Dax Shepard Jokes He’ll Need ‘Medication’ If Kristen Bell Gives Birth Again

01/15/2015 at 01:15 PM ET

After watching wife Kristen Bell give birth to their first child, daughter Lincoln, Dax Shepard thought he had seen it all.

But then the actress needed a last-minute c-section with their second daughter — and the Parenthood star quickly realized how very wrong he had been.

“Kristen, God bless her, was in labor for 33 hours,” Shepard, 40, said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Thursday. “[Her labor with Lincoln was] 15 [hours]. That’s child’s play.”

Bell wasn’t the only one reeling from the “intense” delivery. “She got an epidural hour 14 — as you should — and I think dads need something,” he explained.

“I deserve something because I was along for the ride,” he said. “It’s still a car crash and I’m in the passenger seat. I’m playing Katy Perry and I’m breathing and I’m rubbing her back and I have fatigue and I think, ‘I need something for this, help me.’ ”

Dax Shepard Ellen DeGeneres Show
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Once she was wheeled into the operating room, things took a bittersweet turn for the dad-to-be. Although Shepard was excited to witness the delivery of his baby girl, he admits he made one very big mistake.

“I had been warned by a lot of different gentlemen, and even my own mother, that said, ‘You might not want to watch the baby come out. [It’s] maybe not the greatest idea,’ ” he said. “What they did not warn me about was the c-section, which is way worse.”

“So there’s a sheet and then they go, ‘The baby’s here!’ Then you peek around the sheet and they’re lifting out the baby, but then you notice your wife is completely disassembled,” he continued. “I can see inside of her.”

As Shepard celebrated their daughter Delta‘s much-anticipated arrival, he also found himself unable to look away from the aftermath of the birth.

“I was like, ‘It’s a girl! Your liver’s out, I think. And those are definitely your intestines. And she has your eyes! Oh my God, put her back together correctly.’ ”

The new dad joked, “After seeing this autopsy, I would rather see a school bus drive out of her vagina. It isn’t any worse than seeing your partner flowing over. Guys, I need medication if this happens again.”

Fortunately, despite the “heartbreaking” but necessary decision to undergo a c-section, Shepard said Bell has already bounced back.

“I have a healthy baby so everything’s great,” he says. “[Kristen]’s a super healer because she never smoked, never drank. Eats perfect. She’s like Wolverine! You cut her and as the knife’s going through, it’s sealing. If those kids came out of me, I don’t know what they’d look like. I’d still be in the hospital probably.”

But Shepard can take the credit for one thing: Delta’s unusual name.

“It was a joke because our first daughter’s name is Lincoln, which is very masculine,” he explained. “A friend of mine teasingly texted me, ‘Oh great, what’s this one gonna be? Navy Seal? Delta Force? Green Beret?’ ”

The rest, Shepard said, is history: “I was reading this text out loud to Kristen and I said, ‘Oh, Steve said, “What if we named her Delta?” Delta! Delta Bell Shepard! That’s it!’ And that’s it.”

Now, the proud parents are settling into life with their 21-month-old and 4-week-old daughters. And although the transition from a family of three to four has been seemingly smooth, Shepard admits Lincoln’s love for her baby sister can be slightly dangerous.

“We’re all eating dinner and my mother says, ‘Guys! Guys! Guys!’ We look over — Lincoln has some rocks that she loves and carries around — and she’s throwing them in the baby bassinet to share. They’re big rocks,” he recalled. “There were no injuries, but that got our attention. Sharing is not caring, always. They say it is, but sometimes it’s almost murder.”

— Anya Leon

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Cat on

I feel like we don’t credit Dads enough with what they must go through watching their partner in pain and sometimes in pieces. Good for Dax for putting it out there honestly and not sugar coating the whole thing. Delivery, especially via emergency c-section after having a successful vaginal birth can be uber scary. It was for me and my hubby handled it like a champ.

