Baby Girl on the Way for Sophie B. Hawkins – at 50!

02/06/2015 at 06:00 PM ET

Sophie B. Hawkins Pregnant Daughter
Shervin Lainez

Sophie B. Hawkins will be welcoming a new addition to her family this July.

The singer — who is already mom to a 6-year-old son, Dashiell — is pregnant with a baby girl after being implanted with her own frozen embryo (sperm was provided by a donor).

“I found Dashiell really needs a sibling,” Hawkins tells PEOPLE of her decision to have another child. “My son has one parent who’s 50. I want him to have a family of young people too!”

Before becoming pregnant, Hawkins faced fears because of her age and the fact that she is newly single.

“I went through waking up crying and saying, ‘Am I too old? Will I suddenly at 51 have my knees give out?'” she admits. “Now I don’t have any of those fears because I feel healthy and strong. I’m also setting up a good net of support, and that’s the key to anybody having a child.”

Hawkins says her age was not a concern for doctors because she had frozen embryos at the age of 31, was in good physical health and had a healthy first child.

“For me, the main decision was emotional,” she says. “I’ve been wanting to have a child since Dashiell was 1, but I was working too much and there was a lot going on in my relationship.”

The “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” singer, who identifies as omnisexual, says now she is more than ready to raise a baby alone.

“I interviewed a lot of divorced women and they said, ‘It’s so much easier to do it alone. You don’t have the pressure or the criticism or judgment of someone else.’ Of course then you ask, ‘Will I miss the emotional support?’ Well, to tell you the truth, I’m getting that more from my friends than I ever got in a relationship.”

After a rough first trimester due to morning sickness, Hawkins is back to feeling like herself.

“I’m in the glorious second trimester so I forget I’m pregnant, and it’s really nice,” she says. “I still exercise the same, work the same, do everything the same.”

Both she and Dashiell are eagerly awaiting the new arrival to their family.

“He asks me every day — he named her Bubblegum — when is Bubblegum coming out?”

— Gabrielle Olya

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Sophie!

nikki on

congrats but whats omnisexual

Lily on

What is omnisexual??

Kat on

What is omnisexual? Off to google…

jlduke55 on

Congratulations! This baby girl sounds loved and very much wanted by her and her son, that’s the most important thing, I wish them the best!!

Shawn on

Never too late!

Katie on

Off to Google. You made me laugh because that’s my next stop. ha

Julie on

Congratulations Sophie!

Turner on

Fantastic…a healthy woman at 50 CAN have a healthy baby. Great news, she is courageous and I wish her the best!

melissajean0 on

Before everyone else runs to google, omnisexual means she likes all sexes including transexuals, men, women, etc. In other words she’ll have sex with any type of human being.

With that said….alllllrighty then.

deb on

Just love her! What a down to earth lady…best of luck to her and her family 🙂

susan on

Omnisexual=sleeps with anything that asks, sometimes more than one at a time. Yay for diseases!

Ariel on

I wouldn’t ask divorced people… they clearly didn’t have a good marriage and chose to leave it so it’s no surprise that they like it. I would ask kids who were raised by a single mother if that’s what they would have chosen.

Lee on

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful blessing!!!

Lee on

Congratulations!!! What a blessing!!!

Dawn on

Good for her! Wondered what she’d been up to. She’s very lucky to have a trusted support system and the money to raise children on her own. I’d never choose to do it alone again unless I had the resources to have live in help. Single parenting is absolutely no joke and the hardest thing in the world. Prefer it over raising a child with an abusive, hurtful, useless partner, but it would be really amazing to have a person in it 100% to tag team after a long day. She’s a lucky woman.

Liv on

Oh gosh no just NO!! 50 is way too OLD to have a newborn. And that is also selfish and reckless although of course she has tons of money to leave behind for someone else to continue to raise her child.

Emily on

In my opinion, the child should be the first thing considered when choosing to be a single parent. Not the parent. This comes off as very selfish. But as long as SHE’S happy…

Kal on

At age 50 she is remarkable!

MrsJAZ on

Congratulations and wishing you every happiness. It’s never to late for a baby !!

ImALadyToo on

I think it is selfish to have a baby at 50, no matter what shape you’re in. When she graduates from high school, you will be almost 70! That is just not fair.

SAR on

Wow, had no idea Sophie was 50. Obviously this new baby is wanted and loved, just like its big brother.

No thanks on

Gross. Old enough to be the baby’s grandmother.

Cindy on

Children are nothing but trophies and commodities now!

kay on

Congrats!! A sibling for her son will be a life long friend.

Mary on

@ Ariel–I totally agree. I don’t know ANY single mom who wanted/preferred to be one…it just happened and they’re making the best of it. Also, giving your child a sibling is a dumb reason to have another child. I am close to my siblings, but my husband has very little contact with his sister…there’s no guarantee they will be friends, much less family.

Lindsay Garcia on

It may be easier to some to have the only say in everything and call all the shots but every child deserves and benefits from a loving mother and father.

Lindsay Garcia on

melissajeanO No it doesn’t for crying out loud. I’m heterosexual and that doesn’t mean I’ll have sex with any other existing heterosexual. You’re dumb

Kathy on

She is more like a grandmother for her baby.

jewels1972 on

@Lindsay Garcia….Melissa O was indeed correct! Her definition was spot on. Your comment made no sense at all.

Lily on

This comment is silly, “I interviewed a lot of divorced women and they said, ‘It’s so much easier to do it alone. You don’t have the pressure or the criticism or judgment of someone else.’ You make it seem a partner is a negative, but I have a partner who doesn’t criticize or judge. Good luck and bright blessings to you.

casmia on

Good for her. Congrats on the pregnancy and wishing her a healthy, happy, smooth pregnancy.

jdepp on

She’s really, really messed up.

dawn on

good for her but who is she?

