Kim Kardashian: Another Baby ‘Can’t Come Soon Enough’

01/28/2015 at 08:30 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Second Child
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Kim Kardashian West may have her hands full already, but she can’t wait for another baby! Subscribe now for instant access to Kimye’s plans for baby No. 2, only in PEOPLE.

Kim Kardashian West is one busy mama!

Between breaking the Internet, posing in a fur bikini and potty training her 19-month-old daughter North, the reality queen has her hands full.

But she’s more than ready to add to the welcome chaos. “We’ve really been trying for another kid,” Kardashian, 34, tells PEOPLE in the new issue. “More kids can’t come soon enough!”

Along with husband Kanye West, the family of three recently moved into a new Los Angeles home and they’re relishing life as parents — all of it.

North “is so smart,” she says proudly. “She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age. Last night she looked up at the sky and pointed and said, ‘Moon, Mom! Moon!’ I couldn’t believe she knew that.”

And the little lady sure is keeping her parents on their toes. Recently, “she took Kanye’s phone and put it in the toilet and flushed it!” says Kardashian with a laugh.

Kardashian will be in homes across the country this Super Bowl Sunday when she reveals a new ad for T-Mobile.

For more from our exclusive interview with the reality star, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Stacy on

Kim and Kanye “can’t disappear soon enough.”

bluebleet on

More than half the time your Child isn’t with you, and you crop your kids face out of pictures. Refrain from having anymore children. Spend some more serious quality time with your child. Pictures don’t lie and half the time north isn’t with you.

Sandra on

Kids get real fascinated by the magic bathroom monster that eats everything, well almost everything, you put into it. Other than the outlet plugs I think the only other safety gadget I bought was that toilet bowl clip.

Not Happening on

Why? They don’t spend time with the child they have. Why add another one to the mix?

JayJay on

She couldn’t believe her daughter knew what the moon was…because she didn’t know herself. Her 19 month old has more intelligence than she will ever have. Please, no one believes a word that comes out of this girls mouth. A child is not an accessory, nor should she procreate to boost her failing tv show & pathetic existence.

Leigh on

Your 19 month old should know what the moon is… And I am guessing that mama Kim didn’t teach her that… What an idiot

Sara on

Good she has nannies to teach her what moon is

Jac on

Wow, you people are nasty. Try saying something positive for once. You have no idea how much time she spends with her child. Quite frankly that isn’t any of your business either. Worry about your own.

Anonymous on

“…Anther headline can’t come soon enough” more like!!

gardenboy on

“…another headline can’t come soon enough” more like!!

Mandii on

Someone has to keep the nanny industry alive.

NicuMom on

“Moon, mom, moon!” She said to Nanny number 2.

justsayin on

I can’t believe how this woman gets such unwarranted hate She has no affect on any of your lives These haters troll her and feel the need to make some vile remarks It’s absurd really She has made her entire family rich&famous, she employs hundreds of people, and she’s trying to live her life like the rest of us She seems happy with her life Her husband adores her and she has one the most adorable little girl. The hate doesn’t add up

Amanda on

I would imagine most 19 month olds know what the moon is, being the main focal point to a popular children’s board book and all. Maybe Kim is surprised because her nanny is the only one reading to the child?
As much as I feel like Kim and Kanye don’t really raise the child they currently have I feel like it probably isn’t a bad thing to give her a sibling, at least that way she can develop a close relationship with a sibling even though her parents are never around.

IMO on

Cute story.

percy on

It’s time for another baby (fashion accessory) as people are not paying enough attention to her.

Blaire on

So what. Children in the former GDR were potty trained with 8 months. We were all diaper free at 12 months old. Nothing remotely insane about a 19 months old half way potty trained toddler. Also…moon is a common word at that age.
Please go away Mrs West.

Mary on

Wonder how much they paid her for the Super Bowl ad? Will have to have the remote close that day to shut the TV off during that.

Yolie on

What a joke – well at least it gave me a good laugh this morning.

Debs626 on

These two idiots having another baby, that would be a true tragedy.

