Kelly Clarkson Reveals the Sweet Meaning Behind ‘Heartbeat Song’

01/12/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson Talks Tough Pregnancy, New Single
Courtesy Kelly Clarkson

While promoting her single “Heartbeat Song” on Monday, Kelly Clarkson shared some behind-the-scenes details about how motherhood nearly ended her career  only to make it better than she could have ever imagined.

“I honestly had a lot of wine one night and had confessions with my husband [Brandon Blackstock] of, like, ‘What I was going to do with my life?’ because my voice was really bad,” she recalled to Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show. “I figured [my baby] was going to come out yelling, ‘Shut up!’ “

Quite the opposite. As Clarkson, 32, recently (and adorably) showed with a 15-second snippet of “Heartbeat Song,” little River Rose cannot get enough of her mom’s next single.

Even more heartwarming, Clarkson reveals that the track’s beat is “actually River’s heartbeat slowed down from when she was in my tummy!” (It’s no wonder then that River was super-excited about the song!)

Dancing may not be a problem for River, but Clarkson shares that her 7-month-old’s mobility ends there: “She is not crawling! She has the largest head ever! She can barely sit up! Her head is in the 97th percentile, it’s enormous!”

In true motherly fashion, though, Clarkson adds, “That’s what actually makes her cute! She’s got this large head and these big cheeks with a little body. It’s actually adorable.”

Clarkson’s deep love for River was forged during an incredibly difficult pregnancy. “Nausea is an understatement,” she recalls. “I was hospitalized. It was bad! I was vomiting a good 25 times a day. It was not good!”

Clarkson admits, “I can’t even believe I want to [get pregnant] again … One of my friends is actually pregnant now, and she’s experiencing a little bit of what I experienced, and I’m like, ‘Man, it’s not going to get better, I’m just going to be real!’ “

Clarkson has plenty of time to let the joys of motherhood outweigh the pains of pregnancy. In the meanwhile, her next “baby” — the pop-driven Piece by Piece  will release in March.

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dancer92136 on

Love her, and love her honestly. Some songs start with a relationship gone bad…this one started with her babies heartbeat…how cool is that.

Bee on

River is precious, and the heartbeat in the track is such an amazingly beautiful idea. I saw Kelly Clarkson years ago in concert. It was SO much fun, there were elderly women and little girls and everything in between there enjoying it.

Gaby on

I want to steal River. She is too adorable.

mama to 3 on

I’m sure I’m reading that wrong, but is she saying she had a lot of wine while pregnant since her baby was going to come out saying “Stop”? I’m going to go on the assumption that she misspoke about the timing of that confession. Because, yikes.

Ann on

Mama to 3, that was the impression I got too, re: drinking lots of wine while still pregnant. I hope that wasn’t what she was saying. Hmmmm. . . . . . . .

Ginger on

I like Kelly, just not as a blonde.

Allison on

I can not get enough pictures of little River Rose.

Frank Garrett on

Still fat

Meg on

Wow Frank, let’s see a picture of you, you shallow creep!

River is adorable! Wish I could kiss her chubby cheeks. 🙂

Anonymous on

Love the name River. He is freaking adorable!

Anonymous on

mamato3- I’m also assuming she mis-spoke (or was mis-quoted). I just can’t see her being that irresponsible!

Anyway, sounds like she had the same thing Dutchess Kate did (HG)!

Cricket2.0 on

Her daughter is adorable. I have HG too, for the fourth time around, it’s truly horrible.

Shawna on

I hope People clarifies what was written because it really does sound like she is saying she was drinking during pregnant. I’m sure it was just miswritten but you know how judgmental people can be.

Miranda S. NNP-BC on

What a gorgeous baby! Her smile is just positively bewitching. It sounds to me like River might have hydrocephalus. Her head circumference is in the 97th percentile.

tani on

It sounded to me like she was drinking while pregnant too! I had to read the article a couple of times because I thought I was misreading it. Please edit the article People or at least clarify.

KW on

Her face looks photoshopped. Strange. Great singer.

Anonymous on

Miranda S. NNP-BC- Not necessarily. My head was also around the 97th percentile as a baby (I forget the exact number, but I do know it was in the upper 90s!). But several CT scans and other tests later, it turned out my fluid levels were fine. I had simply inherited my mother’s head size!

Considering the fact that Kelly isn’t exactly a tiny-headed gal herself, I’m guessing that’s the case with River as well. 😉