Zoë Saldana Shares Her Plans for the Golden Globes

01/10/2015 at 11:45 AM ET

Zoe Saldana Twins Golden Globes plans
John Shearer/Invision/AP

Zoë Saldana is skipping the Golden Globes, but at least she’ll be in good company.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actress revealed that she will be spending Sunday night with her two main men: newborn twins Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio.

“It’s looking like popcorn on the couch along milk bottles for the little guys while the #globes are on for us,” Saldana Tweeted on Friday after asking her fans if anyone was having a Golden Globes party.

Saldana’s latest project, The Book of Life, is nominated for best animated film, facing off against The Boxtrolls, Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The LEGO Movie.

On Thursday, the actress, 36, told her followers that she was spending her time watching the films that are up for awards.

“Catching up on all the great #movies nominated for @Goldenglobes. Who will win? Who will get an #Oscar nod?” Saldana Tweeted.

Saldana and her husband, artist Marco Perego, welcomed their twin boys on Thanksgiving.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Carolina on

Sure hope she’s pumped for those bottles. I breast fed my twin girls for 14 months!! It’s amazing how your body knows what to do.

blessedwithboys on

Ditto, or better yet hoping she uses “baby bottles” to mean her own boobs!

BAP on

You ladies are ridiculous. I didn’t breastfeed my son, I didn’t even try. Why? Because I didn’t want to. I was a new mother that had a baby earlier than anticipated (married but fell pregnant years earlier than intended) and I was overwhelmed. Combined with ppd, I didn’t bond with my son right away and knew that formula was the best route for us. Fast forward 2.5 years later and we welcomed our daughter. I was much more prepared and breastfed her with easy. BOTH ways were right because both ways were my way and what I was comfortable with. You ladies are ridiculous. As long as a child is fed and loved, it doesn’t matter HOW.

Valeria on

Hopefully she’s breastfeeding them.

Tammy on

Who cares if she breastfeeds or not..does not make you supermom because you do….congrats to her and her husband..

natonthewall on

While breast is clearly proven to be best, it is not always an option or a desire for a new, overwhelmed momma. I agree with the poster who said it doesn’t matter how a baby is fed, as long as they are cared for and loved it doesn’t matter.

alex on

So agree with everyone about breastfeeding and I hope she’s doing that too.
She is lucky to have the resources available to her and every single week I read another and another another headline in the science times about immunity and obesity and this-this-this-and that about breastfed

Adoro la Zoe and hope she’s giving good zoe (life) to the babies. Kai tou hronou!

MP on

She looks gorgeous! Good for her.

Anonymous on

In her defense, it’s very possible that she tried to breastfeed but it didn’t work. It’s fairly obvious that the boys were premature, so likely she couldn’t feed them directly at first. And sometimes pumping just isn’t enough to get that milk supply established (especially when there’s two babies to be fed!).

Gail on

She can pump the milk to the bottles first, then feed the babies.

martina on

God, this obsession with breastfeeding. The judgement coming from other mothers is ridiculous. The most important thing is the children are loved – and the mother is happy. It doesn’t matter whether she is breastfeeding. I breastfed my children for over a year each. Doesn’t make me a better mother then someone who didn’t breast feed at all. There is so much more to being a mother then the method of providing nutrients to a baby. The role of a mother is to teach her child about the world. How the baby is fed is truly, truly not that important of an issue.

Anonymous on

martina- Actually, it IS an important issue. Just google “benefits of breastfeeding”. The fact of the matter is that breast is best (in most cases. Obviously, just like with everything, there ARE exceptions!).

That being said, it’s not the end of the world if a woman can’t or chooses not to breastfeed, and she certainly shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about it!

Molly on

If you can breastfeed it’s the best for the baby. If you can’t then it’s Ok too. It’s not a right or wrong issue.

martina on

Anomymous – no it IS NOT that important of an issue. I don’t need to Google the benefits of breastfeeding. I know the biological benefits. I breastfed my kids and was miserable for two years. Somewhere along the way the well-being of the mother became irrelevant.

Our society would be much healthier if it respected mothers as much as it respects newborns. We judge the mothers, we make them feel guilty about very little thing, everything is a competition – it is absolutely out of control. It’s how long your breastfed, your “body after baby”, does your child speak mandarin by the age of three, etc. Nobody cares about the mothers.

My kids are a bit older. I have seen plenty of PERFECT mothers (you know, exclusive breastfeeding for 14 mo., pilates 5 times a week, etc) treating their 6 and 7 year olds like garbage because of their own self-esteem issues and unhappiness. The family starts with a mother. A happy one, whether she’s breastfeeding or not. Unhappy mother = unhappy children.

Breastfeeding is such a small thing in a long run. Being a mom is not a spring. I wish people would realize that.