Tiffany on

This all seems very fake to me.
I don’t believe her at all. And I am sure everything she said, was reported to her by the nanny.
No more kids. Spend time with the one you have,

KK on

Kim don’t want to get pregnant again. She lying!!! She just wants everyone to know she and kanye b banging. And even clueless kanye believes she really wants another one.

Montgomery on

Of course another baby can’t come quickly enough. Kim is running out of strange fur clothes to wear for publicity shots. (Sandals? Bikini? Ewww. What do those things smell like?) It is probably a good idea, though. North has a better chance of being normal if she has a sibling to play with. Before you all start yelling at me, I’m not saying single children can’t be normal. It’s just that North has no one to paying attention to her except during rare photo ops, so a companion would be helpful to her normal development. Kim: Any child who can’t point to the moon and say “moon” at 19 months would be seriously deficient.

Martinique on

Thank goodness I recently changed from T-Mobile service or I’d have to do it now. I won’t support any company that pays this dumb fat slut to represent them. BOYCOTT T-MOBILE!! And what’s the matter with Balmain? Used to be an elegant, expensive line of designer clothing. Who would want to invest a fortune in clothing personified by this trash? Kanye must be paying them big time.

Stephanie on

She threw the phone in the toilet because he is probably on it all the time! She wanted some attention!

donnasfineart on

Give us older & younger moms a break! My oldest son who is now 32 was potty trained at 18 months, my girls were longer, but KK ‘s kid is not the first child in the world to be half way potty trained at 18 months!!! Here’s another 5 min of attention so she can get another baby so People can put her on the fame of shame topics…so done…

Anonymous on

Let’s see…what will the name be for the next one?
East, South, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest??

Just a wanna be on

Lol, boy she is dumb. My kids were potty trained before 19 months, so it’s not insane! And you can bet the nanny is potty training this kid. Kim’s noway a hands on mother, she’s just the birth parent of this prop.

Just a wanna be on

Lol, find out more pick up the latest issue of people mag. I stopped buying people long ago when they were starting to put these pile of rocks in the mag.

ridefree on

great another kid being brought into the world of a dysfunctional family. kanye and Kim deserve each other. Two self absorbed narcissist people

sandy on

My son loved the moon too. He would point and say “moon” over and over! So it’s pretty common I think.

gracie on

Little girls often can be potty trained very early so North is not an Einstein because she is half trained at her age. Also, so many books for youg kids have a moon feference so it is no surprise she kn ows what the moon is. The surprise is that Kim is surprised. Clealry she doesn’t intact very much with her child and/or has little knowledge of child growth and development.

Tonja on

As if she’s the one potty training north. We all know the nannies do it all. Why not have more kids if you aren’t doing the actual work? I remember when she ditched the child at four months to go to Paris. What kind of mother does that? She’s a narcissistic cow. North us going to be so screwed up in the future.

ann on

She wouldn’t be so surprised what words North can say if she had been involved closely in what North is being taught. Yes, you can be surprised she picked the word up, but not surprised she might have been exposed to that word.

Ellie on

Forget the moon. Amazed the child knew she was her mom.

Sarah on

Oh please. Her wedding is over, she ‘broke’ the internet, now she just needs something to talk about so people will be talking about her. You rarely ever see her with the child she already has, she’s so wrapped up in herself getting her nails done, going to photo shoots and fashion shows. If she had any involvement at all in that poor child’s life it wouldn’t be a ‘surprise’ North knows what the moon is or that she’s being potty trained. Yet, she’s ready to have more kids, poor North.

duh on

Looks like the nannies are doing a good job with North! I am not surprised in the least that Kim didn’t know her daughter could speak or was learning to be potty trained, considering she is an absent parent.

Mandy on

Of course they want another kid for the nanny to raise. I’m sorry, I had hopes that she would changed once she had a child, but she seems to me for stuck on herself now than ever. PLease don’t have anymore kids since you don’t raise the one you have.

lm on

She has every right to have another child but pawleeese don’t insult us by even suggesting that she is the primary caregiver for her child or any future children she may have. We ALL know the nannies are bringing up her kid and the odd cute little anecdotal reference to “Moon Mom moon!” is just thrown out there as a diversion. You’re fooling nobody Kim. Your real talent is to show us your boobs and bum….that’s how you started your “career”, that is all you are capable of doing and that’s how you will make your $$. Awesome legacy for your kids!!

