Jennifer Lopez: ‘I Would Love to Have More Kids’

01/25/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Ask Jennifer Lopez what role she most cherishes and the answer’s a no-brainer: being a mom.

“Kids make you believe in all kinds of things, like how anything is possible,” The Boy Next Door star – and mother to 6-year-old twinsMax and Emme — tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Which is why she’d be thrilled to add to her brood, even at age 45. “I don’t know if it’s in the cards for me because of my age, but I would love to have another baby, to be blessed one more time,” says Lopez, who is currently single.

Jennifer Lopez more kids PEOPLE cover
John Russo

Better yet, why stop at one? “I’d love to have twins again,” she says. “I was thinking about that last night when I was laying in bed with Emme. I was just loving the moment. I don’t know that it’s in the cards, but you never know!”

No matter what, Lopez, a refreshingly hands-on mom, already feels “blessed” with Max and Emme.

“It’s unconditional love,” she says. “I know everybody feels this way about their kids, but I just feel like they’re super special. I can’t wait to see what they do, and I feel like my job is to not mess them up too much.”

So far, so good.

Jennifer Lopez more kids PEOPLE cover
John Russo

For more of our exclusive interview, and to see inside Lopez’s amazing L.A. home, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Guest1709 on

Mmmmmmmmmm NO

Lacey on

Because you can doesn’t mean you should. Be happy with what you have.

Anonymous on

How many days in a row can there really be a Jennifer Lopez article??

Nichole on

She doesn’t even take care of the one’s she have. Before some troll come asking, “And you know this how?” Do you live with her?” I know this because J.Lo work a helluva hectic schedule. The nannies are raising her twins, while she film movies, be a judge on AI and continuing on with her brand.

Wellllll on

It just doesn’t seem like their her kids. They seem like props.

Jenn on


Patti on

Why, she does not take care of the two she has.

jsd80 on

I know it doesn’t matter what others think, but 45 is too old to have a baby. By the time she meets the right person to have another baby with then she’ll be that much older. I’m sure she has frozen eggs and would most definitely put two eggs in should she do IVF again, but pushing 50 is too old to be a mother to newborns.

carol on

Be a better mom to the 2 you have, What is she selling the happy little family idea …..hope its real for the sake of her kids.

Mon on

Oh hope she finds true love and can have another before she gets older. I didn’t use to like her but she seems like a nice person/star. She seems more down to earth than the stupid Kardashians. For those complaining about Jennifer’s articles, I would rather thousands of them than be reading about the kardashians and Kanye stupid west!

Eva on

What a gorgeous family. She seems like a great mom. Who knows. Maybe she’ll adopt.

Anonymous on

There is no way she is raising those kids with her schedule. She has enough money to be a mom. What a fame whore. When is enough enough. Her life seems sad. All the money in the world can’t buy what she is looking for.

tj on

Yeah, I know my mom’s hair would blow in a still kitchen like that when we would bake cookies together. All the time.

Observer on

She said she does not want to mess them up too much, but the way she is dressing and showing her body to the public and going around with men who are half her age?? I think they will be messed up. Maybe, I’m just traditional but I certainly would not like my friends to see my mom’s boobs or butt nor would I want them to see her flirting with guys old enough to be her kids. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

Tonja on

Wow. Some really rude comments. It’s her life and her choice.

meghan on

Tonja, her life and her choices affect two children.

lena on

I think she hits a midle crisis big time, especially after this movie with 20 year old younger guy, so unreal and unstable desires, does not look good, look fooling, we never heard of her being with kids much now this….something is wrong with her ..

southwest on

She is too old to have another baby; if she got pregnant today she would be 46 when the kid(or kids) are born.

Alayna on

First of all, I surely hope she doesn’t wear shirts like that around her kids. I understand it’s a photo shoot but seriously put some clothing on! Second, I highly doubt J. Lo bakes with her kids. Another obvious photo just for the shoot. With all that said, she seems like a good mom. I hope G-d blesses her all that her heart desires.

percy on

It is easy having kids when you can hire nannies,chauffeurs,tutors,personal assistants,chefs,stylists,personal trainers and dogwalkers to help you raise them.

krisalysha on

I think People mag should consider upping their J-Lo “articles” to perhaps…two a day rather than one. It’s truly scintillating stuff.

