Emily Maynard Expecting Second Child

01/09/2015 at 12:30 PM ET

Emily Maynard Pregnant Expecting Second Child

Emily Maynard‘s daughter Ricki is going to be a big sister!

The former Bachelor and Bachelorette star is expecting her second child in July, she announced Friday with a fun photo post on Instagram.

“Too much pizza,” the mom-to-be wrote alongside a selfie showing off her blossoming bump.

Maynard, 28, married Tyler Johnson in a “rustic glam” wedding in June. Her engagement to Johnson, an automotive management consultant, was her fourth and — she insists — her last.

“I really mean it,” she said at the time. “I’m actually making it to the marriage part this time!”

Maynard was first engaged to Ricky Hendrick, who was killed in a plane crash in 2004 (Maynard found out she was pregnant after his death and named their daughter after him). She then became engaged to Bachelor Brad Womack in 2011.

A year later, her engagement to Jef Holm from The Bachelorette also came to an end.

“For so long I felt so embarrassed and ashamed about that TV stuff,” she has said.

“The grace that my faith has given me to wipe that all away and not find worth in that and find it through God, Tyler has been a great example of that for me,” she says. “He has truly lived out God’s grace every day.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Shawna on

She was engaged 4 times? I doubt this marriage will work out. If you can be engaged 4 times by 28 there is something seriously wrong with you.

Anonymous on

So happy for her!

dysturbed on

The past predicts what may happen, not always what will. I see why you have doubt, but that doesn’t mean that he doubt will come true or that anything is wrong with her.

Marla on

Good for her! If you knew the story you’d know the reasons behind the engagements. Her first engagement (which probably would have led to marriage) ended when the father of her child died. The 2nd & 3rd were from reality tv and didn’t work out. 4th became marriage. Would you have preferred for her to be twice divorced and this her 3rd marriage? I applaud her for knowing it wasn’t right and walking away from 2&3.

Marla on

I find nothing wrong with those engagements, the first engagement (which probably would have led to marriage) ended because he died. The 2nd & 3rd didn’t work out. I applaud her for not marrying someone it didn’t work out with. Would you rather Her be twice divorced and this her 3rd marriage?

Susan on

No one is that big at 3 months, sorry…

casmia on

Great. So I guess this means we’ll be hearing plenty from her again.

casmia on

Marla, you’ve commented the same thing so many times…. seems a bit like you’re either a friend or relative of Maynard, Maynard herself or well, a tad obsessed with this chicka.

like it is on

She looks pretty big for being 3-4 months along. Just saying.

Katie on

Whoa – not going to make that spoiled daughter a happy camper!! Wonder if she’ll have to be the center of attention in the delivery room as she was in their wedding.

Katie on

Guess this is going to steal some of the thunder from Andi’s announcement lol.

Skiiy on

This is great news, so glad she found happiness. I hope it’s a boy as I cannot imagine her bonding with another girl the way she has with her daughter already, and at least she is married!

Charlie on

I honestly don’t consider the Bachelor engagements real engagements— they propose at the end of the show in order to get the ring for free… If they don’t propose on the show, no free ring. After the show they then start the dating process- they do it backwards… SO realistically, she was engaged to the person she would have married and moreorless became a widow, and then did some reality silliness, then starting dating and got engaged in the real sense of the word.

John on

Ricki is going to be really, really, really angry about having to share Mommy. That child is pathologically spoiled.

cathy mayfield on

I’m sorry, there is no way she is that big at 2 to three months.

Poppy on

LOL I think someone has their dates wrong…no way that is a barely 3 months belly.

Linda on

She’s another reality show skank.

Jenn on

She’s a phoney.


That didn’t take long. Feel sorry for him……

NYU0385 on

You were engaged 4 time?!?!?!?! Prostitution wh0re!

Guest on

Can she just go away?

Marla on

Casmia, I posted from my phone and wasn’t sure it posted. If I could have erased it I would have. Maybe you should concern yourself with the article and not me. I am no where near associated with Emily. I simply posted my opinion (maybe more than needed, accidentally) which I am entitled to. Have a nice day.

Judy on

Happy for her! Well, with the second baby you usually show quicker. Her new husband is handsome! Everyone fusses how many times she was engaged, but in reality it is her first marriage.

Alex on

Wow, she looks big for being 3-4 months along. I’m also due in July with my first but am nowhere near that big. But that’s probably only because this is her second and I hear women show far, far sooner with subsequent pregnancies than with first pregnancies. Or she’s expecting twins!