Marilynn Huff on

I don’t believe she froze embryos at 31 and has been paying cryobank storage fees on a freezer burned embryo fathered by a gamete donor for the last 20 years. She should tell the world his donor number and the name of the bank she used and someone like Wendy Kramer at the DSR could verify if his ID number was consistent with a number from that bank in that time frame. Having a baby with a sperm donor or egg donor cheats the donor’s child out of their own family who should be caring for them and gives them to a family who paid for them or got them as a gift people who wanted them to be abandoned and sequestered from maternal and paternal relatives. If that is her offspring which is so unlikely given the story and the number of years she says the embryo was stored then she still is not fair to the kid because she should not want her kids father to abandon them and the kid deserves to be part of their paternal family too. It’s not like this is a permanent disability the adults can fix it by changing their behavior for their kid’s benefit

Maxine on

She is amazing to raise soon 2 young kids at this later age and as a single mother.

Marilynn Huff on

Age would not be an issue if this is really her child but if it’s not and all she did was gestate another woman’s child and keep the child to herself then it it would be a violation of the child’s human rights no matter what age she was. If she’s 50 and has a kid she’s not restricting the kids legal rights or anything but if she paid the mother to not raise her kid so she could instead that’s messed up

nell on

@MarilynHUff, what the heck are you talking about?! She said she used her own embryo, case closed!

Karen on

Omnisexual? Seems selfish but I heard she is the reason Rosie is leaving her wife so maybe she is not as alone as she says? Whatever the truth is, wishing a healthy baby. Omnisexual? hmmm

Kestrel on

Omnisexual is a different way of saying bisexual. There can be a lot of flak for bisexuals even within the gay community and certainly outside of it – it seems to mean to some people that Bi folks can’t make up their minds – so some are calling themselves omnisexual instead.
No biggie.

Good for her! She was really thinking ahead almost 20 years ago which was very smart. Best wishes¡

Kestrel on

REONSE TO {Susan on February 6th, 2015
Omnisexual=sleeps with anything that asks, sometimes more than one at a time. Yay for diseases!}
Honey, the only revolting thing out there is you and your disease is being a disgusting, repulsive, narrow-minded pustule on decent society. Please remove yourself from the community of humans…you’re a nauseating pig and we don’t want to infect the children.

Anonymous on

nell- Thank you. I don’t get why it’s so hard to believe the embryo is hers. It’s entirely possible to store a frozen embryo for multiple decades. Anyway, congrats to her! Fifty IS rather old to be having a child, but it sounds like she did her research (checking with doctors in regards to whether she could safely carry a child at her age, etc.) and gave this decision a lot of thought.

emma on

Name him or her Chance because you are taking one. I wish you all the best

Anonymous on

Love the name Dashiell! So happy for him to have a sibling.

Anonymous on

To all you negative nellies, it’s her choice to have a child at any age, with or without a man and as long as she is a loving mom who can care for her child emotionally and financially then what do you care. Not every child is raised in a home with two loving, emotionally stable parents. I bet many of you critics are raising your kids in a dysfunctional environment with your spouse. Her kids are lucky to have her as a mom.
And to all of you saying she’s old enough to be the grandmother– not everyone gets pregnant at 23-24, thank G*d!!!! Some women are smart enough to realize they should wait until their 30’s to have children as they will be more mature and hopefully better off financially to tend to the needs of the child!! So shut up!

Hea on

I feel for that child. It’s way way way too old to become a parent at 50. What kind of doctor do this willingly?

Kate on

So she had this embryo implanted from when she was 31? It is almost 20 years old? I know that reproductive technology has advanced but I thought that egg and embryo freezing was in the experimental stages back in 1994. She is very lucky the embryo survived all of this time-even doctors today recommend frozen eggs and embryos be used within 6 years. I’m also curious why she waited so long to do this I dunno, as long as she Is healthy but I do think it’s a little selfish, have to agree there.

Kay Pasa on

Yikes, at her age she should be enjoying some grandchildren, and having freedom.

donald on

“DAMN! I wish I was your BABY”

Anonymous on

Omnisexual just fancy way of saying bisexual

Rosie1234 on

I can understand wanting to wait till you’re married, finished with college and settled in your career to want to have children–this should transpire around the time you hit 30. Having children at 50 is just beyond my scope of understanding. By the time her daughter starts first grade, she’ll almost be old enough to retire! Somehow I ended up pregnant just as I started going through menopause and I was less than thrilled about it. You should have kids when you’re young enough to keep up with them—and young enough so people don’t stop you in the grocery store and tell you, “what a lovely grandchild you have.”

Van on

Happy for her and congrats.

sandy on

I HATE all these new terms. Just be who you want to be! So your a single older mother. Who cares?! You will have your happy family- with or without a man. I’m sure she has men in her life who can fill the role of being male companion to her son.

Anonymous on

Never heard of omnisexual, only know it now.

Rally on

So Rosie, how were you when you had your last child? You said you started menopause, but menopause is usually at 50 for most women.

rm on

I don’t think it’s very wise to have a baby at that age.

Nas on

It’s going to be hard on her at this age, plus she is a single mother.

Ann on

Congratulations to Sophie on her new addition!

Elizab on

Very exciting for her! It is a true blessing!!!!

Days of Broken Arrows on

Wendy Wasserstein did this, then died, leaving her child an orphan. Being older and single presents a double-whammy for kids, should anything happen to mom. I hope she chose good godparents.