Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Are Having a Girl!

02/05/2015 at 07:00 PM ET

Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross Expecting Daughter
Barry King/FilmMagic

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson have some exciting news.

“We’re having a girl!” Simpson, 30, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The mom-to-be — who PEOPLE confirmed in December was pregnant with her second child — was anxious to find out the sex of their little one on the way. “I like to know — I want to do the nursery,” she says.

According to the singer and actress, they found out that they were expecting this past Thanksgiving, which she calls “a cute, fun day.”

The happy couple tied the knot in a bohemian-style ceremony in August, then took off for a sun-soaked honeymoon in Bali.

The baby girl will be Simpson’s first child with actor-musician Ross, 26. Simpson is already mom to son Bronx Mowgli, 6, with ex-husband Pete Wentz.

“I told him pretty early on,” Simpson says of breaking the news to her firstborn. “And he wanted to have a sister, so he’s really excited! He’s got a little brother. Now he’s going to have a little sister!”

Bronx is big brother to Saint Laszlo, Wentz’s 5-month-old son with longtime girlfriend Meagan Camper.

As for what the mom is looking forward to most? “I’m just excited for the new addition,” she says.

— Jeff Nelson

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Tess on

Yikes, he looks just like his mom!

veronica on

She is on her 2nd marriage with her 2nd kid all by the age of 30. She should be proud of herself.

joanna on

Honestly he really does look like Michael Jackson, it has always been rumored but looking at Ross’s son there is no question the rumors are true he is the spitting image of Jackson from his eyes to his chin. Happy they are having a girl however.

Gina-Nicole on

He appears to be gay….sorry!

Kelly on

I love that she acknowledged that he has a brother already. I feel like they do the co-parenting very well just from what I’ve read. She & Evan Ross are cute together too. Congrats!

Julie on

Happy for them!

maryhelenc on

@veronica: to be fair to Ashlee, her former husband Pete Wentz talked about the downfall of their marriage, how he was struggling with substance abuse, depression, wasn’t taking care of himself & was an overall toxic human being. Ashlee was smart to get out of that situation. I wouldn’t call a woman who got out of a very toxic environment trash. Ashlee & Pete both found love again so it worked out.

Dreamgal123 on

They are going to have a SUPER cute baby!! I can’t wait to see her!!

Guest on

I was just telling my daughters with all the drama Diana Ross had in her life she raised college educated kids with no drug addicts etc.!!!! Congrats Ross clan!

Bunnie on

To the folks claiming Evan Ross looks like Michael Jackson, um, remember he physically altered his face to look like Diana Ross so yes, there is a resemblance.

Sunny on

Michael Jacksons first grandchild

CallMeMaybe on

Veronica what could have possibly happened in your life to make you so miserable? Her first marriage failed for reasons that you have absolutely no idea of, both of her children were conceived with her HUSBAND and she’s 30 years old, not 18. Veronica = #miserableindividual

Skinnyminnie2006 on

I think these two are cute! And as far as Ashlee being on her second marriage and child at 30, at least she is happy! It’s not like she’s 22! I would hardly call her trash.

susan on

I apologize for being mean, but he is just so odd-looking. He’s not doing himself any favors with those chin pubes.

Jess on

She sure did pick a good family to secure her life of luxury. She met Evan Ross and saw $$$$$$$$. She never looked back.

ja on

What is the world record for a women with the most number of kids all by different fathers? I swear people are in a race for that these days.

Casey on

I hope she doesn’t get Ashlee’s old nose.

Andrea on

I have a feeling he’s other bisexual or gay. Looks like a pretty boy!

Wellllll on

I bet Evan will teach her how to do make up & eyebrows. Mean while Ashlee can teach her Kareoke.

Wellllll on

Her eyes look lifeless.

Crystal on

I don’t mean to sound catty, although this may come out that way, but in all the pictures I’ve seen of them together, he seems way more excited than she does. It was the same when she was with Pete as well. It could just be that she is more reserved in public, but that’s just an observation I’ve made.

