Gerard Piqué and Shakira Welcome Son Sasha

01/30/2015 at 09:10 AM ET

Shakira Gerard Pique Welcome Son Sasha
Jaume Laiguana

Shakira‘s future soccer team just gained a new member.

The singer welcomed her second son with longtime love Gerard Piqué on Thursday Jan. 29, she announced on her website.

Joining 2-year-old big brother Milan, the couple’s newborn baby boy, Sasha Piqué Mebarak, was born via c-section at 9:54 p.m. in Barcelona.

“The name Sasha is of Greek and Russian descent and means ‘defender of mankind’ and ‘warrior,'” the birth announcement reads. “The hospital confirmed that both mother and child are in excellent health.”

Following weeks of pregnancy rumors, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer, 37, confirmed she and her FC Barcelona soccer player boyfriend were expanding their family.

“Yes, we are expecting our second baby!! Thank you for all your well wishes,” she shared on Facebook in August.

The mom-to-be and Piqué managed to keep the sex of their second child a secret — until Shakira’s parents spilled the beans while visiting the future family of four in Spain. “Yes, another little boy. A playmate for Milan,” they told Hola! magazine.

The couple have since introduced their newborn via social media, linking to their UNICEF World Baby Shower page, where fans can honor Sasha’s arrival by making their own charity donations.

Shakira Gerard Pique Welcome Son Sasha
Courtesy Shakira

 — Anya Leon with reporting by Peter Mikelbank and Julie Jordan

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Nicole on

Congratulations on the birth of your second child. I’m sure he’s just as adorable as his big brother.

k berry on

do what is right and get married. what is wrong with young people today? shocking!
Love u shakira, but this is just backwards. Your children deserve it. DO IT FOR THEM!!!

Mary on

Love her, congrats on your new baby, bet he is a cutie.

Suzi on

Absolutely beautiful family! Congratulations!

lexi on

congrats to the gorgeous family 🙂 🙂

rlb237 on

Oh, k berry, be quiet and go back to the middle ages. People don’t need to be married to be a family or be good parents to their children.


Oh cute name! That is my daughter’s name and i absolutely love it.

Emmmily on

Sure. Let’s have 15 kids with someone but won’t marry them. If a man isn’t good enough to be my husband he damn sure isn’t good enough to be the father of my children. No marriage doesn’t always equal a perfect happy life but it does mean that you two are serious about the commitment of your family and being responsible. Any two people can make a child…but if a man really loves you he will give you his last name.

gdburts on

that’s one good looking family!

Julie on

Omg they are a beautiful family.

margaret on

omg! congratulations!

Hea on

k berry – You should only get married if you want to get married. And never for someone else. Not even for your kids. A stable and loving environment with dedicated parents is what it takes to raise a child.

LatinoNewsBlog on


carla on


This thread isn’t about YOU and what YOU would or wouldn’t do with your partner. It’s about Shakira and HER life. Neither she, nor anyone else, needs to get married because marriage is important to YOU. I wish people would focus on what’s best for themselves and their own families and stop trying suggest that everyone should share their same beliefs on how to live their lives. And just because a woman gets married doesn’t mean she will take her husband’s last name.

arabrabbra on

GORGEOUS family! Glad healthy and happy!!

Diana on

Congrats to this beautiful family Shakira you are a real role model smart, talented and beautiful you deserve many great things!

kjc on

Congrats, I’ve always loved the name Sasha for a boy!

Tina on


alex on

Felicitaciones ! Love them

Bella on

@ k berry…..

1952 called looking for you…..said to send you home!

Bella on

Having commitment issues are we?
That last name means NOTHING in the big scheme of things. It does not increase your commitment to your family. Give it a break.

Eleonore on

Nice name but this spelling is to feminine for me, I know 4 Sacha boys and 3 Sasha girls.

Nichole on

What’s with popping out babies before marriage? Not judging but it seems to get worse, and worse. Call me old fashioned, but I believe in marriage before children. Congrats to the happy couple.

nu on


Shakira and Piqué live in Barcelona. Here in Catalonia (or any place in Spain) wives don’t change their last name when they marry, never. We all have two last names, first the father’s and then the mother’s last name.
It doesn’t matter if they get married or not, nobody changes their names and the children’s names remain the same.

Here in Europe marriage is not as important as it is for Americans, marriage is not every girl’s dream and most of young couples don’t get married. It’s not a big deal and it’s completely understandable that they don’t get married.

