Zooey Deschanel Expecting First Child

01/13/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Zooey Deschanel Pregnant Expecting First Child
Kevin Winter/Getty

Emily Deschanel just found herself a new pregnancy pal: sister Zooey!

The New Girl star is expecting her first child with Jacob Pechenik this summer, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Jacob and I are over the moon. We are so excited to meet our little one,” Deschanel tells PEOPLE.

The mom-to-be, 34, and her producer boyfriend, 42, have been dating since mid 2014.

The couple’s baby on the way already has plenty of playdates in the future: Bones star Emily and her husband, actor David Hornsby, are expecting their second child.

— Anya Leon

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Selma on

That is going to be a beautiful baby!


Melissa on

Congrats! Love her!

klutzy_girl on

Aw, it’s cute that she and Emily are pregnant at the same time! Congratulations.

headspacetutor on

YAY! This kid is going to be one cute dresser. And how fun for the sisters to be pregnant at the same time. Zooey is a style icon for me and I cannot wait to see her pregnancy style!

Staycee on

Well, they have been together for five whole minutes, so why the heck not, right?


Well, when you are older……not saying 34 is old, but when you are older things move along a lot faster than they would if you are say 22. So, the fact that they haven’t been dating for years isn’t really a big red flag that it’s just too soon. Congratulations and prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Dana on

I like her! How nice two close sisters expecting at the same time.

powerturtle90sdudemon on

Awwww that’s wonderful! Congrats to her!

teresa_guidice on

Dating for six months? That sounds like a stable relationship to bring a child into.

debra on

Too soon and it seems like a trend in Hollywood that so many women hardly use birth control. I am happy for them both nor is it my place to tell anybody how to live or what to do with her body.

maryho8 on

Reblogged this on All I’ve Ever Needed.

Easyup on

LOLA – She is old…in childbearing years and she is running out of time to give birth herself. She is just getting in under the wire of 35 years old when it becomes increasingly difficult to have a trouble free pregnancy and/or to get pregnant at all. It’s obvious she wants to be a mom and is jumping in before its too late. Congratulations to her and Jacob, wishing them all the best for a happy pregnancy.

Ellie on

Great news on the baby…but good luck with the boyfriend!

Ally on

You don’t need to be in a stable relationship to bring a child into the world. Especially when you’re 34 and have a ton of family support.

Mrs. X on

Well congrats to her. I know she’ll be happy! #SoExciting

fabgirlrosy on

Please Universe, make her character Jess be pregnant from Nick on New Girl. PLEASE!

camilletoe on

Jesus, Easyup, do you have any friends? You sound like someone who doesn’t have many.

TJ on

Interesting because she just said recently that she has no interest in being a mother. Maybe she changed her mind or it’s a whoops. Nonetheless, congratulations.

carol on

Hope she knows what she is in for ,like when there teens and its all on YOU Sorry MUm holiday needed lol

Lilah on

He is sooo cute!

Uh...DUH! on

Um, Debra…your comment makes NO sense. You start out by saying its ‘too soon’, then you babble something about women in Hollywood not using birth control (as if you have ANY clue who does or does not use birth control) and then you end by cackling that this is none of your business. So in that short comment of yours you managed to criticize, make an assumption and pretend you’re not one to judge. (as if) How about just going with ‘Best of luck!’

Callie on

Wow, they’ve been together not even a year and she’s having a baby……does anyone wait any more? I mean we all know how her first marriage ended…..divorce. It’s OK to be together a while before having children. Hey Zooey – ever heard of birth control?

Alison on

I hope they write the baby into the New Girl storylines and I hope they make Nick the father!

guest on

Why do we celebrate when kids are being born to unwed parents. Its not the child’s fault and of course you cherish them when they are here but the parents certainly should not be patted on the back for starting the kid off wrong footed.

Natalie on

Wow. She only been with him for a few months and already pregnant? I know time is not on her side to have a chlild but seems fast. I wish them the best.

