Tom Brady’s Son Couldn’t Be Cuter at the Patriots’ Super Bowl Parade

02/04/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

He’s got four Super Bowl titles to his name, but Tom Brady‘s most adorable accomplishments are his three children.

And the New England Patriots quarterback showed off son Benjamin, 5, at the team’s victory parade Wednesday in Boston, hoisting him up to hold the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Earlier, his wife Gisele Bündchen — mom to Benjamin and 2-year-old daughter Vivian — posted a sweet pic of the men in her life getting ready for the blustery weather in Patriots knit hats.

And Bridget Moynahan, the mother of Brady’s 7-year-old son Jack, also used social media to congratulate the team on Sunday’s big win. (Both boys joined Bündchen, 34, in Phoenix to cheer on their dad, 37, during a nail-biting game.)

Tom Brady and Benjamin FameFlynet

Tom Brady and Benjamin Landov

— Michele Corriston

GALLERY: Gisele and Her Kids Are Very, Very Excited for the Super Bowl

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Annie on

❤️❤️Congrats Tom!❤️❤️
So happy that the Pats won

Ginger on


Callie on

Hey Tom- how about some pics of your first son?!?!? I hate this guy so much.

Sunny on

This guy has phony written all over him. Also self-obsessed.

Andrea on

Callie, his “first” son Jack was a the game with him on Sunday and there are many pics of him celebrating with his dad. He probably wasn’t there today because he had to go back to School in New York. No need to hate on Tom because he’s good at what he does.

Go Pats! on

Callie, Tom and Gisele are constantly photographed with all three children. Know what you’re talking about before you post.

glorious on

yes, he could be cuter, there are lots of more attractive kids. His dad has “dead” eyes and they will be even deader after his brain damage progresses. ICK! Which is the more embarrassing way to make tons of money — professional football, or professional modeling? What a pair they are. At least Tom has eye-hand coordination and fast-twitch muscles and “talent” but football is a corrupt grotesque bloated commercialized war game with no grace or charm.

Siana on

So sweet. Cute father and son.

L. S. on

To all haters. God don’t like ugly. Great job Tom!!!

Shell on

I think he is a good Dad….and a very good looking Dad!

Suzie on

I’m guessing that Glorious is a Seahawks fan.

Diane on

@Glorious.. Thanks for the laugh. Either lighten up on the pills your poppin’ or have your head examined. Tom Brady is a class act. Always has been and always will be. Your all jealous. Congrats Patriots!! Thanks for sweet #4 and what an awesome parade today!! Rest up. You all deserve it!! See you in August!! ❤️🏈

sad Pats fan on

I feel so bad for those kids to have a father who cheats. No self-esteem. What can you teach your children while you cheat and tries to find a easy way to “win”? I wish if he plays without cheating because he is a great quarter back.

Anonymous on

Adorable pictures!

Dr on

I thought his oldest son is named John? Lovely pic of father and son. How can anyone not like this picture of a father and son sharing a special moment? Really people?

Anonymous on

It really is cute seeing the two of them so happy. Only thing that could have been cuter was if the other son was a part of this unforgettable moment.

Lc on

Adorable pic. It’ll be a shame when he grows up to find out his dad cheated to win that. And no, I’m not even almost a Seahawks or Colts fan.

Rick on

Please all you people who say he cheated. Please tell me when did he cheat. Just once, tell me when he cheated?

Jason on

Wow that whole family is giants, those kids are going to be huge when they grow up probably good at sports too.

guest on

People who say he cheated need to read a sports page past the headlines…or any paper past the headlines. I’m always amazed at how many jealous mean spirited people there are in the world. You will never be happy and he will have houses, beautiful children, a beautiful wife and a wonderful life. Hmmm who is the loser now?

Anonymous on

Dr- The oldest son’s name IS John, but they call him Jack. 🙂

Anonymous on

I find it very sad that people seem to think it’s so terrible that Jack wasn’t there…yet don’t care that Vivian wasn’t (NOT saying it’s wrong that she wasn’t, just that there seems to be a double-standard going on!).

Anonymous on

I love all of them — and am particularly proud of Gisele, who has always treated all THREE children as her own. Also, a special shout out to the Mother of Tom’s first boy, Jack. You are one CLASS act!!!! 🙂

Amy on

Congratulations to all the Bradys on an amazing victory. Gisele — you have consistently displayed grace and love with all of your children. Well done. And Bridget — you are one CLASS ACT!! All — I so admire your blended family and hope that everyone will learn from your excellent example. Congratulations on multiple fronts!!!!

Paulina on

He has a son with another lady he never mentioned.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Ooh so lovely.

Van on

How adorable!

L on

Oh wow you people are CRAZY! Ever think of the fact that Jack lives in LA with Bridget most of the time and probably went back there from Phoenix for school after the game?

NV on

His son is adorable and looks like him.

michelle on

a cry baby and cheater more than once,I hope he doesnt win another super bowl for another 9 yrs

Anonymous on

Kar- We see pictures of Jack with them all the time (including on Gisele’s instagram account!). Not only that, but Gisele has always spoken very highly of Jack and treated him as her own (in fact, that caused a lot of controversy when Jack was younger, with people thinking she was a little TOO involved!). 😉

Anonymous on

Love the hats they are wearing! They look so happy.

AG on

Um don’t see his other son’s picture.

lol on

go tom and the patriots