Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Welcome a Daughter

01/07/2015 at 12:15 PM ET

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Welcome First Child

Update: A source tells PEOPLE that the couple welcomed a daughter. A rep for Lively continues to have no comment.

Originally posted Jan. 5: A New Year — and a new baby!

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcomed their first child in December, the New York Post‘s Page Six reports.

Shortly after Lively, 27, announced her pregnancy on her lifestyle website, Preserve, she kicked off a series of stylish ensembles that showed off her growing belly.

“Have you seen me!?” she joked to PEOPLE in October. “I’m gonna amp up my style by wearing things that are stretchier — because that’s all that fits!”

As for Reynolds, 37, he pitched in by throwing out a few ideas on a possible name.

“On the plane over here I was trying to think of baby names. I don’t want a name that’s anything pretentious or, like, Hollywood-y,” he joked in October. “So I’m going with Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds … that’s if it’s a girl.”

But all kidding aside, Reynolds couldn’t contain his excitement over becoming a father.

“I’m just excited about having a buddy,” he told PEOPLE. “For a lot of new dads, you tend to dwell on the mistakes you don’t want to make. I’m at that stage still where I’m focused primarily on being open and understanding and leaving a lot of room for error.”

— Anya Leon

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Gabrielle on

Wow that seemed like a short pregnancy!

Beth on

Not a fan of her acting, but they seem nice and I hope they have a healthy, happy little one. Seems early but I’m glad to read that all seems well!

Sweet_Sour on


Carol on

I wonder what “she is now doing well” means. Perhaps she was a bit early. I wish all of them well!

Erica on

Blake wasn’t very big in the most recent photos, seems the baby was quite early. Maybe she lucked out and didn’t even get stretch marks! Glad they are doing well!

Beth on

Sounds like it was a bit of a premature scare, but hopefully everything is good now. Congrats to them!

Guest on

I’m not sure when she was due so I don’t know how early the little one is, but congrats to them, and I hope the baby stays healthy! They seemed really excited to start a family.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to this beautiful couple. Can’t wait to see what they’ve had, and what they’ve named the baby. Read somewhere, they were expecting a girl, but who knows how accurate that was. My best to them.

Callie on

Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds…HILARIOUS! Congratulations to them 🙂

Tara on

I’m guessing boy too!

Hmmm on



Know how its like to have a premmie, scary stuff. My baby was born a month and a half early. Hope all is well! And congrats!

Guest on

Sooo stupid why celebrities are so afraid of revealing the sex. It’s almost like they are waiting for some magazine company to offer them 1 mil to reveal sex
Haha pathetic

Jeeny on

The baby is going to look like pre-plastic surgery Blake.

Michelle on

Not a fan of hers but I think Ryan is great. Why not release at least the sex of your baby? I mean come one!! They are famous because of people who buy their movies, purchase theater tickets, & magazines they are in. Share this news with us low lives and stop being above your raisins. =)

valeskas on

Happy for them, congrats.

Amanda on

From what I read, she was due in January….so the baby wasn’t very premature, if she had it at the end of December!

Karen on

It’s a Boy! Congrats to them and hope they did not pick out some weirdo name for this kid!

ann on

little buddy, thinking boy

Karen on

It’s a boy!

Janie on

Congrats to the new parents!! I think it’s a GIRL!!

Kat on

We’re all used to a “Jessica Simpson length” pregnancy that we can’t gauge a normal one.

ale on

I had her same size when i was 8 months pregnant and my boy was born those days. He is healthy and I wish her baby is fine as well. Congratulations!

Amanda on

I guessing she had a GIRL! So far there are no reports of the sex of the baby.

VAR on

I wish them all the best, congratulations.

Fai on

This is honestly the first “congratulations!” post I’ve ever written, but how could I not? Gorgeous couple, undoubtedly gorgeous child. They’re going to be great parents. Blessings to the whole family!

Tess on


GoodluckBlake on

I was thinking of her because I had a January baby and “looked” at the same stage she was in September. So, I had guessed a Jan 20 due date at the very latest. If December, not terribly premature

SarahJane77 on

I know the scary situation that is having a preemie (I had 2!) Congrats to them & best wishes for their continued health & happiness.

alex on

I agree this felt quite short – I hope all are just healthy and super happy.

I feel like I recall him saying in articles that he has or had a very fractured relationship with his dad so im sure this is especially poignant for him.

alex on

KAT ^^^^
LOL- !

minx on

Congrats to them, hope everything went well. But don’t people realize that both of them had plastic surgery? They were each nice looking before their surgeries but I wouldn’t call either of them gorgeous.

Erin on

“Maybe she lucked out and doesn’t have any stretch marks” because her baby was possibly premature? Please don’t have children.

Glad to hear mom and baby seem to be doing well now. That’s such a terrifying thing to go through.

Guest on

It’s going to be an attractive child whether it’s a boy or a girl. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Linz on

I do a lot of maternity photography and when they announced it, she looked like she was about 20 weeks. I’m gonna guess she was about 32 weeks when she delivered… We’ll see how far off I am when they do a story about it. Lol! But congrats to them! I’m glad they have a healthy baby and every one is doing better. It is so scary when little precious babies come too early.

Cynthia on

I really dislike it when they publish without much information other than a child of celebs being born. Wait until they have the sex and the name. The Reynolds baby was born last month and they announced just now? And without the sex and the name considering the baby was born last month? Very annoying.

And yes, it is very obvious Blake had a boo job – her boobs are very firm and perky without a bra as her yellow stretchy dress clearly indicated, especially with that plunging cleavage. Blake is a fake celeb. All showy with shiny hair, perky boobs, plunging dresses, 5 inch heels, long eyelashes, etc. Sort of a blond version of Kim Kardashian.

