Ryan Reynolds: Wife Blake Lively Is a ‘Human Denny’s’

02/05/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Ryan Reynolds never knew he was willing to share some of wife Blake Lively‘s best assets with another person — until he became a father.

During a Thursday appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael, The Voices actor said the couple’s newborn baby girl, whom they welcomed in December, is a big fan of late-night feeds.

“If anything else woke up every 45 minutes during the night demanding to see my wife’s breasts, you kill it,” he jokes. “[But with] a baby, you’re like, ‘Wahoo!'”

Ryan Reynolds Live Kelly and Michael
David M. Russell/Disney/ABC

Although Reynolds, 38, and Lively, 27, are still not logging many hours of sleep, the doting dad admits sacrificing shuteye is well worth it.

“I’m happily not getting any sleep. These days, I think of blinking as taking tiny little naps all day,” he shares. “It’s what you do — you’re up all night. What’s weird is you’re happy about it in a strange way.”

But unlike fellow first-time parents, Reynolds is reluctant to classify his daughter — who is not named Violet — as off the intelligence charts.

“Everyone thinks their baby is a genius. People find it delightfully refreshing when I tell them, ‘My baby? Totally average. Like, 100 percent average,’ ” he says.

“I have a friend who said his 2½-year-old was reciting Chekhov. Now that baby’s a genius and probably, let’s be honest, a bit of an a–hole.”

The couple have yet to reveal their daughter’s name, but during Wednesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman, Reynolds explained that it’s not that he doesn’t want to share — he just prefers to do so on a more personal basis.

“We definitely [have a name]. I threw out the idea of just never naming the kid to be totally original, but, no, we have a name,” he tells David Letterman. “I don’t want to say it in a media context — I tell everyone who I meet, so it’ll come out.”

It wasn’t long before Letterman resorted to a popular list of baby names and an old fashion guessing game ensued, with the host first suggesting the couple had decided on a family name.

Although Reynolds confirms it is a family moniker (and a biblical name!), he adds, “It’s not Elaine [after Blake’s mom], that’s a beautiful name though, rolls off the tongue, single syllable.”

After crossing Olivia, Emma, Ava and Sophia — “Sophia Loren, love that, done, consider it done … no [that’s not it], not even close,” jokes Reynolds — off the list, the beaming dad says he would have liked to pay tribute to his heritage. “A good Canadian name would be nice. Gordon,” he suggests.

When Letterman gives up, he finally comes out and asks if the parents plan on even letting their daughter in on her own name. “I’m thinking of letting her know … I think it’s important. I’ll slap a little ‘hello, my name is,’ on her and send her to school,” Reynolds quips.

All kidding aside, Reynolds admits fatherhood has opened his eyes to a whole new world — one that includes seeing Lively in a new light.

“I’m not one for vomiting declarations of sentiment out across the airways, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I’d ever been in my entire life,” he explains.

“I used to say to her, ‘I would take a bullet for you, I could never love anything as much as I love you.’ And then the second I looked in that baby’s eyes, I knew in that exact moment if we were ever under attack, I would use my wife as a human shield to protect that baby … you can quote me.”

But it’s Lively’s around the clock feeding skills that has Reynolds truly impressed.

“I’m just a diaper changing facility hooked up to a life support system, but my wife, she’s breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he says. “She’s a human Denny’s all day long … and it never ends for her. She’s the most beautiful Denny’s you’ve ever seen though, I guarantee it.”

— Anya Leon

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Sandra on

That was funny.

bkable on

He seems like a great dad!

KLP on

Love him and his sense of humor! So refreshing 🙂

Tracy on

He’s so funny! Love him, and I wouldn’t mind being step mom to his average baby 😉

Ellie on

Have they ever said what the child’s name is? Or is it still ‘top secret’?

guest on

That was hilarious! I may get fired for laughing hysterically at work!

Kat on

Biblical names; is it Rebecca, Ruth, actually Ruth Reynolds has a nice ring to it.

Kristina on

He is so funny. Would be a great guy to grab a beer with.

Bubbles07 on

So common Biblical names are Eve, Sarah, Tirzah, Joy, Peace, Patience, Charity, Rebecca, Rachel, Hope, Priscilla, Mary, Martha, Deborah, Lily, Rose, Sharon, Phoebe, Damaris, Diana and Lydia to name a few 🙂 Bathsheba if you are feeling particularly daring. JK :p

Dayle on

I love you Ryan Reynolds! Blake is a very lucky woman!

Kimberly on

That would be funny if the baby’s name is Rose.