You have to think that culture takes a big role here and not everyone in the world have the same standards you have. You have to respect that.

It has nothing to do with being good enough or not, for a lot of people marriage is just a piece of paper.

sandee on

oh, great Beyonce’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce, hahahaha! And Sasha Obama (who I guess is really Natasha) and Sasha Cohen and Sascha Seinfeld! the should have named the second kid after a European city too!

I’m not sure what a “defender of mankind” (or humankind” would be, but it sounds scary. I hope he’s an artist and not a warrior, LOL, unless it’s metaphorical.

I liked her before she went all mainstream and gooey and did the lame video with Rihanna and did commercials for those “should not exist” tooth whitening things… But I love that the kids will be polyglots!

CallMeMaybe on

Hey Leon, I’m sure her “loser” boyfriend has provided his children with a better life than any you ever could with a nasty attitude like yours. Maybe SHE doesn’t want to get married. Educate yourself on European customs before imposing your judgment on others.

emma on

Her little boy is such a cutie

zxiiy on

If you feel that in order to have a baby and begin a family, you have to be married, then that is how you feel and that is what YOU should do. If others decide that they don’t want to get married that is what THEY decide to do and you shouldn’t judge the because of that. Simply because it is different from your beliefs does not mean it is wrong. It’s just different. DO NOT go on others happy news simply to bitch about how they need to get married because YOUR OWN belief says they should. If you cannot accept or respect another person’s way to live, do not go on the Internet and bitch about it. Go live your own life and let them live theirs.

Ricki on

My gosh, they are both soooo attractive!!

twinkle on

Educate yourself or pipe down “sandee” Milan is an ancient slavic name that has nothing to do with the European City, just like in Spain where they live Sasha is a perfectly normal name for boys. Who cares if the president of the US has a child called it, or some other random celeb. Just because you live in the US doesn’t mean everyone does. Ignorance at its finest.


Poor kids gonna have to grow up being called a girls name.

Dawn on

Personally, I have a son who, he and his girlfriend had a daughter 5+ years ago. Do I love that child any more or less then if they were married, NO. I love my granddaughter very much, with all my heart. They did get married in October of 2014, and are now expecting another child. Are they the same people, yes, they are. Marriage does not make a happy home, nor does it make someone commit to you more then if they are not married. My son is committed and will always be committed.

What made me angry is when they told my brother in law that they were expecting, the first thing out of his mouth “Oh, one is legal and one is not”. I pretty much jumped down his throat for that comment. How dare he judge? or make such ignorant comments.

So, whether Shakira and Gerard decide to get married or not, is their business, not anyone else’s

Anonymous on

Its not a girl’s name you *diots, just because american parents love to hijack foreign male names and use them on girls, doesn’t make them girl names. I’m glad Shakira is respectful towards foreign names like Sasha and Milan, and uses them on the CORRECT gender.

Anonymous on

Congrats, Shakira and Gerard! I am so happy for you!

Isabel on

The absence of a piece of paper has no bearing on a couple’s commitment to one another. It’s a joke to say it does especially when over half of all marriages end in divorce. I’m happy to see they’re doing what works best for them and their sons instead of attempting to please old-fashioned nobodies who think they have a say in how other people live their lives.

Anonymous on

Other anonymous (the one who discussed Sasha and Milan being used on the “correct” gender)- Why do names necessarily have to have a “correct” gender? Can’t some of them just be unisex?

Anyway, congrats to them! It sounds like there were complications though (since Sasha was born at 9:54 p.m., odds are it wasn’t a planned C-section). Poor Shakira! Glad she and the baby are okay now, though. 🙂

Anonymous on

BTW, I was literally just thinking about Shakira today and wondering if she’d had her baby yet…and then come here and find out that she did. Talk about ironic!

Anonymous on

Okay, I looked at the post about the birth on her website, and it doesn’t say anything about the baby having been born via C-section. So where did PEOPLE get that info?

Sia on

Anonymous: You are exhausting. Will there never be a post where you DON’T read way too much into perfectly innocent info and comments and try to attract attention to yourself? In practically every single post, you have to twist someone’s words or look for something in the article that simply isn’t there. Seriously, give it a rest.

Congratulations to the couple on the birth of their baby boy.

YouWillNotEnjoyThis on

I hope for womenkind that Shakira also gets to raise a girl.

Hea on

sandee – Please educate yourself. Milan is a slavic name and what English speaking people call the city of Milano. Italy is really Italia.