MiaRW on

While I am not defending her, I am a working mom who spends 8+ hours a day away from my kids. My kids learned a lot of things from people other than me, read stories that we don’t have at home. There were many times when I was surprised at a new word and thought how do you know that?? That isn’t the sign of a neglectful parent, but is often the sign of a works parent.

lol on

so her talents are ..
1. taking selfies ..LOTS of them ..
2. breeding ..
did i miss anything?

Suzi on

Ohhhhh trust me, it’ll be soon enough – TOO soon actually…

L on

She couldn’t believe she knew that because the nanny aka her real mommy taught her that i’m sure. Please don’t have any more children you don’t even spend time or take care of the one you have now. Wish these losers would go away!

Ilona on

Kim will wish to be pregnant again !!! ah ah ah ah I don’t believe one second !!! surrogate !!!

baldknobber on

Coal-haulin’ tramp.

life goes on on

This woman does not know how to take care of one child, what does she want with another child. I guess its only to be photographed. She is a paparazzi hoe.

Laetiti on

Ohhhh yes another baby so they can call it : South…..

Shea on

They’ll need to have at least 2 more, named South and East.

gymluv on

Of course she knows the word ‘moon’ because that is the only body part her mother ever shows.

Fai on

Give me a break. Kim was miserable when she was pregnant the first time, and let the whole world know it. Plus there’s no way she’d put her body through that again. She is WAY too narcissistic.

Ang on

Team Kim and Kanye. Shame on all of you!

charlotte on


meg on

Lol.. all she’s inadvertently saying is she doesn’t teach her things herself. When my 3 y.o learned left from right, I wasn’t necessarily surprised she knew that. Why? Because we worked on it. And if the nannies have her almost potty trained thats great. But, again, when you are training yourself, it’s usual for it to be an all day thing…meaning she’d have to be at home with her all day, giving her juicr and “potty training ” Her deceitful tongue is quite a mess.

Kestrel on

Seriously, commenter, your kids were potty trained at 8 months? Sure….and they crawled all the way to the potty then lifted themselves onto it, did their thing and crawled away.
You’re an idiot. Who cares when your kid got out of diapers? As long as they don’t go to preschool with them….I was more focused on feeding them healthy foods (breastmilk for the first year, of course) then teaching them how to read. But, hey, good for you. Your kid peed in a hole. My kid will read her a book while she’s doing it.

Anonymous on

What is the half way potty trained?

Beth on

Great!!! Like you need another child!! You don’t even take care or spend time with the one you have!!! You two make me sick!!! Like you need another fashion accessory……so let me guess when you are bored with the next one you will toss it aside like everything else you have!!!

Annette on

I’m SO sick of ALL the K family! Lord knows I don’t want to see Kim so fat trying to wear tight clothes and 6 inch heels again for 9 months!
Why is this news??!!!

OZ on

Kim will give another name like for map direction.

Alaina on

My daughter was walking at 10months and potty trained completely at 13mths. That’s not insane at all. My son took a little longer but was out of diapers at 18mths.

lee on

Get over yourself Kim. My grandson said Moon @ 13mos….. maybe she meant the other moon?

Deb on

Kim in no way wants another baby. If you look closely at all the pictures, selfies, etc. they all with the same vapid vacuous expression, and if you are really astute you will see that Kim is so busy looking at the camera she doesn’t even LOOK at little North. In fact all she does is remove her clothes for fortune and fame, and if anything she has ramped it up since being a mom. And this absolute marketing bullcrap about not getting pregnant is the biggest and most obvious nonsense to anyone with part of
a brain. Clearly neither of them are trying at all, so that when they do eventually get pregnant we will all be cheering because it was so “difficult”
It is shameful to all infertile couples who really do have issues conceiving. They are truly disgusting and the lowest form of celebrity

Anonymous on

It’s going to be interesting to see what is their baby #2’s name!