Kim Kardashian Shares Photos of ‘Princess Ballerina’ North in a Tutu

02/04/2015 at 03:00 PM ET

North West ballet
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian has her very own dress-up doll in daughter North.

The doting mom loves putting her 19-month-old in a variety of high-fashion outfits but on Wednesday she might have picked out the cutest outfit of all.

North, who had her hair pulled back into a tight chignon, wore an all-black ballet outfit, complete with dramatic tutu, but avoided a Black Swan moment by complementing the look with pale pink ballet slippers.

“My tiny dancer,” Kardashian, 34, captioned the first pic of her little girl clutching a teddy bear.

Then she followed it up with a shot that showed the little girl following in her daddy Kanye West‘s footsteps — North was pictured tickling the ivories on a grand piano.

“My princess ballerina baby,” the proud mama proclaimed in a third pic.

It’s been an action-packed week for North, who visited the zoo on Sunday with her mom and dad, and also played makeup artist for her mom in between cuddles.

— K.C. Blumm

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Sunny on

Does this child wear anything but black?


I am sure North would smile more if she wasn’t always dressed in black.

Callie on

I wish she would dress her in colors! The black all the time is too much. Come one Kim, change it up

Nakisha on

I know that Kanye raps about a lot of demonic, illuminati type stuff, so the black might represent the evil they worship.


Such an adorable picture!! Who cares if she wants to dress her kid in black? It’s not really a big deal. Get a life people. Dress your kids how you like and leave it at that.

Jennifer on

I wish people would realize that before Kanye came along Kim wore lots of color and I’m sure if she wasn’t control by him she would dress her daughter in lots of color too.

Jackie on

Where’s her face? She is always photographed this way.

Boom on

Now she pimps out her kid. No one is more disgusting and repulsive thank K & K. Just sick.

Kestrel on

There’s something so macabre about a child in black.

It’s so somber, mournful. Little kids should be bright and happy…who cares about high fashion?

Me on

Please let that little girl wear color at least once a year

Nikki on

BLACK..BLACK..BLACK… what is wrong with Kim to always dress her in black or dark colors…terrible for a little girl..doesnt anyone tell her this?

Charlie on

I find there something ironic about her referring to North as a princess ballerina when she dresses her in nothing but black,

gymluv on

Morning piano lesson, more like ‘mourning’. This little girl is constantly dressed in black and her parents have vowed to never smile. I cannot believe they said classy people do not smile and smiling causes wrinkles. I would rather have a face full of wrinkles and know I earned every one of them smiling.

Mel on

How about a spark of color for this little girl. She might smile once in a while. Jeez. Are they dressing her in black for attention?

Rachael on

Her parents must tell her not to look at the camera? Most kids love having their picture taken – with the faces towards the camera, not away from it. I understand not everyone wants their child all over the web, or wherever, but let this child be a child and enjoy life.. Enough with the black and silly pictures.

rubyovertherainbow* on

It must destroy Kim that her daughter will never have straight hair.

sam on

She is absolutely adorable. This Princess/ballerina stage is really sweet. Have fun little cutie!! 🙂

j on

What a bunch of sad, pathetic, angry, childish posters. You are insulting a beautiful child, who is loved and treasured. Black clothes – big facking deal. Kim and Kanye can’t win no matter what they do with their precious baby!! Y’all need to sha dupp with the negativity.

Tammy on

KK must be recovering from more plastic surgery. She’s actually been home and around her daughter the past few days because she’s posting pics.

ME on

Oh my goodness she’s wearing black, how horrible!! I’m so devastated over someone dressing THEIR child in black!! Oh wait! It’s not my child so that must mean it’s none of my flippin business! Yeah, that’s right.

mika on

We get it… your edgy and fashion forward. Enough with black.

Dib on

I find it very interesting that all Kim’s pics are practically full frontal.. And little Norths face is barely ever shown.. Its almost as if Kim is jealous that North may steal her attention.Kim never misses an opportunity to make the exact same lifeless vapid pose she always makes… But little North who most people would actually enjoy seeing is kept away…

Kathy on

Please dress this child in something other than black!!!!!

Dina on

Demented parents who dress a young child in black, white or gray.

Rem on

It shouldn’t be a big deal that they always put her in black, but it is strange. Maybe so they can spend more time figuring outfits for themselves and just toss a black top and bottoms on her?

Hally on

I think she’s adorable but all black all of the time is a bit much. She is a little girl after all, why not some happier colors?

@Dib on

You must have Kim mixed up with Beyonce. When Kim post pictures of her daughter they are usually showing her beautiful little face.

K.Davis on

@ j, you’re a moron. You’re calling everyone else childish when you can’t even spell shut up correctly. Go back to kissing the asses of talentless idiots. It’s the only thing you know how to do.

Sue d on

Awesome pic of the back of a kids head. Really worthy of the spotlight.

Kendra on

My daughter is the same skintone as NW and she looks absolutely wonderful in pale pinks and pastels. I know it’s their kid and they can dress her any way they want it just seems kind of lazy that they always dress her in black given they spend so much time on their own wardrobes.

Sara K on

Oh my gosh, she’s beautiful. That sweet little neck and ears! She looks like a doll with her hair pulled back.

guest on

Who cares if she dresses the kid in black? She looks adorable in every picture I’ve seen of her. Bittner nasty jealous people with nothing better to do that worry about someone else’s child’s clothes should really get a hobby. Dress her however you want as long as you take good care of her and love her who cares?

dd on

pictures look silly looking away from camera…everyone has already seen her face

Lauren92 on

Most adorable celebrity baby ever! North wins everything.

j on

@ kdavis….A ‘moron’? You are THE perfect example of being childish, thank you for proving my point! Such a clever kdavis!!
I didn’t say, ‘shut up’. I said, ‘sha dup’. Oh, and I can spell both, can you spell ‘gotcha’?! 🙂

meghan on

@j, this child isn’t loved. She is a prop for two vapid, no talent a-holes. She was lamenting her daughters lack of privacy not a month ago, when all the pictures of North COME FROM KIM! She is a phony.

Anonymous on

These North pictures have no face showing up.

Laetiti on

Still considering her as a doll
still wearing her in black
still kk showing her daughter to make people talking about her.

Anonymous on

It would be so nice to see little North smile! Even the rare occasion I’ve seen her face she’s not looking happy. She’s a baby she should be giggly and playing. Just saying.

Erin on

Ridiculous – even Ozzy Osbourne’s kids didn’t wear black all the time!

Zol on

North needs to wear more colorful clothes other than dress only in black!

Kimmy on

She is so cute playing piano!