Gigi on

Her husband, Tyler, grew up in my neighborhood and his parents still live here. He’s an incredible young man from a wonderful family and he will be the most loving, awesome husband and father any woman could ever ask for. Blessings to their growing family.

Lule on

I think anyone who is living the life they want deserve support and praise. As women, we need to support each other ladies, come on now.

Ellery on

I’m currently 14 weeks along and look like her. She’s slim built like myself which doesn’t help with showing big at this stage. I’m from Australia so have no idea who she is but congratulations to her and her husband.

Anonymous on

For all of you saying “no one is that big at 3 months”…I was. With all four pregnancies. No need for a conspiracy theory!

MP on

I am happy for Emily. Though I really loved Jeff and thought it MIIIIGHT be one of those happy Bachelor relationships/marriages (as far and few between as they are) I am happy that they didn’t get married for the sake of doing so. I don’t see anything wrong with being engaged 4x. Her first engagement ended because he died for chrissakes. Give the woman a break.

And as for Ricki, she may be spoiled (she is an only child), and I believe she is the only grandchild (I may be wrong) of the Hendrick family. So of course she would be spoiled in terms of having a lot of things. I find her to be adorable and pretty well behaved it seems. I am sure she will be a great big sister.

Tisha on

Congratulations..God bless your beautiful growing family.

MP on

Sorry, I clearly meant Jeff……………… With one ‘F’ lol

Ellie on

After all this time she still sounds like a flake. Good luck to the goof she married lol.

August on

Poor man….

lester on

Oh Shawna I feel so bad for you.

Anonymous on

“For so long she felt so embarrassed about the TV thing. Yes, I can see that and she should have. It was ridiculous saying each one was the real thing. Was she really engaged to Ricky’s dad. I heard the grandparents said something different.

Anonymous on

I find the comments/reaction to seemingly every Emily Maynard story somewhat funny. She gets harped on for being engaged four times, but if she had actually gone through with even one of those engagements and later ended up divorced, people would complain about that too.

And to be fair, her first fiance passed away—they didn’t break up—so if you think about it, it’s been three engagements, resulting in one marriage. Not to mention the fact that two of the three were Bachelor “engagements”—which clearly means very little if the number of Bachelor/Bachelorette couples that actually end up married is any indication.

I don’t really have an opinion on her as a person either way. She seems nice, but I don’t watch The Bachelor, and most of what I know of her I learned because I’m a big fan of NASCAR and because I read People Magazine. I just find the “OMG! 4 engagements?!” judgmental comments to be funny.

sbru on

does he have cornrows?

LupeMarie on

Awesome news! Emily Maynard, her daughter Ricki, unborn baby deserve all the happiness, love, family, husband/father/siblings this life has to offer. God’s greatest blessings to Emily and her family.

Paige on

You guys are rude as hell, when it’s yours second pregnancy it’s very common to have a baby bump by month 4!

Ash on

Congrats to her! I find the comments about her pregnant size very naive and rude. I’m due in July as well, I an more in the slender side and I take very good care if my body, and I am also the same size as her (sometimes bigger at night when food has settled). I have felt embarrassed about showing so soon because of comments like these above, and that’s so wrong. Every woman has a different body, so we aren’t all going to look the same. I’m happy for her.

Naomi on

Sometimes I feel ashamed to live in the same world as so many nasty nasty people who can’t wait to say horrible things about everyone online. God help you.

Stacy on

She was engaged to Ricky Hendrick.. The only child/son of Rick Hendrick owner of Nascar teams Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Jimmy Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr… Little Ricki is the child of Rick’s ONLY child whom is now deceased.. I am sure she is very loved little girl. Rick probably spoils little Ricki a lot but who can blame him.. and who can blame her mom for doing the same.. The little girl never got to even meet her daddy..

Rachael on

Exciting! Good for her, lord knows she would’ve married Ricky Hendrick and lived happily ever after, but that wasn’t meant to be. Sounds like she waited for the right one and seems very happy. I’m sure this pregnancy will be much for exciting and relaxing compared to the first

ashlyn on

who cares.

Anonymous on

She looks nice. Congratulations on the pregnancy, and may this one marriage last. He’s watching.

Jessie on

Good luck, God Bless….

PS on

Congratulations to her.

Kestrel on

So you’re fiancé died, you had a child “out of wedlock”, you broke 2 promises you made after test-driving one on national TV all while raising a daughter. Good morals.
Where exactly were you blessed again?