Remember ladies, we feel the pain but the Dads are there too and are powerless to stop us from hurting. I know it wasn’t fun for my husband and I hope we all appreciate them for what they do for us. The good ones at any rate 🙂

Sara on

Rubbing her back? Lucky girl! My husband was on his laptop almost the entire time! #ugh

bb on

They seem like a really good match. Obviously, its hard to know on the outside…but those commericals they’ve done together, their red carpet looks at each other, their interviews about each other…they seem very much in love and just…normal. Congrats to them. Although with the name Delta, all I hear is Michael Scott going, “Delta Burke! I do declare!” every time. 🙂

Sandra on

These two crack me up….As I am reading this I am giggling like an idiot at his depictions of everything he saw in that room and the baby with the rocks thing is absolutely hilarious.

Doc Ellis on

Wow. Every time I’ve ever said anything remotely like “the delivery was tough on me (dad) too” I’ve been trashed for daring to compare my experience to my wife’s. I mean, no kidding – I didn’t go through anything remotely like what my wife went through when giving birth. There is no comparison. But does that mean it wasn’t stressful at all? Glad to see this guy not getting blasted for his insensitivity!

Hea on

I love these two and I love how honest he is about his experience here.

Hea on

Doc Ellis – Of course it’s traumatic and hard for the dads! It’s your most beloved and she’s in pain and you are powerless. I wouldn’t want to be you.

charlotte on

He is like a breath of fresh air. So candid and honest. I absolutely adore him and the two of them together! Congratulations on the new addition to your family Dax, and I will truly miss you and the entire Parenthood cast when the series ends. It made me laugh and cry more times than I can count.

Caroline on

“Heartbreaking” decision to have a c-section? Calm down. S**t happens. Thats life. Your child is healthy. Nothing heartbreaking about the matter.

Kathy on

I almost peed my pants!

Erin on

Those two are my favorite. They’re so honest and funny. So rare in life, let alone in an interview!

Dayle on

I seriously love him! They are awesome as a couple! I love both their little girls names. Very unique and pretty!

aimers828 on

He is so funny without trying to be. He just sounds like a normal dad, and that is so refreshing!!

Callie on

Can’t stand this couple but they are funny as he11 and all they have to do is entertain me. Job well done. I do think men should be given some sort of pain pill during delivery, that would calm the anxiety a bit for everyone

Sandra on

Caroline, it certainly CAN be heartbreaking, it’s major surgery! Under normal circumstances, a c-sections are performed when there is any kind of problem, I don’t understand how you could be so flippant about it.

Just saying… on

I just love these celebrity children’s names…Delta? Will they name the next one Jet Blue? 🙂

Kat on

Caroline – I was in labor for 29 hours before an emergency c-section, it is heartbreaking. You spend so much time and emotion, sometimes you are already pushing, only to then get rushed into major surgery. Also the recovery can be hard, and feel like it is taking energy you want to spend on your new child. Just because ‘that’s life’ does not mean it is not an emotionally hard time.

Katie on

What lucky little girls! It sounds like despite being hollywood children, they have the best, down-to-earth parents. I really liked the Christmas commercials too. I’m going to send some of those quotes to my husband- he’ll get a kick out of them (he’s at Basic Training so he cn’t see them himself).

Tara on

Delta is an awesome name. If you look up the name Delta Goodrem, you will find the info about an amazingly talented actress, singer, pianist from Australia. She was a mere 18 yrs old, and had just begun her career, and was diagnosed with cancer. She went through all the treatments, lost all her hair, and survived and has gone on to having a pretty awesome career. I wish she would make a splash here- Ive had to order her cds from Au and have them shipped here, but shes so talented- her singing, and her beautiful songs and the piano she plays with such feeling. Yep, Delta is definitely a good name.

Gas on

Delta? They must like Delta Airline. Unique name.

Brett Huhn on

Who names a GIRL, “Lincoln”

VivaciousVicki on

Love Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell! Two of my favorite people….so funny and so genuine. Congratulations to both!

Alaa on

haha, too funny.

GP on


Etsy on

It’s nice to hear dads talk about their experiences too! It’s a team effort, even if it’s not exactly 50/50, at the time of delivery!

Arvin on

keep updated with the activities around me