Karolina on

Wait, I saw pictures of them together as a couple that date back to 2010 – saying that is when they stepped out as a couple..I don’t understand…how is it now saying here they have been dating for only 6 months?

arabrabbra on

You gotta remember girls, when your on antibiotics it makes your pills USELESS. Use back up protection when on antibiotics!

Susan on

Yikes! Some of you thinking that it’s cool to bring a kid into a world in such a new relationship scare me. I kind of like the parents being committed to each other before bringing a life into the world. We should be working to strengthen families, otherwise we would be able to reproduce asexually now.

Michele on

So when is the wedding?

Jac on

It isn’t anyone’s business how long people date, whether they’re married or not, etc. when finding out a couple is expecting. Worry about yourself, and stop judging others. Congratulations to them.

Moby on

Arabrabbra, there is no way you saw a pic of them from 2010, as she was still in a relationship with her now-ex-husband Ben Gibbard !

Ally, what a st*pid comment of yours! I’m not all for the traditional “you have to get married first, then have children”, even more when you consider that she had already been married (and divorced), but stating you don’t have to be in a stable relationship to bring a child into this world is incredibly ignorant! You must really be unstable yourself to say such a thing !

Anyway, I think 6 months of dating is not enough to add a baby to the mix. But to each is own, I don’t judge them, so best of luck to them !

Karolina on

My mistake….I looked at the caption too quickly…it was August 10…not 2010. Never mind! 🙂

jen on

i think you mean “surprise” on zooey!

Leah on

I love her and new girl, that show is hilarious. Congratulations to them and that baby is going to be absolutely adorable

Carolyn on

Can we drop that trite “Over the Moon” expression?

rebeccavp on

Why is everyone dissing them because they haven’t been together ‘that’ long? They’re older and probably know that they’re right for one another. My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years. We met, married and had a baby within 18 months. Still together with two teenagers. 🙂

Samantha on

I love Zooey Deschanel, but this is definitely an oops baby.

She got divorced in January, told magazines she didn’t want kids in April, starts dating this new guy in the middle of the year, and now she’s pregnant. And probably a few months pregnant at that considering many women in general, and definitely in Hollywood wait until after the first trimester to announce.

I hope she’s keeping it because she wants to and not because she is being forced to.

Leah on

Darn – was hoping magically she and Ben would reunite. But, Ben if you need a shoulder… 🙂

wow. on

Wow, some are you are judgemental and downright rude. None of you personally know Zooey, and absolutely none of you are perfect. You do not know her decisions in her personal life just as she does not know yours. It is really none of your business, and making snobby holier than thou assumptions about others, even celebrities, just shows how much you do not know. Seriously, how can some of you be so harsh towards a person you do not even know?! I would hate to know how you treat your family and friends!

Yikes on

Wasn’t she just married to someone else not too long ago? :/

They’ve been together for six months… Not married (YES, that IS important). Yikes… Sounds irresponsible. I really like Zooey. I hope this works out for her. I wish her and the little one the best.

Bobbi Sinister on

look at everyone yammering about being married as if that means anything any more, if at all you’re stable!! People are free to do what they want, so mind your business.

Jay on

@Yikes, they’ve actually been together five months, not six, (started dating in August) so with her announcing the pregnancy now she probably got pregnant around their three month anniversary.

Ruth on

So very happy for you Ms Deschanel and a BIG CONGRADULATIONS . It is so awesome that you & your sister Ms Deschanel/Hornsby are pregnant together-from seeing pictures of you both, looks like you are really tight and more than likely have a loving and tight family supporting you. Wishing you the best happiness & know your little bundle of joy will have lots of love. I tell my friends that have babies give them lots of hugs & kisses and this will make them grow faster.😄😃

CN on

I hope she miscarries.