Misty on

she is a great mom, modern, cool sophisticated, yet down to earth. She is not a pap mom, and rarely displays her children. You don’t need to be an old fashioned mom to be a good one. I love Jen and wish her happiness in all areas.

notagoodsign on

C’mon People Magazine! Do you really believe that the public believe this fake photo shoot? I wonder how long it took to put together this FABRICATED and PHONY domestic fantasy. Stop disrespecting the readers, yes there are people out that will believe this is true, not everybody’s IQ is single digit!

sandy on

What, and give up those abs she constantly puts on display? YAWN!

Dani on

45 is definitely a bit steep in years for wishing for another baby but it never hurts to dream.

guest on

What is sad is I went to her Instagram. All selfie pics. Hardly any of her kids. She seems like a sweet person deep down but very insecure. It’s like she feels inadequate unless someone is dying over her looks. Looks fade. Time flies. Enjoy your kids & love yourself Jennifer. Put God first and your kids 2nd and your life will always be fulfilling. Looks won’t matter anymore.

Soleil on

I read all of the comments and found most of them offensive; to start (Halle Berry) was 47 when she had her 2nd child, so therefore it’s possible. Second, who are we to decided what a person CAN & CAN NOT do with their lives if it’s going to make them happy (regardless if a nanny is taking care of her kids), they are still HER kids. If she is not calling any one of you to baby sit or help her with their needs then it’s none of your business. People need to learn to worry about what goes on in “their” home, I’m pretty sure if’s not picture perfect in anyone’s home…just make the best of it….I wish her well & pray that God does bless her with her heart’s desires!!

phil on

honestly–she even has to pose sexy with her 2 kids–they are sweet innocent kids and show some respect as a mother

Julie on

The little girl looks like her and the son looks like Mark.

ohWow on

Lotion on your daughters knees lady, stop thinking of yourself!

Emmalee on

Please don’t. Two children being looked after by others is quite enough. When the twins were born she was asked if she was breast feeding, and her answer was ‘no, my mom didn’t so I don’t feel I have to.’ To not even try or want to says a lot about you.

Liv on

Adopt if you must! I’m your age Jennifer and I have two kids 23 & 18. For many years I thought I would but at this age there are just too many risks.

Ginger on

She looks gorgeous. Good for her!

karolina on

Well i totally agree i would rather read about JLO everyday than reading bout stupid kardashians! But i think Jenn should stick with what she already has and she shouldnt think of anything else i think shes too old for baby

notagoodsign on

Anyone noticed HOW CLEAN the counter is? Two children and one adult making cookies and the counter is spic-and-span… Oops! next time put some fluor on the counter along with some ingredients and show the children’s messy hands with dough, you know, the way it happens in REAL life. #fakefakeandmorefake

Blankita on

If my midsection looked that good if be in a bikini ALL the time!!! Jealousy is an ugly and mean monster…

Uh no on

Why have another — so you can lie about not doing ivf again??

chris on

She’s planting the seed with the media. Guaranteed she has eggs that are frozen and will probably try again.
Age doesnt matter when you have young frozen eggs.
That’s why she said “having twins again would be nice”.
And on another note – is she for real with the cut off shirt while taking a family picture with her six year olds? Can she not make it about her abs or her asz every single time?

Anonymous on

The little boy is very handsome

Hea on

For someone who’s so incredibly absorbed with their own butt I’m surprised she bakes.

