Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child

01/15/2015 at 08:00 PM ET

Tiffani Thiessen‘s wish has come true: she’s pregnant!

The actress and her husband, actor Brady Smith, are expecting a sibling for daughter Harper Renn, Thiessen’s rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We could not be more excited about extending our family,” the couple tell PEOPLE. “Harper is beyond thrilled to have a playmate!”

The mom-to-be, 40, has been vocal about her desire to add another baby to the mix, telling online magazine Sweden with Love that she was hopeful a second pregnancy would happen soon.

“With Harper, it happened right away so I’m hoping it’ll be as easy this time around,” she said in September.

Tiffani Thiessen Pregnant Expecting Second Child
Elizabeth Messina

But no one was putting the pressure on Thiessen to get pregnant quite like her 4½-year-old daughter.

“Every day she begs me to have a baby,” Thiessen, whose new cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani’s, premieres Feb. 25, said. “Every morning she wakes up and says, ‘Is there a baby in your belly?’ She thinks it grows overnight while we’re sleeping. Then she looks at me and says, ‘You’re not growing a baby, Mommy!’ ”

The new addition comes at the perfect time: With her little girl growing up quickly, Thiessen told PEOPLE she was mourning the younger years.

“There’s nothing baby about [Harper] anymore — which is hard!” she said. “It’s sad at the same time, because the baby stage is definitely over.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! I love Tiffani and congratulations to them.

Vic on

Such a beautiful family. She will always be Kelly to me! Congrats

Ava on

Congrats! Harper is adorable and I’m sure her new sibling will be as well.

LC on

Congratulations! Her little girl looks just like her – what a cutie. They seem like a sweet family and I wish them the best.

rachel on

very cute family. congrats!

Meena on

That’s a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!!

Jenny on

What a cute family. Her daughter looks just like her mama, adorable!

Nicole on

I’m really happy for Tiffani and her family. Harper is gonna love having a little brother or sister to play with 🙂

ImALadyToo on

Congratulations, but some of these women are really pushing it having babies in their 40s. The risk for problems (i.e., Down’s Syndrome) increases each year with age, but I hope for the very best for them.

ImALadyToo on

Congratulations on their upcoming baby, and prayers for a happy and healthy family. But, women are really pushing it having babies in their 40s. With each year after the age of 35, the greater the chance for problems. My best wishes for good health!

sandee on

don’t tell anyone until you get to week 17….

Katie on

Why Sandee? I told people the day I found out. My brother’s wife had a stillborn at 39 weeks. Crap happens at any stage. I knew miscarriages were more likely in the first trimester but I wanted I share my joy and if the worst happened then I knew people I cared about knew about my little bundle that never arrived. I would have been more stressed out not telling people. That at least worked for me.

taylor on

She will always be kelly to me…I had a crush on her on saved by the bell…so exciting:)

Daisy Doll on

Wow, what a beautiful family. Pretty much too good to be on people mag, actually.

Daisy Doll on

btw, why is there sometimes this yellow comments section (which obvioulsy gets moderated more), and sometimes the regular disqus one (which doesn’t get moderated unless you say something the moderator doesn’t like, of course).

Marky on

So happy for this couple! They seem very caring, and rather normal. To those who comment on her age, or wen she tells people she’s pregnant…the chances don’t suddenly become 50/50 to have a child with Down’s Syndrome, or any of the Trisomy Syndromes, just because you turn 40. In fact, I’ve known more people in their 20’s who had babies with Down’s or Trisomy 17 or Trisomy 18, than those 40 and older. The fact is you can have things go wrong at anytime during pregnancy, even after labor starts, so why not tell friends and family if you want to? The idea that if no one tells others, and something happens to the pregnancy, it won’t hurt, is baloney…. If something does happen, at least you aren’t walking around with a plastic smile on your face, trying to pretend nothing happened or that you are just fine……. Tiffani can tell who she pleases, and others can make their own choices….. Congratulations again!

k on

Tiffani Amber Theissen; isn’t this interesting that she’s having babies later in life. She was the one all the guys were after when she was younger. I wonder what made her decide on this guy–I mean she could have had any guy she wanted for years. I guess none of them wanted to settle down. I tried to wait until I was older so things would be “perfect” aka waiting for the guys to get their act together. When my daughter was 6, my husband left us. Really sad, because at my age this was kind of my last chance for a normal life which is what I was trying to do—but these guys all have so much baggage…Even in high school. So I’ll have NO more kids and treasure my daughter that I have. Her father is such the absentee Dad it’s sad really. When he is around, he thinks he’s better than everyone else and tries to be the boss—but he doesn’t do the work so he’s usually clueless.

lynnie on

Congratulations! I wish we could have given our son a sibling. He is 10 now, but it would have been fun to see how they interact. Best Wishes Tiffani!

zfitz on

Mazel tov to her! 5 years apart is the perfect age gap! I had my first child at 35 and my second at 39. Today, at almost 41 I have a very active 13 month old & a crazy smart, funny & awesome almost 6 year old. You can have a baby with issues at any age, but many “OLD” ladies have super healthy babies too!

lucasmom on

She is so beautiful!! I always liked her. Sounds like things are going really well for her!

mommytoane on

Cute kid.
Don’t agree with having a baby to please your current kid tho. It should be born because YOU want it to be born. If that perfect relationship people stride for does not work between siblings the older one might resent the parents for having the child in the first place.

Kathy on

So happy for them. Congrats!

daniellenicole1994 on

Aww, I’m so happy for them!

charity on

I always like her! Very happy for her and family. Tiff your daughter is beautiful like you.

Anonymous on

So happy for her! I remember reading back in Sept, and having my fingers x’ed. She and I are the same age and both got our wish!