Jamie on

Congrats. With the surgeries she (and Jessica) got done on their face, I hope Ashlee’s daughter doesn’t end up with her mother’s original nose…or Aunt Jessica’s original nose.

skigirl25 on

Evan Ross looks like a girl!

P Guest on

He looks and acts very feminine in my opinion, he will probably be a good Dad because of it. Good luck to the parents-to-be.

SookieSookie on

So she’s on her 2nd marriage. Unfortunately people grow apart, cheat,get bored ect and divorce, doesn’t mean you stop living. Congrats to the Simpson-Ross family.

beautiful loser on

For those saying he looks like his mom or Michael Jackson, I’d have to say no. He looks like his dad

JoYful on

I have never seen this kid’s father, but every time I see that young man, he reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Lily on

@ja in response to your question “What is the world record for a women with the most number of kids all by different fathers? I swear people are in a race for that these days.”

I’m a big fan, but I think Kate Winslet currently holds that record….she’s on 3 for 3 at the moment. I see Kate Hudson beating that record in the pretty near future. JMO

Cricket2.0 on

If she looks anything like her father she’ll be gorgeous. Slap a wig on that guy and he is a good looking lady.

chris on

He’ll be stepping out of the closet soon enough.

Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy family.

Kendra on

Isn’t he gay?

menotyou on

I love how People tries to convince us that these two nobodies/has beens are important. An ‘Exclusive!’ headline and an exclamation point doesn’t erase the fact that these two couldn’t even sell their wedding photos to ANYONE and then had to arrange for paparazzi to photograph them on their honeymoon.

Anonymous on

Won’t it be interesting if her daughter has all the facial features that Ashley didn’t like about herself and had changed? At least, the baby’s paternal grandmother will be there for a positive influence that will hopefully offset the dysfunctional Simpson grandparents. Ashley married up this time. Good for her.

Free on

You are so beautiful and talented, have adored you since your reality show. Congratulations on the new addition!

Free on

She is astonishingly beautiful, captivating, have admired her since her reality show.

nikki on

due in aug?

Anonymous on

Awww, I was hoping Bronx would get a little sister! 🙂

Amy on

So happy for them!!

Amy on

So happy for them both!!

Tay on

Can’t stand her………..don’t understand how she gets press!

guest on

I heard she naming her Manhattan Wiggli

Kat on

That is a gorgeous picture of her.

Caroline on

I wonder who the nice sperm donor was for these 2 lesbians.

Katie on

He has a 6 month old son by another woman and they’ve been married almost 6 months. Real husband/father material. Good luck with that

Kim on

A girl. Good luck. You’re gonna need it. I would take 10 boys before having another girl.

michelle on

I came here to say something nice but my God. What a bunch of catty b*t¢hes some of you are. You must have some miserable lives…

Tina on

He doesn’t look like Michael Jackson. Michael’s face was altered, remember. Michael didn’t even look like Michael Jackson. Evan Ross resembles his late father, Arne Naess, when his father was young.

msliftbig on

Some of you must really be miserable with these ugly comments. So what she has kids with her HUSBANDS? Once you get divorced, you shouldn’t have any more kids, ever. Oh okay that’s logical. #trolls

SKG on

Some people who comment really should learn how to read! Evan Ross doesn’t have a child that is 6 mos old from another woman…Ashley’s EX-husband does. Katie … you may want to work on those reading skills before making stupid comments.

meghan on

So she was pregnant at both her weddings…

meghan on

Katie, Evan doesn’t have a kid. Ashlee’s ex-husband had a son six months ago.

GG on

So happy for them! Congrats.

jen on

yippe a sister for bronx! maybe this one will be named staten island? queens?

LaVonda on

He looks like Michael Jackson without hair. Congrats to them. Best wishes to them all.

Anonymous on

Other Anonymous- (the one who said she was pregnant at both her weddings) Um, no she wasn’t. It says right in the article that they found out about the pregnancy on Thanksgiving Day (meaning she likely conceived in late October or early November)- three months AFTER the wedding.

Lena on

LOL. Diana Ross is going to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to comb the little girl’s hair.

Anonymous on

He looks like Diana Ross minus the long hair.

Maxine on

She looks good in the picture, happy for her!