Jessica Simpson’s Son Ace Tries His Hand at Tennis

01/24/2015 at 10:45 AM ET

Ace Knute is all about the love!

On Friday, Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to showcase another sweet moment with her 18-month-old blond beauty.

With a tennis racket in each hand  — and two more close by on the court — Ace took a time out from going after the ball to give his mama a chance to snap a quick picture.

“ACE!!!” Simpson, 34, captioned the shot of her son trying his hand at a game of tennis.

Jessica Simpson Son Ace Knute Tennis Photo
Courtesy Jessica Simpson

While Ace may be into showing off his sporty skills, his big sister, 2½-year-old Maxwell Drew, prefers to raid Mom’s makeup drawers.

“I need to move my lipgloss drawer!” Simpson wrote in November, after sharing a photo of her daughter and her pink pouty lips.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Adorable child …

jacque on

Sooooooo cute! Looks just like his mommy.

Jo55 on

She is getting almost as good as Kimye at overexposing her kids.

Judy on

He is adorable.

Meg on

Ace looks just like his Grandpa Joe

Lexie on

Her kids are adorable! Some of the cutest kids of celebrities, even though all kids are special.

lola on

So cute!! Love his messy kid hair.

stacey on

Looks exactly like his dad.

Marky on

Jo55, I think Jessica has found a nice balance between hiding her children altogether (as if they had some sort of disfiguring disease), and posting snapshots that allow an occasional glimpse of her adorable children. We don’t see new pics every other day, and we aren’t kept from ever seeing a picture as if the children were not a part of her life.

Personally, I remember when big stars like Jimmy Stewart, and others like him, allowed an occasional picture of their children because they realized the fans paid the bills, and cared about them and their lives. We didn’t see new pictures every day, nor did we expect it. We also didn’t make comments publicly about how ugly some child was, or how much we hated their parents, or any other over-the-top comment that was designed to vent anger we likely felt about something else.

Jessica’s children are adorable, they are blessed with 2 parents who seem to be crazy about each other and about their children. It is gracious of her to show us snaps of the children having fun and looking like children, not photos that look overly staged, and not hiding her children either. They have a celeb parent, and some fans would like to see pictures once in awhile.

Andrea on

What a cutie! Both of her kids are absolutely adorable!

Madison on

This kid is absolutely adorable! I see a future in modeling for him and who knows, maybe even a professional tennis player when he grows up 🙂

Sharon on

Great pic.. Cute pose… A cutie cutie!!!

guest92 on

Well you know, she posts them to her instagram account, where, as long as you don’t follow her you won’t have to see them. US decides to take them from there and make stories out of them, but again, you don’t need to click on the article if you don’t want to see the pictures of her kids 🙂

Isabel on

He’s a beautiful little boy and looks so much like his sister.

KL on

He is a future professional tennis player!

valeskas on

The other day on the news, they were talking about Jessica, would like her kids in the modeling industry and her husband is against it. I like her but I am with her husband on this. Why would she even consider it, with all the money she has. Let them be kids and enjoy their young years. Before she knows, the kids will be grown and they should decide for themselves.

mer on

Really. All kids are precious, but Jessica’s children are really adorable.

guest on

@Marky….Simpson is not being gracious with these pictures. She is contractually obligated to promote items designed by clothing companies with pictures like this via social media.

People voice their opinions on social media. A caring parent would protect their children from the comments that can be be brutally honest at times by keeping their pictures private. For a parent like Simpson, everything is for sale if the price is right…even her children.

Hea on

What are some of you even doing on this site if you don’t want to see pictures of celebrities’ kids?

Valarie on

Adorable picture!

Marky on

There are people who absolutely will never accept that someone may just think a picture is cute and want to share it with friends or fans. It doesn’t matter that Jessica never says a bad word about anyone else, even those who slam her…she’s a celeb and she’s fair game, not to mention her children, and anyone else who says hi to her, as far as some of you are concerned. She’s not some hateful person with an axe to grind every day, and personally, I can’t imagine she got paid to post a picture of her son wearing a shirt we are told nothing about, Get real……. She’s not my favorite celeb, but she certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she is by a lot of posters!

Kestrel on

He’s so sweet but he needs a haircut.

Angie on

Um he seems a good kid.