Blake Lively Talks Maternity Style: Her Heels, Her Cloaks and Yep, That Backless Dress

01/08/2015 at 08:00 AM ET

Blake Lively ripped dress people cover
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From the red carpet to the streets of New York City, Blake Lively had one seriously style pregnancy.

But just how did she keep up her fashion-icon status while dressing for two? Because she didn’t mess with her personal style.

“It’s important to still feel like yourself, because so much of your life is changing,” the new mom and founder of the lifestyle site Preserve tells PEOPLE of her pregnancy in this week’s exclusive cover story.

“I would’ve felt foreign in my own body if I’d started dressing differently.”

She means it: One of her standout red carpet looks during her pregnancy turned out to be a dress that wasn’t meant for a baby bump!

For L’Oréal’s Women of Worth dinner in New York City on Dec. 2, Lively wore a KaufmanFranco gown (which looked absolutely awesome from all angles) — and you could almost hear a collective whisper of “How?” from moms everywhere. It was clingy and backless!

Although it looked like it was made for her, Lively bought it herself, and it was hanging in her closet long before she chose to wear it. In fact, it wasn’t her first choice.

“I was going to wear a different dress that evening but … it broke,” she says. “I was too big! The zipper just broke. It popped right open. I changed right before I walked out the door. I have that dress for real life, not pregnant life.”

Lively insists that “other than maternity jeans, I didn’t buy anything maternity. Everything is my clothing, it’s something I can and will wear when I’m not pregnant.”

Blake Lively PEOPLE cover

The Lindsey Thornburg cloaks that have become one of her signatures (they retail for $1,390 and she has four!) fit her simply stretchier maternity M.O.: “They’re magical and sexy, and so flattering but not body-conscious.”

Another element of her killer style that she maintained? Her penchant for sky-high heels by one Christian Louboutin.

“What can I say? I feel good when I’m wearing heels. I feel sexier, attractive,” she says. “When I put on Louboutins while super pregnant, it makes me feel more empowered in that moment, it gives me that extra oomph.”

Seeking out pairs that were upwards of four inches was a form of mommy-to-be retail therapy. “Trust me, when you see that scale starting to go up up up — and not the little number slide on top but the big number slide on the bottom — you go shopping and buy yourself some red-soled shoes,” she says.

Amen, Blake! If we could, we would.

— Catherine Kast

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Carrie on

I really don’t get why women who are heavily pregnant insist on wearing heels. You may think you look cute but you just look like a drunk baby deer stumbling around.

Alex on

That was one of the most vain, self promoting interviews ever

Courtney on

Agree with the previous comment! She pretends to be oh so private but she is not, she craves for the attention and she is clearly enkoying it! She has nothing else going on but her pregnancy and now motherhood to milk…

VAgirl on

Seriously my jaw dropped. Must be nice to be able to afford this kind of stuff. Makes me want to vomit to think of someone spending that much money on something and she has four – wow.

“The Lindsey Thornburg cloaks that have become one of her signatures (they retail for $1,390 and she has four!) fit her simply stretchier maternity M.O.: “They’re magical and sexy, and so flattering but not body-conscious.”

cb on

i agree, she cant give out her baby’s name or any details on that, but we can get tmi on everything else.

Erica on

She’s a bit out of touch with reality…

M on

I’m happy that my pregnancy was more about the beautiful life I was growing and not how I looked/what I wore. For me personally, the reward of my weight going up was the healthy baby that I was creating…. I didn’t need to buy something expensive to make myself feel better. Just my thoughts….. #grateful

me on

Trying so hard…

lala on

Did she even give an interview to People? Or did they piece together quotes to make a story? And I hate when cover stories use stock photos from a different time. I bet that cover photo isn’t even from when she was pregnant. So really, what is the point?

But I do agree, if she really gave this stupid interview, why not give details of your birth and child.

Although we have to remember, she has a lifestyle website to promote and make money off of, so I’m sure pictures are coming, to be posted on her site.

It’s just taking some time to go through the thesaurus to get all the perfect describing words to talk about the miracle that was her giving birth to the most special child in existence.

After she does that and finds the most pretentious newborn outfit, she’ll put the kid on her site for everyone to oogle over.

EnvyLooksGreatOnYou on

Wow. Every comment so far has been drenched in jealousy of the lifestyle this woman leads. “I’m glad when I was pregnant I actually cared about the life inside of me, not heels” “She spends so much money on clothing it makes me want to vomit”.

Ladies, you’re need to bash her only makes you seem sad and pathetic. Do you get manicures and pedicures? Some could say those are frivolous and a waste of money.

Tiffany on

She didn’t come off well in this article.

Courtney on


I agree with you. The more interviews of her I read, the more I think she and Ryan are so different. He always sound so grounded, witty and humble and she is so vanilla and shallow.

Cherrie on

Wearing”sky-high” heels while pregnant is not the brightest move one could make. How “sexy” would a woman feel if wearing those heels while pregnant caused a fall that injured the baby, or cause her to miscarry? Vanity is just NOT worth the potential price. Other than that, this “interview” is chock full of vapid drivel……..not surprising for someone so far out of touch with reality.

SKG on

I think it’s pretty clear that this interview occurred prior to her giving birth. Duh. And for all of you haters out there $1390 is a drop in the bucket for Blake and Ryan.

carla on

Pay attention to how this article was written ladies. People did not interview Blake for this. They pieced together old quotes and scenarios from other articles and came up with this pregnancy “style watch” nonsense. No way would People have done a current interview with her after she gave birth without every mentioning the baby, the birth and how she is doing. This is nothing more than People trying to be the first to get Blake on the cover despite the fact that they do not have any new or relevant material at all.

SKG on

Isn’t it obvious she gave the interview prior to giving birth? Come on everyone use your head!

deb on

Obviously, this article is for a STYLE magazine, so it has to be STYLE related. It is not an actual PEOPLE MAGAZINE article. She is talking about her pregnancy style for a style magazine, and she can afford to buy those capes and those shoes and whatever else she wants. She is a celebrity, she makes money off her body, clothes, endorsements and websites. That is her JOB. She is doing her JOB. If you actually listen to her talk about her pregnancy in interviews then you will realize that she is just like every one of y’all. She is enjoying it and can’t wait to be a mother. Her clothes aren’t a secret. If you look on her website, you can see everything she wears. That isn’t private, unlike the safety and health of her newborn baby. Y’all need to back off. Jealousy is an ugly thing. She is beautiful and scandal free and trying to empower women and be an entrepreneur. They will reveal what they want to, it is their life. Let’s see how you all fare with people documenting and judging every thing day of your life.

Caro on

This interview obviously took place before she had the baby. I think the reason they aren’t giving any details about the birth is that the baby was premature and could possibly be facing some problems. This is perfectly fine, as they should have time to process this privately if they wish.

Mikala on

she certainly is keeping things private… what is next??