Baby Boy on the Way for Jeff Goldblum

01/10/2015 at 08:00 PM ET

Jeff Goldblum Expecting Baby Boy
Ryan Miller/Invision/AP

There’s a baby on the way for Jeff Goldblum.

The Mortdecai star and his wife, contortionist and aerialist Emilie Livingston, are expecting their first child — a son, he revealed Friday on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Goldblum, 62, and Livingston, 32, wed in November in Los Angeles.

“She’s three months pregnant. She told me the day before we got married,” shared the Portlandia guest star. “It’s a boy. We picked out a name, as a matter of fact. If it stays — this is our current thinking — [it’ll be] Elliott Charlie.”

After Letterman showed a number of images of the extremely flexible Livingston, the mom-to-be came onstage to demonstrate a move, lifting her leg high in the air.

“She was in the Olympics for Canada in 2000 in Sydney doing rhythmic gymnastics. She was the Pan-American champion,” Goldblum explained. “Since her Olympic foray, she now trains in contortion and aerial, so she does Cirque du Soleil kind of things. Isn’t that something?”

Access Hollywood was first to report the happy news.

— Sarah Michaud

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JD on

He’ll be almost 80 by the time his kid graduates high school. Nice.

Blessed on

Age doesn’t matter as no one really knows exactly how long they have… Jeff has been given the most exciting and rewarding role of his life. Best wishes for them!

Ginger on

Celebrity will buy you just about anything…

secondchronicles7_13thru14 on


cindyann on

It is their life to live, they seem happy, maybe the catty B*tches on here can just say congrats or is that physically impossible for you to be nice. There is NO guarantee in life. You can die at 20. Wish them well or move along, this is a feel good story okay JD? I don’t have a feeling you will have to worry about how old he is when he passes away, it does not affect you one iota?

Hazelsjam on

Great! He’ll be a dad and grandfather at the same time!!

cindyann on

and just so you know this is his FIRST child,.be respectful for flip sakes..and ridiculous is making blanket statements about such a sweet story..

a grandfather..sigh, he would have to have had other children first..SMH at stupid.

Annie on

he looks damn good for his age, so i’m not complaining.

Ava on

Wow, had no idea he was that old! He looks great. Love him on Portlandia!

NYC on

Money talks.

yikes on

THE FLY!!!! He was so disturbing in the movie, I can’t even look at him anymore!

mm on

First child! NICE!!!!! That child will know he’s wanted!!! Congratulations!

Gina on

Get some rest now grandpa!

meghan on


125bst on

He must have had one good shot left…

Carolyn on

Old coot.

Lolly on

I think it’s sweet how smitten he is with her. They seem really happy together.

Leah on

Congratulations, I’ve always liked him so who cares about his age. People need to hush and stop being so freaken judgemental.

Kendall on

Wow…he is still handsome. Congrats!

globe12 on

Jeff is so handsome. Have always liked him and his diverse roles. Congrats to them both!

Marie on

He was so proud of how flexible she is, and David Letterman was so impressed. Ya good for you, she can really bend!

marian on

She’s so beautiful and I’ve had a crush on him since I was a little girl. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

Mel J on

All of you boneheads on here making negative comments are wondering, “Why can’t everyone have a baby like I did? At 19 years old, with no money, no career, no education, and a Baby Daddy who ditched me?” Idiots.

ToBey on

Congratulations! He’s one of my favorite actors. And man are people rude and ridiculous and hateful! My parents were older when they had me and im about to be 30 and they are still around! Why cant y’all just be happy for people? Haters!!!!

chris on

tony randall pulled the same garbage – let’s ask him how it’s working out…oh yeah wait…he’s dead

Cate on

Good for him! I had a feeling this announcement was coming, he was mulling over baby names on a talk show a few months ago.

Easyup on

I have always drooled over his lanky good looks. He has found his true love and now they will be three. Congratulations Jeff and Emilie, wishing you many blessings.

Easyup on

Oh, and I like the name for your impending little one – nice!

lola on

Oh come on!!! 62?!?! Just terrible.

Peyton Paisley on

32? She looks 42.

Anonymous on

Wow. He’s about my mother’s age, and I certainly can’t imagine her (or my father) having another baby right now. But if Jeff feels like he can handle it, more power to him, I guess!

And as far as how long he’ll be around for his child goes, I’d like to point out that the other extreme of that isn’t always a picnic, either. My maternal grandmother, for example, is well past 90. However, her body has essentially outlived her mind, and it tears at my mother’s heart every day to think of her still being alive in that state!

Anonymous on

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are advantages and disadvantages to every situation!

Kate on

@ Peyton Paisley I agree, I thought she looked much older than 32.

suzy diamond on

I watched the clip from David Letterman. She is ADORABLE!! I think they make a great couple. Sure there’s a big age difference but sometimes it’s meaningless. BTW, I think Jeff Goldblum looks FABULOUS! I wish them every happiness!

tami1228 on

62 really??? That’s a crying shame let it go gramps……

Hea on

I’m sorry but 62 is way too old to have a child. If you are healthy and make it to see your kid graduate high school and then your kid can worry about your rapidly onsetting dementia and spend christmas with you at the local nursing home. Kids deserve more.