I like Ryan – he is grounded and awesome. Disappointed that he married someone like Blake, but hey, he used to be married to Scarlett Johansson, so I guess he is into curvy and Barbie looking women. Makes me wonder if they are just arm candy to him or are they real life partners to him? Ryan, you seem like a grounded guy but your choices of women makes me wonder otherwise.

SAR on

I’m guessing they had a boy. I hope it’s healthy.

Deb on

How can PEOPLE publish the birth of their baby and not mention what they had! I don’t believe PEOPLE, being who they are, doesn’t know!

Anonymous on

Welcome to this world, lady Green Lantern Jr.! Awww yeah!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

nikki on

hope she had the baby close to the due date and not too early

Kellie on

it’s not uncommon for hollywood couples (or very wealthy couples) to go in and deliver via c-section a month early just to avoid gaining that last months weight… also to avoid pushing. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me but it happens a lot. I could be wrong but she possibly planned to deliver early and I don’t think the delivery was as premature as everyone is speculating… maybe 4 weeks. She was already 3 or 4 months along when they announced it.

Anonymous on

Kellie- With all due respect, how can you possibly know it’s “not uncommon”? You only see those kinds of reports in one place- tabloids that are only good for lining bird cages (and the website equivalants!). Personally, I think it’s a bunch of baloney! No doctor in their right mind is going to agree to deliver a baby one month early unless it’s medically necessary!

That being said, I definitely don’t think it’s far-fetched that some celebs choose to deliver early for the reasons you mentioned. I just think the media greatly exaggerates HOW early!

Tracy Gibson on

They seem like a nice couple. Nothing but good wishes to them. It’s so cliche but true-enjoy every moment with this baby, it goes by too fast.

Suzi on

Love them! Congrats!

Anna K on

She announced her pregnancy in October and gave birth in December? Less than three months? So that would mean she was pregnant the entire summer of 2014? Huh. She sure looked perfect the entire time. Especially in that tight yellow dress. Never saw a seven months pregnant lady whose hips stayed so small.

New Mom on

The conspiracies on here are unbelievable. Hopefully, Blake and Ryan had a healthy baby and they simply are electing to not share as much information at this time to enjoy THEIR baby.

Also, some women don’t gain that much weight while pregnant, and thus don’t have the “about to pop” look. I only gained about 15-20 pounds and my doctor was never worried about my health or that of my baby. I completely understand that their are mom’s on the other side of the weight spectrum and they also maintained their health and their baby’s.

Let’s just congratulate Blake and Ryan on their baby!

Carrie on

She’s annoying but I have to be gracious and say congrats and I hope she and the baby are doing well, because she couldn’t have been terribly further than I am and preemies are scary. There is no way, looking at Blake, that that baby was term.

Cat on

Congratulations to Blake and Ryan on their new addition. I for one hope all is well and that baby and Mama are both doing the best they can be. Seeing as how Blake is a tiny thing in general I’m not surprised she was small during her pregnancy and if I had to venture a guess I would say she was nearly 5 months or there about when she let us all in on her news. I’m hoping that’s the case and baby came only a few weeks to a month ahead of schedule.

Labor and delivery – especially with a first child – can be scary and exciting all at the same time. Compound that with a premature baby and I can only imagine how stressed out she must have been. Glad to hear from the article that they are both doing well and hopefully they continue to enjoy some private family time. Even if that means we get to speculate a little longer on boy vs girl. I’m thinking girl but just hoping healthy and happy.
Enjoy your beautiful new addition Mr and Mrs Reynolds!!

ella on

congratulations to them both

Chris on

According to DailyMail a nurse had tweeted her congrats to them on baby Violet. Time will tell!

Jane on

CONGRATSto an adorable couple!! Guessing a B 0 Y “buddy” for Ryan… but a Girl will (for sure!!) wrap him around her finger!

Dawn on

Another website I just read: tweet written by a person who claims to work at the Westchester Medical Center has confirmed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s bundle of hotness is a little girl named Violet

charlotte on

Congratulations! I like these two together and am happy for them that they have a new addition to their family!

jbeans on

and they had a……..????????

Prettypiper on

Surrogate. Her baby bumped looked so fake. Now the baby is born.
Go figure

Kimberly on

Congratulations!! That will be one good looking baby.

AmelieButterfly on

I still think Blake Lively have Boy

guest on

I don’t understand where people get off calling the baby a premie, I don’t recall her announcing a due date and for those of you who said its a boy well there you go…it ISN’T. They are a very private couple, they don’t feel the need to announce their personal lives to the public and that is their right. Just enjoy their acting and the pretty dresses, shoes and tuxes they wear in public and let them lead their lives in private.

dixonlover on

I don’t get why everyone is guessing they had a boy when the title clearly states they welcomed a daughter.
She’s got great genes, she’s going to be beautiful.

guest on

you people claiming surrogacy and Elisabeth claiming to know the name are ridiculous. Its a shame we have to live in a world with such nuts.

Cassie on

That is going to be one GORGEOUS baby 🙂

Bridget on

You guys who are saying she was premature and the pregnancy was super short etc… do realize that just because some celebrities announce 5 minutes after conception, doesn’t mean all do… They waited a while before actually stating she was pregnant

juvo on

oh please, that person who supposedly works at the hospital? Did you look at her surname? Banksy???? HAHAHAHA! Don’t you people know who Banksy is??

not a credible source!

What the heck? on

Um, the title says it’s a girl people. It might be a good idea to read, before you complain.

Tanja on

Get real people. This is an article that has been UPDATED.The “I think it’s a boy” comments were left before the original article was updated.

So don’t worry.^^

Var on

Guess it’s a girl!

Ellie on

Gorgeous family! Congrats.
p.s. Where did the comments section of other People articles disappear to?