Pam on

He is hilarious!

MP on

I love him! Lol he and Blake seem like a great couple! Once we do see the baby and the name is released, I am sure he/she is adorable and has a name to fit. Congratulations!

Toni on

Naomi!!! beautiful biblical name but not so common either.

Jac on

My guess. One syllable bible name. I’m going to go with – she was born on Christmas Eve (my guess as well) and therefore they named her Eve.

casmia on

He’s hilarious!

Bee on

“Elaine” is not a single syllable, but I get it. Can’t wait to see the baby!

Jac on

I thought calling Elaine one syllable was him slipping up… Another reason why I went with Eve…

Heidi on

I’m guessing Ruth for some reason. Or Grace. And I feel like they’d add the ïe to it – Ruthie or Gracie….. classic, biblical, old fashioned (family)….

Jac on

And it’s not Ruth, Mary or Sarah! He said no to those names! EVE!

I’m persistent…

Heidi on

Ok I just read other people’s comments and thought Sarah is a strong possibility (can’t get more Canadian, and he admires Sarah Polley to boot) Elizabeth is also the kind of name I think they’d like. Most people have an Elizabeth in their family 🙂

Heidi on

Jac I’m super curious too. So, no to Sarah or Ruth…. I still think Elizabeth or Grace could be likely, and Eve is beautiful. All three sound great with Reynolds too.

Jac on

In the video he said her name is not Sarah. Start at 2:47.

Tanja on

It wouldn’t suprise me if the baby isn’t even girl. 😀

Suze on

I might have just fallen in love with him.

Jac on

I didn’t even consider Grace and I have a daughter named Grace! Ha. I’m soooo stuck on it being Eve. My blinders are awful. 🙂

Marnie71 on

What is up with these celebrities who think that they’re the biggest deal since slice bread?!?!? To Ryan Reynolds – your wife had a baby like millions upon millions of women and you named your child. So what? What is the big deal about with the name revelation. If you truly want to protect your daughter, then be a good father and be there for her that’s it. Stop with this baby name drama. PUHLEASE!!!

josie on

He is sooo handsome with the face hair but Ryan, “Elaine” is not one syllable. I wonder if he loved his first wife as much as he says he loves this one…

And gawd, a biblical name? Gag me. I bet it’s not Esther or…whoever that woman was who had a baby when she was 100….or maybe he meant their kid’s name is one syllable. I’ve got it! One syllable name from Bible: Plague!!!!
No wait, SIN!

Susan on

Wow to the comment from josie. Never knew biblical names were such a cause of intense uproar when there are so many other things in life to freak out about.

Anyway, I like what he said about other parents comments on kids intelligence. It is okay to be proud of your child, but some parents take it a little too far.

Icanread on

@Ellie. read the story and you appear stupid.

Jaymie on

Another site said baby’s name was Hope.

Anonymous on

how adorable! so refreshing to hear about a family loving each other!

Elena on

This interview seriously cracked me up. Whole new respect for his sense of humor. God he’s hot.

Lynn on

I Like Lily-Rose Lively Reynolds. That’s Pretty.

Carmen on

Blake Lively has a good picker! He is adorable! XO

Jac on

I can’t find anywhere online that has her named Hope. Hope is not a biblical name either.

Jac on

And, I highly double Rose is any part of her name. Really?

Rhonda on

They seem like a sweet couple.

SDmama on

He seems like such a funny and genuine guy. I was LOL’ing like a crazy person. Hahaha 😉 Congrats on the new bundle of joy Blake and Ryan. You both seem like great parents.

Jenny on

Did I read that wrong? I thought “Elaine” was 2 syllable. I hope they don’t sell “first photos” to magazines. That always seems so cheap to do….

Anonymous on

What a hilarious guy! And I love how he basically said that they will release their name in their own way, on their own time! 🙂

Profile on

Why do these celebs hide their babies like they are “royals”? Ryan and Blake are taken the cake; I mean come on now…who really cares what their baby’s name is…it’s called “a baby”. So many want to be like Brad and Angelina, they want their baby to be “sought” after and pictures worth millions when in reality, those days are gone. people aren’t so worried about the stars babies/children anymore because there’s so many,lol, can’t keep up with them.

Alicia on

I loved him on Two Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place – he was hilarious then and he is still hilarious. funny funny stuff!

Katie on

I just loved everything about this!!! I’m trying for a baby and have been unsuccessful. I’ve had two miscarriages. I, one day would love to be up all night with my baby. Love how there aren’t any negative comments either! Yeah girls!!