Kevin Costner: My Home Is ‘Frozen Obsessed’

01/29/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

Kevin Costner daughter loves Frozen
Vera Anderson/WireImage

He may be an Oscar-winning actor and director, but like most parents, Kevin Costner still plays “Let it Go” on repeat.

“My little girl [Grace Avery, 4½,] dresses up every day,” he says. “It’s the Frozen household. Everybody has to freeze when she says so. The boys [Hayes Logan, 6 next month, and Cayden Wyatt, 7½,] are just so sick of it!”

But for Costner, married to Christine since 2004, those family moments are what make life so fulfilling. “It’s really fun to see [all my kids] together,” says the dad of seven, who also has four grown children.

“It’s been a really good life and my children are living proof.”

Now starring in Black or White as a widowed grandfather fighting for custody of his biracial granddaughter, Costner, 60, is also relishing this time in his career — one that hasn’t been without a few bumps.

“I’ve had low moments,” he says. “But it’s how you behave in them. I don’t have that thick of skin, but I do know that I can’t operate my life with fear.”

Especially, when you have kids to answer to. “You can’t stop [to think] too long, because life keeps rolling anyway,” says Costner. “If you sit and ponder, you’re going to get rolled over, at least in my house you will. I have a 4, a 5 and a 7-year-old who don’t care what I’m thinking about if it’s not them!”

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— Aili Nahas

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Anonymous on

Remember when people actually knew who Kevin Kostner was?

Shirleygail on

LOL who don’t care what I’m thinking about if it’s not them

Proof he knows of what he speaks right there!! I don’t know a lot of his movies, but I loved, loved, loved his Robin Hood. I think his RH is full of dignity and grace, laughter and fun. He got boo-ed for a good movie. Same as Jennifer Lopez in ‘Enough’. Good movie, bad reviews. Sometimes reviewers can be utter snobs. Never saw waterworld because I’m deathly afraid of drowning, so don’t go to water movies! Strikes me as a good guy.

cindyann on

Wow anon, remember when nobody ever knew who you were and never will, real name and all? He truly is getting hotter with age this man, I love MOST of his movies too! I loved Tin Cup and Field of Dreams! Hubba hubba Mr. Costner.

Susan on

I punch someone in the face every time I hear the song playing. It balances the universe nicely.

BTW, are you people sheltered or something? KC released a movie just last year called 3 Days to Kill.

Susan on

I have two young nieces and I work full time in an independent toy store, believe me I am fluent in Frozen! Good for him for having a sense of humor about it. Just regular Dad stuff.

Catherine on

He’s in one of my all-time favorite movies, The Untouchables. Love him in that movie! And if you haven’t seen Dances With Wolves, you’re missing out on life.

Angela on

To Anonymous, Remember when people who posted something could actually spell? Kevin Kostner really? It’s Costner!

amy on


Anonymous on

Untouchables. Great movie. Still looks good.

Kathy on

Um Kevin is 60 years old already.

Anonymous on

Angela- Remember when people wouldn’t jump all over others for getting one letter wrong in a word? Yeah, those were the days. 😉

Dakota on

Sometimes when you’re a fan of someone and meet them you’re disappointed, but I was lucky enough to meet Kevin Costner a couple of times. He was friendly and funny and very down-to-earth. I walked away an even bigger fan both times. Nice guy!!!