Sigrid on

She’s 34 and financially responsible/stable. Why shouldn’t she have a baby? And PS, accidents can still happen even with birth control. So don’t judge. Women don’t have to get married first anymore.

michelle on

He looks like her dad

Barry on

Elsewhere in the news, neighbors found the body of musician Ben Gibbard ….

Anonymous on

Easy up why do u care so much. maybe she couldve had kids in her early 40s. How do you know if she s running out of time

Guest on

I wish anybody bringing a child into the world the best of wishes. However, we as a society need to be honest with ourselves. Study after study shows that children who are not raised by married parents are at a significant disadvantage on so many fronts! I know that with modern society it is ‘the norm’ or a women’s ‘choice’ to not get married before having babies, but if we care about our children more than ourselves, it isn’t right! See this article, as it is one in many, that breaks down the disadvantages children face when they grow up in a household where their parents are not married, or there s only one parent around.


I just hope the new guy does this ‘new girl’ right and makes an honest woman out of her BEFORE the baby arrives. You make the choice to be married, you make the choice to have children, and you make the choice to raise those babies in an atmosphere that gives them the best chance to be happy, safe, and successful. We need to stop kidding ourselves when we say ‘It’s alright’ to have children without being married. Is is acceptable in today’s society? Yes! Is it ideal for our future children? No….no it isn’t.

Trying to cover the guilt we feel when we have children out of wedlock is liken to pretending that we meant to rear end that car in front of us at the stop light. It is one thing to make mistakes. It is another thing entirely different to pretend that recreating those mistakes over and over as a society should be the ‘new norm’.

Easyup on

Missed biology class did you or did you go to school at all? Having a baby in your 40’s is not ideal.

Easyup on

….also, only men can reproduce life long, women cannot.

Ada on

Some people choose not to take birth control. I’m not in a hurry, or trying, to get pregnant. But I don’t like having extra chemicals in my body, I like feeling more … natural. There are other ways to hold off pregnancy.

Ada on

BUT I”M SO HAPPY FOR ZOOEY! She seriously will be the cutest mommy in town

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And as far as them having a baby so soon goes, I’d like to bring up another possible factor that no one has mentioned yet..HIS age. Maybe, just maybe, he wants to have kids while he’s still young enough to be actively involved in and enjoy their entire childhoods! Not all men want to be older dads! 🙂

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that perhaps she was told her chances of having children were slim, and that’s why she made the comments she did about not wanting them. I’ve noticed that only a small percentage of celebs who say that actually mean it (and they’re typically the ones that never do have kids!). Most end up revealing later on (whether directly or indirectly!) that they either had trouble conceiving or had been told that they couldn’t (or that the odds were very slim) and then had a miracle baby.

Obviously the latter is more likely in Zooey’s case, since she’s only been with this guy for six months (and thus they likely weren’t trying to have kids for very long, if they were even actively trying at all!).

Anonymous on

Darn, forgot to add one more thing! Female celebs also sometimes say they don’t want kids when they aren’t in a relationship and aren’t sure if they’ll be able to find Mr. Right before it’s too late. This also could have been the case with Zooey, as that interview was conducted last April- before she and her bf were together. 🙂

Okay, NOW I’m done for real, I promise! 😉

Hea on

I know of a lot of people who have been together for years and years before having a baby and then split up. Life is not always what you expect it to be. As long as the child has loving parents who can work together and a stable environment to thrive in then everything is going to turn out great.

NM on

@CN What a repulsive thing to say.

Lucy on

@Anonymous…glad you know why celebs say the things they say. There’s really not many celebs who go around saying they don’t want kids. While it is possible Zooey couldnt have kids, she’s been very vocal about not having an interest in motherhood. Maybe the pregnancy was unplanned since she has been married and in relationships before. It doesn’t mean that she will not be a great mom but sometimes we have to call it what it is.

Kristin on

@cn you’re heartless. That is a terrible thing to say. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy and you wish that on a stranger. Disgusting.