stew on

Well, her face is crooked one way and his the other, so maybe the kid’s face will be straight?

Steph on

Everyone commenting mean things about Jennifer are ignorant. She is a beautiful person inside and out and Seth is so lucky to have her, which clearly he knows. She’s carrying their child and it’s obvious how in love he is with her. Aside from that, Jennifer is incredible! She’s so talented and she’s so sweet and nurturing. She will be the BEST mom. Check out a video her fans made for her birthday in December of this link doesn’t work, it’s also posted with my name 🙂 Congrats Jennifer! And you too Seth! (Even if your fans are judgemental and mean-spirited)

anonymous on

Wow, you guys are pitiful. Do any of you know them personally? Get a life.

dreamoutloud74 on

A baby! A motherf**ing, roly-poly, chubby-cheeked, sh** machine! are you kidding me?

Girasole26 on

I am an Avett fan…. a huge Avett fan, and I see many of y’all are too. Y’all are also being awfully judgmental & mean-spirited. It takes two to tango. Quit blaming her for what they both did. Clearly they are happy. Wish them well, and move on. Seth doesn’t belong to you. You don’t know his story. Relax, Relate, Release

keepitpositive on

I’m absolutely thrilled for them. They’re going to be great parents and I’m sure Seth will write some great songs! All the commenters below must be with absolutely no sins, ready to cast stones, huh? #saylove

Anonymous on

They look like siblings sister and brother.

Anonymous on

Some of the commenters here are just angry and bitter that Seth never acknowledged their creepy stalkerish behavior after years of them following them from show to show, making inappropriate comments, and acting like they *know* Seth. Hi Shawna!

Valarie on

So happy for Seth and Jennifer! Congrats.

mer on

I’m very happy for her, I loved her on Dexter. Though I liked her with Michael C. Hall.

Ana on

Seth Avett is such a great looking, talented artist who does so much good in this world. Why can’t E or People post a picture that is worthy of him? (Seriously, he is gorgeous). Congratulations to them on this happy news. I’m betting that both of them are much happier than those who are so offended and judgmental of the personal events in their lives.

SayLoveForever on

I am saddened by some of the comments I have read. We all have a past, we have all made decisions and acted in ways that we would not want to be remembered by. Seth is a smart man, full of love, and deserves a caring relationship just like the rest of us. If she makes him happy, I’m happy. He’s a grown man, if she is who she is accused to be (or was), he will figure that out. Otherwise, I think he will be an amazing dad. Judging by videos and pictures of them together, they’ll make amazing PARENTS, full of love. That’s all that sweet little Avett baby needs, love.

Anonymous on

Susan Avett was a complete and utter control freak with a mean streak longer than their tour routes. Jennifer Carpenter is a much better person on her worst day than Susan ever was on her best day.

Anonymus on

“People don’t know shit!” That’s a Scott Avett quote from last night’s show! #Denouncing

Pam on

Never heard of them, but happy for them.

anonynous on

Seth Avett is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. These comments are based on ignorance. People need to stop judging without knowing all of the facts. We all know there are 2 sides to every story.

Olga on

Loved Jennifer on Dexter, she is a good actress.

Elle on

I think jc is a good actress and i like some avett brothers songs but that baby has no chance of having a forehead.

Kas on

Ooh they looked so cute!

Laughing at Anonymous on

This comment is for the Anonymous that said they feel so many of their lyrics are lies now, I think they should re-listen to any of the “Pretty Girl” songs that are mostly about taking advantage of girls and then kicking them to the curb. The Avetts are good people but they are human and human’s do dumb stuff, they have the gall to speak the truth and call themselves out. They are artists and sometimes that is a hard thing to be.

jay on

Elle, that comment made me laugh soo hard! I love JC and Seth!

Anonymous on

Who are we all kidding. Jennifer Carpenter is a HORRIBLE actress. Love babies though. Good for them.