Did Beyonce Announce She Is Pregnant?

01/11/2015 at 02:06 PM ET

Beyonce Pregnant Expecting Second Child Jay Z
Jason Merritt/Getty

Leave it to Beyoncé to make a tidal wave-sized splash with a time-honored beach pose.

The Grammy-winning superstar, 33, shared an Instagram Sunday morning in which she is buried up to her neck in sand while daughter Blue Ivy, 3, appears to be playing beside her. But the sweet snap has a surprise: a sandy mound atop Beyoncé’s belly.

The photo comes just after Blue Ivy celebrated her third birthday on Jan. 7 with a party that included ice sculptures and a rainbow cake.

A rep for the singer has not yet responded to a request for comment, but if the eyebrow-raising Instagram is a baby announcement, it means that Beyoncé and Jay Z will soon be shopping for a new pair of Timberlands.

— Michelle Tauber

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kay on

You mean are we about to be subjected to Pillow Baby #2.

SarahJane77 on

Or they were just playing in the sand…

justsayin on

Her pregnancy will be as real as her 1st one

C on

They want her to be pregnant for real this time so bad, they keep bringing it up …

Anonymous on

I’m so glad they ironed out the contract with a surrogate. lmfao. ugly Jigga baby #2 on the way.

Kelly on

Well, I don’t know if she’s rocking a fake sand belly like her fake pillow belly last time, but one thing’s for sure. She IS rocking an heck of a double chin in this pic.

Tracy on

And didn’t we hear this when she or Jay-Z sang some song lyrics different several month ago. Just stop with the wild rumors.

kankey on

Omg I love the Carters hatters have nor ting on them may God give them a health baby blue to have a brother or sister long happy life ever lasting long happy more success in all they do God continue to bless protect them and their family for life

Easyup on

I would say she’s sending a message. Something this direct would not be done without meaning and it was photographed and sent out. This one will have to be for real because everyone is watching and waiting. Bet you this time there will be lots of skin and belly.

tk on

Give me a break, her kid is playing in the sand, it means nothing.

Susan Jenkins on

Who gives a crap.

Anonymous on

Well if a mound on her belly is supposed to represent she’s pregnant then the fact that one of her breasts does not seem to be “in a mound form and crushed” does that mean she’s telling the world that she only has one breast?? Geez people

slawson on

While you bored and pathetic idiots hate, Bey is too busy making millions, living her life, taking care of her family, and being totally pampered. Your lives must really SUCK, huh?

Linda on

She’s so boring.

Guest on

Anything for more and new publicity!

fayem1 on

Please people on this comment site need to take their meds comparing Beyonces talent to trashdasians whose only talents are being Ho’s. And what more do u idiots need to see to prove her carrying her own child. Nothing I guess hate makes u blind and stupid racist scum

cindyann on


Judy on

How stupid this is a top story!

April on

Lot of bashing here. Beyonce is awesome, beautiful, and talented! Blue Ivy is adorable and they are an awesome power family to watch. If she is indeed pregnant, congrats to her and her family!

WOW on

Attention whore!

Nancy on

WHO CARES???????????? Women get pregnant EVERYDAY. LOL.

Kathleen on

kankey – Please don’t leave comments if they will be unintelligible.

toni on

Who friggin cares if she is… or isn’t.
If people are so concerned, clearly they have WAY too much time on their hands!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them.

Aussie cathie on

Ewww! Just the thought of the putrid man is enough to make me gag! Let alone having sex with it!!

OG on

Not surprised she is going to have second one!

Anonymous on

She probably just had lunch n was bloated haha

Pamela on

She also has 1 boob in the picture … You wanna assume that means something too ??

amber on

omg Seriously =! i don’t even believe she was pregnant with the first and if she didn’t give birth to her it seems like she was ashamed of it.

GG on

Love the dress she is wearing.

Gh on

Does anybody care? No? Ok, good. Moving on…

Wellllll on

Pillow baby #1 & Sand baby #2

Guest on

Ok Blue will have little mate to play soon.

Anonymous on

Aussie Cathie- I hope you realize you are talking about a little girl’s beloved father. Shame on you!

Anyway, I hope this is a subtle pregnancy announcement. Blue is adorable (screw the haters!) and I’d love to see her with what I’m sure would be an equally adorable sibling! 🙂

Tamiami on

Don’t know, don’t care!

Anonymous on

Pillow baby #2? Let’s move on.

Joy on

I cant see the image of her in the sand. Why is that?

Nuraw on

who cares about Beyonce and her pregnancy ? She wants to be white, she can’t sing and her husband is so ugly.