Marriage is not that important to everyone around the world. I guess that comes as news to some of you.

Ari on

Congratulations!! I love the names they chose for their children. What a beautiful family.

Michael on

OMG … Their second SON have a GIRL name. Wtf… Poor boy. They should name their future daughter Henry.

Sasha on

I am a female Sasha, born in the mid 80s. Believe me when I say that if you are looking world wide (particularly in Eastern Europe) Sasha was a traditionally a male name derived from the name Alexander. There is a male character in Peter and the Wolf named Sasha. A generation ago the name started to be a more popular female name. Babies born in the 90s or early 2000s named Sasha were more likely to be girls in the US, but thanks to Liev Schreiber son, Chris Hemsworth’s Son, and Sacha Baron Cohen is making a comeback as a boys name.

Even in my own personal life, there were not many girls in my school name Sasha, but several kids with male relatives named Sasha (I also got a lot of people with male pets named Sasha). By the late 1990s my younger brother had several girls named Sasha in his class.
Its a generational thing. Before 1970 the vast majority of people names Sasha in the world were probably Russian men. In the 1990 there were a lot more baby girls named Sasha. Now it is starting to be more of a unisex name.

Anonymous on

Sasha sounds more like a girl’s name than a boy’s name!

Kat on

Born Jan 29, he looks much older, like he’s ready to say something, aww really cute.

lola on

Congratulations to the new family of 4! Both boys are just adorable.

Chelsea on

Congrats to Shakira and her family! Her son is adorable! I had my daughter the same day. 🙂

emma on

I’m not a fan of hers but you have to admit she has a couple of cute little boys

Cris on

For all those that say a piece of paper doesn’t make you more committed and that marriage isn’t necessary, you are only half right. Being committed is what makes a family but there are added benefits that come by making it legal. In my job, I see people who never felt the need to get married and then an accident happens and the person ends up in the hospital. Their partner has no say over their care because they aren’t next of kin legally. It is heartbreaking to see people who feel comitted get pushed to the side so parents or other relatives who they may not be close to can decide their health care. Marriage may not be for everyone but there is something to be said that the person who knows you best gets to make the decisions that they know you want without having to fight to make them. It all comes back down to that piece of paper. A lot of people don’t realize it until it’s too late. Maybe in Shakira’s life it doesn’t matter but for a lot of “regular” people, it does.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on


Andrea on

What a cutie! They make beautiful babies together!

Tracy on

Beautiful and precious.

Mrs. X on

He’s gorgeous. Looks just like his momna!

Juli on

Sasha is adorable! He looks just like his mama and big brother.

Tara on

He is so pretty! Having lived there, I can tell you that European culture is quite different than North America. You will not hear ridiculous names like Brantley, Rylan, etc because traditional names honor their centuries of culture. Also, marriage is not the be-all and end-all of every relationship. Many couples buy houses together, have children, etc without the intention of ever getting married. Neither are the women obsessed with choosing a wedding dress the minute they reach puberty nor do they use the size of their engagement ring as a flashy symbol of their worth.

Guest on

Cris, in Spain, like in many other countries, there are domestic partnership laws. If you live with someone for over a certain amount of time ( which varies in different countries) you are considered a domestic partner and have kinship, inheritance, etc, etc.
Thankfully laws have progressed with times in many places. I got married because husband really wanted a wedding and what not but I couldn’t have cared less.

Anonymous on

Cris: you are absolutely correct!!! People are to ignorant to realize that there are ramifications to not getting marred and don’t think about these types if things, sadly. It also is what has led to many young people today “hooking up” but not “dating” which is okay except that many young women would prefer to be in a relationship than to “hook up” but do so because it’s cool and a way for them to be with someone they like.

Zol on

Shakira and Gerard’s boy is so adorable!

Sidra on

Shakira spent her prime years (from age 23 to 33) with Antonio de la Rua. When she broke up with Antonio, it was a very critical time, as it was the last few years of her fertility. She had to work fast, and if she had waited for an engagement and marriage with Gerard, it might have taken several years to just be considering babies. So I guess this relationship works great for both of them. Shakira gets the children she wants, and since they are unmarried, Gerard does not have to worry about being really stuck legally or messing up all of their assets in the case of a future divorce. Also, Gerard might know inside that when Shakira is like 47 and menopausal, and he is still a ruggedly handsome 37 year old, the attraction might be harder to keep up. I mean, Pique could easily attract someone 25 at that point. But, for now, it works great for both, and I guess they are just enjoying the moment.