Amanda on

At the end of the day her life doesn’t affect any of you. I would never want to have a baby at 45….but I also would never want to have a baby at 35. I’m quite glad all of my kids will be 18 before I’m 45 actually. But if she wants to, go her. Yes, she has a busy schedule, but the difference is, she can work crazy, hectic hours for a few months of the year and then have the rest of the year to do whatever she wants, I’d bet when you look at hours spent with her kids she probably spends at least as much as a mom who works full time 365.

klynn on

Wow can’t believe how mean most of you are, don’t judge you don’t know her..she seems like a good mom, and so what if she wants to dress young, if she feels good then why not. Think most of u r jealous that’s all. If you don’t have nothing nice to say then plz keep your mouth shut

sam4408 on

I have been a huge fan of Jen’s since I saw her movie U-TURN when it was released. Jen is an an amazing, sophisticated, beautiful woman. Im a 51 year old carpenter that would marry her in a heartbeat and give her all the children she ever wanted. Its not the money that makes her, shes an absolutely incredible woman without all of that fame. If she wants more children and to be married again, why not? Everyone deserves happily ever after.

notagoodsign on

@sam4408, Keep DREAMING, your are too OLD and too POOR, she would never, ever give you a blink of attention, she is too shallow to even care to get an honest, mature hard working man. Sorry, but keep dreaming.

Mary on

I hope Jennifer Lopez have more children. A beautiful woman like her, she deserves to have more beautiful children. By the way, I went to see Boy Next Door with my friends and we loved it. Jennifer Lopez is the best.

Candy on

Fennifer is the most beautiful, sexy and talented woman in Hollywood and the whole world. It’s time she gets an award nomination such as the Oscars, Golden Globe, the Emmy, etc. She is talented and smart. It’s time she is recognized for her beauty, hard work and talent.

Tatianna on

TO ALL THE HATERS: GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN. STOP being so jealous of beautiful and talented, Jennifer. She is a natural beauty . She can have all the children she wants. No matter her age ( she looks amazing) she still HOT . She could date any one she wants , there’s nobody’s business but hers.

Bjorn on

People Magazine, continue publishing Jennifer Lopez’s life. It’s always refreshing to read about a gorgeous woman. Hope she finds true love in her life. A Hot Latina like Jennifer deserves to be recognized for her beauty, music, movies and hard work. Jennifer is PRICELESS.

Joe on

I serious think she has a mental issues and should have some mental health expert’s diagnose her mental health issues before she plans on having more children’s?

Lili on

What a great family. Jennifer seems to be a caring and devoted mother. Jennifer is a Hot Latina. She is beautiful inside and out. Wish her and her family the best.

Yolanda on

I would rather see a beautiful woman like Jennifer Lopez, a natural beauty than to see the skinny, full of silicone women in Hollywood. During the Emmys, Golden Globe, Oscars and the rest we see these so called ‘talented white women’ who are showing their fake boobs, big fake lips and fake tans. It looks so un natural and ugly.

Yolanda on

Jennifer is a natural beauty.I prefer to see her in the magazines than the skinny, full of silicone women in Hollywood. During the Emmys, Golden Globe, Oscars and the rest we see these so called ‘talented women’ who are showing their fake boobs, big fake lips and fake tans. It looks so un natural and unatractive.

Sean on

WOW!!!, Jennifer Lopez, looks every day more beautiful. I am in my twenties and would love to date here. She is sexy, hot and divine. She is sooooooooo beautiful.

LornaG on

This photo is so fake, JLo apron is too clean and the kids looks like they are dressed for school photos. JLo be happy with the 2 you have and try to be a real mom for them. We all know you are putting on a front the fans sweetie.

Erin on

Love the photos of Jennifer and her children. What a beautiful family. JLO, is stunningly beautiful, gorgeous to look at. We, love JLO. Keep up the good work, Jennifer.

KL on

These pictures are cute.

Annie on

So much hate, for what? You don’t know if she is hands on. I have a busy schedule and manage to accomplish a lot each day, but can do much of it while my kids are at school. Don’t make assumptions and attempt to make a prognosis on a woman’s parenting based on her ability to achieve success in other areas of her life. It is sexist and a juvenile exercise.

She should keep doing what she does because she and her kids look happy. And have more kids if she can.

Anonymous on

They look like a lovely family.