Guest on

There are no guarantees in life, but there is probability. And there is a 99% chance that he will be dead or mentally incapacitated before his child reaches 30. Children need their parents long after they are grown, and its irresponaible and selfish to have a child at that age.

Lacey on

Waitied kind of a long time to have his first kid. I actually thought he had married one, but I guess that wasn’t enough for the old dude who was 30 when his wife was born…

Easyup on

Awe come on, leave the guy alone. There a re many, many celebrity men that don’t become fathers until they are older or have second and third families as older men. Men can do it, it’s women that can’t afford that luxury.

julia on

A thirty year age difference is just creepy.

valeskas on


Susan on

So a wife young enough to be his daughter and a child born to a man old enough to be his grandpa…. gotta love Hollywood.

Diana on

I could tell they had a big age difference but did not think 30 years. He looks younger than that and she looks older. Congratulations to them.

Paula on

Um happy for Jeff!

patty on

Love, love Jeff Goldblum. Such a wonderful actor, and so sweet how he brags about his wife. Wish him and his little family all the best!

Turner on

Why oh why can’t some people understand that we all have our own paths in life? We are individuals leading individual lives, just because a person disagrees with the lifestyle of another, doesn’t make he/she right or wrong. In this instance Goldblum and his wife are happy and healthy, loving life…what’s so wrong with being happy for them? Why are people so vicious to one another?… I say congrats! I admire the love and happiness this couple shows, it’s palpable!

meghan on

32? My left cheek she’s only 32.

Edie on

So what…Cary Grant became a father for the first time and last time in 1966 when he was 62. Look it up.. and I am sure there are other celeb dads who became dads after the age of 60 What it big deal..besides its their choice.

Guest on

He is 62 already? Didn’t know it.

sblazer227 on

You better pack much as you can in the likely 20-30 years you have with this child. New life is a blessing but realistically you are putting a serious cap on the amnt of time you have to be with your child ( who will remember less of it than you) by waiting this long to have children.

Dani on

I think it’s such B.S. when people say “Age doesn’t matter! It’s his life! We can die at any time!”. Give me a break. It’s selfish. If you think having kids late in life…especially THAT late in life…then you are nuts. Sure, we can all die at any point in our lives but to have a child knowing that you probably won’t be around for most of their lives is pretty lame. My friend’s father was like this and he died when she was in high school and it literally destroyed her life. She never recovered from that blow and she even had to drop out of college from suffering from severe depression over that loss. I think it’s just ridiculous to bring a kid into the world at 60 years old. Sure, a guy like this can offer the kid what I assume will be a life of financial stability but is that worth it in the long run?? Plus, I highly doubt this 30 year old wife of his is going to stick around for the long haul of this. I’m sure they are lovely people and I DO wish them well and congratulate them on their child but it’s just silly having kids at that stage in a person’s life.

Dani on

To Edie…

Cary Grant became a father at 62 and he died when his daughter was 22. Is that really the best scenario??? I would have been totally devastated to have lost my father at 22.

Marky on

Dani, I have known children whose 32 year old father died in front of them when the child was 10! I have known children whose fireman fathers died when the child was 2, and even when the mother was pregnant. There are no guarantees in life, so let it go. This couple made their decision, and more power to them. Sheesh, this child could be born to a young couple who isn’t ready or gets killed in a car accident, and the child gets raised by grandparents in their 60s. I’ve seen children being raised by great-grandparents….if that’s not your choice then don’t do it, but it’s ridiculous to make fun o people who are perfectly capable of raising their child. M father was older when I was born, but he was a great father. I would rather have had him for 25 years than someone else for 50 years. Good grief, MYOB!

KY1 on

Jeff’s first child at age 62, that’s impressive.

Ana on

She looks ten years older than her actual age and he looks ten years younger than his actual age. It makes the pairing look less creepy. haha. But best of luck to them 😛

DH on

If people can congratulate this man for becoming a parent at the age of 62 then people should stop criticizing women for who are capable of having children over the age of 40! Such a ridiculous double standard in our world today. For whatever reason Mr. Goldblum didn’t have children with his previous two wives but at least one (Geena Davis) went on to have children with someone else. Perhaps he (like older women becoming mothers) didn’t find the partner he wanted to have children with until now. I am not saying at his age becoming a parent is a good or bad thing. But we simply don’t know the circumstances as to why people end up having children at later ages. I get tired of people congratulating men in advanced ages of having children and reading blogs ripping apart women who don’t get pregnant when they are young. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes refrain from judging. If you found your partner and had children at a young age – great….whoopee. But why would anyone assume lives should mirror one another? Guess it doesn’t occur to people that some spend years trying to conceive and may not luck out until a later age. Regardless of how old you are there are no guarantees about anything when it comes to bringing a child into this world….good luck to them…

ll on

how can people be so hateful and a wonderful blessed event if it is due to his age, you know 22 year old die just as easy as someone older, there are a lot of fatherless and motoherless children out there,