Bill Clinton: My Granddaughter Is the ‘Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread’

01/14/2015 at 09:15 PM ET

Bill Clinton Seth Meyeres grandfather
Jon Davidson, Office of President Clinton

It’s playtime over politics these days for Bill Clinton.

The former president stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers, airing Wednesday at 12:35am on NBC, to discuss his new favorite person: granddaughter Charlotte.

“I love it,” Clinton, 68, tells Meyers in an exclusive clip from Wednesday night’s show. “Like every other grandfather, I think my granddaughter’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Daughter Chelsea, 34, and husband Marc Mezvinsky welcomed Charlotte last September, making Bill and wife Hillary Clinton first-time grandparents.

As for how he’s doing in his new role, Clinton says, “It’s so fun. So far my daughter has not had to discipline [Charlotte’s] overly exuberant grandparents too much.”

But despite his esteemed last position, Clinton says these days he’s up for taking orders instead of giving them. “You know, these young people, they know what the rules are on child rearing,” he jokes with Meyers. “It’s very impressive.”

— Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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Tracy on

I’ve never been a Clinton fan, but it is nice to see him so happy.

Guest53 on

what a pretty name

Carrie M on

I don’t care for him or his wife but I am thrilled for them! It’ll only get better as Charlotte gets older!

Alissa on

Bill Clinton looks good and healthy – being Grandpa suits him! Hope to see Hillary and Bill make the move to the White House in 2016 🙂

Christie on

Bill Clinton is the proudest grandfather! So cute! Happy for him and Hillary. Nice to see them enjoying this phase in their lives.

KP on

Ooh an adorable picture!

Noneya on

How cute!! Doesn’t matter if you liked him or not as President, he’s an adorable, and adoring, grandpa!!

Ginger on

Mr. Clinton is the last president I liked. I am glad he is happy.

Anonymous on

bj time

John on

How come Democratic presidents are so much smarter than the Republican ones?

Congrats to past and future Presidents Clinton.

Kelly Johnson on

Bill sleezy as he is for some reason he doesn’t bother me. He seems genuinely happy and a doting grandpa. Her though I just get a bad feeling. She just rubs be the wrong way. But cute picture!

sandee on

Sliced bread is not all that great. Neither are cliches. He’s an orator, he can do better

bisexualchatsC0M on


ken on

keep him away from her

ken on

Monica still loves you bill…………

Nanu21 on

Just maybe the old outdated Clintons will just be content being grandparents leaving DC behind……..we can only hope!!!!

hmmm on

Frankly, I could care less. He’s probably trying to drum up “aww” feelings so his wife will get elected president,… which I hope never happens. With her background, she would be an awful president.

Felice on

Best wishes Grandpa Bill. As a side note – that man is still fine!!!

Lexie on

LOL…Funny! I can see how much they love Charlotte in the first picture. Nice to see a picture of such important people doing normal things.

Bama on

Everyone acts like he is some sweet grandfather type and oh we’re so happy for him. At the same time these same people are giving Monica L. hell over what happened in the white house. He was the adult in that situation and also the one that was married and cheating. He lied to the American public, and they’re still treating him like he was the best thing since sliced bread. The last people that I ever want to see in the white house are the Clintons.

carroll on

I am not being anything but inquisitive, but has anyone seen a picture of the baby? I kept waiting and thought perhaps they had issued one of Charlotte, but I have not found one yet? Maybe just being private, which is understandable, but most people (and especially political folks) want the world to see their grandchildren and children! Has anyone seen her?

meghan on

24 isn’t an adult, bama?

meghan on

Some of you people are truly disgusting human beings. And you have the nerve to judge him!

Sandra on

I can’t wait till I’m a granny because I firmly intend to do to their kid what my mom did to mine…Spoil them stinkin rotten and then send them home. That’ll teach em to give me heck when they were teenagers.

valeskas on

That is the way we felt, when our granddaughter was born.

charlotte on

@Angie – grow up and move on! This is a sweet story about a doting first time grandfather. Lighten up girl!

No Billary in 2016 on

Sadly someday your little granddaughter will learn the truth. She’ll read all about how you literally defiled the Oval Office.
You lost your honor years ago, Bill Clinton. Your fake marriage to Hillary is a joke and you’re both power-hungry politicians.

Teresa Smith on

@Angie…….. What a load of B.S
He was nor with anyone ‘Underage’ And not Prostitutes.
Monica was in her 20’s.. And no part of their arrangement had anything to do with money.. It is truly amazing how the truth and facts get twisted and blatantly LIED about.. I swear you people will make up ANYTHING to satisfy your small twisted brains.. He was commenting on how thrilled he is about his grandchild .. You right wingers need serious help.